5 Fashion schools in Ebonyi State

Fashion tells a lot about people, and it means a lot for people living in Ebonyi state. I have compiled a list of fashion schools in Ebonyi state and also a list of other fashion designers whom you might be needing their services.

How to become successful as a fashion designer in Ebonyi state

To become successful at anything requires dedication and so much more. Here are a few things to do if you really want to be a professional fashion fashion designer.

Express Originality: There are a lot of fashion designers out there, so to be really successful you have to sit down and create new original designs. This is quite different from copying other designer’s works.

Work hard: Trust me you don’t want to be that fashion designer who takes people’s clothes and dump them only to disappoint his client. Try as much as possible to always deliver your work to your client at the agreed time.

Push the boundaries: Working hard is good, but then there will always be an opportunity to learn more. attend fashion seminars if you have to in order to discover trends so you can move with time and not be left behind.

List of Fashion schools in Ebonyi State

Pat Catering School andFashion World
Address: D and D lodge opposite Assemblies of God Church Ishieke, Ebonyi State

Ebubechukwu Fashion School
Address: Abakiliki or Online. Check here

Nepearls Fashion Academy
Address: No 27 st. Patrick’s Road Opp. St Luke’s Anglican Church
Phone: 08067791971, 07032467843

Ebi-Bellas Fashion Place

Nnabuife International Fashion Design School.

List of Fashion Designers in Ebonyi State

Sunny Tailors: 08057064377

Jonathan Egwu Professional Tailors: 08085800172

Chi Chi fashion shop: 08061359865

Victor’s Tailoring Services:

Vivian Fashion Designing: 07030283381


I am pretty sure after going through this article you have discovered that you can live you dreams as a fashion designer. Go out there and sign up with one of those fashion schools in Ebonyi state so you can make the hey while the sun shines.

Check out other fashion schools at educationplanetonline.com

Check out Abveefashionacademy.com


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