12 Top Culinary schools in Johannesburg{address and Contacts}

Culinary art is the oldest and multi dimensional art you will find out there today. It is an art of joy, an art of flavor, an art of timing, an art of presentation, and finally an art of the kitchen.

Culinary arts is highly recognized with the television shows like Koffieboon S1, Heerlik Halaal S1 making culinary arts very interesting.

You might be thinking that culinary arts is just about cooking something in the kitchen and then serving it.

It is more than that. It actually involves properly preparing meals in the most efficient way, making it appetizing and delicious to customers.

Above all, if you are ready to work hard, put in vey long hours and always move around when there is a job to handle then I think you are going to succeed as a chef. consider these culinary schools in Johannesburg.

At the end of your program in those Culinary schools, you are referred to as a chef.

Therefore I really think you should consider attending any of the Culinary schools in Pretoria or any Culinary school at all in order to perfect your skills in the art of Culinary.

What are your career opportunities as a Chef?

You get to work as a Chef in a hotel or any hospitality establishment.
You can work in Kitchen Management positions .
You can work in Food craft institutes.
You can be a nutrition expert.
You can run some food related businesses in your area.

What do you get to learn in a Culinary School?

There are a lot of things which you will be taught in a culinary school but I will be talking about just a few of them.

Firstly you start with the basic culinary courses that is more about techniques and skills.
You learn the various ways to make proper use of kitchen equipment.
standard schools will love to take you on French techniques.
You learn some basic baking skills.
You are taught how to properly butcher .
You will equally be taught food costing .
Menu Pricing and ordering.
You also learn some business management techniques.
You get to learn how to properly set your table.
wine serving.
Dish washing techniques are not left out.
You also learn how to properly sanitize.
Above all, you learn how to organize and effectively manage your time.

How much does Culinary schools in Johannesburg cost?

Without much ado, Culinary schools in Johannesburg cost anything between 15,000 Rand to 150,000 Rand.

I gave that range because it defers in Culinary schools in Johannesburg. What they charge depends on their methodology of teaching and other factors. So it is best to pick a school and give them a call and find out how much they charge.

List of Culinary schools in Johannesburg

This is a list of the Culinary schools or Culinary arts schools in Johannesburg

  • JHB Culinary & Pastry School
  • Capsicum Culinary Studio
  • IIE School of Hospitality & Service Management Rosebank
  • Cooking Up a Storm Culinary Experiences
  • The Cooking Kitchen
  • Ushef Cooking School
  • Gills Cake Studio
  • Yum Culinary Benoni
  • HTA School of Culinary Art
  • The Baking and Culinary Institute Of South Africa
  • Taste-Buds Cook Club
  • 5 Percent Green

JHB Culinary & Pastry School

JHB is one of the best Culinary schools in Johannesburg that came into limelight in the year 2012.

It is a culinary school that has been able to Identified the importance of chefs having both a good experience and qualification.

It is a Private Culinary arts school that despite all odds give students an affordable and quality culinary education.

Located at 85 Commissioner St, Marshalltown, Johannesburg
Phone +27 11 024 52 77

Courses Fees
High Tea
Diploma in
Culinary Arts
Diploma in
Culinary schools in Johannesburg

They equally have winter classes .

Capsicum Culinary Studio

This is one of the best Culinary schools in Johannesburg that has fully equipped kitchens, equipped lecture rooms as well as equipped lecture halls. They have several other campuses littered in South Africa.

It boasts on it’s incredible facilities. This school is also one of the Part time culinary schools in Johannesburg.

It is a Culinary school where you get a wealth of knowledge and global experience as regards to customer-chef oriented attitudes.

They run several programs and courses which includes:

Advanced Professional Chef:

This course is based on kitchen operations, and practices. You equally gain leadership skills, communication skills and self development skills.

It is a three years program.

Professional Patisserie Programme
This course covers all the theoretical and practical aspect of kitchen operations.

You equally get a knowledge of cost control and other kitchen supervision techniques.
It is a year programme and can be taken part time.

Assistant Chef Programme:

This particular programme is basically for individuals who wants to enter the industry as assistant chefs.

You get almost the same training a chef gets and in the end you are sure of getting jobs from restaurants, hotels and Cafes.

Online Courses:

These are programs and courses that can be taken online. It is basically about the fundamentals of cooking.

In this course you are guided on the building blocks of the culinary industry.

It gives you the ability to launch yourself into further research and studies in culinary arts.

Capsicum Culinary studio is located at
3 Keyes Ave, Rosebank, Johannesburg
+27 11 234 896

IIE School of Hospitality & Service Management Rosebank

This is one of the top Culinary schools in Johannesburg that provides quality education in Hospitality and Service management. They are bent on delivering quality graduates to the world.

Upon Completion of your programme with them, you are likely to work as a Food service Manager. This of course is part of the jobs of a chef. This is why this school made it to this list.

They are Located at 3 Keyes Ave, Rosebank, Johannesburg
Phone: +27 11 234 1896

Cooking Up a Storm Culinary Experiences

This is one of the foremost Culinary schools in Johannesburg to offer on site customized culinary lessons.

With over 15 years experienced they have trained over hundreds of students regardless of age.

This school is also one of the Part time culinary schools in Johannesburg.

They give you the opportunity to book your lessons if you want. Some individuals book a lesson while some others book as much as 50 lessons.

Our Culinary staff once in awhile are trained as well to ensure they keep delivering the best to their students.

Finally their aim is to enrich the life of their students in some way or the other. Such that once you cook, people can have a testimony of the pudding.

Phone: +27 83 408 8802

The Cooking Kitchen

This is one the best culinary schools in Johannesburg that teaches you how to be professional chefs and how to prepare beautiful and delicious foods.

You equally learn how to present your food elegantly in an appealing form.

They have relaxed classes. The classes are equally interactive. There are after school extra-moral classes and young chef training workshops which holds every Saturdays.

They also offer:

Product Launches
Book club Social evenings
Guest chef appearances
Master chef-Style interactive parties.
Corporate team Building etc.

They are located 11 Ashford Rd, Parkwood, Johannesburg
+27 83 326 4933

Ushef Cooking School

Most South Africans are well known to love food. They are known for their interest in culinary art and their constant taking it as some sort of leisure.

The unique thing about this culinary school is their interest in the entertainment part of cooking. They make everything look interesting and easy for their students.

From Welcome drinks, to students putting on their hats and heading straight into the kitchen. You get all the assistance you need in cases of confusion.

Often times their courses cost R315.00 per person.

Current classes include:

Gift Vouchers
Domestic Diva’s Beginner and Advanced classes
Sensational Sushi classes etc.

They are located at 164 Church St, Johannesburg 
Phone: +27 11 462 8964

Gills Cake Studio

This is one of the best Culinary schools in Johannesburg where you get to learn how to create basic, Intermediate and advanced cake decorating techniques .

Their classes are made small for effective learning. There are a wide range of techniques to choose from.

Apart from training students on cake decoration, they are equally into producing professional wedding cakes.

They are located at 7 Seruna Street,, Ferndale, Randburg, Johannesburg,
Phone: +27 83 420 7902
Culinary schools in Johannesburg

Yum Culinary Benoni

This is one of the best culinary schools in Johannesburg that has a range of cooking classes that suites your cooking style.

They equally help students in advancing in good health, helps them in experiencing different cuisines, and finally in general wellness.

They help in showcasing the techniques and Culinary artistry in their chefling classes.

Also, in the chefling classes you start with the simplest recipes.

Then you are taught things on kitchen hygiene, food fun facts, and then insights on Multi-tasking and prioritizing tasks.

The classes has to either be a set of 5 classes with a total cost of about R1000 and then single classes that cost about R250.

They are located at Corner Davidson and, Malcolm St, Benoni, Johannesburg
Phone: +27 83 652 9180

HTA School of Culinary Art

This is one of the renowned culinary schools in Johannesburg that is accredited and is based on modular , development and outcome based trainings.

It was established in the year 1995 for the purpose of instilling into culinary students the fundamentals in producing top cuisines and kitchen management.

At HTA you have the chance of acquiring some level of theoretical and practical knowledge in the art of cooking.

Their professional chefs have a level of experience and knowledge that is enough to have graduates from their schools working as caterers and chefs in top hotels and restaurants as well as catering companies.

The most interesting part is that students receive membership to the south African chefs association which gives room for each student to have access to numerous conferences, competitions and networking opportunities.

They are located at 128 Bram Fischer Dr, Ferndale, Randburg
Phone: +27 11 285 0937
culinary schools in Johannesburg

The Baking and Culinary Institute Of South Africa

This is equally one of the Culinary schools in Johannesburg which I feel you would love to consider.

They are located at 11 Berkswell Rd, Gresswold, Johannesburg
Phone: +27 11 440 2370

Taste-Buds Cook Club

This can be considered as one of the culinary schools in Johannesburg that offer students different varieties of cooking styles.

They not only run the culinary aspect of the industry, they equally organize events, birthday parties, girl’s night out , kids party etc.

You are therefore not only taught how to be a professional chef but also get other relevant skills.

They have fun kids cooking classes as well. These classes is aimed at making children enjoy cooking.

You are taught how to be creative, basic cooking skills, and safety in the kitchen.

Some other courses which they are into include; sushi classes, cupcake courses, cake and pastry making etc.

They are located at Aries and Saturnus Avenue, Sundowner, Johannesburg
Phone: 072 846 7959 | 083 600 9096
Culinary schools in Johannesburg

5 Percent Green

They are known for teaching students how to become professionals in the culinary Industry.

They are located at 6 Winchester St, Westdene, Johannesburg
Phone: +27 11 054 7336


What are the basic things you are taught in Culinary schools?

You are taught safety and hygiene.

You are taught kitchen first aid.

You are taught cost control .

You are taught kitchen maintenance and design .

You equally learn Food photography and styling.

What are the Opportunities for you as a Chef?

Opportunity to travel around the world.

Opportunity to develop food products and have a brand.

Opportunity to start your own business.

Opportunity to be networked with top/celebrity chefs around the world.

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