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fashion schools in portharcourt


As I Clearly stated in my previous article All Fashion Schools in Nigeria , Fashion is that which is made popular and available by the Fashion industry.

It is the activity of creating fashionable wears. Gradually fashion evolved into an industry and has become a good career option for several people around the world.

Port Harcourt being a city with a Population of about three million is the fifth largest city in Nigeria. There are so many establishments in port Harcourt, ranging from higher institutions to, companies as well as an international airport. It is known as the Chief oil refining city in Nigeria.

Fashion in Port Harcourt has therefore thrived over the years due to this large population. In this Article therefore, I have written on the fashion schools in Port harcourt.

List of Fashion Schools in Port Harcourt.

  1. Legs Apparel Fashion School Port Harcourt
  2. Emerald Fashion Academy
  3. Ifeuju Fashion and Beauty
  4. FEZU Couture Fashion Training Institute
  5. Suzie Care Fashion School
  6. Bellas Tailoring School
  7. House of Bo Fashion and Design School
  8. Stanlo World Of Fashion School
  9. Ample-Link Catering and Fashion School Port-harcourt
  10. Ceefashion Academy
  11. J-Splash Fashion Design School
  12. Divastemple Fashion School
  13. Marigold Royale Seams( Tailoring and sewing school)
  14. DOF Institute of Catering, Hotel Management and Fashion
  15. Stars Designers and Fashion School
  16. Oniel Fashion Academy
  17. Radiant Fashion Institute
  18. Dimmie Fashion Academy
  19. Almendra Fabrics and Wears Fashion Academy
  20. Annaire Art and Fashion Academy


Legs Apparel Fashion School Port Harcourt

Legs Apparel Fashion school is one of the best Fashion schools in Port Harcourt that has not only touched the life of students in the fashion world, but has continued to represent the country well when it comes to Fashion.

Founded in the year 2004, but has continued to provide comprehensive fashion education programs to interested students in the Fashion World.

It is where young people in Nigeria and Africa at Large get to receive a 6 months basic and advanced fashion programs .

They have proven that Fashion schools are not for young people alone. This fashion school offers programs for school leavers, graduates, workers and retirees.

At Legsapparel, Age is no limitation towards becoming a guru in the fashion world. You may be 50 years old, but however find your love for fashion growing at an extent, or maybe you’re looking for something to pass time as a retiree. A fashion skill can still pay your rent even as a retiree.

At Legsapparel, They offer courses on Pattern Making, Fashion entrepreneurship, Computer aided design. You’re are sure to be empowered towards starting your own Fashion business after graduation.

At Legs Apparel you find programs like the BASIC PROGRAMS, which includes measurements, Use of manual and industrial sewing machines, Garment construction, sewing technique etc

There are also the INTERMEDIARY PROGRAMS, which includes all the courses in the basic programs plus extra courses such as the Fashion design, Colour Theory, Fashion sketching and illustrations, Costume history, Textile theory and Garment Construction.

Furthermore we also have the ADVANCED PROGRAMS, which includes Pattern making, Fashion CAD, Fashion Branding, Product Design, Fashion styling, Fashion Business, Sustainable Fashion etc.

Finally, we have the SPECIALIZED PROGRAMS, which includes Pattern making, Sustainable fashion, Fashion CAD, and Fashion entrepreneurship. Click Here to Visit Website. They are located at No 15b, Ndachukwu street, okporo Rumuehinwo Housing estate, Rukpokwu, Port Harcourt , Rivers state.

Pinewood Fashion and Sewing School Port harcourt

Pinewood is a Fashion training center that simplifies the art of making clothes for her students with a globally recognized standard.

It is a fashion school that functions based on passion of students, creativity, professionalism and consistency and in the end building the confidence of their students in order to pursue their dreams.

They are located at 11 Ogoloma Street, D/line PHALGA, Port Harcourt. Phone: 08127920578

Emerald Fashion Academy

One of the few renowned fashion schools in Port harcourt . At Emerald Fashion academy they teach male students how to take measurements of female customers perfectly. This is how it works at Emerald Fashion Academy:

There is the PROGRESS BASIC/BEGINNERS PROGRAM which is for students with little or no knowledge in Fashion. This particular course lasts for 3 months .

Also at Emerald, we have the ADVANCE PROGRAM which is basically for students who are experienced but need to improve on some certain areas which also lasts for about three months.

Finally we have the MASTER CLASS which is for students with years of experience. This program lasts for 3 months also.

whatsapp or Call 08065935547 or 08127920578 for further enquiries. They are located at 11 ogoloma street, D/line PHALGA, Port Harcourt.

Ifeuju Fashion and Beauty

Ifeuju Fashion school is a school specialized on anything fashion. Not only do they run a fashion school, they run other beauty packages as well as boutique.

Being one of the top fashion schools in Port harcourt, Ifeuju fashion school has a special Courses which includes PROFESSIONAL COURSES such as fashion design, fashion styling, advanced pattern grading, Advanced pattern grading, Advanced draping, Advanced jacket and tailoring techniques, bustier and wedding gown.

Apart from the professional courses, we have the SHORT COURSES such as sewing and skirt making, sewing and trouser making , sewing and simple top making etc

They are located at Located 15B Rd2 Federal housing estate Rumueme(Agip) Port Harcourt. Phone: 08151540512

FEZU Couture Fashion Training Institute.

FEZU Couture is unique, they offer variety of services such as trainings and seminars, hat making and design of all kinds of African attires.

As a fashion student at FEZU, you get to learn how to make god use of your time in becoming self- employed and attain financial freedom in the fashion industry.

There are two types of trainings at FEZU:

  • The full Package training, which lasts for a period of 12 months and
  • Selected package training which lasts for a period of 6 months.

Address: They are located at suite 16 Rosyl Plaza, Trans Woji Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. Phone: +2348033533703. email: info@fezufashion.com

Suzie Care Fashion School

At Suzie Care you get an intensive fashion training on either of the following:

  • Training on adult dresses
  • Training on wedding gown
  • Training on Bridal Train
  • Training on Bridal train
  • Hat making
  • Children Ball gown
  • Native and English clothes.

Address: No 5 GGI Crescent Opp Mikab Filling Station Behind Christ Embassy, Rumuodara, Port Harcourt. Phone: 08064123032

Bellas Tailoring School

This is a fashion school that deals with couture and brand designs for either men or women. Not only do they offer fashion trainings, they also deal on tailoring materials and trendy fabrics.

Address: No 167 Mgbouba/Nta Road, Mgbuoba Portharcourt Phone: 08032162929

House of Bo Fashion and Design School

House of Bo is one of the best fashion schools in Port harcourt where students who have passion for fashion and would like to make a living from it love to be. with a 6 months training for a start which was 180 thousand naira at a time.

Address: They are located at No 20 Birabi Street, New GRA , Port Harcourt Phone: 08119729141

Stanlo World Of Fashion School

This is not just one of the best fashion schools in Port harcourt but also a home for the best fashion designers in Port Harcourt.

Address: They’re located at No 4 Afam Street, D/Line, Port Harcourt. Phone 07036060695

Ample-Link Catering and Fashion School Port-harcourt

Founded in 2010, Apple pink is a registered and certified fashion institute in Portharcourt which focuses on various types of fashion trainings and wealth creation skills.

The school runs a 1 year diploma course and three months certificate courses in a very conducive environment and you are sure of gaining the right exposure in the world of fashion.

At Ample-Link, there are Basic and Advanced sewing classes for both male and female in different kinds of wears. Their classes run for four terms with the 1st term costing N24,000, second term N20,000, Third term N20,000 and the Fourth term N18,000. You can read about their fees structure here.

Address: They are located at Bonif Filling Station, Opposite St James Catholic Church Rumuoguma Eneka/ Igwurula road, Eneka, Port Harcourt. Phone: 08167398188

Ceefashion Academy

This is one of the best places to visit for any form of trainings in the fashion world. At the end of your fashion training, you get to be the fashion guru that you have always wanted to be.

Address: They are located at No 11, AdaGeorge Road Beside Market Square Port-harcourt Phone: +2347030445028

J-Splash Fashion Design School

J splash fashion school is one of the reputable fashion schools in Port Harcourt that not only gives you the fashion trainings you desire but also the design all sorts of fabrics, either to the English or Native wears of your choice.

Address: They are located Opposite Fidelity Bank,133 Rumuola Road, Off Rumuokwuta Roundabout, Rumuchita, Port Harcourt. Phone: 08064263504

Divastemple Fashion School

If you have interest in Fashion, then I think since Divastemple made it to my list of the top fashion schools in Portharcourt it is a suitable place to explore your fashion dreams.

Address: 68 Ada-George Road, Rumueme, PortHarcourt

Marigold Royale Seams( Tailoring and sewing school)

This is one of the fashion schools in port Harcourt where you get to learn tailoring and sewing with ease. They operate Mondays to Saturdays 8;00 am to 7:00 pm daily.

They are Located at First Floor, Divine House, Adjacent to Mega Grill Restaurant, Rumuodara Junction, Okporo Road, Port Harcourt. Phone: 07036082392

DOF Institute of Catering, Hotel Management and Fashion.

At DOF you get to learn skills in fashion and reach that peak you’ve always dreamt of in the fashion world.

Address: 10, Lord Emmanuel Close, Rumuomasi, PH Phone: 08025408061

Stars Designers and Fashion School

Stars designers and Fashion schools is there for all those who have passion for sewing and sewing skills.

Their training offers include:

  • 3 Months program for those perfecting their skills
  • Intensive training on pattern drafting, cutting, design theory as well as practical and sewing Technology which lasts for 6 months
  • Executive training for workers and teachers
  • Certification on Fashion designing

Address: They are located at No 5 Ada George Rd by Blue Diamond Supermarket opposite the new Market Square, Port Harcourt. Phone: 07033159705 or 08080199765

Oniel Fashion Academy

This is one of the top fashion schools in Port Harcourt that not only trains students on sewing and tailoring but also has a fabric sales section in it’s school.

They also teach you the best fashion training methods available in the business. There courses include:

  • 3 months basic classes
  • 6 months supervisory class
  • 9 months advanced class.

Address: They are adjacent Egbu slaughter tailoring schools, Praise house, Ogbogoro Rd, PH Phone: 08033104584

Radiant Fashion Institute

This fashion school runs from Mondays trough Saturday and give their best towards training their students.

Address Km 16, Airport Road, Rukpokwu, Obio/Akpor Port Harcourt. Phone: 08034154648

Dimmie Fashion Academy

If you desire to make extra income out of fashion, then Dimmie stitches fashion and design school is for you.

Address: They are located at Orlu Street, Mgbuoba, Port Harcourt

Almendra Fabrics and Wears Fashion Academy

This is one of the Fashion schools in Port Harcourt which provides attires both English and African that fits all occasions.

Address: City Local Government, 64, Mbonu street D-Line, Phalga Port Harcourt

Phone: 08030902161

Annaire Art and Fashion Academy

This is one of the Fashion schools in Port Harcourt that has taken it on itself to integrate fashion principles to help in the human capacity development of students.

They offer business in Fashion and Fashion technical trainings that you need to succeed in the field.

Address: 30/33 Sanni Abacha Road, GRA, Port Harcourt Phone: 08029957201


What % of fashion designers are successful?

Fashion design sector in Nigeria and all over the word is booming, nowadays more and more people pursue a career in fashion. Compared to 10 years ago fashion designing has increased tremendously with Universities, polytechnics and fashion schools experiencing a high number of students who seek a degree in fashion. Most graduates in the fashion word gain automatic employment and other times become self employed with the help of social media opening up this business.

What is the income of a Fashion Designer?

Nowadays fashion is on the bright spot. Every single day everyone is upgrading their clothing and the fashion industry generates nothing less than one trillion dollars a year with over 1 million fashion employees globally. Depending on your experience your salary can go as high as 500 thousand Naira a month. However you must note that your work in fashion will speak for you which means you can earn higher or lower than that.

Factors Affecting Fashion Designers

The following factors affect Fashion designing:

  • Experience in the field
  • Your Location
  • Your Educational background
  • Your major skills in the field
  • People’s demand for your service

What is the Fees in Fashion schools in Port Harcourt?

Fashion schools in Port Harcourt can charge you anything from thirty thousand naira upwards, depending on the package you choose with them.

What is the minimum requirement to be in a fashion school?

If you’re choosing a University or Polytechnic in Port Harcourt or Nigeria at Large then you might need some Credits in your O’level result. Other fashion schools sometimes wouldn’t need much to get you enrolled.

How much does it cost to learn tailoring in Nigeria?

There is no fixed amount to learn tailoring in Nigeria but however some factors determine how much you will be charged to learn tailoring. some of these factors include:

  • Location of class
  • the program of your choice
  • The duration of the program
  • The materials to be used in the sewing class.

An average amount of N100,000 is enough to learn tailoring in Nigeria. Obviously it could be lesser or higher than that depending on the school and some other factors.

What should I sew as a beginner ?

The following are some of the things to sew as a beginner in fashion:

  • Chapstick Keychain Holder
  • Laptop Case
  • Ipad Sleeve
  • Birthday Banner
  • Baby bids
  • Easy baby Blanket
  • Summer bag
  • Head warmer
  • pajama pants
  • Easy belts etc

What is Pattern Making?

Pattern making is defined as the process of manipulating a simple fabric to look like one or more curves of a human figure. The basic pattern is the foundation upon which pattern making, fitting and design are based.

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