20 List of Top Catering schools in Abuja, Nigeria

Just like every other Job out there, being a Chef or Caterer can be demanding especially when the job starts coming in. There are a lot of challenges as well; things like customer care, marketing and other essential business matters.

Attending a Catering school will make your life better and take you a step closer to your dreams. Why should you attend a catering school? It’s simple, you need to stand out by receiving the necessary trainings. After that, you can be sure of working your way into that your dream catering Job.

In this article, I have compiled a list of the Top 20 catering schools in Abuja together with catering schools in Wuse Abuja. Please note that these catering schools in wuse Abuja are all a part of the catering schools in Abuja.

Interesting facts about the city of Abuja

Abuja is known for many things, it’s rocks and hills, it’s modern parks and it’s proper planning. Tagged as the Center of Unity with a population of about 6 million people and consequently the fourth largest city in Nigeria.

There are also a lot of wonderful things to do in Abuja. The night life in Abuja is enjoyable, in fact it is known for it’s vibrant night life

There are a lot of clubs and bars in Abuja all to ensure that your night time is an interesting one. Places you might like to visit include Aso rock, Zuma rock etc.

Abuja houses the National mosque, the National Christian center, National Ecumenical center and lots more.

7 Common delicious Foods to try in Abuja as a Caterer

Once you visit Abuja, or enroll into any of the Catering schools in Abuja, there are common meals which you should expect to come across. They include:

  • Afang soup
  • Abacha
  • Ekpang Nkukwo vegetable soup
  • Fish and goat meat Pepper soup
  • Fufu
  • Jollof and fried rice
  • Sea foods etc

How much does Catering school cost in Abuja?

After deciding to attend Catering schools in Abuja, the next thing to consider is the costs involved.

Generally these fees depends on the services they are going to render you. Then questions like: Are there accommodation for students? Is the environment conducive, Materials for trainings etc.

All these are considered by these schools before fixing prices for students. Of course you wouldn’t want to be in a school that has no materials for practical, and of course you would prefer if such schools have accommodation for students.

Generally the amount charged by these catering schools in Abuja depends on the particular school. But according to my research, catering schools in Abuja can cost you anything between N30,000 and N250,000. However it is best to contact the school to get their specific costs and fees. This is because what I just gave is an estimate according to my research.

5 Things that makes a good Caterer

Catering in Nigeria generally requires a combination of hard work and expertise to succeed. This is because there are a lot of brands out there and I’m pretty sure you would like to occupy the Number 1 spot. Attending catering schools in Abuja will help you cultivate such habits.

Cooking skills:

A caterers cooking skills in very valued. Catering is all about food. No matter how beautiful the environment is, if the food is not tasty then you will likely not have your customers coming back a second time.

Customer service:

Caterer will always have customers. How you relate with your customers matters a lot. Your communication skills and builds your relationship with your customer. Your approach and the way you speak remains the best method for advert.

Financial Planning:

You should obviously be ready to make some necessary financial plans. How to disburse salaries, how to budget and how much you intend to invest in your business are all under financial planning.

Business Management:

Catering is a little bit more than just making nice meals. There are administrative jobs which you have to carry out as well. You need to have an Idea of house you can successfully manage your business, mane business plans and carry out feasibility studies for your company.


You might have delicious meals, you might have one of the best locations but marketing is what will drive customers to you. Get your business online, get contacts of event planners and venue organizers and watch your phone ring everyday as customers disturb you for your services or visit your restaurant.

Types of Caterers

I have done some research and got to realize that Caterers can be classified under three categories. They include:

  • Restaurant or Hotel Caterers: This particular caterers are mostly found in hotels or working in restaurants either as Chefs or as owners. They have good knowledge in table set up, seat maintenance, and arrangement of bouquet.
  • Mobile Caterers: This type of caterers bring food to your door step, carry the food around or run delivery services . Often times their food is cheaper.
  • Private Caterers: These are group of caterers that run a privately owned business. Through their skill set, they are able to make names for themselves and subsequently get catering jobs here and there.

How to start your catering school in Ibadan, Nigeria

Catering schools in Abuja and Nigeria generally is Lucrative especially when you have the right sources and facilities. Here are the steps to take towards opening a catering school.

  • Feasibility Studies: There is no successful business out there that did not at one time or the other carry out feasibility studies. Feasibility studies is the process of checking how lucrative a business will turn out as well as it’s likely productivity rate in the nearest future.
  • Draw your Market Structure: This can also be referred as business planning. here you draw out the structure of your business and the steps you plan to take towards running a successful business.
  • Get your Start up capital: You would need a capital to start your catering school. Through the business plan you will have a rough estimate of how much you are willing to invest into your business at a go.
  • Pick a location: Once your capital is ready, the next thing should be picking your desired location. That is the place which you plan to site your business. Consider busy areas; areas with a lot of people so that you can easily get customers.
  • Advertise your new school on all platforms, do the necessary registrations with the appropriate agencies and start enrolling students.

List of Catering schools in Abuja and their address

  • Chef’s Academy Abuja
    Address: 33 Aminu Kano Cres, Wuse Abuja
    Phone: 080 921 89 734

  • Red Dish Chronicles Culinary School
    Address: Sterling Bank Boulevard Plot 990, by Gransquare/ Leventis Motors opposite Tuwo place, Abuja
    Phone: 090 9222 2208

  • Big Jayz Chef School
    Address: 36 3rd Ave, Gwarinpa, Abuja
    Phone: 090 474 24 556
  • AAA Events Academy Abuja
    Address: Suite C4 Zara Plaza, opposite wallpaper world Lifecamp Abuja
    Phone: 070 371 225 40

  • De Praise Catering Services School
    Address: Behind Junior Secondary school Airport Road, Kuchigoro, Abuja
    Phone: 0810 107 3623

  • Hand Catering Training school
    Address: Dogon Daji Street, off market road, Kubwa, Abuja FCT
    Phone: 080 361 857 46

  • Culinary Mastery Academy
    Address: Dogon daji Street, Off market Road, Abuja
    Phone: 080 361 85 746

  • Topkraft Culinary Academy
    Address: Nembe Road, Abuja
    Phone: 080 2125 74 55

  • Chef’s Hat Culinary Arts Center
    Address: Plot 704A B Close 622 Road Galadima Gwarimpa 2 beside the flyover to Efab metropolis, Gwarimpa Estate, Abuja
    Phone: 080 3360 6196

  • Owende Catering School
    Address: Zone 3 No 43 Abijan st, Wuse Abuja
    Phone: 080 323 540 84

  • Prestine Catering School
    Address: No 17 Pristine Street behind crush rock by First Borehole, Mpape, Abuja
    Phone: 080 365 06693

  • Abuja Culinary school
    Address: M.I.B Plaza, Gwarimppa, Abuja
    Phone: 0813 025 9200

  • Joeskem Training School
    Address: House 34 6th Avenue, 69 Road, Gwarimpa estate, Abuja
    Phone: 081 424 668 02

  • Mastermind Catering and Culinary Institute Limited
    Address: 6 1st Avenue, Gwarimpa estate, Abuja
    Phone: 080 330 87 318

  • A.M Bakers Concept Confectionary School
    address: House 12, 1k Road, sector F, federal housing authority.
    Phone: 081 845 17130

  • QMDCI Hospitality Training Academy
    Address: Area 8, 16 ogbomosho St, Garki, Abuj
    Phone: 090 900 225 59

  • Envoy and Hotel Management Institute
    Address: By Mazfalah shopping complex, opp, water board, Karu site, Abuja
    Phone: 070 988 290 15

  • Oceanic Catering Nigeria Limited
    address: 1 mazafalah shopping complex, Karu site roundabout, Abuja
    Phone: 080 360 522 75

  • Dot Deejah Catering Academy
    Address: bagije plaza, 2nd avenue, 21 Rd Gwarinpa Estate, Abuja
    Phone: 070 80000 139

  • Vios Catering Academy, Abuja
    address: Zone 6, 54 yaounde st, Wuse abuja
    Phone: 080 354 016 30

Catering schools in Abuja Conclusion:

Having gone through the article, you must have chosen a particular catering school of your interest. Don’t solely depend on catering, you must learn to expand your horizon, learn related things like decorations, set ups, music and lighting. This would make you exceptional in your field.

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