Best Fashion schools in Lagos with accommodation in Nigeria and List of 20+ other Top Fashion Schools

Fashion schools in Lagos with accommodation


Fashion can be defined as the look of the moment. Fashion is that which is readily available and popular by the fashion system.

Fashion is very essential to the extent that everyone is evaluated based on the way they dress, what looks, what colors and materials they have on their body.

What is a fashion trend?

A fashion trend can be said to be that particular look that is most common among a population and at a particular period of time.

There is a long history of fashion in Nigeria and in West Africa as a whole. Therefore in Nigeria as a whole, there are so many fashion schools.

In this article, I have listed the fashion schools in Lagos with accommodation.

List Fashion schools in Lagos with accommodation

Getting a fashion school with accommodation is quite difficult, This is because so many Fashion students do not have interest in fashion school accommodations. Below is a list of some of the fashion schools who opted to provide accommodation for students.

  • Zaris Fashion and Style Academy
  • Hadazzah Styles and Stitches
  • Valisimo Fashion School
  • Klassic Fashion Design Academy

Details about these schools can be found in the article below

Top Fashion Schools in Lagos.

Due to the current instability in the educational system of the country, so many people have chosen to consider other profitable means of livelihood instead of waiting for Jamb’s Wahala .

Another set is that group of people who have gotten a degree but have an interest in fashion.

If you either fall under any of the groups above or not, the good news is that fashion is an integral part of our day to day life. Therefore it is something worth it in the end.

Having interest in the fashion schools in Lagos with accommodation is one thing but then picking the very best of the schools is another thing.

Therefore this Listing below contains the top fashion schools in Lagos with their details.

1 Fashion and Arts Academy

The first of the schools that I will be talking about today is the Fashion and Art Academy.

Fashion and Art academy was founded by a woman called Henrietta Agboola in the year 2000.

Henrietta is an award winning fashion designer.

The Fashion and Art academy has since 2000 gained grounds with a network of Customers and committed students.

From 2000 till date, you can tell how much experience they have gathered in the field .

Click HERE to Visit their Website.

Fashion and arts Academy offers:

  1. In person trainings
  2. Home trainings
  3. Online classes
  4. Under 18 courses

The Fashion and arts Academy offers trainings in the following areas:

  1. Fashion Design and Production
  2. Couture Bridals
  3. Bespoke Jackets and suits
  4. Jewelry Craft
  5. Menswear
  6. Millinery
  7. Makeover artistry
  8. Photography
AddressTelephone NumberEmail
Suite F10, Super plaza Surulere, in front of Havana Hospital, Akerele, Surulere, Lagos.

No 6, Sabiu Ajose Street, Off Adeniran Ogunsanya Road, Surulere, Lagos

No 10 Oluwole Omole Street, near Esomo, next to stanbic Bank IBTC, Toyin street, Ikeja, Lagos.

Fashion schools in Lagos with accommodation

2 Ginani Fashion Training Lagos

As far back as 2001, Ginani fashion school was established. Since then it has trained 1000+ students and has helped them realize their maximum fashion potential.

Ginani fashion school deals with bodies, skirts and much more.

Classes can be either online or offline.

The registration fee at Ginani Fashion School is N5000 and N1000 for ID card.

  • Ginani Fashion school is Located at: 11 Bank Olemoh close, Off Bank Olemoh Street, Akerele, Surulere Lagos .
  • Telephone: 07088596249, 08033084223
  • Click HERE to visit their website.

Bellow is the list of the various packages offered at Ginani, it’s duration and cost.

Ginani Fashion Training Lagos courses, duration and fees.

Technical Class

which includes:

1 pattern making module
2 sewing module
3 cutting module
4 fashion illustration
5 Basic bodice
6 sizing
7 Skirt block
8 Trouser block
9 Collar block
10 Sleeve block
11 Basic Collection
3 months
(4 classes in a week)
Old price N180,000

Promo Price
Combo 1

which includes:
1 Technical class
2 Design class
3 Dart
4 Manipulation
5 Fashion
6 Illustration
7 Contouring
8 Use of fullness
9 Styling
10 Advanced
11 blocks
12 Sewing
13 Intermediate
14 collection
6 MonthsOld Price

Promo Price
Combo 2

which includes:
1 Technical class
2 Design class
3 Production class
4 Fashion Illustration
5 Advanced pattern Making Module
6 Advanced Sewing Module
7 Advanced Garment Production
8 Advanced styling and design
9 Fashion design
10 Use of CAD
11 Jackets
12 Advanced Collection
9 Months Old Price

New or Promo Price

which includes:
1 Pattern making module
2 pattern design module
3 Advanced sewing module
4 Fashion Illustration
5 Use of CAD
6 Draping
7 Costing
8 Grading
9 Marketing
10 Collection Creation
11 Professional Collection
12 Technical Class
13 Design Class
14 Production Class
15 Professional Class
1 Year(12 months)Old Price

promo or New Price
Pattern Making-Skirts
Pattern Making-Trousers
Sewing Class
4 WeeksN65,000
for each pattern making
Pattern Making-Shirts4 Weeks N47,400
Pattern making Bodice4 WeeksN85,000
Saturday Class 4 WeeksN95,000
fashion schools in Lagos with accommodation

3 Zaris Fashion and Style Academy

Zaris Academy, with over 6 years of experience in the industry respects the individual needs of her students believing that with the right guidance , Student’s dreams can come through.

Below is a list of courses offered at Zaris, It’s duration and cost.

NB: All costs include N5000 registration fees and 5% VAT

Zaris Fashion and style academy courses, Duration and fees.

Introductory courses 1

Which entails:
1 Basic Designs(Male and Female Clothing)
2 Fashion Photography
3 Modelling
4 And lots more
3 Months
(Mondays and Tuesdays 9am to 3pm)

or 6 months for weekend classes(Saturdays only 9am to 3pm)
N112,000 (including optional courses)

N102,000(excluding optional courses)
Introductory course 2

Which teaches:
1 Hands-on tailoring
2 Sewing Skills(practical sewing and fashion illustration)
3 Pattern Drafting
Clothing Construction
3 Months
(Mondays and Tuesdays 9am – 3pm)
Advance Courses 1
(Advance Fashion design)

Which includes advanced trainings on:
1 Fashion design
2 Fashion Management
3 Garment design and production for both male and female.
4 Pattern drafting techniques
5 Fashion drawing and illustration.

To be qualified for this level, all students are expected to have a prerequisite knowledge of the fundamentals of fashion and design.

3 Months
Wednesdays and Thursdays (9am to 3pm)

Weekend Class option
(Saturdays 9am to 3pm)
N135,000(including optional courses)

N125,000 (excluding optional courses)
Advances Course 2
(combination of Basic and Advanced Fashion design)

which includes:
1 Advanced fashion designing
2 Pattern drafting
3 Fashion illustration
4 Fashion Business Management and entrepreneurship
5 Basic Fashion Photography and Management

3 Months
( Mondays to Thursdays 9am to 3pm)

Weekend classes 6 months(Saturdays 9am to 3 pm)
N240,000 including optional courses

N230,000 excluding optional courses
Advance Courses 3

The participating student must have had a prerequisite knowledge of advanced courses 1 and 2.

Students learn:
1 Advanced training in Couture sewing Techniques
2 Portfolio Planning
3 Production for retail amongst others.
6 Months
For Beginners

3 Months for experienced designers
For Beginners

For experienced designers
Zaris Skills Acquisition

Students Learn:
Making of the Fashion Accessories that complement the look of the dress.

Other short courses include:
1 Jewelry and Bead making
2 Bag Making
3 Gele tying and make up
4 Soft furnishings
5 Hair accessories and Fascinators
6 Embroidery and stoning
7 Swim wear, Underwear and Lingerie
8 Leather sewing and Shoe-making skills
1 Month
Mondays and Tuesdays 9am to 3pm

1 Month, for these other short courses listed

Fashion schools in Lagos with accommodation
  • They’re located at 37A Ladipo Kasumu Street, Off Allen Aenue, Ikeja.
  • Contact: 08035794001 08024927850
  • Open Mondays to Saturdays.

4 Hadazzah Styles and Stitches

Hadazzah Styles and stitches is a fashion school that has got you covered when it comes to fashion illustration and, style interpretation and contemporary design. It is a fashion School for females

Hadazzah styles and stitches Courses, fees, duration and address.

There courses include:

  • Pattern making
  • Fashion Illustration
  • Clothing construction
  • Interpretation of style
  • contemporary design

At Hadazzah, you’re are shown the easiest route to becoming successful in your fashion business. At this fashion school the rule is, one machine per trainee.

At Hadazzah, you can get your Hot dressing courses full time or part time, depending on your schedule. The duration is either 3 months or 8 months.

  • Hadazzah is located at No 9, oduduwa street off Kilo Bus Stop, Surulere, Lagos Nigeria.
  • They operate Mondays to Saturdays
  • Contact: 08024456217

5 KG School of Fashion

The KG school of fashion is undoubtedly one of the best fashion schools in Lagos.

They give their students the exposure to western styles blended with our own African style. Depending on what your aspirations are, they help you actualize your dreams.

Courses at KG School of Fashion include:

  • Pattern making
  • Sewing techniques
  • Fashion Illustration
  • Fashion Photography
  • Computer aided pattern drafting
  • Digital fashion Illustration

KG School of fashion course duration and costs.

Pattern making
Sewing technique
Fashion Illustration

Duration- Intensive: 6 months
Tuition- N300,000
Time- 9am-2pm(Mondays to Fridays)
fashion schools in Lagos with accommodation
Sewing techniques and Pattern drafting which comprises of:
Basic Classes:
Duration-Intensive-3 months
Advanced classes:
Duration-Intensive: 3 months

Fashion schools in Lagos with accommodation
Duration-80 hours
Fashion schools in Lagos with accommodation
Cost: N60,000
  • They are located at: No 22 Abeokuta Street Anifowose, Ikeja, Lagos.
  • Contact: 08032676562, 08170324047
  • Email:
  • Website:

6 Mickeyoma Design Fashion Academy

Mickeyoma Design Fashion academy has it’s head office in Ikeja. They only provide a sound training to students on fashion design and development.

One beautiful thing about thing about Mickeyoma design Fashion Academy is what they called Operation Cut and Sew which is a two weeks subsidized training.

Courses at Mickeyoma Design Fashion Academy and cost

  1. Beginners Course(lasts for three months): N100,000
  2. Intermediate Course(3 months):N250,000
  3. Advanced Course(3 months):N320,000
  • They are Located at 22 Abeokuta Street, Ikeja, Anifowoshe, Ikeja , Lagos Nigeria.
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Telephone: 08032676562, 08170324047, +1 323 738-4077

7 OSC Fashion Academy

At Osc Fashion Academy, You get the Skills required to be a world class fashion designer.

This Fashion school was founded by Ms. Sola Babatunde. This fashion school offers trainings in fashion for different programs for different periods of time.

Pogrammes at Osc has seven different levels running for 2 months each. When you’re done, you’re sure to have a strong knowledge on drawing dresses, outfits in English , different styles of the aboriginal dresses and ready to take on international exhibitions and fashion shows.

OSC fashion academy and fees

Beginners Signature Program:

  1. Duration: 6 Months( 3 months in class and 3 months internship at a fashion company they post you)
  2. Tuition: N450,000 and a registration fee of N20,000

Beginners intermediate Package:

  1. Duration: 5 Months( 2 months in class and 3 months internship in a fashion company they post you)
  2. Tuition: N350,000 and a registration fee of N20,000

Advanced Signature Course:

Duration: 5 months( 2 months in class and 3 months internship at any fashion company you’re posted.

Tuition: N350,000 and a registration fee of N20,000

  1. Osc Fashion Academy is Located at 11a Downhill Crescent, Harmony enclave of James Oluleye Street, next to Adeniyi Jones , Ecobank, Ikeja , Lagos
  2. Telephone: 08033029096, 012119832
  3. Website:

8 Valisimo Fashion School Lagos

Valisimo Fashion school are professionals in training students on anything dressmaking. Their admissions are open round the year . Valisimo is one of the fashion schools in Lagos with accommodation.

Valisimo fashion school has outlined two methods for teaching students and they are:

  • Bespoke method (sewing according to clients specification)
  • pattern drafting method( This is the commercial process of sewing for mass production, Usually they create on paper before fabric)

Full time costs and duration at Valisimo Fashion School Lagos


For Bespoke Method

  • 3 Months- 150,000 Naira only
  • 6 Months – 250,000 Naira only
  • 9 Months- 400,000 Naira only

For Pattern Drafting Method

  • 3 Months -150,000 Naira only
  • 6 Months- 250,000 Naira only
  • 9 Months- 400,000 Naira only

PART-TIME PROGRAMME( Saturdays alone)

Bespoke Method

  • 5 Months- 150,000 Naira
  • 8 Months- 250,000 Naira
  • 12 Months- 400,000 Naira

Pattern Drafting Method

  • 5 Months- 150,000 Naira
  • 8 Months -250,000 Naira
  • 12 Months- 400,000 Naira

Not only does Valisimo offer accommodation, they also offer online Classes at Nairaland.

They are located at No 2 Akinwale Street, Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos, Opposite Nationwide filling station on Yaya Abatan road.

  • Contact: 08096577157
  • Website: www,

9 Rhoda Michaels Fashion Academy

At Rhoda Michaels Fashion Academy, you learn how to draft Patterns , sketching, sewing ,trend forecasts, and fashion business management.

Right from the on-set, Rhoda Michaels Fashion Academy provides students with rich and diverse learning environment and at the end of their program students are launched into that future they aspire.

At Rhoda Michaels Fashion Academy, there are categories, which includes:

  • Full Time: For prospective students who can attend classes from Mondays to Fridays
  • Part Time: For Students with a busy Schedule, therefore can attend on Saturdays
  • Exclusive: For students who want to learn at their own pace
  • Express: For students who want to finish their program at the shortest possible time.
  • Night School: For students who are busy during the day and can only attend at night
  • Home Advantage: For students who want to be taught at home.

They are Located at 15, Charity road, 1st floor Jerobet Plaza, New Oko, Abule-Egba, Lagos.

Also located at 9, Oremeta Street, Leaving the road that onnects Opebi with Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos.


Telephne: 09093579907

10 Klassic Fashion Design Academy

KFD academy is a place for a world class training in fashion right in Lagos state. They are affordable and ranks among the best in Nigeria.

Klassic Fashion Design academy courses include:

  • Pattern Drafting: Here you get to learn fashion designing and mass production of Garments
  • Image Styling and Wardrobe Management
  • Business Entrepreneurial Class: Here you acquire entrepreneurial and business skills needed to succeed in the fashion industry.
  • Clothing Construction: Here you learn sewing techniques
  • Fashion Photography: You get acquainted with the life and energy of a model while learning exposure, composition and lighting
  • Fashion Illustration: Here you get to know more about fashion, its drawing, illustration, and painting
  • Basic Fashion Modelling: This involves showing off a particular type of Fashion.

They are Located at 2nd Floor, 153 Akowonjo Road, near Chicken Republic, Animashaun bus stop, Egbeda, Lagos

Telephone: 08056011154


Top Fashion Schools in Mainland

PS: The addresses of the schools below are contained in the article above.

  1. Fashion and Arts Academy
  2. Ginani Fashion Training Lagos
  3. Zaris Fashion and Style Academy
  4. Hadazzah Styles and Stitches
  5. KG School of Fashion
  6. Mickeyoma Design Fashion Academy
  7. OSC Fashion Academy
  8. Valisimo Fashion School Lagos
  9. Rhoda Michaels Fashion Academy
  10. Klassic Fashion Design Academy
  • De-Image Creation: Location: 16 Adenekan Salako, near Diamond bank, Ogba-Ijaiye Road, Lagos. Telephone: 08037207222. Email: Website:
  • Phitop Training School: Location 279, Axiom Plaza, the old Abeokut Street, near the Tambon-Tanbon bus stop, next to te coniol gas station, Agege Lagos. Telephone: 09034288411, 08181582822. Website:
  • The Creative tailoring class: Location: 18, Odunlami Street, Anthony Village, Lagos. Telephone: 08039102829. Website:
  • ATO Fashion Academy: Obadina Street, Omole Phase 1, Ikeja, Lagos. Telephone: 08158795060. Email:
  • Vigold School of Fashion: 51 Ago Way, in front of skye Bank, Ago-Okota, Isolo, Lagos Telephone: 08053352225 or 08033227919. Email: infi@vigoldcreations.comm. Website:
  • Martwayne: Location: Located at Sholeye Crescent, Ayinde Giwa Street, Surulere, Lagos. Telephone: 09034985377, 08183958856

Fashion Schools in Lekki

  • Black Fragrance school: Located at Plot 77 Eleganza Gardens, Opposite, Victoria Garden City, Lekki, Lagos.
  • DYNAMS Fashion Place: Located at first floor, No 2 Major Frakrogha Street, Ogobo-Ajah off Abraham Adesanya, Lekki Phase 2 Eti-Osa Lekki, Lagos.
  • Istituto Di Moda Burgo: Ekanem Orok Education and Learning Foundation. No 15, Kazeem Eletu Street, Prince Ibrahim Eletu Street, Osapa-London, Lekki, Lagos.
  • Legsapparel: Located at Plot 18, Osamudiamen Crescent Ofabor, Idaho, Lekki, Lagos
  • Elveela Designs: Parcel 5, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu Road, near the Bogije shopping centre in front of the TGS Square, Bogije Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos.
  • Gmyt Skill Acquisition Academy: 20B, Babatunde Anjous, Admiralty, Phase 1 of Lekki, Lagos.
  • Zapron Fashions: No 11, Osapa London, Lekki, Lagos
  • Nobel Afrik Fashion Training: Located at 16, Phase 1 of the Admiralty, 3rd floor of Brasas Square , near the Ebano Supermarket, Lagos.

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Frequently asked Questions

Fashion schools in Lagos with accommodation
Fashion schools in Lagos with accommodation

What should I know before going to Fashion School?

  • PASSION : Passion is very necessary, It is the driving factor towards achieving anything which you have put your mind to. When that zeal is not their, you tend to be unserious and might end up not achieving your goal. Passion can be in-born as well as grown. You can grow your passion for fashion and you’ll end up becoming a professional in your field.
  • TALENT: Although you don’t necessarily have to be talented to be in the fashion industry, but then Talent in creativity is an added advantage.
  • REPUTATION: Well Known School have proven to receive more jobs and certificates from those schools are highly recommended. You should ask questions like: How well-Known is the school? who are the Alumni? Do you have opportunities to intern with top designers?
  • ACCOMMODATION: Accommodation is highly important. This is one of the reasons I wrote on Fashion schools in Lagos with Accommodation.
  • FINANCE: When budgeting for your future fashion school, ensure you add the tuition and other material.

How do I get into Fashion School with no experience?

  • Reach out to people and ask about their views on this particular school you have made plans for.
  • Ensure there is willingness and enthusiasm towards your dreams
  • Read books on fashion, watch videos and attend seminars on fashion.
  • Strategize your internships, that is areas you would like to intern especially with top fashion firms.
  • Be creative, and create opportunities through the power of social media especially after being admitted into the fashion school.

How can I become good at fashion?

  • Start with the basics
  • Try to look at fashion trends
  • Consider using quality materials
  • Wear outfits only appropriate to an occasion.

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