10 List of Catering schools in Imo State – Best updated list

Catering schools in Imo State

Imo State is known a lot as a home for enjoyment.

It is a place where you find some meals that will leave you salivating.

You must have heard of popular places like Ibariogwa, Mimi’s place and lots more.

Imo state has a lot of hotels and catering is therefore very lucrative.

After going through a catering school you will likely work as a Chef in these hotels or run a personal restaurant for yourself.

Before we go proper into Catering schools in Imo State, let’s talk about popular meals in Imo state.

As a caterer or intending chef in Imo state, there are some foods which you should expect to come by. Some of these meals include:

Ofe Onugbu:

This is a particular soup in Imo state that is made from bitter leaf vegetable. Sometimes pounded cocoyam can be added to thicken the food. Though it is sometimes called bitter leaf soup it is often not so bitter but enjoyable.


Abacha is a meal that is made from sliced cassava, garden eggs, ugba and Utazi leaf. This is a mean I’m pretty sure you would love to taste.

Isi Ewu:

This is one of the popular pepper soups in Imo state.

It is a very peppered soup with a lot of goat meat; often times with parts of the head of a goat.

Taking it with a properly chilled beer or malt can make your day n enjoyable one.


Ukwa is one of the popular food in Imo state that is made from fresh bread fruit.

The seeds of Ukwa are shelled and cooked with Akanwu until it is soft enough.


Nkwobi is almost like the Isi ewu but this particular one is a kind of pepper soup garnished with different kinds of meat.

List of Catering schools in Imo state

This list contains the top Catering schools in Imo State. They are either institutes or personally run catering services.

  1. Evette Institute of Catering and Hotel management
    Address: plot 18 Okigwe road Layout, Owerri
    Phone: 070 304 964 24
  2. Qualitystreet school of Events and catering Arts
    Address: 53 christ church Rd Owerri
    Phone: +234 80 33 421 971
  3. Delphin salon and Catering
    Address: 138B Royce Road, Owerri
    Phone: 080 933 08866
  4. Classic Foods and Rentals Ltd
    Address: plot 131, Owerri
  5. International Caterers:
    Address: F.S.P Park complex Wetheral Road, owerri, Imo
    Phone: 080 393 951 18
  6. Hosanna School of Catering and Fashion design
    Address: Nwamkpa Street by 55 Aba owerri Rd, Owerri
    Phone: 080 355 134 34
  7. The Elepts Event Managers
    Address: 1 Bishop Laxbrey Rd Owerri, Imo State
    Phone: 080 308 925 13
  8. Geodora Catering school
    Address: 152 Tetlow Rd, Owerri
    Phone: 080 640 43 293
  9. Catering school, Irete
    Address: Umuelele road, New owerri Imo state
    Phone: 081 274 834 03
  10. Comfort Food caterers
    Shop 7 shopping plaza flyover roundabout amakohia owerri, Imo

Catering schools in Imo State
Catering schools in Imo State

Few things to note as an Intending Caterer:

Becoming a chef is more than just the regular things you do in your kitchen. To become a professional chef and the kind of pay you get as a caterer depends on how tasty your food is and how skillful you are in the making and presentation.

With this job, you will likely not be eating too much because these dishes you prepare are somehow too expensive and you will not get a chance to eat a lot of it regularly because you need to cover.

But trust me once you are established and become reputable, people will love you like a star and fall in love with the magic you create with with your fingers.

Qualities of a good caterer

These are some of the things that make you a good caterer:

Your ability to be adaptable to provide relevant and trending menu to customers.

Your ability to perform the catering service( cooking, cleaning etc) in a timely way.

Your ability to make a large team of workers and students who might be working under you.

Being able to create magical dishes that leaves your clients salivating and having teir taste buds satisfied.

Your ability to comply with food safety regulations.

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