10 Top culinary schools in Italy and their tuition

Culinary schools in Italy

Italian cooking school is something very important for anybody who wants to become a professional Chef. Not only that, Italian cooking school is also for individuals who wish to be exposed to ingredients and cuisines around the world. Above all Italian cooking school expands your knowledge in the art of cooking while you work in well equipped facilities.

There is something about learning the art of Culinary in Italy, living the culture and speaking the Italian language. Imagine going to an Italian restaurant and the chef pronounces the name of an Italian cuisine with a Canadian accent.

It makes it feel less authentic. If you are interested in attending any of the Culinary schools in Italy, Learning Italian cuisine goes hand-in hand with learning a little bit of the language.

How necessary is cooking?

The way we cook our food tells a lot about who we are, Every country, culture, place has a unique way of making their delicacies; a particular food which they are known for.

Some people say that the art of cooking is a spiritual pursuit while others say cooking has the ability to elevate your soul to greater heights.

Moreover, food is a universal necessity . Being able to transform food into something different, something more is of higher necessity.
Food is very important because it is one of the major ways in which we increase our energy level.

Cooking can be termed a social activity , the process of preparing food and also the sharing of foods helps increase the bond and relationships between families, between communities.
A family party is not complete without food, a community celebration is not complete either without food.

The process of sharing and preparing food goes a long way to define relationship as it is more often linked to memories, which is because there is something a well prepared meal does to the mind.
Cooking has the ability to get all human senses engaged.

What you should know about being a chef

Chef’s have gotten to realize that it is not only about cooking, but also the presentation of cooking is very much important. A chef knows beyond the regular things you do in your kitchen.

Chef’s have the ability to serenade, manipulate and play with your senses. A properly made meal by a chef has the ability to turn your mind into a state of blankness.
At this point, you’re in a higher plane and therefore tend to forget the known and plunge you into a search into self rediscovery and also into the discoveries of newer perspectives.

It is the recognition of all these that differentiates a chef from others. Truth be told, cooking is one of the major ways to transmit spiritual energy thereby getting our souls and body nourished . Going to a Culinary school not only gives you mastery over fire, it necessitates innovation in our chefs.

How much does Culinary schools cost in Italy?

My dear, I know most people would like to get a Culinary certificate at almost no cost, you must realize that getting proper trainings will come at a price.

In a nut shell, a simple and good Culinary school will cost anything between 3950 Euros to 5950 Euros . You can get a part time job while studying here so you can be able to bear the standard of living.

Being an EU students makes life much easier for you.

Accommodation: Most of the Culinary schools in Italy provide accommodation for students but as a student you should be expecting to spend between 500 Euros to 600 Euros on living expenses alone. Find out the cost of living in Italy.

What are the regular or most common food prepared by Chefs in Italy?

There are a lot of food prepared by a chef in Italy, below are some of them. Italian foods as we know is strongly influenced by their various traditions and history.

There are other determining factors as regards to the cuisine for the day. factors like Climate, Historic factors, geographical factors and economical factors.

Culinary styles of cooking are more pronounced in Italy than any other place. Furthermore their dishes go together with appetizers. Here is a complete list of the famous Italian foods.

A round shaped bread that is spiced with ingredients such as cheese, olive oil and other toppings. In Italy you can talk about two types of Pizza; the Neapolitan and the Roman pizza. There are also the tomato sauced pizza(red) and the non-tomato sauced pizza(white pizza).

culinary schools in Italy
culinary schools in Italy

This particular food is made from durum wheat semolina flour and water. It can be made with or without eggs.

You might decide to add tomatoes, spinach, cuttlefish ink and truffles. Pasta is becoming increasingly popular therefore is obviously something you should try.

Risotto is a rice dish which most often can be flavored in so many ways. The rice is first coated in butter before being cooked with this creamy consistency.

Depending on the type of flavoring you desire, there are meat-based and fish based broth. Risotto is definitely favorite for so many people and therefore something you should try.

POLENTA: This is a dish of boiled corn meal, usually served as mashed potatoes. It can be baked, it can be fried, it can be grilled. Polenta is a very classic dish; Polenta con spuntature e salsiccia.

FOCACCIA: Made in almost same way as the pizza but this time there are special seasonings such as vegetables, olive oil and herbs.

OTHERS: Other famous cuisines in Italy which you might want to try out include: Crochette, Aranchi & Suppli, Polpette, Grissini, Bruschetta, Mozzarella, Parmigiano Antipasti, Monestrone, Carpaccio, Saltimbocca, Brasato, Ossobuco, Tagliata, Truffles and lots more.

Culinary Schools in Italy scholarships, fellowships and grants

There are so many culinary scholarships for students in Italy. You can find here the full list of 123 Culinary Arts Scholarships, fellowships as well as grants in Italy.

List of Top culinary schools in Italy

culinary schools in Italy
culinary schools in Italy
  • Italian Culinary Institute, Italy
  • Tuscookany Cooking School
  • Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners
  • Florence Culinary Arts school
  • Acquolina-Catering & Cooking School
  • Mama Isa Cooking School Venice Italy
  • Congusto School of Cooking and Pastry
  • Cook Italy
  • Culinary Institute of Bologna
  • Italian Chef Academy

Italian Culinary Institute, Italy

Italian Culinary Institute has programs that are open to Chefs, Culinary professionals and home gourmets who have that passion for cooking. Here you learn all kinds of cooking techniques and the gastronomic culture of Italy.

Italian culinary course in this institute are all conducted in English and this makes them rank as one of the top culinary schools in Italy.

It is an Institute that doesn’t ask much from it’s students but only require the enthusiasm and open mindedness of it’s students.

They understand and value the fact that students travel from various places just to learn the Culinary techniques so they strive always to give them their best.

Their instructors are the best you can get anywhere. At the end of your program you are awarded a certificate for participating.

CourseDuration Program fee/Tuition
Master of Italian Cuisine. 3 months (all inclusive)EUR 14,995
The evolution of Italian Cuisine2 weeks (all inclusive)EUR 3,495
The foundation of Italian Cuisine1 week (all inclusive)EUR 2,395
Traditional Italian Carcuterie1 week (all inclusive)EUR 2,495
Artisan Italian Cheesemaking1 week (all inclusive) EUR 2,495
Pizza, Focaccia & Specialty Breads1 week (all inclusive)EUR 2,495
Pastry, Deserts and Gelato(Tradition & Evolution)1 Week (all inclusive)EUR 2,495
culinary schools in Italy

Location: This Institute is located at Calabria, Italy, approximately 45 minutes from the Lamezia Terme International Airport.

Accommodation: There are guest rooms and private villas built for the comfort of students. The hotels and guest rooms are located just a few meters away from the facility.

Free Wi-Fi as well is also provided. You find facilities like an on-site restaurant, room services, cocktail lounge, washing machines, concierge services. etc. The guest rooms has; a work desk, Telephones, TV, Kitchen area, hairdryer and lots more.

Tuscookany Cooking School

culinary schools in Italy
culinary schools in Italy

Few years ago, a group of individuals decided to buy a property, the property was bought and then was given a proper renovation which became villas where people rented for weddings and family re-union.

Now during selected weeks a group of individuals who own the Tuscookany cooking school runs an Italian cooking course at these wonderful villas.

The Tuscookany cooking school team is among the top culinary schools in Italy where you can learn in general the Italian culinary course; cooking, dining, wining, relaxing and all holiday practices.

You will not only learn some new techniques during this period but also you are given the opportunity to make lifelong friends and be able to explore the rich culture of Italy.

Benefits of attending Tuscookany Cooking School:
At Tuscookany, there are enough fun and a perfect atmosphere for relaxation.
Courses are taken in English and you receive lectures in English from professional chefs.

There are perfect environment and cooking conditions and lots more. It is one of the Culinary schools in Italy that believes that the only way to learn is by doing it yourself. Therefore get ready to roll up your sleeves and get a real life practice.

You receive a certificate at the end of your training, a cooking book and apron is given you as well . This school is mostly perfect for couples or friends who are travelling together to Italy.

There are no restrictions to what you can wear as you can wear whatever you feel you are comfortable in. Read everything about the Tuscookany Cooking school .

Usually each year, their season usually runs from April through November, However you can check for their availability, their description and the available periods for you .

The three major program and their cost include:

Italian Cookery classesone weekparticipating guest, Double occupancy: $3,650
participating guest, Single occupancy: $3,950
Non participating guest, double occupancy: $2,700
Mediterranean cooking classesone week participating guest, Double occupancy: $3,650
participating guest, Single occupancy: $3,950
Non participating guest, double occupancy: $2,700
Italian cooking holidays coursethree daysparticipating guest, Double occupancy: $2,350
participating guest, Single occupancy: $2,450
Non participating guest, double occupancy: $1,600
culinary schools in Italy

Location: Localita Larniano, 21, 52014 poppi AR, Italy.

Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners

Address: piazza Vittorio Emanuele 2, No 10, 14055 Costigliole d’Asti, Italy
Phone: +39 0141 962171 | 962772

You can’t talk about culinary schools in Italy without mentioning the Italian Culinary institute for foreigners. It has over 8000 graduates and has been in business for 29 good years.

They have courses ranging from few days to weeks and months depending on your choice. Below are some of the shortest courses which distinguish them from other Culinary schools in Italy.

Master course in Italian Cuisine and Oenology
Duration 1 week
Fee: EUR 5,950

The New Techniques And The Technological Innovations Of Modern Cuisine
Duration:3 days
Certificate: ICIF certificate
Fee/cost: EUR 1000( EUR 350 for first and second day then EUR 400 for the third day)

The Modern Techniques Applied to the Bakery and Pastry Sectors
Duration:4 days
Certificate: ICIF certificate
Fee: EUR 1,300( @ EUR350 for a day)

There are several other courses. here is a complete list of all the courses at Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners , both short and long duration courses.

Florence Culinary Arts school

Florence is one of the major tourist destinations in Italy therefore it is a place to find all kinds of food, ranging from traditional foods to international cuisine.

It is one of the renowned culinary schools in Italy you find ingredients and combinations which cannot be found in your home country .

Florence Culinary Arts school has the objective of transmitting the Italian culture through Culinary arts. Established in the year 1983.
FCAS has a diverse background of students which make up their multi-cultural community.

FCAS gives you the best when it comes to Culinary programs and is an Institute known all over the globe when it comes to the art of cooking.
Florence is not just a place to study Culinary arts but also a great place to stay.

Florence Culinary Arts School instruct in English or Spanish interpretations, this alone distinguishes it from other culinary schools in Italy. Click to read about FLORENCE CULINARY ARTS SCHOOL COURSES, TUITION, AND OTHER FEES.

Address: Via dei Conti 4, 50123 Florence Italy
Phone: +39 055 0124893

Acquolina-Catering & Cooking School

Culinary schools in Italy
Culinary schools in Italy

At Acquolina, you have the opportunity to widen your knowledge of Italy and it’s traditions.
You also get to learn in a well equipped kitchen which has the most modern technology, meet experts and above all get the opportunity to prepare venetian and Italian dishes using the very best of the seasonal local products.

It is one of the best Culinary schools in Italy which offers full day experience as well as half day experience all dependent on you.

The classes are hands-on and you are taught step by step on how to make every of the dishes from start to finish.

Address: Via Lazzaro Mocenigo, No 10, 30126 Venezia Italy
Phone: +39 041 526 7226

Mama Isa Cooking School Venice Italy

This is one of the top Culinary schools in Italy. The language of instruction at this School is English language, Their mission is to offer their students the best of Culinary trainings.

Their classes can run from days to weeks and maybe months depending on your choice. But in the end you can be sure of being able to blend high quality and fresh ingredients and in turn create magic.

Mama Isa cooking school offers 25 different hands-on cooking classes and they include:
1-Half Day cooking class
2-full Day cooking class
3-Pizza class
4-Pasta classes
5-Bread classes and Bread workshops
6-Italian deserts and Italian pastry classes
7-Tiramisu Classes
8-Vegetarian cooking classes
See the full list of the 25 cooking classes at Mama Isa cooking school.
Location: Venice area Italy
Phone: +39351 576 74 93

Congusto Gourmet Institute

culinary schools in Italy
culinary schools in Italy

This is one of the Culinary schools in Italy for International students which has been in existence since the year 2003.
It is a cooking school in Milan that offers various possibilities for her students through their highly experienced professionals.

Their courses are offered in English, delivering a mix of cooking culture and improved technical trainings.

Address: Via Bernardo Davanzati, 15, 20158, Milano, MI, Italy.
Phone: +39 02 8978 5801

Cook Italy

This is one of the ancient Culinary schools in Italy, situated in Bologna. They have have been in existence for over 20 years and has taught their students how to cook the Italian way, creating magic , making attractive dishes and finally how to use seasonal ingredients to make delicious dishes.

The classes are hands-on and you also learn the gastronomic and social history of dishes that you’d be taught.

The classes are small and personal. Professionals, beginners, families and children partake in their classes just to make sure nobody is left out.

Cook Italy is Located at Via Marsala 16, 40126 Bologna.
Phone: +39 349 007 82 98

Culinary Institute of Bologna

This is one of the culinary schools in Italy for foodies, for experienced Chefs, and for beginners. Their classes are Unique and hands-on with instructions delivered by professionals and in English language.

There are pasta courses, half day courses, full day courses, and multi-day cooking courses for beginners. You learn how to make Bologna dishes and cooking techniques which will in turn transform you to a professional Italian cook.

Classes are not only delivered in English, but also classes can be arranged in Italian, Spanish or German.

The beautiful thing about Culinary Institute of Bologna which makes it among the best culinary schools in Italy is how the professional chefs take their students most times to a middle Bologna market to decide the day’s menu .

After that students head back to the cooking school where they begin the culinary adventure mapped out for the day.

Exploring the fascinating Bologna market also helps you discover the rich culture of Bologna

You are sure to be taught cooking techniques and skills that can generalize for any dish you wish to prepare.

For students who have allergies, a special class is created for them just to meet their needs There are also cooking classes for Children.

Address: Via Agemennone Zappoli, 5, 40126, Bologna Bo, Italy.
Phone: +39 370 369 8230

Italian Chef Academy

Italian chef academy is one of the culinary schools in Italy that was established to help it’s students through excellent trainings and internships in most prestigious restaurants in Italy.

This makes them unique; one of the best culinary schools in Italy. There entry is very selective. Their staff are all professionals with a well equipped learning facilities.

They have a bio-kitchen garden and a large space for the cultivation of cooking herbs.

Their trainings are hands-on with a a weekly test for their students. you also should expect a lot of laboratory experiments and seminars.

Most of their courses are taken in English and Italian. Moreover at the end of your program, students receive a recognized certificate.

Italian Chef Academy has accommodation for students with a well equipped wireless internet , air conditioning system, a library , a television, and a mini bar.

Italian Chef Academy also has a Wine & Oil Academy . So you can see, they not only teach you healthy cooking principles, they make u a great nutritionist entirely.

All classes are practical, as well as theoretical, with a period of apprenticeship for all students. Courses for international students are held in English.

Address: Via Decio Filipponi n. 15-00135 Roma-Italy
Phone: +39 06 35496189
Mob: +39 366 4211245

Culinary schools in Italy FAQs

What are the advantages of attending a Culinary school in Italy?

choosing a career that you love is very important. If you have the passion for food and cooking then expanding your knowledge in Culinary arts is a good start. Attending a Culinary school is what differentiates the boys from the men.

  • Going to a culinary school helps you gain the experience and professional skills you need to advance.
  • You learn how to prepare dishes and also how to properly present your dishes.
  • You expand your creativity; that period you are converting raw ingredients into something completely different, you are exploring your creative sides.
  • You get prepared for numerous roles in the field; working your way up into an unprecedented cooking positions.
  • You get to travel around the world especially international students while your Network is improved
  • You become a certified chef after attending culinary schools in Italy. You receive a certificate that can get you into any cooking position.

What are the popular food habits in Italy?

Breakfast: At the beginning of the day in Italy, people start their day with Cornetti together with Cappuccino other times they just take espresso which most times you find them taking while standing at a coffee bar.

Lunch: Lunch is usually their main food for the day especially for workers in the urban areas. You find things like Primo piatto, soup or rice coming before secondo piatto.
At work , you find them enjoying it with fresh fruit and above all they enjoy having pastries and cakes during their mid-day break.

Dinner: Usually dinner is taken as a major source of relaxation. A time which people get to gossip , talk about business and other things. Having known that food plays a major part in the life of an Italian you can decide how necessary it is that you attend one of those top culinary schools in Italy.

CONCLUSION: Culinary schools in Italy is a good way to propel yourself into unprecedented heights. If you have a passion in cooking, why not make it professional then?

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