130 Best language schools in Texas by cities {Cost & advant.}

I speak English, French and Spanish. Why? all because I love communication . At first, I always wondered what it is like to speak several languages .

How can a person know almost about 10 languages and be fluent in almost all of them.

You must have been wondering on what you stand to gain upon completion of your program in one of these language schools in Texas. Here are a few benefits of learning or attending these Language schools.

Advantages of Learning a Second Language

Ability to Connect:

Have you ever been in a room where a someone makes a joke and everyone laughs except you? because the joke was in a language that you do not understand.

As you would like to know, one of the major advantages of learning a new language is the ability to connect with others.

That is being able to communicate with a wider range of people.

This alone enables you to build life long friendships, communicate with people both in their professional and personal lives.

Ability to become more employable

Interestingly language skills both foreign and local sets you apart from the monolingual peers. It gives you a very significant competitive advantage.

Just as the world is getting more and more globalized hiring companies are interested in language speakers. Especially companies who have plans to expand their operations.

There are gains, especially financially to learning a new language. Language speakers earn 8% more than their counterparts .

One thing you must know is that the demand for the monolingual peers in constantly increasing. At this time, people with bi-lingual skills were among the top skills that are in high demand or are rising exponentially.

More over between the year 2010 and 2015 the number of Texas job postings were mostly geared towards bilingual applicants.

In the United states alone there are over 60 million residents who speak languages other than the English Language.

So in general, Language skills leads to much more hiring bonuses as well as salary increment. With your Language skill, you are quite ahead of your class.

Ability to Boost your brain Capacity

Another important benefit of knowing a foreign language is it’s role towards brain development.

Often times people who are bilingual or speak several languages are proven to have an improved memory, improved concentration, improved listening skills and ability to exhibit signs of flexibility and creativity.

Science has equally proven that being bilingual or multilingual helps avert mental aging and any form of cognitive decline.

Ability to connect with other cultures

If you are that type that has always been interested in learning new cultures, learning the language of such people is a great way to start. Language is said to be the most direct connection with people’s cultures.

You can agree with me also that being multi lingual promotes great empathy and tolerance between individuals.

Boosts your confidence

A new Language has the ability to boost your confidence. While learning the new Language, you are bound to make mistakes, bound to learn and unlearn.

Learning a new language means getting out of your comfort Zone and in the end you feel this sense of accomplishment and your confidence is boosted in return.

Not only that, it also naturally helps you make comparisons, shedding light between your culture and the culture associated with the new Language you are interested in.

The best way to learn a Foreign Language

Learning a new Language is a little bit not so easy. However different languages ranges in their difficulty to learn. So it all depends on the approach to teachings, the science, learning styles and the theories involved. As the number of people who are becoming multi-lingual are on the rise, I really think you should not be left out. Here are a few simple ways to learn a new or Foreign Language.

Choose a language:

The very first step into learning a Foreign Language in one of the Language schools in Texas is to choose the Language of your choice. Here are just a few of the Languages which you will have the opportunity to learn in any of the Language schools in Texas.

  • English Language: This is the most widely spoken Language in the United states.
  • Spanish: spoken by almost 6,983, 380 people in Texas.
  • Vietnamese: Spoken by over 193,408 people in Texas.
  • Chinese: spoken by more than 140,971 people in Texas.
  • Others: Other languages which you are likely to learn on any of those language schools in Texas include Tagalog, German, French, Hindi, Urdu Arabic and Korean.

Different Language schools in Texas may have a fewer languages than those listed above or might have more than that, so it all depends on the school.

Be Open to Learning new things like young Children:

Just because you are grown doesn’t mean the new Language is going to respect that. You need to be willing to be taught and be open to details. You may need to always make some recitations from time to time. Also you might be interested in finding an international pen pal who you can trade some level of language expertise. On the long run you two are helping each other learn the skills.

Make New Friends:

Furthermore there definitely has to be a group f individuals who speak that language fluently. It is your duty to make friends with them . Friendships are one of the esiest ways to learn a foreign Language.

Whenever opportunities for discussions come up, you can start the conversations as you perfect.

Watch Movies acted in that language of interest:

When I say watch movies, I don’t mean any type of movie. It has to be based on the Language you are interested in. Some of these minute details might not be taught in any of the Language schools in Texas but it is something you can do for yourself in order to improve.

Most often I would advise you watch the ones with sub-titles, this is to enable you interpret some things and make learning very effective for you.

Keep a list of new Vocabularies:

Another effective way in which you can improve in your language learning skills is to have a target. What do I mean by that? You need to make a list of different word which you will get acquainted with for that day.

Look up these words in the dictionary and and practice their usage from time to time.

Try Using Interwebs:

It is an amazing fact that google has made everything very easy for us. From foreign language usage to movie translations.

Google has the ability to connect you to helpful articles brochures and educational outlets where you can connect with people who are interested in the same thing as you’re.

Be your own teacher:

By this I mean you should take a little bit of time everyday and write out sentences and words. Make mistakes, reconstruct those sentences and correct yourself.

You learn something new everyday if you pay attention

Travel abroad:

Though this might not be for everybody but if you have the finance to take take yourself to such places where they speak the language of your interest, then you can.

Often times people who travel abroad on such bases get the chance to live with a host family that also speak your language of interest. Trust me you will be amazed on how much information you are able to pick or how much you are able to learn on your return.

Be patient with yourself:

Just because you are not picking the woods as fast as you had imagined doesn’t make learning a new language an impossible task.

Sometimes you might even think that you are not making any progress, that’s not the case because it’s just a matter of time and you can be able to appreciate the knowledge you have gained so far.

How Fast Can I learn a Foreign Language?

Truth be told, Learning a foreign Language is not easy. we spend years in high school studying a particular language but we still don’t come out fluent.

That’s not because we are not smart but because learning a new language in such that needs a dedicated study. However there are factors to consider before we can determine how long it takes to study a foreign language.

According to research, it has been proven that it takes about 480 hours to reach at least the basic Fluency level for languages like:

  • French
  • German
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Spanish
  • Swahili etc

And then an average of 720 hours for Languages like:

  • Chinese
  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Russian
  • Hebrew
  • Finnish
  • Czech
  • Greek
  • Hindi etc

Are you planning to attend classes in any of the Language schools in Texas , learn with apps or travel to a new country to learn the language? All that determines in a way how fast you can learn as well.

During the process of learning, you can take tests at Cactus Language, to determine how proficient you are becoming in that Language.

How much does Language schools cost in Texas?

Having picked interest in studying a foreign Language in one of those Language schools in Texas, It is very important you know how much it costs to attend such schools.

If you are to study in a one of the language schools in Texas then you should expect to spend roughly $1000 on enrollments, but if you are moving to Texas as a foreign student then you should be expecting about $ 3000 both for enrolment and Flight to Texas.

On accommodation, expect to spend about $1000 or $500 for a room in a share house.

Your Visa and insurance should be taking about $150.

Your food and living expenses should be taking about $700.

Other random or miscellaneous costs should be around $150.

Why you should use a Language app while learning a Foreign Language

Getting into any of those Language schools in Texas is not enough, There are a lot of Language apps out there which makes learning a Foreign Language an interesting experience for you. Some people tend to over look the benefits that comes with using an app to learn a Foreign Language.

Here are some of it’s benefits.

  • Language apps are fun to learn with.
  • There are a wide variety of apps out there for you.
  • Language apps give you the opportunity to learn on the go.

Here are the disadvantages of learning with a Language learning app.

  • Language apps are primarily made for beginners.
  • The audio recordings are computer generated. Sometimes they don’t give you the real sound pronunciation.

    Below is a list of the Language schools in Texas.

List of Language schools in Texas

Here are Language schools in Texas, Language schools in Houston, Language schools in Austin, Language schools in Dallas, Language schools in Fort Worth etc.

Language Schools in Texas for Kids

Below are some of the Language schools in Texas for kids which you might like to consider as well.

International School of San Antonio
German International School | Houston
Chinese For Everyone | Houston
Spanish School House | Frisco
Coolong Chinese | Cypress
Austin Eco Bilingual School | Austin
Mariposas Spanish School for Kids | Austin
Texas Spanish Academy | Round Rock
Little Tiger Chinese Immersion School | Austion
Wharton Dual Language Academy | Houston
Lone Star Language Academy | Plano
Language Kids World | Sugar Land
Language Kids World | Sugar Land
Spanish Grove Academy | San Antonio
Lycee International de Houston | Houston
De Colores Spanish Immersion Preschool | Spring

Language schools in Texas Conclusion:

I fully support you learning in one of the Language schools in Texas just as I have done. Give your full attention to it and watch your intellectual Capacity and world Perceptions advance.

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