27 Top Catering schools in Ibadan|Location&Cost of attending a catering school

Catering schools in Ibadan

The capital city of Oyo is Ibadan. Ibadan can be ranked as one of the most populated cities in Nigeria. Over 3.5 million people live in Ibadan. A very old city that once had the tallest building in Nigeria. The famous University of Ibadan is also located here.

Ibadan people can be related with people from Lagos. Their lifestyle is the same; working from dawn till dusk. They love trading and agriculture and above all, they love good food. Due to how industrious they are you will find a lot of catering schools in Ibadan.

I was shocked at the level of love people from Ibadan have for party rice, lol. But I had much fun the last time I visited. Their Ewedu is top notch , their Efo soup together with pounded yam made me feel at home.

My dear having a restaurant, running a catering school or being a good cook will thrive so well in Ibadan. Read on as I take you through the top catering schools in Ibadan.

What are the most popular foods in Ibadan?

In Ibadan alone, you will find all kinds of food and of necessity are found in the menu of Catering schools in Ibadan. Below are the most common of the foods you are likely to encounter.

  • Ewedu & Lafun: Ewedu is a kind of soup made from vegetables while Lafun is made from cassava flour. This is the most popular meal eaten by Ibadan people. The most suitable time to eat this particular delicacy is either in the afternoon or night. It is usually enjoyed with assorted meats and fishes. As you chop this one finish, you fit decide to live for Ibadan.
  • Pounded yam and Efo: I visited University of Ibadan in the year 2015, that was where I had the opportunity to eat this combination. At the end of my program in University of Ibadan, leaving the University was a bit hard for me all because of Pounded yam and Efo, yes pounded yam and Efo.

    Pounded yam is made from cooked yam which is pounded into fufu. efo is a soup made from vegetables.
  • Moin-Moin and Eko: This particular one is powerful. It can either be cooked with palm oil or groundnut oil. Moin-moin is made from beans while Eko is made from Corn. Usually it is eaten as breakfast in the morning.
  • Rice: In those days early in the morning on my way to school, you will see a lot of people already enjoying their rice as early as 6 am. There are different ways to prepare rice, and as we all know, a regular Ibadan man likes varieties. It can be jollof rice, white rice, fried rice. Most people enjoyed the white rice with a very peppered stew.
  • Snail: Ibadan people like snails and you can find it at almost every time of the day. The snails are well prepared with a lot of pepper and onions to make enjoyable. It is more rampant during the rainy season.

How Much does Catering schools cost in Ibadan?

There is no fixed amount for Catering schools, it all depends on the school and their requirements but just have in mind that catering schools in Ibadan can cost between N20,000 to N160,000 depending on your program. So if you are interested in any of the schools listed below, scroll further to get the contacts and make necessary inquiries as regards to costs.

How Long does it take to be trained in Catering?

Most Catering schools in Ibadan take about 6 months to get you trained in Catering but then you can decide to sign up for 1 year or 2 years depending on how grounded you want to be.

But of course between 6 months to 1 year is enough to get trained properly in Catering.

How to Start a Catering School in Nigeria

Most Catering schools in Ibadan, Nigeria were easily achieved without much stress, after all na Naija we dey , man must survive. Just get your location and let your cookery speak for you then gradually start accepting students who wish to be trained.

But for you to effectively run a Catering School professionally you must have done the following.

  1. You must have been Professionally trained and must have obtained your Certification in Catering services. If you can’t do that, just employ someone who has the certification to manage your school.
  2. State your business Plan: There is no serious business out there that doesn’t have a business plan. A business plan is an official statement showing your plans, the activities of the business, in fact everything about the business.
  3. Get your Catering school registered: To run your catering school professionally, you must register it with the appropriate authorities especially the CAC( cooperate affairs commission. A few who run catering schools in Ibadan have their school registered.
  4. Finance: Of course you don’t need to be told that money is very essential in the setting up of your catering school. Starting a catering schools in Ibadan and elsewhere might take you anything above N500,000 but then if you want it in a large scale, then you have to be looking at anything between N1 million to N10 million .
  5. Location and Staffing: Once you have put everything else in place, pick a location and staff your school. Advertise your school on the internet which educationplanetonline.com can help you with and relax while you watch your students grow.

List of Catering schools in Ibadan

  • The Twim Art Institute
  • Royal Spices Academy
  • Meera Vocational Institute
  • Success Fingers Event planning and Catering Academy
  • Distinct Tees Catering and event Management Academy
  • Blossom catering services and training center
  • Meakron Catering school
  • JEME J Catering Academy
  • Cake Planet Institute and Catering Management
  • JJ Catering school and services
  • Orisun school of Catering
  • NISSI catering and training center
  • Charlotte Cakes and Catering services
  • Ripples Catering & events planning services
  • Silvacater Catering services
  • Highest fashion and catering services
  • Zoe Caterers
  • Limps Catering Services
  • Royal Occasions
  • Labake Foods and Catering services
  • Anuoluwapo Catering service
  • Feedwell Catering service
  • Dammy K. catering service
  • Beetee Cakes and Catering
  • Acos Rental and Catering services
  • A.R.T catering and events
  • Da-Princess Kitchen Culinary Concept

The above list also container the list of Caterers in Ibadan inclusive.

Contacts/Addresses of the Catering schools in Ibadan listed above

The Twim Art Institute
Among the top catering schools in Ibadan
Address: Link reservation Road, Onireke Quarters, Behind Jericho Mall, Ibadan
Phone: 090332 79205

Royal Spices Academy

7 up road, 20 oluyole industrial estate, MKO Abiola Way, Ibadan
Phone: 081 290 495 10

Da-Princess Kitchen Culinary Concept

General gas, ESMAK plaza, Akobo, Ibadan
Phone: 08130020200

Success Fingers Event planning and Catering Academy
Oba Abimbola Road, Felele, Ibadan
Phone: 080343 085 20

Blossom catering services and training center
45, Azeez Aina Street, Ring road, Oluyole, Ibadan
Phone: 080 33684252

Meakron Catering school
21 Road D, Iwo Road, Ibadan
Phone: 080 340 587 79

JJ Catering school and services
11A Obe Street, Bodija, Ibadan
Phone: Nil

NISSI Catering and training center
Block F3 Oyo state trade fair complex Sango, sango
Phone: 08032106193

Orisun school of Catering
Saint Thomas Catholic Church Road, Ibadan

Charlotte Cakes and Catering services
KD Shopping Plaza, Yidi, Agodi Gate Road, Ibadan
Phone: 080 592 886 73

Ripples Catering & events planning services
Iba Oluyole House, Plot 16 Obafemi Awolowo way, New GRA, Oyo
Phone: 080 591 59 722

Cake Planet Institute and Catering Management
2nd Floor, White house, Opposite Zenith bank, Elewura Bus stop Challenge South East Ibadan
Phone: 080346 18808

Silvacater Catering services
House 2 idi-ishin, jericho, Ibadan
Phone: 081 612 97 435

Highest fashion and catering services
Saw mill Moniya, Iseyin-Ibadan Rd, Ibadan
Phone: 090 662 14 964

Zoe Caterers
Phone: 080 333 072 44

Limps Catering Services
Odu’a Shopping complex, opp Oando Filling station, Idi-Ape, off Agoda Gate, Ibadan, Oyo
Phone: 080 380 772 50

Royal Occasions
Opposite Laurella Group of schools, 14 Adeoye State Hospital Road, Ring road, Ibadan, Oyo
Phone: 07081 247 778

JEME J Catering Academy
40 sango Road, WAEC bus stop ijokodo Ibadan
Phone: 080 326 53 621

Labake Foods and Catering services
No 28 Aare Ave, new Bodija, Ibadan
Phone: 0705 085 1443

Distinct Tees Catering and event Management Academy
Kalejaye House, Azeez bus stop, Polytechnic road Eleyele Ibadan
Oyo state kalejaye House, Opposite former Olona Motors, sango/Eleyele express road
Phone: 070 380 63 829

Anuoluwapo Catering service
Shop 11 asegun school along asolo road area Ibadan
Phone: not provided

Feedwell Catering aervice
Shop 1 williamson shopping complex behind samsung office
Opposite sunshine kiddies school Oke Bola, Ibadan
Phone: 080 221 361 94

Dammy K. catering service
Ogbere secondary school road, Ibadan

Beetee Cakes and Catering
school 8 Oluwabusayo shopping complex behind army barrack , Iwo road, Ibadan
Phone: 080 230 43 851

Acos Rental and Catering services
Oluayoola Avenue, Idi-odo challenge , South west
Phone: 080 349 70 336

A.R.T catering and events
shop 8, Oluyole local Government Shopping complex, New Garage road, Oluyole Ibadan
Phone: 080 789 839 38

Meera Vocational Institute
2 winners way, Orita Bashorun Road, Ibadan
Phone: 080 716 082 33

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