20 List of catering schools in Asaba, Delta state

catering schools in Asaba

Delta is a one of the major hubs for petroleum activities in Nigeria. Delta is a very big commercial center with a population of over 300,000 people.

Some common things to find in Delta state include the refinery, petrochemicals and other oil companies in Nigeria. Besides all of that, we have the delta steel company as well.

Furthermore, warri and Asaba being the main business hub of Delta state attracts so many people.

You are certain to find the most popular dishes in the country in Delta state.

The meals eaten defer from people this is because of the diversity of the people.

There are different traditions and cultures in Delta state and each Culture and people have the particular food which they are known for.

Delta state has Urhobos, Isokos, Ijaws, Itsekiri, Okpe the Aniomas etc. Below are some of the common local and traditional dishes eaten in Delta state.

The most common foods eaten in Asaba, Delta state.

Ogwu soup

The ogwu soup and starch is loved by almost everybody in delta state. It also can be said to be one of the most popular meal in delta state.

The preparation of ogwo soup requires a level of expertise and of course not everybody can make this soup.

The ogwo soup together with Starch is often eaten in traditional settings. It is prepared with dried fish, smoked bush meat.

The ogwo soup can equally be eaten with boiled yam or black plantains.

Of course the party is not complete without the Ogwo soup.

Banga Soup and Starch

The Banga soup is one of the tasty meals you would love to try out in Delta state. It is prepared from fresh palm nuts fruits. How is this done?

The oil and fluid is extracted from the palm nuts after being boiled. Thee prepared with fresh and dry fish. Often times it is eaten with Eba.

Boiled Yam & Plantains with Goat meat pepper soup

The goat meat pepper soup is a very spicy one and is often served at home and at events. For you to have a proper taste of it, the pepper soup must be from goat meat.

It is best served with boiled yam and plantains .

The Banga Rice

Best served hot. The Banga rice is made from oil and water extracts from a palm nut just same way they are extracted for Banga soup.

The mode of preparation is definitely dependent on you . This rice is prepared watery and is always in demand across the city.

Others: There are several others which you would love to try and they include the Nsala soup, the Keke Fieye, the Onunu and the Irobotor soup.

Being a chef or a caterer in Asaba, delta state will require you to know most common dishes and their mode of preparation.

How much does it take to study in Catering schools in Asaba, Delta state?

Just like other vocational schools out there, catering schools in Asaba, Delta state will like cost you anything between N20,000 to N250,000 in a year.

It is solely dependent on the school, their mode of operation and and their location in Delta state.

Catering schools in Asaba and Delta cost more than catering schools in other parts of Delta state.

So what do you need to do? Visit any of the Catering schools in Asaba that is about to be listed or give them a call to get the specific prices for their programs.

Why do you need to attend a Catering school?

Attending one of the catering schools in Asaba is as vital as anything.

Attending such catering school makes you realize that it is beyond just getting skills.

Some other reasons why you should consider catering schools in Asaba are:

  • The Certification:
    Some employers want a proof that you are good at what you do. at this point, you present your certificate.

    Most catering schools in Asaba issue certificates to their students at the end of their program.

    This certification means a lot and can equally be a gateway to starting your own restaurant.
  • Building of your Network:
    Another reason people attend catering schools in Asaba is to have the opportunity to meet professionals in the art of catering.

    This alone has the tendency to get them exposed to relevant clients.
  • To develop mastery:
    One of the major reasons people sign up for catering schools in Asaba is to develop the relevant cooking skills and well as catering business skills.

    During your program you are also taught business management and customer care while you learn different kinds of food both local and international.

List of Catering schools in Delta state

  • Whiteberg Catering School Asaba

    Address: No 7 Madonna International college Road, Back of NTA office and 1 side entertainment Bar off Maryam, Babangida Rd, Asaba
    phone: 081 0022 0597

  • Peace Catering School Asaba
    Address: Unokiwedi Shopping Arena, Umuagu, Asaba
    Phone: 0906 966 2266

  • Genius Mind International Catering
    Address: Direct Labour Asaba, C102 center plaza, DLA Surburb, Asaba
    Phone: 080 394 19371

  • Gravy Vocational School
    Address: 29 Frank Obiora street, Oduke Asaba
    Phone: 08164 568 553
  • Stherville Catering School
    Address: 20 Jesus saves street Road, Asaba
    Phone: 081 834 624 0
  • Styda Culinary Academy
    Address: Gemstone stores, 35 Airport Road Beside Warri
    Phone: 090 7040 0010

  • Sheroda Catering school
    Address: Off Water resources Delta, & Olarho street, Warri
    Phone: 0803 716 9958

  • Unitop Catering Services Limited
    Address: 23 Ogunu Rd, Ekure Itsekiri, Warri
    Phone: 080 6600 2244

  • Food Academy
    Address: Plot 10, 29th street westend Road, Warri
    Phone: 081 350 18672

  • Evata Catering Co. Ltd
    Address: NNPC Junior staff club Bendel estate Effurun, Warri, Delta state

Other Caterers in Delta State

  • Alifun Catering Limited
    Address: 26 sokoh Estate Airport Road, Delta, Warri
  • Flair Fingers Cake World
    Address: 211 Jakpa Road Effurun, Warri Delta
  • Marvelous Rental & Catering services
    Address: 1 water resourses road Effurun, warri, Delta state
  • Geomosa Catering Co. Ltd
    Address: NPA Express Road, Delta warri
  • Idama Catering Ltd
    Address: Okumagba Avenue, Warri Delta
  • Landmark Catering
    Address: Refinery Road Ekpan, Warri Delta
  • Palmgroove Catering Co. Ltd
    Ighogbudu Road, Warri delta
  • Nigerian Caterers Limited
    Address: Refinery Road Ekpan, Warri, Delta
  • Peggy Catering Limited
    Address: Giwa Amu Road, Warri, Delta
  • Zain Catering
    Address: Refinery road Ekpan, Warri, Delta

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