9 Best Catering schools in Anambra state

Catering schools in Anambra State

Anambra is known for being an industrial area. In fact it is a home for most business people in Nigeria. Not only that, they are also known for their interest in well prepared dishes.

If you live in Anambra state, here are top five dishes you should try either for fun or while attending Catering schools in Anambra state .

Four Delicious meals to try in Anambra State

  • Ofe Akwu: This particular soup is popularly known as banga soup. People living in Anambra state prefer it with rice, yam or Cooked plantains.
  • Nkwobi: An average Anambra man wants to spend his Sunday evening in bar with a plate of nkwobi. Usually some kind of pepper soup with a lot of cow or goat meat in it.
  • Ukwa: Ukwa is a common delicacy in Anambra state. In English it is called breadfruits and it is very rich in proteins. It can be prepared white of jollof.
  • Abacha: Abacha is a regular meal for people in Onitsha. Especially for people in the market and workshops because it’s mode of preparation is very easy. It is made from sliced cassava and garnished with spicy ingredients and vegetables.

List of Catering schools in Anambra state

  • Falex School of Catering, Fashion and Computer

    Address: No 42 New spare parts Market road Nkpor
    Phone: 070350 110 54
  • El-Shaddai School of Vocational Studies

    Address: 1 Ejezie Lane, Awada layout, Onitsha
    Phone: 070 397 23 749

    Visit their Website to know more about them.
  • Royal Institute of Fashion and Catering Management

    Address: 89 upper New Market Rd, City center, Onitsha
    Not provided
  • Chy designers Fashion and Catering school Nkpor

    Address: 18 park lane Nkpor beside Fidelity bank new parts market Nkpor, Onitsha
    Phone: 080 375 557 656

Other Places where you can get training on Catering/Catering schools in Anambra state related places include:

  • De Crown Caterers
    Address: No 15 Agba street, Onitsha, Anambra state
    Phone: 080 249 195 07 | 080 666 03092

  • Digood’s Catering service
    Address: 102 port Harcourt road, Anambra state
    Phone: 070 330 885 31

  • Precious Bridal and Catering Services
    Address: No 57A Awka Road, Savoy Junction, Onitsha
    Phone: 080333 669 55

  • Princess Cafe:
    Address: 10 Prof Daddy hezekiah Avenue, Owellebo, Onitsha
    Phone: 08033 602 537

  • The Holy Chef
    Address: Port Harcourt road Onitsha, Anambra state
    Phone: 070 666 581 95

What makes a good caterer?

Your ability to comply with food and kitchen safety conditions makes you unique.

Your ability to deliver in a timely manner either when you have contracts or costumers to serve in your restauant.

Your ability to manage the large number of people who are likely to be working with you.

Your ability to make your clients and customers happy and satisfied.

Your ability to have trending Menu; that is trending meals.

Your ability to keep your employees and not drive them away because of your unprofessionalism.


Above is a list of catering schools in Anambra State where you can master the art of cooking. For more details about those schools and how you can either enroll or need their service, you can call or visit their address.

Catering schools in Anambra state


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