10 Known Catering schools in Enugu{address, contacts}

Catering simply is the business of providing food services to individuals or group of individuals. That’s not all, it could equally be to hotels, hospitals, pub, aircraft, cruise ships, parks, filming sites or event centers. You must be interested in finding out the catering schools in Enugu, that is why I have compiled this list just for you.

A catering service on it’s own has it’s cooks who are in the business of preparing food . So when a job or contract comes in, they send in their waiters and waitresses to deliver the job.

Catering business provides foods, drinks and other hospitality services to weddings and business functions as well.

How Caterers carry out their job

Whenever there is a job to handle, the manager of the catering company or the catering school either sends his employees to set up the venue or goes by himself.

For informal parties, all they need to do is to set up their bowls, dishes and platters full of food, replenish them and serve the people who are in attendance.

For bigger events like weddings, the manager sends in his staff and other employees prior to the event. They check the event decorations and other things. They equally set up and serve the attendees in a professional manner at the end.

How to succeed as a caterer

For you to succeed as a caterer, first of all you need to know how to cook, or bake or do both.

And of course even if you don’t know how to cook, you can attend one of the catering schools in Enugu and get brushed up in the art of catering.

Next, you need to promote your business. Thank God for internet and the social media. feel free to flaunt your products. Let the world know what you can produce.

Fix a favorable price. In as much you want to make profit, you should not plan to rip off your clients. Try to balance the two such that your clients in the end would always love to come back for more.

You can start with give away food for the first 10 customers in Oder to have many of them coming around in order to benefit from the promo. Buy two get one free.

You can include a delivering technique in your business such that anyone can order for food online and get them delivered at their door step.

Types of Catering

Cooperate Catering:

This type of caterers cover things like little gatherings. You can be having a little get together and then you request a caterer to make something special for your attendees. This group of caterers handle that.

Buffet catering:

This is popular called ” serve-yourself” . These caterers get the food ready, place them in containers and the visitors only have to serve themselves as much as they want.

Wedding services catering:

This class of caterers provide food in major events like weddings , they supply lavish dishes to visitors of the brides and groom.

That’s not all there is, there are equally other types of catering.

List of Catering schools in Enugu

  • Fel-Austin Catering School
  • Memorable Moments Culinary Arts
  • Memorable Moments Culinary Arts
  • Mary JC Catering
  • Chisom Comprehensive Catering Institute
  • Emowill
  • National Institute For Hospitality and Tourism
  • Ifyon Catering Services Ltd
  • Kk’s and Val’s Palace Catering school
Catering schools
in Enugu
Contacts and address
Catering School
24 Abakpa Nike Rd, Abakpa,
Phone: 081 713 227 31
Memorable Moments
Culinary Arts
A14, C to C plaza,
8 Presidential Avenue
Independence layout,
Asata, Enugu
Phone: 080n331 34 762
Mary JC Catering Plot SS/4 H.O Onu’s Plaza
Opposite UBA/WAEC Bus stop,
Phone: 0803n499 4587
Chisom Comprehensive
Catering Institute
Agbani Rd, Achara, Enugu
Emowills32 Abakpa Nike Road,
Atani Stret, Abakpa
Phone: 0703 278 0105
National Institute
For Hospitality
and Tourism
WTC Estate, Ogui,
Jilius Nyerere Dr, Enugu
Phone: 0803 735 6295
Ifyon Catering
Services Ltd
Phone: 0903 559 5996
Kk’s and Val’s Palace
Catering school
20 Abakpa Nike Rd,
Abakpa, Enugu
Phone: 0806 097 0924
Catering schools in Enugu
Dibunma School of Catering, Cosmetology and Fashion designing
Phone: 080 377 80095
Address: 31 Agu Street Achara layout, Enugu

List of Catering schools in Nsukka:

  • Elaine Cuisine (cakes, food and catering services)
    Ugwunkwo, Enugu road, Nsukka
    Phone: 0810347 1508
  • Amazing Love Bridal and catering
    080 359 53384
    20 Nnamdi Azikiwe, Ave
  • Mario Institute
    080 65 999 056

Catering schools in Enugu FAQs

Here are some of the frequently asked questions by our visitors. Having found out the catering schools in Enugu, you might be interested in them as well.

How much does catering school cost in Enugu?

Different schools have different curriculum, therefor each school charges students based on some considered factors. There is no stipulated or mandated amount for students who considering attending a catering school . However we suggest you make your budgets from N50,000 upwards. That does not mean it can not be lesser than that.

In fact, some catering schools can charge you as low as N30,000 and I know some schools as well that charge up to N100,000, N200, 000 and beyond, especially in very standard schools. Choose a school, contact them and find out how much they charge.

Are Catering schools in Enugu hard?

If you are really passionate about learning, then you will not find catering schools in Enugu hard. You simply have to listen and take instructions. Sometimes you have to work in the kitchen, other times you have to be reading how to make one recipe or the other. All to your development. Just pay attention and don’t be afraid. Now you have internet and YouTube to put you through a lot.

What are you taught in a standard Culinary school?

You learn basic Knife skills

Cooking techniques and methodologies

Baking techniques

food products and plating techniques

You learn how to do things safely

You get to learn correct sanitation procedures.

You learn Nutrition and get to figure about calories

Business management etc.

Conclusion: If cooking makes you happy, then I think you should attend these catering schools in Enugu. The most interesting thing about being a caterer is the joy that comes with people loving the magic you created with your hands. Everyone loves to eat, through your brand you can be known. You will have to put in hours, yes. You might not be paid so much in the beginning till you find your feet, yes. But it is the joy that you get everyday that matters, In the end you will make more money.

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