10 Culinary schools in Ghana

Culinary schools in Ghana

Interesting things you should know about Ghana

Ghana is one of the first and popular countries in Africa to gain independence whose capital is Accra. It is a country with diverse people and several languages. Mostly the modern people of Ghana mostly communicate in English; one of the nation’s official language.

Ghana is one of the world’s largest producers of cocoa . Not only that, they produce gold. There are a lot of parks, and the wide life in Ghana is second to none.

Ghana hold strong to their traditional beliefs and enjoy music, dancing and most especially food. There is a high population growth rate in Ghana but then with a slow economic growth.

The population of Ghana is approximately about 27,499,924 with quite a number of them speaking English. There are both Muslims and Christians in the country and other religions.

How much does cooks in Ghana make in a year?

Before we get to the list of culinary schools in Ghana, you should know that Just as individuals learn skills about a particular profession, that’s the way chef’s learn new skills or improve their skills.

They use their cooking skills to come up with new strategies in other to have new recipes and dishes. If you love to cook, then being a professional chef should be your utmost dream.

How much you make as a chef in Ghana depends on the cooking experience you have amassed. It also depends on the type of restaurant you find yourself.
Not only that, it could also depend on your ability to run your own restaurants or kitchen. These are just a few factor that increase your earnings as a chef in Ghana.

A person working as a chef in Ghana makes above 3000 GHS per month. However it could range between 1,500 GHS to 4,000GHS monthly.

Like I said earlier, the salary of a chef depends solely on his experiences, skills, gender and place of employment.

what are the Advantages of being a chef ?

Creativity: being a chef gives you the opportunity to innovate and be creative, they can experiment with dishes a lot of times till they get a perfect recipe.

High Job Opportunities: As a chef, there are a lot of job opportunities for you. People eat everyday and they love it when their is an improvement in their taste. There are lot of restaurants and hotels you can work as a chef if you really don’t want to open your own restaurant.

High salaries in Big hotels and restaurants; Chefs who get jobs at big hotels and big firms get to be paid high enough. They also get the chance to work with other talented chefs in the industry.

Self employment: Being a chef gives you the opportunity to be self employed . You can decide not to work for anybody and work for yourself.

What are the disadvantages of being a chef?

As much as there are so many advantages of being a chef, there are disadvantages that come with it as well. of course you shouldn’t start thinking about quitting, but just to let you know that every good side also has a bad side and that is why we have compiled a list of the culinary schools in Ghana in this article.

  • Very Long working hours: Being a chef would require you to be in the kitchen for a very long time. Getting the ingredients ready and making sure you leave no stone unturned during the process. Being a chef, then you must be ready to work for very long hours.
  • Insufficient pay: Often times people who are chefs get involved in it because of the passion they have for it. You might not be paid enough however except if you are one of the celebrity chefs.
  • uncomfortable working conditions: most regular kitchens are hazardous with smoke and other things a big factor to consider. Extreme carefulness is required to avoid explosions and accidents.
  • Very demanding; Their isn’t much rest for a chef during his working hours because he has to do a lot of walking and standing. It is a job that requires energy.

What kind of food do Ghanaians eat?

culinary schools in Ghana
culinary schools in Ghana

When it comes to food in Ghana, there are several varieties ranging from traditional salads, baked beans and the rest of them.

Most foods eaten by Ghanaians has a lot of reflections in their culture . The most common type of food eaten by Ghanaians are pounded plantains, yam and cassava.

Ghanaians love red peppers and staple foods like maize, beans, millet and sorghum are rampant. Some of the food eaten by Ghanaians include:
Akple: It is a common traditional meal in Ghana that is made from flour from a corn and is usually eaten with pepper sauces, soups or any kind of stew.

Kenkey: This particular meal is made from fermented corn dough , Kenkey is rapped in leaves of plantains and that alone gives it an interesting flavor and color.

Angwa moo: This simply means oiled rice. A very simple delicacy, which you make by simply frying your onion in the oil before adding water and then rice. That alone gives the rice a special scent.

Kokonte: This particular food is made from powder of peeled cassava which is usually served with a rich groundnut soup filled with all kinds of meat and smoked fish.

Mpotompoto: This particular type of food is made from sliced yam which is usually cooked with a lot of pepper, water, tomatoes and onions.

Red red: Red red is a popular Ghanaian beans and stew of fish which is served together with ripe plantains and sometimes accompanied with gari.

Waakye: This is a rice and beans dish and of course can serve as breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Kelewele: This dish consists of deep-fried plantains, usually they’re accompaniments to the beans stews. They are mixed with salt and hot peppers most times.

What are the most Common stews and Soups taken by Ghanaians?

Being someone who has interest in culinary schools in Ghana, Knowing the common stews in Ghana should be an added advantage. Most of Ghanaian dishes go alongside stews and of course their stews are very rich . Normally it contains a several varieties of flavors and sophisticated ingredients

The most common sources of protein in Ghanaian meals are the beef, goat, turkey, chicken and snail.

Common soups taken by Ghanaians include the groundnut soup, tomatoes soup, okra soup ,the palm nut soup and the Kontomire soup.

Garden Egg stew: The main ingredient in this particular dish is the garden egg / egg plant. It serves as the vegetable alongside tomatoes, palm oil and other spices. This particular stew is mostly served with ripe plantains.

Palm nut soup: This particular soup is made from the cocoyam leaves together with protein sources such as snails, mushrooms and smoked fish. They often serve it with fufu, or boiled ripe plantains. Continue reading to discover the culinary schools in Ghana.

List of Culinary schools in Ghana

There is a lot to learn as a chef. Cooking methods, ingredients, and so on. Attending culinary schools in Ghana is a good option for you, as you get the opportunity to improve in your culinary skills. Therefore below is a list of Culinary schools in Ghana and relevant things you need to know about them.

  1. Vinesthy Catering Institute
  2. Prime school of Hospitality and Culinary arts
  3. Abest Catering Institute
  4. EKGS Culinary Institute
  5. Stedna school of baking and confectionary
  6. Dainess Chef School
  7. Jenny’s Catering School
  8. Flair Catering service
  9. Accra Girl’s Vocational Institute
  10. Cake Tekniks International

Vinesthy Catering Institute

culinary schools in Ghana
culinary schools in Ghana

This is one of the Culinary schools in Ghana that was established in the year 1992. The main purpose why this institution was established is to equip young women with their desired cooking skills

The institution has grown beyond teaching individuals just cooking skill, but now is bent on training their students in hospitality as well as well show them ways to become renowned entrepreneurs and in turn employs the youths of Ghana.

Vinesthy has been in existence for about 24 years and has trained over 3000 students in catering and cake decoration. The beautiful thing about Vinesthy is it’s ability to engage it’s students into extra curricular activities such as book keeping, grooming and cultural dance.

Some of the courses here include:
Professional Cookery Course and GES certificate cookery course: At the end of this course, you are sure of being experienced in skills that will make you a master in the art of cooking. You get certificates like that can get you into the university and after your program you are eligible to get any job in any industry.

Floral Decoration: This course ensures that gives you a perfect knowledge of floral decoration and event planning.

Other courses in this institution includes: Pastry making, Bread making, and other special proficiency classes.

Prime school of Hospitality and Culinary arts

This is one of the Culinary schools in Ghana that equips students for a successful career. They have perfect trainings for those who wish to develop their culinary talents .

Not only that, they also train future culinary arts specialists. Some of the courses offered here are:
Food production
House keeping and

To school fees at this institution is 3,000 GHC.

They are located at 1st floor, sizzler restaurant building, Mallam kasaa highway.
Phone: +233 557 45 6779

EKGS Culinary Institute

This is one of the Culinary schools in Ghana that was established in the year 1991. At first, it started as just a confectionary but has grown to become an institute.

It might interest you to know that EKGS receives home and foreign students. Their courses are intensive and their tuition very flexible.

The beautiful thing about this institution is how it teaches it’s students how to make use of modern culinary equipment. Courses offered at this institute include:

Pastry Art: This program equips you and ensures you become a grounded pastry chef. This program lasts for about 2 to 3 months. You get to study things on pastries, appetizers, dough and cakes. You also learn business practices associated with chefs. In the end you are sure of becoming a professional chef.

Floral Art: This course covers the aspect of floral decorations, ribbon and other aspects such as balloon. This course lasts for about 4 to 5 months . You learn how to become a professional decorator. The course also introduces you to business practice aspects of decoration.

Cookery Art: This offers you the opportunity to become a professional chef: This program equips you also to be a professional chef . The program last for a month and half and it covers aspects on soups, fish, meat salad and how to use your techniques to make outstanding local and intercontinental dishes.

Cake Making: this program lasts for 4 to 6 months and you are taught the basics of cake making. There are basic, intermediate and advanced stages to this particular course.

They are located at DS 797, Dansoman, Greater Accra.
Phone: +233302307293

Dainess Chef School

This is one of the Culinary schools in Ghana that was set up basically to meet the various needs of upcoming chefs. They equip chefs with the needed knowledge in the the industry, they sharpen their skills and grow their passion towards what they’re doing.

They have programs that teach you the theories of culinary arts and and you learn through practical. Not just that, you get the opportunity to be connected to hotels and restaurants as well as associations that promote culinary arts all over the globe.

At Dainess Chef school, there are full time courses, as ell as part time courses. Full or short time courses can include; Pastry and cookery.

Finally at Jenny’s school, you imbibe sophisticated artistry and therefor can easily adjust the flavors of food as well. Some of the things you get to learn here include Hygiene, cookery theories, first aid, Nutrition, menu planning, customer care, flower decorating and lots more.

They are located at dydalk plaza No d70 spintex Road , Baatsonaa Accra.
Phone: +233 279 542 701

Jenny’s Catering School

This is one of the Culinary schools in Ghana that believes that food is not just for enjoyment but also that some other people take food as a form to experience and explore the various forms of culinary arts.

Student’s at Jenny’s catering school learn nourishment and nourishing substances . They learn about freshness of food and the available varieties of food required by humans.

They are located at Legon-Accra
pphone: 021 50 8878 | 02192 40 88

Stedna Academy of baking and confectionary

This is one of the culinary schools in Ghana where you can learn how to bake, and how to properly make use of your kitchen. You get to learn the art of making deserts, cakes and pastries. With about 800 Cedis you can sign up for the program

Courses offered by Stedna includes: Pastry-domestic pastries and Intercontinental pastries, Bakery-Local and intercontinental breads etc.

They are located at Lokko Rd, Ghana
Phone: +233 50 421 2338

Accra Girl’s Vocational Institute

This Institute is among the top culinary schools in Ghana, not just that, they’re also the best when it comes to vocational courses entirely.

They have over the years continued to enhance the skills and knowledge of women in general.

Recently the institution is planning on adopting technology that will help improve the delivery of courses. There are several departments in this particular institute such as the fashion and designing department, the cosmetology department, the electronics department and several others.

However the Catering department of this institution lasts for three academic years. Upon completion you can decide to advance, work for any hotel or restaurant or open yours. The school provides the equipment and ingredients for the practical sessions.

To be eligible, you must at least have the BECE or high school certificate . Some of the courses which you taken through at Accra girl’s vocational institute include;

Cookery theory, Social studies, Entrepreneurship, Food hygiene, Culinary French, Food service, Menu planning, Nutrition, Book keeping, Science , Computer studies and lots more.

Breakages 20
First Aid10
Sports and Ent.10
Computer studies 50
culinary schools in Ghana fees

Click here for all requirements.
Address: Achimota, Tesano, Ghana
Phone: 0248 522 926 | 030 291 9082
Email: info@agivoc.com

Flair Catering service

This is one of the culinary schools in Ghana that was established in the year 1968. Flair is a privately owned institution that whose services are exceptional.

Students at Flair are receive the technical as well as soft skills they need to be professional chefs either gainfully employed or strong entrepreneurs.


Flair Foundation course: This particular course is designed to develop the knowledge of students on how to prepare varieties of dishes, as well as other things Culinary practices.
Under this course you get to learn: Hygiene, Theories of cooking, Housekeeping, Customer care, Menu planning, Etiquette, Book keeping and entrepreneurship.
The duration of this course is one year. You are awarded the Flair certificate & NVTI certificate at the end.

Flair proficiency course: This proficiency course is designed to give students the fundamental theories and workings of the Culinary world. You work with professional chefs in equipped kitchen during this period. Generally you learn anything in the menu planning and food marketing.
The duration of this course is One year as well and you receive the Flair certificate & NVTI certificate at the end of your programme.

Three months short course: This course is designed to improve the cooking skills of of students. The course covers menu planning, marketing with a proper introduction to cooking methods.
The duration of this course is One year and classes are on Saturdays only.

Themed Evening classes: This course was designed to help students discover the recipes and repertoires to spice up your dishes. Classes are from 6 to 8pm on Tuesdays and Fridays. You do not need to bring equipment’s or ingredients as everything is completely provided. Click here to learn more.

Address: 10 Josif Broz Tito Avenue, cantonments, Off Ring Road East Accra.
Phone: (+233) 0500410740 | 0302 77 55 99

Cake Tekniks International

Cake Tekniks international is one of the culinary schools in Ghana that has the interest of it’s students at heart. They provide high quality teaching through their creative practical sessions which in the end is capable of landing your dream job and equally make you a successful entrepreneur.

Upon successful completion of your program at this culinary school you get to be awarded a Diploma Certificate. Not only that, upon completion you receive an extra 5 days diploma course that will see you through your final project at the school.

Some of the courses in this culinary school includes:

CATERING TEKNIKS: Here you learn how to prepare all kinds of assorted dishes, both local and International, Beef dishes, Chicken dishes, Fish dishes, deserts, and sauces. The course duration is 2 months.

This course teaches you ribbon work , interior and exterior decor, Floral and Balloon decor. The duration of this course 3 months. The duration for the Bridals make up course is 2 months.

PASTRY TEKNIKS: This courses teaches you how to make cookies, assorted pastries, muffins and deserts.

Address: They are located at East legon Campus, Lartebiokorshie Campus, Accra, Ghana.
Phone: 0244674545

Khameen Professional Institute

This is one of the culinary schools in Ghana that was founded in the year 2006 and was established in order to give women a chance to acquire their desired vocational skills all for the purpose of enabling them become financially independent. Some of the courses you get to learn here include:

1) Catering
2) Pastry Baking & Sugar craft
3)Event decoration and Management
4)Reception Operations and Services

5) Intensive cookery
6) Patisserie

Address: This institution is located at Sakumono estate, behind Sakumono community hospital, Tema, Ghana.
Phone:+233 303 402152, +233 20 8301850, +233 303 402887

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