25 Top Catering schools in Kaduna{address & contacts}

Studying in a catering school is more like you deciding to take a walk in park. Yes! it is that easy but only if you are passionate about cooking.

But if not, before you finally consider attending any of the catering schools in Kaduna then you must have in mind that finding catering schools interesting depends on you.

It requires some amount of hard work and strong dedication. You will always have to expect some practical and a lot of theories.

Usually you are likely to start with the basic courses that teach the techniques and skills involved. Ranging from knife skills down to utilizing other kitchen tools.

A standard catering school will teach you basic cake techniques, French techniques, Butchery and the easiest ways to Identify and prepare different kinds of recipes.

You equally get to learn things like Food costing, ordering, menu preparation, serving, hosting and proper management techniques.

Other common techniques which you will be taught in a standard catering school include:

Menu planning.
Dish washing duties.
Proper sanitation.
Time management.

Having read this long, you can agree with me that to succeed as a caterer is all about making delicious meals and the techniques involved won’t be something too hard for you to handle.
Catering schools in Kaduna

What are the most common Food to cook as a Caterer in Kaduna?

Tuwon Shinkafa and Miyan Tuashe:

This particular pudding is a popular food in Kaduna that is made from local rice, millet and maize. Most often it is served with different soups.

Tuwon is best served with Miyan Tuashe; a pumpkin soup.

Miyan Kuka: Miyan Kuka is equally one of the most popular soups in Kaduna. The preparation of this soup is often times taught in most catering schools in Kaduna. This soup is made from baobab leaves and dried okra. It can be best served with Dawa.

Pate Masara:

This in simple terms can be called the dried corn jollof. It is often made from boiling corn till it is soft. The water doesn’t dry completely. It is simply boiled and then blended with seasoned pepper.


Another name for this is Acha Porridge. It is simply a very nutritional maize pudding. It is often advised to be taken by people of all ages. This is because of it’s nutritional qualities.

Tuwon dawa:

This particular recipe is ground guinea-corn that is made thick and solid and can easily be taken with soups like the Kuka and Okra. To be prepared well it is advised to be prepared on firewood.

Others: There are other dishes which people living in Kaduna obviously would love you make for them as a caterer. They include: Tuwon Acha, Miyan Kubewa, Miyan Yakuwa, Fura Dee’nunu and others. So as a caterer, if you plan to run your catering service in Kaduna, that is after completing your program at the catering schools in Kaduna, then you should consider these meals.

Top reasons why you should choose a job as a caterer

Having so many caterers available, it might be a bit difficult to discover your path in catering job.

But the catering job is not such that goes out of business as individuals with continue to eat no matter what.

So the catering business is a very resilient one and will continue to boom over the years if you really know how to create magic with your hands.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider attending the catering schools in Kaduna.
catering schools in Kaduna

There are great opportunities for you:

The art of catering is such that you have various opportunities for you. You have the chance to aim at different positions from the management positions, down to head chef positions or perhaps running your own catering business.


This is a kind of job that allows you show case all your creativity skills. For those who have a great passion for food, the catering job gives you the opportunity to showcase your talents.

It’s cheaper than buying a restaurant:

Apart from buying a restaurant which might be quite expensive, you have the ability to either work in hotels and other industries. You can equally run a mini catering business instead of buying up a restaurant.

Ability to recruit staff easily:

A caterer hardly will be seen searching for staff because there will always be other caterers and cooks in town whom he can work with. It is easier to find those looking for a job. Therefore it is just so simple hiring workers.

What are the places caterers can work?

Caters upon graduation from the catering schools in Kaduna can work in the following areas.

Construction sites.


Business lobbies.

banquets and wedding receptions.

Private homes.

What are the different types of caterers?

Upon completion of your programs at the catering schools in Kaduna, you can decide to be any of these kinds of caterers. But you are not limited to just this three.

Mobile Caterers:

These types of caterers are mostly found in fairs, construction sites, kiosks, food shops, and sometimes in business areas. That mama put in your area is a mobile caterer.

Hotel/restaurant caterers:

This type of caterers work as kitchen staffs in most hostels and restaurants. They help in menu planning, wedding receptions, delivery and decorations and finally training individuals during recruitments.

Private Caterers:

The private caterers own their own businesses and restaurants. These caterers handle personal anniversaries, business holiday events and can work as private chefs for individuals or families.

List of Catering Schools in Kaduna

This list contains the catering schools in Kaduna as well as other caterers or catering services that will help you actualize your catering dreams.

  • Alpha Catering School
    17, Juji Street, Off Kachia Road, Kaduna
    Phone: 080 368 61210

  • Sweet Meg Catering and training services
     No.25 Grwari road, Kaduna
    Phone: 081 321 74 842

  • Dee Bakers School of Catering & Cake Decoration
    15, Musawa Street, SMC Quarters, Ungwan Dosa, Kaduna
    Phone: 070 30 39 0111

  • D’Dreamz Catering School
    Down dadi close tirkania, Opp Chinige Technology, Azikiwe Express Way kaduna south South Kaduna 
    Phone: 080 304 885 61

  • National Institute For Hospitality and Tourism, Kaduna Training Centre
    Address: Sabon Gari, Kaduna.

  • Beulah Catering School
    No 3 Zabura Plaza Behind Samrada Filling Station Kaduna Chikun Ungwa, Romi, Kaduna.
    Phone: 080 65 29 3808

  • Favs Catering School
    95, Ali-Akilu Road, Kaduna North
    Phone: 081 847 17735

  • Labey Memorial Fashion & Catering School
     28, Narayi Road, By Pipeline Junction, Ungwan Pama, Kaduna
    Phone: 070 361 26151

  • Dorseka Crafts School
    2A, Mission Road, Unguwan Boro, Sabon Tasha, Kaduna South
    Phone: 0809 752 9550

  • Sir Philz Catering School
    25 Baka Street, Television, Kaduna
    Phone: 0806235 6357

  • Delicioso Cookery School
    Rock Rd, Malali, Kaduna
    Phone: 070 363 429 02

  • Estee-Sama Catering & Training Centre
    9, Firoro Road Before First Transformer, U/Boro, Sabo Kaduna chikun Ungwa, Borough St, Kaduna
    Phone: 080 3542 29770

  • Delicious Cookery School
    Narayi Road, Kaduna North
    Phone: 070n363 42 902

  • Iya Halima Catering Services
    Warri Street, Off Lagos Road, Kaduna North
    Phone: 081 465 80 838

    1 Dokaji Rd, Sabo, Kaduna
    Phone: 090 93 774 834

  • Touch Catering Services
    By Unguwan Sunday Area, Sabon Tasha, Kaduna South
    Phone: 080 299 68 906

  • Soochie Catering Service
    No. 14, Ribadu Road, F. M. R Abuth Quarters, Kaduna
    phone: 0806 744 3449

  • Potters Kitchen
    Somalia Road, Off Zaria Road, Barnawa, Kaduna South
    Phone: 080 331 173 94.

  • Giftilicious Venture
    8, Ishaku Street, Sabon Tasha, Kaduna South
    Phone: 080 383 13212

  • Ify Catering Services
    No 43 Ungwan Pama Road, Ungwa Pama, Kaduna
    Phone: 080 60 24 0799

  • M.J Catering Service
    Along, Kachia Road, Kaduna

  • Vilicious Bakes and Catering Service.
    6 Sarki Avenue ungwan pama Chikun, Kaduna
    Phone: 080 386 846 92

  • Geecie world Catering and Confectionery
    No.32 Kachia Road, Halima Junction Sabo tashaa, Kaduna
    Phone: 0813 038 3116

  • Mastering Kitchen And Catering Services
    Kachia Road By Ungwan Sunday, Ungwa Sunday, Kaduna
    Phone: 0808 183 9944

  • Twenty Four Seven 24/7 Catering Services
    Yoruba Road, By Ahmadu Bello Way, Ahmadu Bello Way, Kaduna, Kaduna
    Phone: 080 360 62 974

Catering schools in Kaduna FAQs

Having talked about the catering schools in Kaduna, here are some common questions asked by individuals.

basic questions to answer before choosing that catering school

Are you pretty sure you enjoy professional cooking?

Are you ready to handle the costs and other fees to pay in a catering school?

Do you want just a catering certificate or a proper catering degree?

How many guests do you need for a buffet catering package?

With a minimum of 25 guests in attendance you can carry out your buffet catering package.

What are the common questions caterers are asked before being granted a job?
This might not be taught in the catering schools in Kaduna but it is very essential you know. These are some of the questions you will be asked by the person hiring you once you start getting those catering jobs.

Do you have photos of your past events?
Will you handle the setting up of events?
Do you have a catering license?
What desserts do you offer?
How much do you charge?
Do you charge in bulk or per person?
Will you be occupied on the set date?
How much will you need for set up?
catering schools in Kaduna


Catering is such that requires a very strong work ethic. It equally requires patience, communication skills, and organizational skills. Therefore if you have that passion for cooking and making nice meals then I think you should consider attending any of those Catering schools in Kaduna so as to get the required skill set.

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