13 Best Fashion Schools in Akwa Ibom

As someone who loves fashion and probably wants a career in Fashion, you must have done the following :

  • Researched the history of fashion
  • You must have read up about great fashion designers and houses
  • You have read about fashion trends
  • You must looked at a lot of fashion magazines
  • You probably have attended or watched TV shows on fashion
  • You have an Idea of textile in and out.

    Those are very essential, but there will always be more which you will learn from fashion schools in Akwa Ibom. This is the reason I wrote on the article ”Fashion schools in Akwa Ibom” for those of you who might be interested in attending any of these fashion schools in Akwa Ibom.

Fashion Schools in Akwa Ibom

Read about the definition of Fashion here.

Chrisnorah Institute of Fashion and Textile Design.
Address: 16 Nsasak Street, Uyo
Phone: 08080685573

Dewillz Fashion Academy
Address: 326 Oron Rd, Uyo
Phone: 08067242029

Down Town Fashion and Designing Centre
Address: 135 Oron Rd, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State
Phone: 07065231456

Rimage Looks Fashion School
Address: No 18 Udouweme, Uyo , Akwa Ibom
Phone: 08067132597

Utara Fashion School
Address: No 169 Nwaniba Road, Uyo
Phone: 07068014227

Taribz Bridal and Couture Fashion School
Address: 180 Oron Rd by Ewet Housing Entrance beside Mayflower, Uyo
Phone: 09074420005

Abpat Fashion House
Address: 28 Ikot Ebido St, 520271, Uyo
Phone: 08168578199

Stitch and Knots Fashion Academy
Address: 55, Dominic Utuk Ave, Uyo
Phone: 08140065158

Penzrah School of Fashion
Address:Akai Effa, Before Orange Resort, 149 Mcc Road
Phone: 08068214368

Nolly C. Continental Fashion Industry
Address:16 Atakpo Street Uyo

Emmaco Fashion and Designs fashion school
Address: 41 Urua Ekpa Rd, Uyo
Phone: 08067825415

Yep Fashion and designs fashion training
Address: 41 Ikpa Rd, Uyo

Aniekpeno Fashion House Training
Address: 1 Brown Street, 520241, Uyo
Phone: 08169430971

Conclusion: Start high, go deeper than you are going to be taught in these schools, look to the stars, work harder and put in 10 times more effort than anyone you know. Give yourself time and watch you gain mastery.



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