5+ Top fashion schools in benin city

fashion schools in benin city

Benin City is the capital city of Edo State with a population of about 1.7 million. It is the fourth largest in City in Nigeria and as such is a home of various businesses and enterprises.

In Benin City alone, there are a lot of Fashion schools where you can acquire the fashion trainings that you desire.


List of Fashion Schools in Benin City

Here is a list of the fashion schools in Benin.

  • Excel Fashion School
  • Afemai School of Fashion
  • Unique Fashion School
  • Benjamin Gold School of Fashion
  • N & D Fashion Home & Tailoring institute
  • 3P Fashion Academy

Excel Fashion School

Excel Fashion school is one of the best fashion schools in Edo state. It is a fashion school where you get to create that interesting future you desire in Fashion.

Some of the Programs run at Excel Fashion school includes:

  • Pattern Making
  • Fashion Illustration
  • Ankara Craft
  • Fashion Embellishment and so much more.

The Programs can last for either three months, six months or nine months. Depending on your preference. Their classes are for Male and Female and is 100% practical. with a policy of one machine per person. Here is the details of the programs run at Excel Fashion School.

  1. BASIC FASHION DESIGN WITH PATTERN DRAFTING & SEWING ( Duration= 3months and Cost=50 thousand Naira)
  2. BASIC PLUS INTREMEDIATE WITH PATTERN DRAFTING AND SEWING( Duration is 6 Months and the Cost is 80 thousand naira )

Address: KM8 sapele road, By PAN OCEAN Junction, Benin City Phone: +2348110133999 or +2348106999107

Afemai School of Fashion

Afemai is one of the oldest fashion schools in Edo state, founded in the year 1987 and later in the year 1989 became registered with the ministry of education.

Afemai is one of the best fashion schools in Benin City that runs a 2 years diploma program. There are usually two sections in a single year academic calendar.

At Afemai, there are four stages which includes the beginners, the intermediate, semi final year students and the final year students. These stages could run for two years or a year but of course there are exceptions for those who want to cover the syllables at a very shorter period of time and is called the RUSH program.

The following are the courses offered at Afemai School of Fashion:

  • English Interaction
  • Dress making
  • Embroidery
  • Tie and Die
  • Wedding gowns and Bridal gowns
  • Patterns and Design
  • Toy making
  • Knitting
  • Women’s wear
  • Children’s wear
  • Men’s wear

Address: They are located at No 195, Ugbowo Lagos Rd, Benin City Phone: 08033581493 or 08064911377 Click Here to Visit their Website

Unique Fashion School

This is one of the leading fashion schools in Benin City that offers so many varieties of courses which will undoubtedly take you closer to your fashion design dreams.

Address: They are located Opposite B.I.U.G.R.A, Ossai Street, Oka, Benin City Phone: 08165505097

Benjamin Gold School of Fashion

This is one of the popular Fashion schools in Benin city that teaches students all they need to know about fashion. Usiohen Fernandez Benjamin Gold is the CEO of this fashion school.

They operate 24 hours a day from Monday to Saturday.

Address: 29 Uwasota Rd, Uselu, Benin City Phone: 08152608522

N & D Fashion Home & Tailoring institute

This is one of the popular fashions schools in Benin city that not only runs a tailoring institute but also a complete fashion home.

Address: They are located at 29 Adesuwa Road, G.R.A Oka, Benin Edo Phone: 08095173133

3P Fashion Academy

3P Fashion academy is one of the best fashion schools in Benin City. They run the following couses:

  • Pattern Drafting
  • Dart Manipulation
  • Draping
  • Fashion illustration
  • Sewing Techniques
  • Trending Tailoring an lots more.

Address: They are located at 24, TV Road, Opposite Patosa Ventures Junction, Oliha quarters, Benin City. Phone +2348038061979

Fashion Designers in Benin City

Having talked about fashion schools in Benin city, below is a list of some popular fashion designers in Benin City.

  • PATRICK UBUANE CLOTHING( Phone: 08058386040 or 08110734675 Location: 27 Aideyan Street, off Ihama Road, GRA, Benin city)
  • UNIQUE CLOTHING( Phone: 08146792008 or 07034956318 Location: 1 Ekae Junction Kilometer 7 Benin Sapele road Benincity)
  • MARKWORLD OF FASHION AND DESIGNS( Phone: 07034897023 Location: 11, Oba Eweka Street, Benin City)


What are the Key Steps to Prepare for a fashion Design School?

Steps to prepare for a fashion design school:
1 Talk to Experts in the fashion world or Graduates from fashion schools
Nothing can beat experience. Talking to people who have passed through the stage which you are about to delve into is a great step towards success. They are the ones who will tell you about their mistakes and past experiences.
2 Keep up on what’s Trending
The fashion world is a constantly revolving one and as such over one million designers around the world are steadily releasing new trends in order to beat others in the fashion market. Customers want to get the latest of the latest fashion in town. Being up to date with what’s happening in the fashion industry in a another great step towards achieving your full potential in the fashion industry.
3 Work on Projects
Take up projects on your own and stat practicing. This is how the most successful students in the fashion school operate. In the process, you get to showcase creativity and get to expose your mind to newer ideas.
4 Develop your Technology Skills
There are a lot of fashion design Software on ground and as such, you should get yourself acquainted with them in other to discover the best in the fashion industry. Your knowledge from these software and other computer graphics programs will go a long way to help you for easy transitioning in that fashion design school.
fashion schools in benin city

How much do I need to start a clothing Line?

Considering the following in starting a clothing line:
Manufacturing Costs
Materials costs
Design costs
Licensing and business Permit and
Marketing costs
You therefore need roughly about $500 for a small scale clothing line business. For a medium sized clothing line, you will be needing anything between $1000 to $6000. However if you’re thinking of a very huge clothing business or clothing line then you should keep your eye on anything above $20,000.
fashion schools in benin city


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