13 cheapest private university in Nigeria

cheapest private university in Nigeria

Education cost in private universities in Nigeria is on the increase as time goes on. This is because they continue to step up their game and find better ways to give the best to their students.

Unlike the regular public schools, Private Universities can assure you of a smooth running academic calendar without any form of Academic strike.

Most Nigerian students would choose a Federal University over a State university, and a State University over a private University all because of the school fees in such universities.

Therefore In this article , I have compiled a list of the cheapest Private University in Nigeria. This list is only based on tuition. However there would be cost for living, books and other things which would be talked about in another article. Therefore subscribe to our Email list to get a notification once Published.

NOTE: The listed fees for those universities is for the cheapest course in those Universities. As we all know, School fees in Universities is dependent on the course of study.

List of the 13 Cheapest Private Universities in Nigeria and their Fees.

  • Oduduwa University: Oduduwa University, One of the cheapest private University in Nigeria is an Innovative, forward thinking University with high standards of teaching and research.

Cheapest School fees at Oduduwa University is N185,000

  • Obong University Akwa Ibom: This University is built on the foundation of Christian values and highest standard of academic excellence.

Cheapest School Fees at Obong University is N170,000

  • Wellspring University: This is one of the cheapest private University in Nigeria that give students the education and experiences that set them up in their desired career.

Cheapest school fees at Wellspring University is N213,000

  • Caritas University: Caritas is an approved private University that is also among the cheapest Private University in Nigeria. They prepare students to graduate into professionals and have a fulfilled life.

Cheapest School fees at Caritas University is N220,000

  • Paul University, Awka: The vision of Paul University is to give access to University education to talented students and involve them in discovery and application of high quality knowledge.

Cheapest School fees at Paul University is N300,000.

  • Rhema University: Rhema University is a private Christian University , one of the cheapest private university in Nigeria, established to train, nurture, and equip individuals under the fear of God for excellence in all sphere of Life.

The cheapest school fees at Rhema University is N313, 000

  • Fountain University, Osogbo: This is one of the cheapest private University in Nigeria that was established by the Nasrull-lahi-li Faith society in the year 2007.

Cheapest school fees at Fountain University is N350,000

  • Al-Hikmah University: This University was established in the year 2005. Al-Hikma University gives students all they need to discover and be successful in their career.

The cheapest School fees at Al-Hikmah University is N350,000

  • Adeleke University: Adeleke University is a University with teaching and research of high quality as well as having the ability to compete globally.

The cheapest School fees at Adeleke University is N350,000

  • Novena University: Novena University is one of the cheapest private University in Nigeria that is established to meet the yearnings of students who haven’t been able to get into the public institutions.

The cheapest fees at Novena University is: N400,000

The cheapest school fees at Crawford is N436,000

  • Joseph Ayo Babalola University: Established in the 2004. This University is owned by Christ Apostolic Church World wide.

The cheapest School fees at this institution is N450,000

  • Lead City University: This University is specialized on Social sciences, Law, Applied sciences as well as Information and communication Technology.

The cheapest school fees here is: N500,000

Cheapest private university in Nigeria FAQ’s

What is the most Expensive Private University in Nigeria?

Below are some of the most expensive private Universities in Nigeria.

  • NILE UNIVERSITY: Nile University of Nigeria is Located in The FCT, Abuja. Recently the university has leaped to become one of the best Universities in Nigeria now. Although not being in the list of the cheapest private university in Nigeria , however the University offers high quality education to her students. School Fee ranges from 2.7 Million naira to 5.8 million naira per year.

  • AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA: As this University, you receive an American style of education. Due to it’s high tuition, it is mostly attended by the children of the elites. School fees at this University ranges from 3 Million Naira to 4.2 million naira per year.

  • BAZE UNIVERSITY, ABUJA : This University began in April with just three faculties but has grown into 6 faculties. This University is one of the Private Universities with very expensive tuition. Their school fees ranges between 2.1 million to 3.2 million.

  • PAN-ATLANTIC UNIVERSITY,LAGOS : Like most of other Private Universities in Nigeria, this University is very expensive with tuition ranging between 2 million to 2.5 million naira yearly.

  • BABCOCK UNIVERSITY: This is a Christian University that is situated in Ogun State. It is one of Nigeria’s most expensive schools with school fees ranging from 1 million naira to 3 million naira.

  • IGBINEDION UNIVERSITY: This University offers both graduate and post graduate courses and since inception has recorded various notable achievements. The school fees at this University ranges between 1 million to 3 million naira per year.

  • AFE BABALOLA UNIVERSITY: This is one of the first privately owned Universities in Nigeria and has a student population of over 8,500 students. the school fees at this institution ranges between 1 million to 2.2 million naira per year.

  • COVENANT UNIVERSITY: A very popular private University that was established by Living faith Worldwide. Although known for being expensive, however they graduate academically sound students yearly. Their school fees ranges between N850,000 and 1.2 million naira per year.

BENSON IDAHOSA UNIVERSITY: This is one of the most outstanding private Universities in Nigeria. The University was established in the year 2002 and has since then grown to a recognizable level now. Their school fess ranges between N350,000 to N1.9 million Naira each year.

  • BOWEN UNIVERSITY: This university has produced thousands and thousands of graduates through their high quality education standards, thereby justifying it’s high cost. Their school fees ranges between N450,000 and 1.3 million naira yearly.

Which Universities in Nigeria has the Largest Libraries?

  • Kwara state University
  • Covenant University
  • Babcock University
  • Obafemi Awolowo University
  • Ahmadu Bello University
  • The Landmark University
  • University of Ilorin
  • Nnamdi Azikiwe University

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