32 Top Fashion schools in Enugu{contacts and Address}

Should I attend a fashion school? This particular question must have been running through your mind for some time now. I’m pretty sure you are here because you have interest in fashion or you are just looking up this information for someone.

For me, I would say yes. Getting a skill is one of the ways to survive the hardship of this country. If you don’t have a skill or gainfully employed, then this country is not for you because you will likely suffer.

Before I delve into the list of fashion schools in Enugu, How about being a boss of your own? Attending a fashion school gives you an upper hand into being a boss of your own.

This is because upon graduation, if you really know what you are doing, then you should be able to either run a fashion school, start a clothing line or have you fashion shop.

If you plan to become a fashion designer or anything in fashion, you should consider any of the fashion schools in Enugu.

Here is what we will cover in this article:

Reasons you should attend a fashion school

The following are some of the reasons why people attend fashion schools(fashion schools in Enugu if you choose).

They attend fashion schools to learn some difficult technical skills in fashion.

Fashion schools teach people how to be creative and how they can carefully organize new trends.

People equally attend fashion schools so they can learn some entrepreneurial skills and for gaining a formal education.

What makes a good fashion designer?

A good fashion designer generally is that person who can conceptualize design and bring it to limelight.

Good fashion designers must be able to communicate their Ideas so that they can be worked on either on on paper or using the computer aided design software.

A good fashion designer has to have the creative skills, not that fashion designer that leaves you sad each time you leave his shop because what he made for you could not match your taste.

A good fashion designer is equally that designer who goes once in awhile to advance their skills, either in fashion schools in Enugu or elsewhere.

How do fashion designers decide their prices?

Fashion designers choose what to charge you based on:

Their target market. If their target market is the rich politicians, they obviously charge more. But if their target market is the secondary school students, obviously they charge less.

The type of fabrics they use. The quality fabrics will have them charging more.

The finishes. Before a tailor hand s in your cloth to you there are some touches he has to do and these things help him decide what to charge.

The labor and business expenses involved. If he had to travel to get the materials for you then you should expect him to charge higher than if you were the one to get the materials yourself.

Their profit margin. Most fashion designers has set out a margin for the profit they have to make for each production. Theses things are deciding factors. Often times these things might not get these knowledge in any of the fashion schools in Enugu.

How to make more money as a fashion designer

It’s not just about attending the fashion schools in Enugu, you have to know that So many people are into fashion but only a few people have the ability to turn out their business into a money making machine. To be rich and successful in fashion, you can consider doing the following.

Sell your fashion products on apps. Apps like poshmark and etsy. There you can get the opportunity to sell your products.

make sure you are online, what do I mean? We have Facebook and Instagram, these are very useful applications where you can market your products.

expand, go into other products like fashion handbags, shoes and cosmetics. They are all in line with fashion. trust me you are on your way to greater heights after doing these simple hacks.

Are fashion designers rich?

You can be successful in almost anything you have passion for. However making money as a fashion designer requires a little bit of your effort.

After finishing from any of the fashion schools in Enugu, You have a long route to making money because you will need to start your own business most times and then with time your customer base will increase. These large customer base in turn makes you rich. You will find the list of the fashion schools in Enugu below.

List of fashion schools in Enugu

This List contains the fashions schools in Enugu, but I have decided to add other Fashion designers who can be helpful in helping you achieve your aim.

  1. Fashion business School
  2. Didi’s Fashion Academy
  3. Silval Clothing Fashion Institute
  4. Ma-Sims Fashion Academy
  5. Foxxy Mobile Fashions
  6. Dumebi Total Fashion School
  7. Ev-Ella Edge Fashion Academy
  8. Stitch Art
  9. MAREC Home of Fashion
  10. House of Terion Center
  11. 7ibil Designs
  12. Sapphire Fashion School
  13. Lilee Creations
  14. Fab Signature Fashion Academy
  15. Unlimited Fashion & designers Nest
  16. Monica’s Couture Academy
  17. Style City
  18. House of Caleb fashion school
  19. CBENTOUCH Fashion
  20. House of Louis
  21. Ike Bobo-Star Key Fashion school
  22. Eyoo Creative Designs
  23. Ugwu Tailoring Institute
  24. Ishiola Fashion Designer
  25. ON’FLEEK Stitches
  26. Futex Fashion Designers
  27. Unique Traditional Fashion Designers
  28. Big Show Fashion Designers
  29. Epi Talent Fashion Designer
  30. The Divine Fashion Designers Company
  31. Master Designers
  32. Hush n Dush Dressmaker Fashion Academy

    Below are their contacts of the fashion schools in Enugu.
Schools in Enugu
Contacts and Address
business School
No 2 Chime Avenue
New Heaven, LAST FLOOR
Phone: 0907 870 9814
Fashion Academy
Brown & Brown
Crescent Independence
Layout, Enugu
Phone: 080 93 557 599
No 3 Idigo Close,
Thinkers Corner,
Phone: 0803 874 1919
Fashion Academy
75 Chime Ave,
New Haven, Enugu
Phone: 080 37 24 09 61
Mobile Fashions
118-114 Ogui Rd,
Achara, Enugu
Total Fashion School
 Marlum Quaters,
42 Onwuakpa St,
Phone: 0816 723 0145
Ev-Ella Edge
Fashion Academy
32 Zion Avenue,
Phase Six,
Phone: 0805 578 24 34
Stitch Art
Fashion school
177 Agbani Rd
Phone: 080 337 11 342
Home of Fashion
1 Awhum Street,
end of Agbani Street,
Emene Enugu East
Phone: 0803 287 0026
of Terion Center
46 College Rd,
7ibil Designs10A Hillview St,
Independence Layout,
Fashion School
23 Umunano St,
Independence Layout
Phone: 081 370 07 4620
Lilee CreationsSwiss garde plaza, 251
Ogui Rd, Achara
Phone: 081 012 429 53
Fab Signature
Fashion Academy
9 Eziagu St,
New Haven, Enugu
Phone: 0811 905 5375
Fashion & designers
No 1 Ogoja Street,
Off White House Bus Stop,
Phone: 080 330 68 550
Couture Academy
65 Chime Ave,
New Haven
Phone: 0805 988 5298
Style City Opposite Eastern Shop,
2A O’Connor Street,
Ogui Rd, Asata
House of
Caleb fashion school
150 Agbani Road,
1 Nnaji Ogbodo St,
Phone: 0808 104 1111
A13 C to C plaza,
Nkpokiti Rd
Phone: 080 327 370 03
House of Louis34 Chime Ave,
New Haven, Enugu
Phone: 0706718 2572
Ike Bobo-Star
Key Fashion school
82 Agbani Rd,
Achara, Enugu
Phone: 081 63 46 3139
Creative Designs
23 Abakpa Nike Rd,
Abakpa, Enugu
Tailoring Institute
1 Street, Achara Layout,
Awkunanaw, Enugu
Phone: 080 355 77624
Fashion Designer
83 Owerri Road,
Asata, Owerri Road,
Phone: 0805 237 8803
1 npkor street abakpa
Nike, Abakpa,
Phone: 0701 869 0530
Fashion Designers
 45 Owerri Rd,
Asata, Enugu
Phone: 0805 237 7743
The Divine
Fashion Designers
Beside Town Hall,
4 Ifenze St,
Abakpa, Enugu
Phone: 080 3 628 9756
Master Designers96 Park Ave, GRA, Enugu
Phone: 0803629 9991
Epi Talent
Fashion Designer
 67 Chime Ave,
New Haven, Enugu
Phone: 0803 891 2294
Fashion Designer
4 Nnaji St, Uwani,
Phone: 080 51 266 474
Unique Traditional
Fashion Designers
Opp. Ogui Police Station,
74 Ogui Rd, Achara
Phone: 0803 755 1703
Fashion schools in Enugu

Conclusion on fashion schools in Enugu: Start as a beginner, finish as a pro. Try as much as you can to learn the short cuts, the technics and the basics . relax and watch yourself excel.

Importance of fashion

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