33 Top Fashion schools in Kaduna{contacts & address}

Fashion is evolving over time and you can agree with me that there will always be major changes in the fashion trends from time to time. The reason for this is that there are different people with different cultures all coming from different backgrounds. It is also the reason I decided to compile a list of the 33 fashion schools in Kaduna where you can become a professional in Fashion.

So, there is always a change in the taste of people or customers over time. Hence there is need to always ensure the demands of customers are constantly met.

Fashion can equally be referred to as the most popular practices that is always trending. You hardly see a person in this generation that is unaware of what is going on in the fashion space especially our youths.

The fashion industries nowadays have their focus on clothing brands and with the availability of the social media platforms, there are many opportunities out there for you. Especially after making that decision of attending any of the fashion schools in Kaduna.

Facts you should know about fashion

Here are some of the factors to help you decide if you are going to attend the fashion schools in Kaduna or not.

Fashions gives you room to express yourself. Through the use of colors and and other relevant materials, people can have an idea of your personality.

Fashion is an expression of inner sense in the sense that just by what you put on, people are already aware of what stuff you are made of.

Fashion simply means evolution and it will always evolve.

When you are into the right fashion, it can change your life all for good.

Fashion designers are those artists that through creations give us a part of their lives.

Fashion brings beauty to the world.

Wearing beautiful outfits enhances your beauty. That is why people always want to look good.

Regardless of the budget, fashion is for everyone.

Fashion shows off attitude.

Fashion indicates Ideology.

What are the possible careers for you in Fashion?

Upon attending any of the fashion schools in Kaduna or any other fashion training centers, you are likely to vent into one of these:

Fashion Stylist

Fashion designer

Fashion photography

Fashion stylist

Fashion blogging

Fashion educationist.

Visual merchandizer and many more.

Should I go to a fashion school?

You might have been faced with questions like this in your mind trying to decide if you should attend a fashion school or not. Will attending these fashion schools in Kaduna be of help to me? Well, If you have noticed you have this passion for the fashion industry and have found needs or lapses which you think with you can be fixed. Not only that, if you have found found interest in the business, it’s marking and brand management then why not?

You really should consider attending a fashion school. More over if you have had a basic knowledge about fashion but attending a fashion school or a fashion training center should be an added advantage. why?

The social contacts you get will definitely be good for you both now and in the future.

Not just that, completing school equally shows your potential customers that you have undergone some training and has all it takes t give them the best.

So don’t give up on your other dreams. If you find ways to make it possible, then do it, even if it’s part time. Below is a list of the top fashion schools in Kaduna.

Check out these 10 reasons why Fashion is Important.

List of Fashion Schools in Kaduna

Below is a list of the fashion schools in Kaduna, however the list includes other fashion designers and vocational centers where you can learn fashion and become professional at it.

  • Treaty’s Fashion school
    4/5 Kazoga Hall, Jamaa Road, By Lagos Street, Kaduna
    Phone: 070 30 22 2222

  • Sahara Fashion school
    A7 Junction Rd, Kakuri, Kaduna
    Phone: 090 599 46 899

  • Sunny School of Fashion
     R9 Kontagora Road, by Ahmadu Bello Way, Kaduna
    Phone: 080 35 92 8807

  • Magvoile Fashion Academy
    2nd Floor, beside Sadauna Cresent, Kaduna
    Phone: 070 63 10 7778

  • Gyando Fashion school
    Shop 14 Pipeline Bayan Dutse, NAFDAC Rd, Narayi, Kaduna
    Phone: 090 65 36 8435

  • Mummy’s Fashion Center
    L4 Ahmadu Bello Way, Doka, Kaduna
    Phone: 0816 294 7355

  • Phynayo Fashion School
    5, Saloda Plaza, Feroro Road, Off Kachia Road
    Phone: Not Provided

  • Labey Memorial Fashion and Catering school
    28, Narayi Road, By Pipeline Junction, Ungwan Pama, Kaduna
    Phone: 070 361 26151

  • US Fashion School
    26, Zaria Road Sabon, Kaduna
    Phone: 070 664 091 80

  • El Xantos Fashion school
    Phone: 070694 117 97
    No 20 Narayi High Cost Kaduna, Narayi, Kaduna

  • J’s Exclusive Fashion School
    No.50 Kachia Road, south, Kaduna
    0813 915 5415

  • Eskaysk Fabrics
    Polytechnic quarters, Kaduna
    Phone: 070 319 444 92

  • Abdul Fashion Villa
    Phone: 0803 057 9675

  • Lisuit Fashion
     No. 11 Ken Shopping Complex, Narayi High Cost, Kaduna
    Phone: 080 345 15 853

  • Ms Fashion Palace
     NO 15 Zaria Rd, Kakuri, Kaduna
    Phone: 070 365 69602

  • Fashion House of Damsel Mimi
    No2 Mayere Road, narayi H/Cost, baranawa, Kaduna
    Phone: 0803 451 1323

  • 5 Slake Fashion Academy
    17 Egypt Road, Barnawa, Kaduna
    Phone: 0803 698 8028

  • Magvoile Vocational Center
    A8 Junction Road, 2nd Floor Beside, Kuturu Rd, 800211, Kaduna
    Phone: 0706 310 7778

  • Rakyyah Fashion School
    Yuham Plaza opposite Disney chicken by Gwandu road, Ahmadu Bello Way, Kaduna
    Phone: 0903 498 8065

  • Abdul Fashion center
    NO, 44 BDARAWA MAIN, Badarawa, Kaduna
    Phone: 070 366 23 626

  • Wealth Planet Fashion Institute
     Kachia road sabo kaduna south, Kaduna
    Phone: 0813 332 4013

  • Adexity Fashion Center
    U/Boro junction, Nnpc road, Chukun Street, Kaduna
    Phone: 0804 725 3698

  • Alisu Fashion Design center
     NO 4 Dutse Rd, Badarawa, Kaduna
    Phone: 08050202999

  • Mohammed Fashion Center
     1 Karaye Rd, Badarawa, Kaduna
    Phone: 080 60 771348

  • Harriy Fashion Center
    No 3 Pipeline Bayan, Dutse St, Narayi, Kaduna
    Phone: 081 659 75566

  • El-Jameel Fashion design Center
    17 Rigachukwu Road, Tudun Wada, Kaduna, Kaduna
    Phone: 080 345 160 55

  • Embecky Fashion house and Training Outfits
    Before Epitome Hotel, Testimony Plaza Room, 5 Congo St, Barnawa, Kaduna
    Phone: 08065 76 8447

  • Zazau Tailoring & Fashion Design
    Mn1, Zaria Rd, Rigasa, Kaduna
    Phone: 070 3232 6551

  • House of Bobi Fashion
    Suite 4B, Matz Plaza, Junction Road Before Ahmadu Bello Stadium Roundabout Doka, Kaduna State.
    Phone: 070 69 233 444

  • Divine Fashion Design
    No 24 Pipeline Bayan Dutse Narayi Kaduna State, Narayi, Kaduna
    Phone: 080 342 712 90

  • Mojan Fashion House
    17 Aliyu Makama Road, Barnawa, Kaduna
    phone: 0703 763 6058

  • Rukky Fashion design and Catering Center
    NO.14/15, BARNAWA COMPLEX ROAD, Barnawa, Kaduna
    Phone: 080 3660 7889

  • Samir Collection Tailoring
    Phone: 080 23 581 675

Fashion schools in Kaduna FAQs

Here are some of the questions which people ask about fashion schools in Kaduna and other places.

What makes a good fashion designer?

A good fashion designer is someone who has a good understanding of fabrics, garment construction, and a hand-full knowledge of other technical aspects.
Good fashion designers are able to communicate their Idea either on paper or elsewhere in order to be developed.
This is the reason most individuals attend a fashion school, so they can train and advance their skill set.

How do fashion designers make their prices?

Fashion designers make their prices based on who they are targeting, in the sense that their target can be the school children while others might be the rich politicians in the country.
They equally make their decisions based on the fabrics and finishes they use, I can remember being charged extra for embroidery sometime ago.
They also make their decisions based on the labor they put, the hard work.
Business expenses are part of the decision factors and finally they put their profit into consideration. Upon completion of your program in those fashion schools in Kaduna, these factors should be able to help you decide your price tags.
fashion schools in Kaduna

Conclusion: It’s not just about attending the fashion schools in Kaduna, do you have the passion to thrive in this competitive industry? Note that if you will be rich in this art you will be unique with unique designs as well. In all, it is interesting to be into fashion. Shoot your shot!!

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