Top 13 Fashion design schools in Zimbabwe

Fashion design schools in Zimbabwe

Educationplanetonline , will be taking you through on all you need to know about fashion and fashion schools in Zimbabwe.

What you need to Know about Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is one of those countries found in southern Africa. While growing up, I know you must have heard about the Zambezi river, the Victoria falls, as well as the Patoka falls. These are just a few of the notable things about Zimbabwe.

The capital of Zimbabwe is Harare and has about 14 million people in it. It has a very rich culture with English language being the official language . There are some other languages such as Ndebele and Shona. Zimbabwe has a high adult literacy unlike their children who hardly go beyond primary schools.

What you need to know about Fashion in Zimbabwe?

Basically, the traditional in Zimbabwe is such that many people love the colorful wraparounds and headdresses. The head dresses is a sign of respect, especially to their husbands, although it can be worn by both male and female.

In addition to those dresses, they love ornaments of large sizes and history has it that the size of these ornaments tell their ages, especially their women.

There is the Nguba for married women, which they hang over their shoulders. This Nguba, which is more like a blanket is mostly worn with a hoops of twisted grass which are beaded.

This shows their marital status. They like rings, which they wear on their arms, legs and neck. The animal skin is of great significance to them as well.

Generally, Fashion in Zimbabwe is about passion, about taste, about values and culture.

For men, breastplates which are often made from animal skins are the most common.

Zimbabwean Fashion for Men

For the men, the breastplate forms the main part of their attire. The local name for it is Iporiyana. There are head bands made from animal skins which they wear on their head and sometimes on their ankle.

The interesting story about the animal skin and why it is very important to them is that each group in group in Zimbabwe has a particular animal which are associated with them. That is, it differs from tribes . Once you are in Zimbabwe, You might not need to study in fashion design schools in Zimbabwe before you will know these things.

Zimbabwean Fashion for Women

fashion design schools in zimbabwe
fashion design schools in Zimbabwe

The traditional dresses for women are made up mostly of beautiful beads and ornaments. The dresses usually colorful and bright. The married ones in Zimbabwe always have the blanket over their shoulder with the thick hoop of grasses that are beaded.

Not only that, Zimbabwean women wear some form of head covering as well, just to show their respect for their husbands.

While entering the stage of being a proper woman, they wear aprons that are beaded. If not that, then they must wear a skirt that is beaded usually given to them by their moms during the initiation period.

List fashion design schools in Zimbabwe

Interested in studying fashion in fashion design schools in zimbabwe? Then below is a list of the fashion and design schools in Zimbabwe. that is places where you can study fashion and design in Zimbabwe.

  1. Council Room University of Zimbabwe
  2. Speciss College: Visit speciss here.
  3. Bulawayo Polytechnic
  4. People’s college
  5. University of Zimbabwe
  6. Mutare Polytechnic
  7. Zimbabwe open University
  8. Chinhoyi University of Technology
  9. Great Zimbabwe University
  10. Midlands State University
  11. Solusi University
  12. Milan Fashion Institute
  13. Arundel School

fashion design schools in zimbabwe Conclusion:

Zimbabwe is a nation with so many untapped potentials, especially in the fashion industry. Consider going to any of these fashion design schools in Zimbabwe and project yourself to greater heights. Please leave a comment below, if you found this article helpful.


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