17 Top Fashion Schools in Abeokuta{Address and Contacts}

In recent times, the fashion industry is a very competitive one therefore attending a fashion school to acquire the needed and essential skills can be considered very vital as it will make you stand out from the crowd.

Before anyone can decide to go to a fashion school, there must be reasons or motivations. Some people are just money motivated while others have some extra special to share to the world.

You must have in mind that the school you choose equally affects you, attending to more technical Fashion schools in Abeokuta will expose you to the actual techniques of creating clothes. But then, less technical schools will only serve you just a tip of the iceberg. Therefore read on as we explore the list of the top fashion schools in Abeokuta.

Is Fashion designing interesting?

I can say fashion designing is interesting. why? this is because I think fashion designing exposes you to numerous opportunities and gives you the opportunity to practice what you love. However fashion designing is not for everybody. Fashion designing is strictly for those who have that passion for fashion and that’s the only way you can find it interesting.

Fashion designing is a creative field.

Tips to succeed as a fashion stylist

To succeed in the already crowded fashion industry there a few things which you must consider and develop at especially during or after pursuing the fashion schools in Abeokuta. A few of them include:

Developing very strong networking skills:

Maybe you attended a wedding where you saw a few people who you think from time will be needed some work in their wardrobe, exchanging contacts with such people can land you some unprecedented jobs.

As a fashion stylist, you need to build your client base, you need to attend numerous events and know what’s trending, just so you don’t fall behind the industry.

Having that experience is better than obtaining a diploma:

You might be asking how? but truth is, so many people have attended fashion schools in Abeokuta and paid huge sums without getting the required experience to succeed in the industry.

Your years of experience and your creativity is all that matters. You might never be asked which fashion school you attended what your work will speak for you in general.

You have to stay up to date:

If you are passionate about fashion, then checking out trends shouldn’t be a problem. Not only that, your communication skills has to be strong and top notch as well.

You have to develop professional and personal relationships:

You might not wait till the biggest guys in town come to patronize you but surprisingly your most regular jobs might be coming from friends and relatives of your already existing clients.

What are career opportunities for you as a fashion designer?

Upon completion of your program in any of the fashion schools in Abeokuta, here are a few of the fields which you will find yourself.

Fashion Stylist:

You must have attended occasions where the performing artist looks extremely stunning. Actors, musicians and business executives always want to look extremely sharp to meetings and events. The fashion stylist is the brain behind all of that. So if you thing you are creative enough to make outstanding designs, then the fashion industry is a home for you.

Boutique Ownership:

A fashion stylist has the capacity to engage in the selling of fashionable clothes and other accessories.

Fashion consultant:

A fashion consultant is that individual who supplies professional recommendations to their customers, individuals as well as organizations. They use their in-depth knowledge to assist others in fashion related problems.

Artists and sketchers:

This groups are into sketching new designs.

Pattern graders and pattern makers:

These group take patterns and adjust them, pattern makers make patterns and use them in fashion production.

Sewers: This group do the production work. usually by hand or by machine.

Other jobs which are there for you include the accessories designer, fashion designers, shoot coordinators and owners of fashion specialist shops.

What does fashion stylists do?

Here are some of the popular tasks which you will find fashion stylists doing:

  1. Attending runway shows and other fashion industry events.

2. Researching of the fashion of the previous era and seeking for ways to redesign.

3. Sourcing for clothing and materials from the worldwide array of manufacturers and clothing materials out there.

4. Working with public figures to craft a personal visual aesthetic.

5. Assisting several clothing buyers for major retail chains.

6. Fashion designers are into consulting models, photographers, hairstylists, costume designers , magazine editors as well as TV directors.

List of Fashion schools in Abeokuta with their address and contacts.

Below is a list of the fashion schools in Abeokuta.

Auxtinlarry Fashion School
Oke Lantoro, Abeokuta
0805 224 2000

The Glitters Fashion & Crafts School Abeokuta
Surulere, Ita Eko, Abeokuta

Wessy Tailoring & Vocational Institute
Governor’s office Road, Oke Mosan, Abeokuta
0816 177 2341

BOV Fashion School
Block B9,Laderin Estate, Oke Mosan Abeokuta
070 18 355 723

18 Sallyman Shogbesan Avenue, Abiola Way, opposite Crown Royal
080 9267 1624

Phumies Couture and Fashion Institute, Abeokuta
29 Ake Road, Erunwon, Abeokuta
0818 834 6600

0803 678 3400

Bliss Fashion Institute
Olabisi Onabanjo Way, Abeokuta
0703 533 8923

Sewing complex, Idi-aba, Abeokuta
080 660 630 95

Ingenious fashion academy
beside Mac Job Grammar School, Onikolobo, Abeokuta

Ceyola fashion designer
Oluwo rd, adjacent FATOLAS Petrol Station, Madojutimi b/stop, Abiola Way, Abeokuta
0701 900 0789

Undisputed fashion Institute
L.G, 3 Ago-Oko, Erunbe, Abeokuta
090 761 79912

Fabric exclusive design
Number 25,olusegun oshoba road, Oke – Ilewo Road, Abeokuta

Frontier Fashion House
 6 olusegun Oshoba way Okelewo Abeokuta
07034 77 6764

Ceyola Styles & Stitches
6, Oluwo road, Opposite FATOLAS station, Madojutimi Bstop, off Abiola Way, Abeokuta
080 32155 365

Lady B fashion designer
Number 9,Ibara housing estate ,ext. oloke-meji, Abeokuta
070 345 69650

Ejima house of Fashion
 Ibadan Rd, Abeokuta

Fashion schools in Abeokuta FAQs

What are some personal skills needed by students to succeed in a Fashion school?

Whether you are planning to study in the fashion schools in Abeokuta or any other fashion school at all, here are some personal skill requirements for you.

Excellent Visual eye.
Paying attention to details.
Excellent communication skills.
Good visual personal presentation .
Extensive knowledge and interest in the fashion industry.
Good understanding on how to relate to people.
Creativity and innovation.
Good organization skills
Business skills.
Good knowledge of different body parts and shapes.
Good knowledge of designer skills and color schemes.

What are the common Job settings for fashion designers?
Fashion stylists may work in retail stores.
Fashion stylists may work with modelling agencies.
Fashion stylists may work with Personal clients.
Fashion stylists can be self employed.

5 ways you can prepare for fashion schools in Abeokuta

Try to keep up and learn new trends.

Start sewing.

Sharpen your technology skills.

Talk to other fashion school graduates.

Fashion schools in Abeokuta


The fashion industry is such that attracts a lot of people, so there will always be jobs for you. Do all you can to get the necessarily work experiences. However you may or may not need a fashion school to succeed in the industry. Considering the fashion schools in Abeokuta is therefore at your disposal to choose.


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