10 Top Catering schools in Benin City

Catering schools in Benin City

Benin City is the capital of Edo state, a major center for rubber production. They have one of the richest cultures you can think of. They are known for a lot of things and one of the things which they are known for include their body marks, their bangles, ankles, beads and raffia work. Benin is known for it’s bronze production also, and numerous processing plants.

What is the major produce in Benin City?

Some of the major Benin produce include Furniture, beer, soft drinks, palm kernels and palm oil, in fact palm oil was one of it’s famous traditional exports .

What are the most common meals in Benin city?

There are so many meals to try out in Benin City, but here is a list of five of them which you would love to try upon arrival to Benin City or in the course of your catering trainings.

    This particular soup is usually thick and is cooked with materials like Potash , stock fish and can be suitably served with yam and unripe plantains.
    This is one of the regular meals in Edo state. It is not the regular rice that you know. This particular one is prepared extra spiced with tomato and other things. It is often served in a plate or wrapped in a green leave which gives it a special taste.
    This particular soup is easy to make and best prepared at home. Most times it is served with either pounded yam and Eba. Locally, the Black soup is called Omoebe soup; a very tasty meal prepared from the combination of local herbs and spices.
    It is a common meal among the Afemai people. It is a soup best cooked and eaten thick. The aroma is very inviting . It has a high carbohydrate content and is best served with pounded yam. Not just that, it can be served with Eba, Fufu or Semo also.
    This soup is made with groundnuts and therefore is referred to as groundnut soup. Not just groundnut, it is also made with tomatoes, onions, chicken, fish, leaf vegetables and other local seasonings.

List of Catering schools in Benin City

  1. DOF Institute
  2. Tops Institute of Catering
  3. Amena Academy
  4. Osas Ochuks Catering Training center
  5. Sisi Queen Catering Center
  6. Eva Catering services
  7. Vivi Concept Catering Service
  8. VOU Schools of Catering
  9. Pattony Catering Services
  10. Vee-Best Catering Center

DOF Institute

Location: 32, Osaretin Street, Off Upper Sakponba
Phone: 080 3633 6151

They are professional in training students in anything catering and other vocational courses. At the end of your one year course, you get a certificate. Apart from that, there are 3 to 4 four months short courses as well. They admit students every January, April and September each year.

Amena Academy

Location: 51, Airport Road, Benin City, Edo State
Phone: 080 70 700000

Email: akinkalejaiye@yahoo.com
One of the Vocational/catering schools in Benin city established to inculcate into students the skills for attaining financial freedom through catering.

Tops Institute of Catering

Location: 73 Ekenwan Road, By stadium Road junction, Ogugugbo, Benin City.
Phone: 080 524 7701

This is one of the catering schools in Benin City that is committed towards teaching you on anything catering baking and lots more. Contact them to find out more.

VOU Schools of Catering

Location: 34b Oba Market Rd, Opposite Yanga Market, Ring road Benin City.
Phone: 0810888 3003

This one of the best catering schools in Benin City that trains students regardless of their levels and professionalism. It is a catering school where you learn local and international food preparation , cake making, snacks making and how to make cocktails. You can also learn Decorations and much more here.

Eva Catering services

Location: 5B Edo Avenue off upper mission Road, New Benin City
Phone: 080 603 826 58

Eva Catering is a professional catering center that trains students as well as offers professional catering services for birthdays, weddings etc.

Pattony Catering Services

Location: 4, Goodname street, Benin City
Phone: 080 235 356 84

This is also one of the top catering schools in Benin where you get the opportunity to be trained in anything catering. They also handle events and conference services.

Vee-Best Catering Center

Location: Upper Sakpoba road, Oka, Benin City
Phone: 0807 112 5557

Vee-Best is also one of the top catering schools in Benin city that offers catering trainings as well as other professional catering services.

Vivi Concept Catering Service

Location: 80 Siluko Road, Benin City
Phone: 0705 668 7232

Vivi Concept is not just a food service company, it is one of the few catering schools in Benin city that offers both indoor and outdoor services.

Sisi Queen Catering Center

Location: Opp Redeemed Christian Church of God, 174 Uselu, Lagos road, Benin city
Phone: 090 387 715 20

Osas Ochuks Catering Training Academy

Location: Erediauwa Street, Oka, Benin City

They are one of the catering schools in Benin City that are not just into training students, they are also into baking and designing of all kinds, snacks and food.

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