10 Top Culinary schools in Montreal

Having important skills matter, being creative matters more, but being able to make a common recipe matters most as Chefs.

You have to always try and set a food trend with your own special signature on it.

If you love cooking, then cook, make money through this career but only if you are 100% sure you can handle all that it brings.

Being on this page, you are either a chef or someone who has interest in Culinary arts. If you belong to any of that class then you must have these three things.

You must have that passion for Cooking, stamina and some level of creativity skills.

Do you enjoy cooking to the extent that you can do it 40 hours a week? then yes this article is for you.

Obviously everyone can get into the kitchen and make something for dinner but working in a kitchen where you prepare amazing dishes but not have a chance to eat it is called passion.

Passion for cooking is also involving long hours of your day cooking and working in a pressured environment.

If you possess any of those traits, considering any of the culinary schools in Montreal is not a bad Idea.
culinary schools in Montreal

The Interesting part of being a Chef

Generally people love chef’s most especially bartenders. Impressing the opposite sex can be considered the best perk.

You might find women in the supermarkets who have come to purchase some ingredients but then are not too sure on how to make a basic dish from those ingredients, then suggesting to cook it for them can establish some sort of relationship.

However that’s not the most interesting thing about being a chef. The most interesting thing about being a chef is your ability to create magic with food that makes people feel good.

Everyone loves to eat, creating a dish that sets you out from every other chef out there is a great way to begin.

You see them always coming back for more.

Please note that you may not be paid so generously but the fulfillment you get from living your dream matters.

Other interesting things about being a chef includes:

watching people enjoy the magic you’ve created with your hands.

The kitchen banter between professional chefs.

Customers returning just to request for the same food .

You get to put smiles on people’s faces above all.

Do Chefs enjoy their Job?

Chefs work all the time. Holidays, nights, even on their birthdays’ and special anniversaries.
When everyone else is busy partying, they are there working and then when every one is out there at the beach they are there sleeping.

They do all these just for them to be paid a peanut. Chefs have unique problems such as the rush involved in doing a job well against all odds and other things.

Chefs are compressive, in the sense that their satisfaction is in the enjoyment of others. They are happy when people enjoy their food .

So yes, chefs enjoy their job amidst the long hours of work and standing up they equally sit down and create new things.
Being a chef can be compared to being an artist, a lot of sacrifices are involved.

But the ones who have passion for it love it because it is a creative expression that is very much gratifying.

Being a chef therefore is unique, they are like a cog in a machine that truly makes things happen. I can conclude by saying nothing can really be greater than that.
Culinary schools in Montreal .

What are the types of chefs?

Surprisingly there are kitchen hierarchies. This is mostly found in professional restaurants and hotels. These different types of chefs have the capability to perform different types of tasks in the kitchen as dully assigned.


    This category of chefs do the most jobs in ensuring the restaurants general success. They are good at business management, menu engineering, observation of the daily operations, and training of newly employed chefs and cooks.

    These group of chefs are just known to be good at what they do. They do the following:
    Prepare pastries and deserts, preparation of soups and stew, obtaining the cooking materials from suppliers and retailers.

    Often times they are needed in large establishments to keep up with the demand for chefs.

Advantages and disadvantages of being a chef

Advantages of being a chef:

It is an avenue for you to unleash your creative skills.

Unlimited employment opportunities.

It is an opportunity for you to travel around the world especially if you’re working in cruise ships, airplanes and yachts

You get any girl you love.

You are exposed to a lot of cultures and their cuisine.
Disadvantages of being a chef:

You get a lot of scares and burns.

The pay for chefs is usually not high except you get a job in one of the five star hotels or restaurants.

You put in long hours of your time at work moreover labor is intensive.

Sometimes it depletes your physical and mental life.

Sometimes they get addicted to alcohol and drugs.

How much does a chef earn annually?

The salary of a professional chef who is working with the top hotels and restaurants in the world often times can clock several thousand dollars.

The salary as a junior staff or as a beginner is often times not encouraging compared to the long hours which you have put in.

On the average, a chef is projected to earn between $32,000 and $86,000 annually as reported in the year 2009.

Owning restaurants, writing books, and launching cooking utensils gives room for additional income.

List of Culinary schools in Montreal

  1. Pius Culinary Institute and Business centre
  2. Leonardo Da Vinci
  3. Ateliers & saveurs-Plateau Mont-Royal
  4. The Lincoln Apartment Bakery
  5. Chef En Vous
  6. Atelier de Cuisine Table Rouge
  7. Culinary Guild
  8. Masala Indian Restaurant & cooking school
  9. St Pius x Career Centre
  10. Academy Culinary De Montreal

Pius Culinary Institute and Business centre

This is one of the Culinary schools in Montreal that provides you with the required education and tools which are very essential for you to succeed in the industry.

At the end of your training, you can be able to compete in the culinary world.

Some of the interesting programme run by this institute includes:

Professional Cooking: This course teaches students how to cook, how to transform and finally how to store food.

It in general prepares students to be professional cooks in the existing variety of the food industry.

At the end you can work in hotels, cruise ships, hotels and restaurants.

You get a certificate at the end of your programme; Diploma of Vocational Studies.

Food and Beverages:

This program trains students on how to receive orders in English or French .

They also learn the recommended ways to serve wine and the most technique ways to provide beverage services.

Another thing you get to learn is how to prepare dining rooms for both formal and informal setting. In the end you get the certificate; Diploma of Vocational Studies.

Pastry making:

This program trains students to on how to make pastries of different varieties, creams and biscuits of different varieties, how to make breads & doughnuts, and pastry decoration in general.

At the end you are likely to work in hotels , cafeterias, food stores or you can equally run a catering company.

At the end of your program, you get a certificate; Attestation of Vocational specialization.

They are locate at 9955 Papineau Avenue Montreal, Quebec and you can contact them on (514)-381-5880

Leonardo Da Vinci

This is one of the well established culinary schools in Montreal that offers a selection of courses. They give you the opportunity to make recipes on your own as part of the learning process.

Often times you get the opportunity to work in the kitchen with some of the best chefs in most popular restaurants who teach you the art of spicing exquisite meals in an explosion with different flavours.

At this culinary school you get to learn the proven methods which you will follow in making healthy and tasty meals.

Their courses are designed for both adults and kids. There are different levels and programs to suit you.

Their facilities are breathtaking and they not only run a culinary school but also organize events.

They are located at 8370 Boulevard Lacordaire, Saint-Leonard.
Phone: 514-955-8370 | 514-955-8350 | 514-955-8535

Ateliers & saveurs-Plateau Mont-Royal

This is one of the First Culinary schools in Montreal that offers their students cooking and cocktail classes that will launch them into the culinary industry.

The Culinary school is friendly and accessible with participatory classes. You get to prepare the dishes by yourself , cook, taste and discuss.

It is important you know that all their instructors are professionals who either have gathered several years of experience or are in charge of some great restaurants.

It is among the Culinary schools in Montreal that has the passion of driving into students the passion for good things.

They have cooking classes, cocktail classes, wine tasting classes and group events.

They are located at St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec
Phone: +1 514 849 2866

The Lincoln Apartment Bakery

This is one of the Culinary schools in Montreal with specialization in baking.

They are all about hands-on practical workshops with a lot of goodies to take home even after completion of your program.

It is one of the best Culinary schools in Montreal that teaches you ways to master the homemade cakes, cookies and other interesting treats.

You are taught the very essential tricks and tips to baking. Even if you haven’t gotten a chance to bake, they have perfect classes for beginners.

If also you are good at baking, it is very good place to improve your skills.

Their classes can be in English, French or Spanish. Most culinary schools in Montreal has this language barrier.

They have all the materials, therefore you would not need to bring anything from home. Often times you are allowed to go home with projects which you have worked on.

They are located at St Ambrose St, Montreal
Phone: +1 514 443 0163

Chef En Vous

This is one of the best Culinary schools in Montreal that has special activities designed to guide you through the steps to preparation of meals.

They have a relaxed setting which promotes interaction between trainees and their instructors. You are sure to be always busy preparing meals.

This is one of the Culinary schools in Montreal where the chef in you emerges. You are often required during your course to prepare four course meals.

Unlike other Culinary schools in Montreal, there are no cleanings to do, you just have to go to the kitchen and learn.

There are friendly competitions between trainees called the battle of the chefs where you take up challenges and in the end the ultimate chef is declared.

Not just that, they also help clients organize events all according to your taste and and demands.

They are located at Vanessa Gianfrancesco, General manger 1751 Richardson, suite Montreal, Quebec.
Phone: (514) 354-1600 | (514) 303-98802

Atelier de Cuisine Table Rouge

Atelier de Cuisine is one the top Culinary schools in Montreal which has a welcoming environment with an easy-to-follow class.

There classes start at just $85, not minding the vast number of courses at our disposal. At this culinary school, there are short classes that suits you.

They equally have programs for kids with unique ideas that help your kids do well in the kitchen. They learn food skills and the importance of eating healthy.

another service they render is venue rentals.

They have over 3 years of experience, over 75 classes and numerous chefs to handle these courses.

Culinary Guild

This is one of the best culinary schools in Montreal where you discover the real pleasure of cooking. If you are a beginner or a professional, there will always be a particular class for you to improve.

It is a place where you share and discover skills and recipes.

There are varieties of culinary activities offered through their years of experience.

You are taught most of the recipes and often times given a chance to prepare them in a relaxed setting.

Their cooking classes includes Mixology, Pastry, starting skills, wine, Baking, appetizers, Asian cuisine, demos, themes and Gastronomical cuisine.

Above all there are classes for children as well. This category of class has a parent and a kid involved.

There is so much more to discover in this Culinary school.

Masala Indian Restaurant & cooking school

This is one of the top Culinary schools in Montreal that offers cooking classes to those interested.

There are one to two hours class for their students followed by a meal.

They not only teach you the art of culinary, but also help you organize birthday parties and anniversaries.

Some of the things you learn how to prepare here include; appetizers ( lentil soup, vegetable samosas, papadum) and then they have their main menu which comprises of; chicken masala, Lamb korma, Jumbo shrimp masala etc.

They are located at 1906 centre street, Montreal H3K 1H9
Phone: 514-287-7455

St Pius x Career Centre

This is one of the professional culinary schools in Montreal Canada that provides you with the required education and tools required for you to succeed in culinary arts.

At the end of their programs, you can be sure of some numerous employment opportunities coming your way.

You might be wondering what you stand to get upon attending St Pius. We all know how relevant chefs are in today’s world, St Pius helps you acquire necessary skills to work in restaurants and hotels, educational institutions as instructors, as well as health care institutions.

you are also qualified to work on ships, food production facilities and as caterers.

Amongst other Culinary schools in Montreal, they are equally good at explaining menu preparation to students as well as strategies to perform billing operations.

They are located at English Montreal School Board Fielding Avenue, Montreal.
Phone: 514-483-7200

Academie Culinary De Montreal

This is one of the Culinary schools in Montreal which I consider suitable and I think you would love to attend.

They have a welcoming staff with stunning facilities. there are equally short courses for you as well as long term courses.

They are located at Champ De Mars St, Montreal, Canada
Phone: +1 514 393 8111

Culinary schools in Montreal FAQ

What are the skills you need to become a good chef?

Being able to cook is very essential, but there are some traits which you must posses to succeed in Culinary schools in Montreal. They include:


The importance of you having interest in what you are about to delve in cannot be over emphasized. Practice makes you perfect.

It is that passion that will drive you to constantly practice.

Open to new Ideas:

as someone who is about to get into any of the culinary schools in Montreal, you have to calm down and listen to what you are being taught. Even if it’s something you are familiar with, learn and unlearn till you are perfect.


Organization is an essential trait. It is very important to have that interest in tidying the kitchen just right after use. Organization will equally help you manage your staff once you become your own boss.


A chef is always creative, how the food tastes and looks has to be attractive to customers. All of that requires creativity.

Time Management:

This is one of the things which you will be taught in culinary schools in Montreal. It is your ability to manage time that will help you multitask .

Leadership skills:

Leadership skills will be needed once you start handling bigger jobs. You might not be taught this in the Culinary schools in Montreal, but try to develop it in order to be able to control your staff when the time comes.

International cooking workshop in Montreal

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