5 best places to study abroad, Visa and job opportunities

best places to study abroad

As obvious as it may seem, studying abroad has proven to be a gold mine. Over a period of time, I have been asked questions like: What are the best places to study abroad? As a student after making the decision on whether or not you want to study abroad, another vital decision to make is the choice of your study destination.

In this article I’ve compiled a list of 5 best places to study abroad. This list of best places to study abroad is based on several factors such as:

  1. Visa regulations
  2. Support for international students
  3. Range of courses offered
  4. Job opportunities
  5. Costs

List of the 5 best places to study

  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. Australia
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Germany

United States

As always, the United States will continue to be the number home of international students; number one among the best places to study abroad. It holds the world’s largest population of international students. Over 1,000,000 are seeking to broaden their education and life experiences in the United States.

The international students in the united states have come a very long way occupying about 5% of the population of the total higher education students in the United states. Most of these international students end up prolonging their stay even after graduation.

Visa regulations, support, Courses, job opportunities and costs in United States

Visa regulations in the United StatesAs an international student coming to USA, there are three different kind of visas which you could be issued. They include the F1 visa, the J1 visa and the M1 visa.
The F1 visa
allows you to work part time on campus fewer than 20 hours per week. Additionally students can work on optional practice training for a period of one year after graduation. Students are expected to complete their program by the date in their I-20 form.
The J1 visa
is usually issued to students who need to obtain a practical training that is not available in their home country in other to complete their academic program. The J1 visa allows for similar employment as the F1 visa with similar restrictions as long as permission is given by the exchange visitor program sponsor.
The M1 visa
This is issued to students who’re going to a non academic or vocational school. The M-1 visa holders are not permitted to work during the period of their study. They usually show evidence of sufficient funds for tuition and living costs for the entire period of their intended stay.

English language proficiency test is required in most schools in the United states.
Support for international students in the United StatesEducation in USA is very expensive. The U.S government however gives international students a limited financial aid but whilst most international students are not eligible for the government’s financial support, the U.S department of education states that: “many international students qualify for the federal student’s assistance”.

Therefore don’t assume you cant get help because you’re not a US citizen. Under certain circumstances international students are eligible for federal funding having applied for a students visa.
However, not getting the U.S federal funding does not mean there are no other alternatives that can help you fund your education. This therefore makes United States to be one of the best places to study abroad.
Range of courses offered in the United StatesThere is a wide range of courses offered in USA. Here is a list of subject areas that you can explore.
Agriculture and Veterinary medicine
Applied and pure sciences
Architecture and construction
Business and management
Computer science and IT
Creative arts and design
Education and Training
Health and Medicine
Personal care and fitness
Social studies and Media
Travel and Hospitality
Explore these subject areas and view the related courses and find the course that is right for you.
Job opportunities in USAWhen you are studying abroad, a job is going to be helpful in paying your bills and help you fund your leisure and travel. When hunting for a job, it is very necessary to consider the rules of such countries as well as the kind of job available for international students in such country.

Here is a list of some great jobs for international students:
Work at a University
Work study curricular practice training
Computer centers
Students Unions
Cost of studying in the United StatesThe Universities in the United States are divided into two categories, Public and Private universities Comparatively, the education in public universities are comparatively lower than the cost in private universities.

Your expenditure is likely to depend on the kind of degree you’re pursuing and particularly the kind of institution. To cover tuition, you will need an approximate amount of between $8000 to $55,000 a year. Courses under humanities and arts are cheaper as well as education courses while courses under Engineering as well as medicine are more expensive.
best places to study abroad


Canada has continued to be a booming destination for international students. This is because it is convincingly one of the best places to study abroad. It at the same time offers permanent citizenship options upon completion of studies which is an option many international students seek. Canada boasts an educational system that is ranked among the best in the world.

They provide equally prestigious degrees as their counterparts in USA. Over 100 universities in Canada with the University of Toronto, University of British Columbia and University of Alberta being among the top 100 in the whole world. Canada has therefore continued to be one of the best places to study abroad.

Visa regulations, support, Courses, job opportunities and costs in Canada

Visa regulations in CanadaWhen you have finally made your choice of school in Canada, A work permit/student’s visa is very essential to be granted access into Canada. However, you wont need a study permit if your period of study is less than 6 months. The study Permit makes you eligible to work on and of campus for up to 20 hours during term time and then full time during academic holidays. English language proficiency tests are also required.
Support for international students.Canada as one of the best study destinations, recognizes the important contributions by the international students to the social and economic life of the country. Apart from the ability of students to work while they study, on completion of their program, such student is eligible for post graduation work permit for up to a period of three years.

Besides these, As one of the best places to study abroad, there are several scholarships by the Canadian government, provincial government, private organizations and non profit organizations.
Range of Courses offered in Canada.Canada has several field of studies which includes: Arts, Engineering, Natural sciences ,Humanities, Education, General studies, Business studies, Medicine and much more. Here is the 87 top courses in Canada 2021
Cost of studying in CanadaThe good news is that studying in Canada is very affordable, Tuition fees in Canada are generally lower than those in Australia, US and U.K. In 2019, the average tuition for an undergraduate student was $27,159CAD. Also, the cost of living in Canada is very affordable, compared to all other study destinations.
Job opportunities in Canada for international StudentsExcited about working in Canada? Here is what you should know; there are laws protecting workers in the country. workers must not be paid anything less than the minimum wage .

It is quite easy to get a job in Canada however as the recruiters in this country do not discriminate. A few of available jobs for international students include:
Teaching, Cook, Clerk, Sales associate, Web designing, merchandizer etc.
best places to study abroad


Australia’s high quality education, easy access for students, fantastic lifestyle and multi-cultural society makes Australia attractive to international students and consequently one of the best places to study abroad.

Australia being best places to study abroad is ranked 3rd in top study abroad destination countries. International education therefore represents one of the country’s largest exports thereby pronouncing influence in the country’s demographics. Significant number of international students remain in the country even after graduation on various skills and employment visas.

Visa regulations, support, Courses, job opportunities and costs in Australia

Visa regulations in AustraliaAs long as you’re studying an English course, a vocational course, or a university course, you will need a student visa. With the student visa you can work up to 40 hours per 2 weeks and full time during academic holidays.

If you’re studying for 6 months you will need a short term student’s visa. However if you’re studying for a longer term, you will need a long term visa. It has no age limitations and you’re eligible to take a family member along. English Language proficiency test is required.
Support for international Students in Australia
All educational institutions in Australia are required by law to provide enough support for international students. As part of their way to support the international students there are various undergraduate scholarships unleashed.

Various government scholarships as well as University specific scholarships. There are bulk educational subsidies and also living allowances in order to make life easier for people studying in the country, this obviously makes it one of the best places to study abroad. Read about Scholarship opportunities in Australia.
Range of courses offered in AustraliaHere is a list of field of courses offered in USA
Arts, Building , Business, Dual qualifications, Engineering, Hospitality, Dual qualifications, Information Technology and many more.

View details of courses here.
Cost of studying in AustraliaInternational Undergraduate students should expect to pay anything between $20,000 to $45,000 Australian dollars.
Undergraduate programs last between 3 to 4 years in Australia.

A masters degree program can cost between $22,000 to $50,000 Australian dollars. However if you’re considering any veterinary or medical, you must note that the tuition costs more than these.

View details here
Job opportunities for international students in AustraliaHere is a list of jobs which you’re likely to do while studying as an international student:
Waiter, Retail assistant, Retail sales assistant, Bartender, Call Centre staffs etc. A student on student visa is expected to be on a minimum wage of $18.23 dollars per hour or $719.20 dollars per 38 hour week for working on and off campus.
best places to study abroad

United kingdom

UK is one of the best places to study abroad, is a great way to expand your knowledge, meet new people, experience a new culture and enjoy new experiences generally. The universities here offer a wide range of support and a chance to experience a great student life.

The United kingdom is made up of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. The United Kingdom has a multicultural society with rich cultures, Faith and languages. It attracts over 400,000 international students every year. It’s long standing reputation for academic excellence continues to offer graduates the best career opportunities all over the world wherever they might choose to study.

Visa regulations, support, Courses, job opportunities and costs in United Kingdom

Visa regulations in United kingdomThe united kingdom has a visa acceptance rate of about 85%. You can apply for the UK visa if you’re 16 and above. You must have the following to apply:
A course confirmation
Proof of your English Language proficiency
Evidence of consent
Support for international students in United KingdomUK is one of the most accommodating countries for international students in terms of price, culture and level of education. It has a very tolerant society and any form discrimination is totally illegal in UK.

Most students live in University halls of resident for the first year before moving out into a rented private accommodation. This helps students to gain grounds before being exposed to the outside environment. Students are eligible for loans and grants and any other forms of funding to cover their tuition fees.
Range of courses offered in United KingdomCourses in UK are generally have a shorter duration than in other countries of the world. There are over 395 Universities across UK offering over 50,000 courses in about 25 subject areas . The undergraduate degrees run for three years while the masters degrees run for 1 year. This generally helps reduce tuition and accommodation costs for students. View details about courses and subject areas in UK.
Cost of Studying in United Kingdom In recent years , the cost of studying in UK has risen to an eye watering level with home students required to pay about 9,250 euros per year. The cost of studying in UK vary considerably varying from 10,000 Euros to 38,000 Euros for international students.

However it can be more fore medical courses.

Courses under Humanities and social sciences cost less while Laboratory and Clinical degree programs cost highest.

The average cost of studying in UK is put at 20,000 Euros with London likely to cost the most. Current UK visa requirement stipulate that a student must have at least 1,015 euros per month for expenses if you plan studying anywhere outside London,
However in London you should plan about 1,265 euros per month. Read more about cost of studying in UK.
Jobs for international students in United Kingdom Depending on the type of visa obtained, Students can work while they study, usually around 20 hour per week and then full time during academic holidays. Part time student work can also be found on campus. The 8 most popular jobs you can do while you study as an international students includes:
Student ambassador
Animal caretaker
Office jobs
Child minder
Retail associate
Store manager
The degrees obtained in UK does not only offer valuable skills but also helps you gain advanced knowledge and become an expert in your field of study.
best places to study abroad


Germany is one of the top choices for international students, Almost 10% of the students in Germany are foreign students with the most coming from China and India. After the US, United kingdom and Australia, Germany is the most popular host of international students world wide. This makes it the most popular non-English-speaking destination for foreign students. Dealing with a foreign culture and it’s different language can be difficult, many feel left alone thereby making the drop our rate too high. But generally Student’s life thrive. German people are friendly but gives you privacy. They’re very much more private people who enjoy being behind closed doors. Finally after studying in Germany, you can seek to work, you can see reasons why Germany is one of the best places to study abroad.

Visa regulations, support, Courses, job opportunities and costs in Germany

Visa regulations in GermanyInternational students often need a visa to enter Germany, Sometimes they also need a residence permit . To get a student Visa, Contact the German Embassy or Consulate in your country. Please note that what you need strictly is a student’s visa. please note that you cannot convert a tourist visa into a students visa. Read more about student’s visa here.
Support for international students in GermanyGermany strongly supports international students by funding Universities and covering tuition fees for international students, in addition they also provide financial support programs for students. For example, The German Academic Exchange program is a financial aid program designed for German and international students. Find more scholarship opportunities in Germany.
Range of courses offered in Germany Read about the FIELD OF STUDIES in Germany. You can also find more information on all the courses in those related fields there too.
Cost of Studying in GermanyThe beautiful thing about studying in Germany is that you study for free in the public Universities . Although you can study for free, there is a little charge for enrolment per semester attached, confirmation and administration. It is typically not more than 250 euros per semester but varies on institutions.
Jobs for international students in GermanyRegardless of the free tuition policy in Germany, getting a degree in Germany does not come entirely free, you still need to meet the living costs therefore students tend to look for jobs to to support themselves while studying. It is very easy for students from countries belonging to the European Union to get a job. But students from non-EU countries have to apply for work permit which qualifies them to limited working hours about 190 hour full day and 240 hours half days per year. Companies in Germany offer internships to students however which could lead to a great job in future. This convincingly makes Germany to be one of the best places to study abroad.
best places to study abroad

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