5 Top Culinary schools in Pretoria

Before proceeding to the list of Culinary schools in Pretoria let us look at a few things.

Attending a Culinary school involves a mix time spent in classroom and some hands-on practical time.

You will agree with me that the classroom time isn’t anyone’s favorite in most cases.

But the other part where you get to learn about things like food costing, menu planning and scaling is the most interesting part of attending culinary schools.

If you are the type that hates classroom lectures, then you won’t be doing yourself any good by signing up into any of the Culinary schools in Pretoria.

Reason being that you learn the theory in class and then proceed to the kitchen for the practical.

Having said that, it think it is important to note that you are attending a culinary school to be a professional cook.

There are often times no short cuts to success. Therefore you need to bend down and learn through your months in classroom and of industrial experience.

I would have advised you to take on apprenticeships but there is a lot to gain from attending a culinary school as someone who has interest in cooking.

For example, you get to build your confidence, you develop your creativity acumen and above all, you learn broad fundamental skills that will make you successful in this field. Read on to find the List of Culinary schools in Pretoria.

Basic things you are taught in a Culinary school

safety and hygiene

Introduction to Nutrition

Fire and first aid

Cost control

Cake, sponge and biscuit products

Hot and cold dessert products

decorative mediums

Meringue based products

Kitchen maintenance and design

chocolate and sugar craft applications


Food photography and styling

Work integrated learning internship
Culinary schools in Pretoria

The good side of Culinary school

Work in top Kitchens:

Graduating from a culinary school gives you the opportunity to work in top kitchens in places like Paris, Tokyo, Barcelona, London etc.

With that certificate you are on your way up to fulfilling your cooking dreams as a chef in the culinary capitals of the world.

Start your own Business:

Chances are that you will start you own restaurant, café , catering companies or Bistros upon graduation.

So Culinary schools help you develop your entrepreneurship spirit and be your own boss.

Travel Around the World:

Upon graduating, you have chances of working in yachts, cruise ships as personal chefs of chef de partie.

Develop food products:

You also have the opportunity to create food products and put your labels on it .

Other things you could do at the end of your program includes food blogging, menu creation etc.

The bad side of Culinary school

Well the thing is, If someone is going to pay for your culinary school then I think it is worth it. This is because you take it as fun.

Cooking schools on a long run are expensive, but then with the help of YouTube and the internet, you can learn almost anything about food and cooking.

After spending huge amount of money, you are left with students debt most times and with limited kitchen jobs that pay high enough to take care of your loans.

Not just that, you will have to read your ass off even after the school in order to be good at what you do, prepare dishes without looking at any manual.

So in general, it is all about dedication.

You see yourself creating magic with your hands without having to attend a culinary school.
Culinary schools in Pretoria

Things to expect as a Chef

You will make life-long friends:

The chefs you end up working with in a restaurant or your private restaurant can end up becoming your very tight friends. This is because of the amount of time which you spend together.

You will be doing your dream Job:

For you to have decided to attend the Culinary schools in Pretoria, you have had that passion for it. So for some people being a chef is a dream come true. So you can agree with me that nothing can beat doing what you love.

It doesn’t pay so well:

Yes it doesn’t pay so well. And if you must earn high then you have to stand out. You have to do something different. Your skills have to be top notch and you can either be working for a big firm or running your own restaurant to be able to earn big.

Long hours:

Please expect to put in long hours of your time. Depending on your job, some chefs have to wake up as early as possible for work. It might be difficult at first but as someone who loves cooking, it shouldn’t be a problem.

List of Culinary schools in Pretoria

  • Steyn’s Culinary School
  • SA School of cookery
  • Capsicum Culinary studio
  • Kelkiewyn Catering and cooking classes
  • International Hotel School

Steyn’s Culinary School

This is one of the top Culinary schools in Pretoria that ensures students are offered the best qualifications that guarantees them employment and allows them perform well in the culinary industry.

There are many Culinary schools in Gauteng but there are just few who offer hands-on trainings to their students and Steyn’s Culinary school is one of such schools.

Here students are guided on the easiest ways or necessary know-how in most basic cooking skills and advanced techniques.

Here are some of their programs:

Professional courses:

These courses serve as a stepping stone into the culinary world. Major emphasis are usually placed on practical cookery, catering theories, menu planning and food costing.

There are 19 weeks of tutoring and a week of exams. After this, you are referred to an industry for at least 6 months of Industrial training.

They have the CITY & GUILDS CERTIFICATE IN CULINARY ARTS which lasts for 12 months ; this serves as your building block towards becoming that professional chef.

They also have the QCTO OCCUPATIONAL CHEF CERTIFICATE which lasts for three years. This is where you go extensive into the culinary world. These professional courses are what distinguishes them fro other Culinary schools in Pretoria.

10 Weeks Part Time Course:

This course introduces you into the culinary world and of course with the vital practical sessions.

This particular course is taken once a week for 10 lessons. Upon completion, you receive a certificate.

8 weeks baking course:

This course runs for 8 weeks. It is a part time course with a basic in-depth training.

Trainings consists of the theory and practical sessions.

It is planned in such a way that at the end of each lesson on a particular product, the product is baked.

Moreover you get a certificate in the end.

Fun Cooking Classes:

Classes in this section consists of recipes, food preparation, cooking items and ingredients.

Each participant s given an opportunity to prepare their own items.

You also learn how to debone a chicken and how to cook Moroccan food, interestingly all classes are according to your needs.

They are located at 345 Glyn St, Hatfield, Pretoria.
Phone: +27 12 362 5340.

SA School of cookery

This is one of the top Catering schools in Pretoria, south Africa that doesn’t believe learning should be just through demonstrations.

Founded in the year 2004 and since then has provided practical courses for chefs .

It is one of the culinary schools in Pretoria where you will find most of their students always in the kitchen practicing.

Their courses are the most intensive in south Africa which tells you how much they equip their students for the Culinary industry.

They equally have the best and experienced chefs.

Despite all that, they do not require students to come with equipment or purchase materials for practical sessions as everything is provided .

This SA Cookery is internationally recognized. At the end of their trainings, students are sent to big establishments for their industrial training as part of the training.

There Full time courses include:

Professional Cookery and Pastry Diploma (one year duration)

Professional Cookery diploma( 6 months duration)

Their Day Release Part-time Courses include:

Food Preparation and Cooking principles ( 5 months duration)

Professional Cookery Diploma ( 5 months duration)

Professional pastry certificate (5 months duration)

They are among the few Culinary schools in Pretoria that offers the day release part time courses.

They are located at The brickworks, 13 Brickworks road, salt River, Cape town.
Phone: +27 021 447 3168 | +27 84 057 7324

290 Malherba St, capital Park, Pretoria
Phone: +27 12 323 5500

Capsicum Culinary studio

Capsicum Culinary Studio Pretoria campus has a fully equipped kitchen and classroom for lectures.

They equally have access to Wi-Fi, and a nearby public transport facility .

This is one of the top culinary schools in Pretoria where students are shaped and empowered to become professional chefs tomorrow.

Courses at Capsicum Culinary studio Includes:

  • Advanced Professional chef:
    It is a 3 years duration course that covers the major practical and theoretical parts of the culinary industry.

    Other tings you get to learn here includes components of kitchen operations, effective leadership skills, communication skills, Culinary practices and patisserie skills. These professional courses in these listed Culinary schools in Pretoria play a major role in building a chef.
  • Professional Chef Programme:
    This course is a one year duration course that covers the theoretical, practical and workplace components of the kitchen.

    That also includes kitchen supervision, communication and self development skills. You are trained to be fully confident in yourself upon completing your program.
  • Professional Patisserie Programme:
    This is equally a 1 year duration course that covers the basic pastry applications.
    You also get to learn things like cost control and other basics of kithen supervision.
  • Fundamental Chef Programme:
    The duration of this course is 8 months and it covers the fundamental knowledge associated with the food preparation industry.

    You equally learn kitchen operations and basic food preparation techniques.
  • Food and Beverage Services Programme:
    the duration of this program is one year. This course is unique as it brings together elements of food and drink preparation.

    This particular qualification is applicable in other sectors as well not just in restaurants and hotels.
  • Rookie Chef:

    Here you just learn the basic cooking and Knife skills under the guidance of a tutor within a very short period of time.
  • Short Order Cook Bootcamp:

    Attendees of their boot camp are equipped with the necessary skills to excel in anything short order cooking environment.

    The boot camps gets you ready to take a job in the fast food industry just right after completion

They are located at 134 Aramist Avenue, Menlyn Square
Phone: 012 993 0071

Phone: +27 86 111 2433

International Hotel School

This Culinary school is not just one of the top Culinary schools in Pretoria , but can be said to be one of the best in the whole of South Africa.

This school helps you choose the right course upon arrival and also gives you some financial guidance.

At the end of your program, you receive an Internationally recognized Certification.

Higher Certificate in Hospitality Management:

This is a full time program that provides students with relevant skills and practical works that helps them become professionals in their field.

Higher certificate in Food and Beverage Management:

This course equips students to pursue their career in the restaurant, food and beverage field.

You get to learn things like food safety, food management, New business development etc.

Professional Cookery Programme:

Things you learn here include how to prepare Food, Hygiene in the kitchen, food storage, Nutrition, Menu planning, Budgeting and cost control, Kitchen maintenance, Operations & Supervision in the Hospitality Industry etc.

However there are other courses which you might consider in this school.

Phone: +27 21 204 2194
127 Cecil Road, Salt River, Cape town.

Kelkiewyn Catering and cooking classes

This is one of the best fashion schools in Pretoria that provides the best setting where the experienced and the unexperienced get the opportunity to acquire cooking skills, increase their creativity and broaden their repertoire.

It was founded in the year 2004 and since then has gathered experiences.

They are located at 769 Volkstrust street Pretoria
Phone: +27 12 991 3483

Is Culinary Art a good Career?

Recently people are finding interest in Culinary arts. It is a profession that requires you to know how to cook.

Not only that, it also requires you to know how to mange the kitchen and keep up with people’s demand and trend.

In General, a career in Culinary arts is very promising. Even if you don’t end up working for any hotel or restaurant you have the capacity to run your private food company .

So you see, on the long run you end up having a stable source of income and employment.
Culinary schools in Pretoria

Conclusion: As someone who has interest in fashion, I’d like you to know that there is no profession where you can’t make six figures. All it will take you is determination and hard work.

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