7 Top fashion schools in Montreal

If you have a penchant for fashion and an eye for creativity then I think a career in Fashion is something you need to consider.

If you have a unique sense of designs in fashion, then I think it is time to consider these fashion schools in Montreal .

You have to know that in this career path if you work hard enough then success is inevitable for you.

It is then that you will get to know how fulfilling it is to have your work being worn by your clients. Having that passion for fashion is one thing, improving on it is another thing.

This is why I have compiled a list of the fashion schools in Montreal where you can go and get proper training in the art of fashion.

How to succeed as a Fashion designer

Fashion is refreshing and it’s always fun if you know the art so well.

There are so many challenges however you can be able to work smoothly as a designer if you did grab the basics.

Fashion will never go out of demand as people will always want to look good before stepping out of their door.

You will need to Identify your target customer base.

Identify the fashion needs of your target customers.

You need to learn how to forecast sales in the current fashion trend, this helps you decide the number of such productions you will do.

Always select and buy the right materials. determining your working resources is a careful decision to make in order to meet your customer’s specifications.

After that, you can conceptualize, design and then develop your idea.

Plan the pricing, the promotion and how to distribute your already made fashion products.

What are the career opportunities for you as a fashion designer?

There are so many you can do upon getting a degree from fashion schools in Montreal or other fashion schools out there and they include:

Pattern Cutter, Costume designer, Fashion Forecaster, Fashion stylist, Fabrics and Trims

purchaser, Fashion Journalist, Image Consultant, Quality controller, Production supervisor, and Trend forecaster.

But then a on a more professional scale these are some of the jobs you do as a fashion designer after your training or upon graduation. They are:

Fashion Designer:

Fashion designers are responsible for creating looks, that is clothing construction in general.

They add natural beauty to a mere fabric. Often times what clothing they make depends on the

culture and trend. Therefore a fashion designer creates dresses, pants, skirts and accessories etc.

Fashion photographer:

This is a career path in fashion; which is the art of displaying clothing and other fashion items.

Most often times this is seen in magazines and adverts.

Fashion photographers do not only snap for the moment, most times they document these

photos to enable the next generation to see the most fashionable times. This preserves the industry.

Fashion stylist:

A fashion stylist is oftentimes called a Wardrobe stylist.

They are consultants who select clothing most suitable for things like adverts, editorial features, Music videos, performances at concerts, modelling, public appearances etc.

They collaborate with stylists, fashion photographers and make-up artists in order to come up with a suitable look.

Fashion marketing:

Often times this is referred to as fashion merchandising. It is one of the things you will learn while attending fashion schools in Montreal or any other fashion school out there.

It is the process of planning and promoting goods and services in the fashion industry most especially to the right audience.

If you are hardworking enough you are pretty sure of making a decent salary as a fashion marketer.

Average Salary
Intern$32k to $38k
Coordinator$42k to $55k
Specialist$45k to $52k
$64k to $89k
Merchandiser$31k to $63k
Publicist$41k to $66k

Fashion blogging:

A fashion blog is a type of blog that focuses more on fashion.

The fashion industry, being a multi-million industry is covered in all ramifications by fashion blogs. In turn, they make money.

Oftentimes brands start blogs in order to promote their products and increase their online presence.

Fashion entrepreneurs:

A fashion entrepreneur is someone who works basically with the fashion industry.

Their major work is to create networks within the fashion industry for profitability and profile building.

Other things fashion entrepreneurs do include: business planning, raising finance, innovations, sales and marketing and business management skills.

Visual Merchandiser:

The visual merchandiser helps promote image, products and services for businesses and organizations in the fashion industry.

They create displays that are eye-catching layouts. They also draw designs and plans, dress dummies, arrange screens, posters and fabrics.

Fashion Illustrator:

A fashion Illustrator communicates fashion Ideas in visual form through illustrations drawings and painting. This helps fashion designers to visualize and preview before the sewing begins.

Fashion Educationist:

These are people who have a blend of creativity and Knowledge and can impart fashion education into individuals for building writing skills pertaining to the fashion industry.

Costume Designer:

A costume designer is a person who designs costumes for television shows and stage production. They work alongside hair stylists and make up artists most times.

Is Fashion Designing a tough course?

If you love fashion and designing or considering pursuing a degree in the fashion schools in Montreal, For you, every day comes with a new challenge, so I really think you should prepare yourself for that.

Problem-solving acumen is one of the things required to be good in fashion designing.

You have to sketch, colour your fabric and oftentimes you have to travel to find the fabric.

Most nights you will give up sleep in order to complete your design projects and submit them the next morning.

It involves the use of computer techniques and elaborate machine works.

You need just a little knowledge of your basic math for drafting cost sheets.

So for me, fashion designing is a tough course, but then nothing good comes easy.

List of fashion schools in Montreal

  1. LaSalle College
  2. Academy of arts and design
  3. School Fashion Du Cegep Marie-Victorin
  4. École de design de l’UQAM
  5. La Fabrique Éthique
  6. Ecole Superieure de Mode
  7. College D’Art Et De Design De

LaSalle College

This is one of the fashion schools in Montreal that helps you discover many facets of the fashion industry.

In this school, your talents in design, management planning and beauty are developed. At LaSalle College, students have the option of taking their classes in either English or French.

LaSalle also has a work-study program for students which allows students to take on paid internships during the period of their studies in order to gain experience.

Here are some of the courses they offer:

DEC in Fashion and Design: This course teaches students how to create collections for specific demographic niches. This course combines both virtual and online classes. Most times you see other fashion schools in Montreal offering this course to interested students.

Upon graduation, you receive your certificate and you can work as a fashion designer, stylist, modeller, Pattern maker or fashion coordinator.

DEC in Fashion Marketing: Through this program, you get a chance to learn the fundamentals of fashion marketing. You are exposed to the realities of the industry

During your period of study, students get many opportunities to participate in conferences, industrial visits and fashion events.

Other courses include Fashion styling, Technical clothing Designer, Professional Creative Photography.

Address: University St, Montreal
Phone: +1 514 875 5757

Academy of arts and design

This is one of the fashion schools in Montreal that offers its students the unique chances of expressing their creativity and passion.

Apart from fashion design, they offer other programs like:
Interior design
Animation design
Graphic design
Fashion marketing

Taking the aforementioned program yields you a collegiate degree that is recognized by the Canadian government.

You can take your courses at any time of your choice and you have the option to attend on a full time or part-time basis.

They are located on the 2nd Floor, 7305 Marie Victorin Brossard, Quebec
Phone: 1.800.268.9777 | 514. 875. 9777

School Fashion Du Cegep Marie-Victorin

This is one of the top fashion schools in Montreal that offers fashion design programs amongst other courses. In simple terms, it is a school that helps students become fashion designers.

At the end of your training, you can either work as an employee offering your services to other fashion companies, run your own fashion company, or market your own creations.

You have to be versatile to do well in this institution considering the multitude of tasks that you will be exposed to and expected to perform.

Good knowledge of Technology and mastery of the English language is an added advantage.

You also have work-study opportunities as well as Financial assistance opportunities for their students.

Address: Rue Marie Victorin, Montreal
Phone: +1 514 325 0150

École de design de l’UQAM

This is one of the fashion schools in Montreal that offer the following courses apart from Fashion design:

Graphics design
Industrial design
Architectural design
Urban design
Event design
Design of transport equipment etc

They were created in the year 1969 and then was transformed into a design school in the year 2000. They also have developed a second and third graduate program.

It is one of the fashion schools in Montreal that is located at 1440 Rue Sanguinet, Montreal

Address: Rue Sanguinet, Montreal
Phone: +1 514 987 3000


La Fabrique Éthique

This Institution is one of the fashion schools in Montreal that has a young and dynamic team of professionals in the fashion industry.

They are experts in teaching and democratizing sewing in order to make it enjoyable for you.

They have a good method of teaching which makes them easily synthesize and transfer knowledge easily. They have skills to teach you ways to fit patterns to your measurements, draw patterns, create swimwears, copy patterns and stretch fabrics sewing.

This fashion school has several workshops, a cosy studio that gives you the best learning environment, and sewing machines & tools which are all at your disposal.

Their Library is top-notch with all kinds of sewing books which has several sewing patterns in them.

Address: Rue Parthenais Studio, Montreal
Phone: +1 514 898 0150

Ecole Superieure de Mode

This is one of the fashion schools in Montreal which allows students to develop the integral design of clothing collections during their training.

It is a school that helps students in the aspect of concepts innovation and creative process contextualization.

This is a school where you get a clear vision of what fashion is especially in the cultural and theoretical context.

It is also a school where fashion research is explored. You get to explore the challenges of fashion and how to fix them.

Address: Marie-Victorin
Phone: +15 14 875 9777

Other Fashion schools in Montreal Include:

College D’Art Et De Design De

Address: 3414 Park Ave, Montreal Quebec
Phone: +1 514 935 9309

fashion schools in Montreal FAQs

What are the cheapest fashion schools in Canada?

The top cheapest fashion schools in Canada include:

Sheridan College: Tuition $4,958 to $17,799 for the full program

Seneca College: Tuition $1,510 to $6,795 for a term

Fanshawe College: Tuition is between $2,312 to $8, 887 for a term

Academy of design: Tuition is $385 for each credit hour.

Richard Robinson Fashion Design Academy: Tuition is between $6,500 to $12,000 for the full program.
Skills to possess to become a successful fashion designer:

You need to have or Improve on your drawing skills

Good communication skills are vital

Get a little bit of knowledge of fashion history

Understand the fashion market

Passion and dedication

Hard work
fashion schools in Montreal

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