13 Top Fashion schools in Abuja: fees, address & Contacts.

Fashion schools in Abuja

In this article, I will not only talk about the Fashion schools in Abuja, but also I will be discussing some interesting facts which is necessary for you as a fashion designer.

Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria and apparently the eight most populous city in the country. It has a population well above 700,000 people and recently was listed by the United Nations as one of the fastest growing cities in the world.

Fashion generally is often times considered to have started as far back as the 19th century. A man called Charles Frederick was the first fashion designer that has his label sown on the garments that he created.

However in the 20th century there came new developments in the fashion world. New designs of clothes started coming into existence right from Paris and then spread across the whole world.

It was in this period that people’s awareness for fashion increased, now they can choose clothes for themselves and do not have to wait for the fashion designer to make choices for them.

Today interestingly, fashion designing has been generally accepted as a good career option for individuals. It is studied in institutions and various fashion schools in Abuja and the whole world at large.

Facts about Fashion

Fashion is in high demand. It is readily available and casual. Every Clothing therefore has to be really functional in the sense that some people have special reasons for the fashion they put on. Like other designers of other products, fashion design needs to be such that solve problems. It is one of the reasons people attend the fashion schools in Abuja , to get some of these needed knowledge.

Can the person putting on your design get in and out of the garment easily? Is it attracting? Lightweight? Soft? Comfortable? Practical for the intended consumer? Also is it affordable and easy to manufacture? Does it allow movement? Does it allow breathability? These are just a few of the things a fashion designer has to put into consideration.

An incompetent fashion designer likely won’t consider these things and trust me if you can’t consider these little things as a fashion designer then I think you are ready for your target market.

How Fashion designers make their designs

In fashion schools in Abuja, they will teach you that, Fashion designers have different ways of carrying out their activities. Fist of all they start with a sketch on a paper or their drawing materials. Some other just drape fabrics in a dress form or simply called mannequin.

When they are completely satisfied with their mannequin or sketch, often times they are they are pattern makers themselves, they therefore convert those sketches into a finished product. When the garment is complete they test it on a model to ensure it’s an professional outfit.

what are the possible career options for fashion designers

Upon completion of your studies in any of the fashion schools in Abuja, you are likely to work as either of the following:

  • Fashion designer
  • Fashion Stylist
  • Fashion Photography
  • Fashion Marketing
  • Fashion Blogging
  • Fashion entrepreneurs
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Fashion Educationist
  • Fashion Illustrator
  • Costume Designer

Fashion designing therefore has an interesting path for interested individuals.

Stages in making a dress or garment

During your time at the fashion design schools in Abuja, you will be taught the simple steps of making a dress or garment. Here are the simple steps involved in making a dress as a fashion designer.

Idea and Inspiration stage:

At this stage, fashion designers get to gather a collection of Ideas and inspiration that will enable them create cohesive designs. Taking their time in identifying an organizing these ideas will ensure a successful and organized garment production.

Someone might ask, How can a fashion designer get relevant inspiration?

Well, there are simple steps which fashion designers take which they will not tell you about. Some of the beautiful sources of ideas for fashion designers include magazines, books, photos, nature, and other fashion trending platforms. Sometimes most of these things are readily available in fashion schools in Abuja.

Fashion Illustration stage:

Upon getting these ideas, the nest step is the compilation of these ideas. Here they simply jot down ideas and make relevant sketches. Here you do not have to worry about how perfect it has to look because they are just sketches.

During your sketches, you should try out some unique combinations, this can spark off the needed transformation ideas.

Technical sketching stage:

Just right after the paper sketching stage, the nest stage is the technical sketching stage. This stage involves creating a CAD of your design, flat sketches as well as technical sketches. This technical sketch will serve as a blueprint of your design.

Tech pack:

This stage the fashion designer is expected to determine the construction details and specs . Here you get to determine the fabric and trim options after which it is sent out for fabric sourcing.


This is the point where you have to go out in search of suitable fabrics for the tech pack which you have created. Some of the things you would have to source include Trims, fabrics, labels and packaging.


After sourcing your materials, the next step is sampling of those materials such that they are all ready for the production stage.

Fit, Review and design approval:

After making your samples, it has to be reviewed and the necessary adjustments are made. After the review, the materials are approved.


This is the final stage where the garments or dresses are produced, inspected and packaged.

How much does fashion schools Cost?

Often times the fees you will pay at your intended fashion school depends on the programs you are going for, the duration and the location of the school. Other than that fees in fashion schools will cost anything between 30,000 naira to 80,000 naira for low budget schools and 100,00 naira to 400,000 naira for very sophisticated schools. However it’s best to choose any of the fashion schools in Abuja, contact them, bargain and find out how much they are willing to charge.

List of Fashion Schools in Abuja

Here is a comprehensive list of the fashion schools in Abuja. In these fashion schools you will equally be taught on how to start a fashion school in Nigeria.

  • The Fashion Academy
  • Legsapparel
  • Ella Bernard Online Design School
  • L’amirah Fashion Academy
  • Evelyn Tailor school of Fashion design
  • Tolumi School of Fashion
  • Spring Field Fashion Academy Abuja
  • Kaffi Fashion Academy
  • Flair Academy
  • The Cut Fashion School Academy
  • Seunope Collections Fashion School
  • Empriel Fashion Institute
  • ISME Couture And Fashion Training School

The Fashion Academy

The fashion Academy is one of the fashion schools in Abuja that is focused on training and impacting practical based cutting, sewing, tailoring, and other related skills into their students.

Their courses are designed in such a way as to save money and on the long run improve your creativity. At the end of your program, you are sure of being perfect in making your own clothes, enhanced skills and finally be able to open your own fashion business.

The fashion Academy has over 25 tutors, over a thousand satisfied students and about three locations. Some of the courses which you will find here includes:

A taste of Vogue( beginners):

Unlike other fashion schools in Abuja, this course is unique in this school. This course allows you to taste the waters of the fashion industry. In this course you lean to sketch, cut and sew a dress. Almost everything you need to know about about garment production. It is 2 weeks intensive but fun. Here are the things you will learn in this course:

  • Sketch using template
  • Sewing using electronic sewing machine
  • Make stitches for basic garment making
  • Sew a zip
  • Take measurements for women
  • Cut out a dress from a pattern
  • Sew up a dress in a standard size.

Duration: 2 weeks
Price: N 40,000

Fashion design and Illustration( beginners/intermediate):

This stage needs a prior knowledge of design and drawings. This course is ideal for those who wish to improve or develop their confidence in this area. You will be required to carry out tasks, researches, exercises and assignments.

What to learn here includes

  • How to use colour palette for illustration.
  • How to explore a range of mixed media and tools
  • How to draw a fashion figure
  • How to draw fabrics, drapes and patterns.
  • How to draw fabric flow and movement.
  • Developing and communicating a personal illustration style.
  • To carry out and compile research to build collections and designs.

Duration: 1 Month
Price: N120,000

Sewing and garment Construction( beginners):

Here you learn

  • machine and sewing techniques and professional finishing for various garments .
  • Design and sketch projects work using templates.
  • Women full body measurements.
  • Introduction to pattern making an free hand cutting.
  • Construction of capsule collection.

Duration: 3 months
Price: 220,000

Free hand cutting( intermediate):

You learn how to cut directly on fabric and lots more.

  • Cutting various skirt styles
  • kaftans
  • Boubous and kimonos
  • Iro and Buba

Duration: 2 months
Phone: N120,000

others include:

Flat pattern making:
Duration: 18 months
Price: N180,000

Professional sewing Techniques:

Duration: 2 weeks
Phone: N50,000

Fashion business and banding:

Duration: 3 weeks
Price: N 50,000


Duration: 1 week
Price: N30,000

Bridal wear:

Duration: 1 Month
Price: N180,000

Duration: 1 Month
Price: N120,000

Professional courses include:

The Fashionprenuer Course:

  1. Sketching designs using templates
  2. Womens full body measurements
  3. Machine and Sewing techniques and proper finishing for various garments
  4. Introduction to basic pattern making and free hand cutting
  5. How to convert blocks and slopers to patterns
  6. How to make customized sloper for their body size or their own standard block.
  7. How to properly and professionally assemble a garment.
  8. Understand different types of interfacing and uses
  9. Learn how to affix various collars on a garment
  10. Understanding Business Terms and Structure
  11. Having a clear view to corporate finance
  12. Operating with Globalisation in mind.
  13. Effective brand creation & communication for high commercial value.
  14. Dart manipulation and adaptation of various styles
  15. Various sleeve adaptations
  16. A project consisting of 3 finished outfits.
  17. How to use and manage troubleshooting on an industrial straight sewing machine.
  18. How to insert various types of classic pockets and zippers
  19. Placket openings and more

Duration: 6 Months
Price: N600,000

Fashionprenuer 2

Here there is a whole lot to learn. I will advice you read up about their fashionprenuer course.

Ranging from the prerequisites, down to the major courses, and then digital illustration, menswear and digital pattern making.

Duration: 1 year
Price: N980,000

They are located at Address: 2nd Floor, Kado Mall
Ahmadu Bello Way (Banex-Gwarimpa Express way)
Abuja: +234 818 321 288 . Visit their Website.


This is one of the fashion schools in Abuja that strives to help students to design and define their fashion profile. They put in their best efforts towards building a fulfilling career in the fashion industry.

one of it’s outstanding things from other fashion schools in Abuja is that during the learning process, they assess their students, evaluate their career focus as well as their creative and aesthetic sense.

Not only that, they equally help you build your commitment, energy and communication skills.

At the beginning of your program, you are issued an academic booklet that contains all the topics to be taught and the estimated period of time. Their sewing materials are completely free for the beginners and intermediate students.

Registration is N 5000

Here are the programs they offer at Legsapparel.

Basic Program:
Duration: 3 months
Price: N95,000

Intermediary programs:
Price: 185,000
Duration: 3 Months

Advanced Program:
Duration: 3 Months
Price: N250,000

Tuition for other specialized programs are listed below:

Pattern Making N120,000
Fashion Computer aided design N180,000
Fashion Entrepreneurship N100,000
Sustainable Fashion N100,000

They are located at Abuja Training Centre:
No. 9A Ukpabi Asika street, Asokoro. Abuja.
Phone: 07020671737 | 08068157180 | 08100674805

They have centers in Lagos and port Harcourt as well.
Email:info@legsapparel.com | www.legsapparel.com

Ella Bernard Online Design School

This is one of the Unique fashion schools in Abuja that has transitioned to a fully online fashion design school in Abuja.

It is a fashion design school for discovery an growth. They help you provide opportunities for a better life. Here are some of their courses.

Tonia Skirt: This course is designed for anyone who has little or no experience when it comes to fashion. You are equally taught the simple techniques in making the Tonia Skirt. This course is not regular like in other fashion schools in Abuja.
Duration: 3 Months
Price: N19,999

JO Shirts Dress: This course equally is for students who wish to learn the skills in fashion design. It is for those who equally have little or no experience in fashion and have interests in learning how to make the JO SHEATH Dress.

Duration: 3 Months
Price: N19,900


This course is for those who intend to learn the skills of fashion designers. Especially for individuals with little or no experience.
Duration: 3 Months
Price: N14,999

Fashion Illustration:

This course is for those interested in learning how to create beautiful fashion sketches.
Duration: 6 Months
Price: N24,999

Draping For Beginners:

Here you learn how to create patterns and Draping techniques. You are equally taught the principles of creating patterns in 3D.
Duration: 6 Months
Price: N 29,999

Sewing for beginners:

You are gently introduced to the skills of sewing. It equally teaches existing sewers new techniques, tips and tricks.
Duration: 6 Months
Price: N59, 999

Pattern making for beginners:

In this course you will understand the anatomy of design and the skills of pattern making.
Duration: 6 months
Price: 59,999

Fashion Design complete beginners course:
This course is for individuals who are yet to be confident and satisfied with their fashion knowledge.

Duration: 9 months
Price: N 149, 999

The Corset:

This course introduces the art of Corsetry and then teaches ways to explore all its intricacies.
Duration: 4 months
Price: 39,999

Haute Couture FIFI Dress:

These courses are for individuals who wants to generate more income by offering unique high end designs that attract customers.
Duration: 4 months
Price: 39,999

You can contact them on their website or call/whatsapp +234 815 756 1602

L’amirah Fashion Academy 

This is one of the top fashion schools in Abuja that has the expertise in directing students into being outstanding and fitting in the ever expanding fashion industry.

They have the one on one teaching method and they carry out their instructions using the modern fashion techniques.

They offer a range of programs ranging from the basic, to the intermediate and down to the advanced level. Here are the courses offered in this school.

Foundation/ Basic course:

This course gives enough time and space to students who are new to the fashion industry. They focus in building a confident designer who not only understands the garment construction concepts but also get equipped to take on the evolving fashion industry. They take care of:

Accurate and detailed measurements
Use of sewing machines
History of fashion
Fashion illustration
Colour theory
Fabrics for fashion
sewing techniques etc.

Duration: 6 Weeks
Price: N 70,000

Intermediate program:

At this stage students are already in their fashion entrepreneurship journey. Here you improve on Fashion Illustration and Garment construction. Style interpretation, embellishments, market survey, product design and project work.

Duration: 6 Weeks|
Price: N80,000

Advanced/ Diploma Program:

At this stage, students have become very confident and therefore can visualize and start working on the business side of the fashion industry. It comprises of fashion branding, the business of fashion, fashion sketching, advanced garment construction, corset wears, documentaries, digital marketing etc. This makes it different from other fashion schools in Abuja.

Duration: 3 Months
Price: N150,000

Master course:

This is a 4 weeks program where students have their fashion difficulty sorted out. This means it is a perfection course.
Duration: 4 weeks
Price: N50,000

Weekend Programs:

Foundation /basic course, two (2) months costs ₦100,000
Intermediate course, two (2) months costs ₦100,000
Advanced/diploma, four (4) months costs ₦200,000

Online fashion design Course:

These are courses which are taken online.

Kiddies Course:

Here students learn how to take accurate measurements for kids and the use of their size chart.
Drafting basic bodice block for kids etc.

Students are issued a certificate upon completion of their programs.

They are located at House 7, Pietersburg street, off Aminu Kano Cres, Wuse 2, Abuja . Visit their website for more information or contact them on +234 032 526 875 | +234 905 70415

Evelyn Tailor school of Fashion design

This is one of the best fashion schools in Abuja that have over 3 years of experience in giving their students a hands on training to their students.

their objective is to provide the needed skills in fashion to students.

This fashion school have an effective course style starting from fashion drawing and illustration, pattern drafting, and cutting, garment construction and professional finishing.

You are equally taught sewing techniques, collection development, pricing and costing, introducing draping, computer aided design and menswear.

One of the things that differentiates this fashion school from other fashion schools in Abuja is that it is one of the fashion schools in Abuja with accommodation for it’s students who aren’t from Abuja.

They provide free Wi-Fi for students, free eBooks, and entrepreneurship internships.

Here are their courses and their Fees:

Pattern Drafting and Dress Making Course for absolute beginners
Course Fee: N150,000
Duration: 6 Weeks
Free internet access
Free eBooks
Accommodation for Students from outside Abuja.


Course Fee:  N200,000
Duration: 12 Weeks
+Free Wifi internet service,
Free E-books & basic tools.
Accommodation for students outside Abuja.

Flat Pattern Making Menswear – 2Months

The ultimate starter class for learning basic pattern cutting/making for Men.

Course Fee:  N150,000.     
Free Wi-Fi internet service, 
Free E-books & basic tools.
Accommodation for students outside Abuja

Fashion Illustration – 3 weeks

Course Fee:  N100,000  +Free Wi-Fi internet service, 
Free E-books & basic tools.
Accommodation for students outside Abuja

Pattern Drafting – 8 weeks

Course Fee:  N150,000, 
 +Free Wi-Fi internet service,
Free E-books & basic tools.
Accommodation for students outside Abuja

Garment Construction, Sewing Techniques & Finishing -8 WEEKS

Course Fee:  N120,000 .
Free Wi-Fi internet service, 
Free E-books & basic tools.
Accommodation for students outside Abuja

They are located at No54, 41 crescent, 4th Avenue, Gwarimpa, Abuja. You can visit their website or call/Email them on (+234) 7086267536

Tolumi School of Fashion

This is one of the fashion schools in Abuja that focuses on the formal teaching of fashion skills as well as improvement on the knowledge of aspiring fashion designers.

It is a fashion school that is passionate about grooming creative talents to become professionals in the fashion industry.

This fashion school has been in existence since the year 2010 and has since trained over 1000 students. Apart from Abuja, they campuses in Ibadan and Lagos.

It is equally one of the online fashion schools in Abuja, Nigeria.

Their online courses include:

Pattern drafting course:
Level one- 6 weeks : ₦52,500
Level two-6 weeks: ₦52,500
Level three, 12 weeks: ₦95,000

Full Fashion course:

At the end you will be able to make your clothes by yourself and must have gained enough knowledge as regards to the fashion industry.
Beginners Course, 10 weeks: ₦65,000
Intermediate Class, 20 weeks: ₦85,000
Advanced Class, 30 weeks: ₦100,000

Full Experience Course:
Duration 12 months

Their Onsite Courses include:

Basic 1 Fashion Program:

From Pattern drafting, to Fashion illustration and Sketching, to Flat cutting methods, students will be exposed to all methods of cutting and presentation.
Duration: 6 months
Price: 150,000

Pattern drafting course:
Duration: 3 months
Price: N100,000

Complete Bridal course:
Duration: 3 months
Price: N110,000

They are located at
6, Second Avenue Centage Estate, Apo
Abuja FCT, Nigeria

Phone/Email; 09074338883⁣
tolumitfp@gmail.com. Visit their Website for further enquiries on their courses.

Spring Field Fashion Academy Abuja

The Springfield fashion academy is one of the fashion schools in Abuja that provide online and offline fashion training to students.

The fashion school has a conducive environment and therefore empowers students towards acquiring lifelong skills which will enable them become financially and time free. So far they have trained students ranging from 6 years to 60 years. Here are some of their courses:

Foundation course:

This is a three months intensive fashion program that are divided into two short terms. This course will teach you from A-Z of everything in fashion.

Duration: 3 Months.
Price: N121,500

Intermediate Course:

This stage is for people who have some level of knowledge in sewing and as such gets you ready for the advanced level. You equally learn pattern cutting, designs and garment construction.

Duration:2 months
Price: N103,500

Advanced Course:

The advanced course runs for 2 months and is for students who have experienced sewing. They usually skip the basics of this course at this stage because it is assumed that you must have had a previous knowledge in fashion.

Duration: 2 months
Price: N130,000

They equally have single courses, weekend classes, summer classes and obviously and online school.

They are located at Plot 401 Nouakchott Street, Suite 113B; 108A & 110A DBM Plaza, Wuse Zone 1 Abuja. Phone: 081 218 1517. Visit their Website.

Kaffi Fashion Academy

This is one of the fashion schools in Abuja that derives joy in Impacting people’s lives with their skills and knowledge.

At kaffy fashion academy they don’t just teach fashion, they impact lives.

We are currently open and admitting students and Here are all the information you need to know about their DISCOUNT.




All those coming for Intermediate and Advance Program will go through our foundation class and the fee is 20k (original price 30k)

They are located at 4 Aminu Kano Cres, Wuse, Abuja
Phone: 0813 530 0732.

Flair Academy

Flair Academy is among the top 10 fashion schools in Abuja that that has interest in providing solutions to the challenges of unemployment in the country.

Therefore they train students in the field of fashion design, interior design and so much more.

Flair has experienced tutors as well as a very conducive environment for learning.
They are equally affordable and has modern training facilities to make learning effective.

They have courses in the following areas:

Fashion design
Garment making
Machinist Training
Fashion Illustration with and without CAD
Pattern making with or without CAD

Visit their website for more relevant enquiries. They are located at Suite A6, Rahusa Plaza, New Karu. Phone: 080230 750 02.

Akanbi Clothings Fashion School

Akanbi is one of the fashion schools in Abuja that has interest in turning your passion for fashion into a complete business of it’s own. It is located right in the capital city of Abuja.

They have blending instructors and the facilities are top notch. They not only teach you ho to sew but equally they give you a good insight into the industry .

Their training programs Include:

Basic course:

In the basic courses you get to learn the tape rule, fabrics, market trip, measurements, sewing accessories, machines and their pats, how to cut different types of dress and finally how to sew.

Duration: 3 months
Fee: N61,000

Professional course: This program contains all the courses in Basic Program and Extra. In the professional course you get to advance a bit and then you can talk about Darts and their types, straight cut tops, A line, side cut top, and how to sew all kinds of garments and dresses.

Duration: 6 Months
Fee: N101,000

Advanced course: This is the advanced stage and as such any students must have had a good knowledge of the fashion industry before getting into this stage. Their course is more broad and extensive .

Duration: 4 months
Fee: N75,000

If you are looking for a fashion school in gwarimpa

They are located at :

FF 16 and 21 Crest Plaza, 1st Avenue, Besides Fidelity Bank Gwarinpa, Abuja

 And you can contact them on +234 813 726 9754. Visit their Website for more information.

The Cut Fashion School Academy

This is one of the cheap fashion schools in Abuja where you can improve and refine your skills with their wide range or varieties of machines, as well as their industry based techniques.

In this school they have the Beginner courses, the intermediate courses and the Advanced courses.

Not only do they teach you the techniques in the fashion industry but they equally help you elevate your fashion business if you have one.

Their prices are fixed at N60,000 if you plan to attend the school.

They are Located at FCDA quarts. Maitama, Abuja
Phone: 080 9999 8352.

Seunope Collections Fashion School

This is one of the fashion schools in Abuja that has a very welcoming staff. They teach you right from the how to use a needle till you become an expert.

They are located at: No 24 Ahmadu bello wayAmac , GarkiNigeria
Phone: 0812 878 4115 or visit their website:

Empriel Fashion Institute

Empriel Fashion is one of the fashion schools in Abuja that is interested in giving their students the best. They focus on training exclusive brand fashion entrepreneurs.

Interestingly, it doesn’t matter what your level of experience is in the fashion industry, they have the capacity to help you improve and grown beyond limits.

They have courses for beginners, intermediate and experienced fashion designers. They equally have programs for busy individuals , slow learners and quiet individuals.

Their teaching techniques are flexible and all their classes are practical based. Some of the sectors where their programs cut across include fashion designing, pattern drafting , practical sewing, fashion illustration, construction techniques, fashion business management and entrepreneurship.

Empriel has a conducive environment and their fees are very much affordable.

They are located at:  Suite A 24A, Efab Mall, Area 11, Garki, Abuja
Phone: 0803 364 2654

ISME Couture And Fashion Training School

This is one of the fashion schools in Abuja that is committed towards offering various fashion programs for students.

programs they offer range from pattern drafting, grading, fashion design, textiles and fabric designs.


Facebook; ismecouture
Twitter; @ismecouture
Email; ismecouture@gmail.com
Whatsapp; 08036306097
Call/Sms; 08184729838

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