18 Top catering schools in Accra, Tema, and Lapaz

Accra is the capital and largest city in Ghana. It is also the administrative center, economic center and the economic hub of Ghana. You will find the Top Catering schools in Accra, the head offices of banks, insurance companies, as well as the largest markets.

Accra is densely populated and therefore catering services are in high demand. Regular activities which you will find an average Accra man doing are sewing, fishing and most importantly manufacturing of processed goods.

Also Tema is one of the populous cities in Ghana with a population of about 161, 612 people. Now Tema in Ghana can boast of being one of the trading, factory and Oil refinery hubs. This article contains a list of top catering schools in Accra, Tema and Lapaz.

Here are some of the things you will find in this Article:

Why Catering schools do well in Accra

The population in Accra alone is about 2 million. This undoubtedly makes it one of the most populated cities in Ghana. As we all know businesses thrive well in areas where there is a high population. Besides that, unlike most other cities in Ghana, English is their official language. This means communication is easy between individuals and of course Teacher-student relationship is improved. Those are some of the reasons you will find most of the catering schools in Accra.

Top 5 dishes to try as a caterer in Accra

As a caterer or intending caterer, there some common dishes which you should expect to come across. Therefore in this article I am not going to talk about Top catering schools in Accra alone. I have decided to give a list of the five must-try dishes in Accra.

Waakye: Waakye is just a mix of beans and rice. But of course that’s not all, you will sometimes find fish, fried pieces of plantains, stewed meat, or even spaghetti in it.

Fufu: Fufu is made from cassava of plantains. It is cooked and pounded until it become soft enough to be moulded. You will enjoy Fufu with the groundnut soup or light soup in Accra.

Jollof Rice: Often times the Ghanaian jollof can be found almost every where in Accra. It is simply well prepared rice with enough tomatoes and other spices. Then served with a well spiced chicken.

Red Red: This meal is made from the black eyed beans, cooked with palm oil and tomatoes. It is then topped with Fried plantains which is almost reddish in color. Red color of tomatoes and the red color of the fried plantains gives it the name Red-Red.

Banku: Banku is a paste like mass gotten from cooked fermented cassava or corn and then served with grilled or fried fish.
It is garnished with tomatoes, onions and other spices.

How much does it cost to become a Caterer in Ghana?

To become a Professional caterer in Ghana, and most especially in Accra you have to be looking at anything between GHS 2496 to GHS 5891.

This amount covers for most of the payments. However additional payments can be encountered depending on the institution. At most of these top catering schools in Accra, they will let you know what is involved before you sign up with them.

Is Attending a culinary school cheaper than going to a college to study the art of Catering?

Yes attending a Culinary school is cheaper than attending a college in the sense that in a college, students will be required to spend more time in the classroom trying to go in dept.

Therefore additional costs will be incurred in the process. You are therefore required to pay varieties of fees. But in a Culinary school you are likely to spend more of your time in the kitchen and will only spend little money on little things like ingredients and equipment. This is also applicable in the top culinary schools in Accra, Tema and Lapaz.

How Long does it take to study Catering?

Different catering schools in Ghana especially the top catering schools in Accra has different courses and programs. These courses differ in durations but on the average, Ghanaian catering schools will have you spend anything between 6 months to 18 moths with them.

Therefore there are top catering schools in Accra that requires you to spend to stay at least a year with them in order to be taught the art of catering properly.

Attending a Catering college might have you spending about a year to get their degree.

What are the benefits of catering schools ?

Attending a catering school will give you the required skills to prepare tastier and healthier meals. At this point you see people calling you to come and prepare food for parties and events.

Attending a catering school gives you a guide on kitchen skills, food presentation and lots more. You end up having fun in the end.

Attending these top catering schools in Accra and obtaining a certificate in the end provides you with numerous job opportunities .

How much can I make as a caterer in Ghana?

A caterer in Accra Ghana has the tendency of earning an average of GHS 3,380 per month. This average monthly salary includes housing benefits, transportation benefits and others.

Here are some Catering Jobs and average amount you are likely to make on the average and often times these jobs are available to those who dimmed it fit to attend these top catering schools in Accra and other cities in Ghana.

Baker and Pastry cook=2,440 GHS
Bakery Manager= 3,820 GHS
Buffet Chef=2,960 GHS
Chef=3,120 GHS
Culinary assistant=1,400GHS
Fast food Cook=2,540 GHS
Executive Chef=3,490 GHS
Food Server= 1,580 GHS

List of Top Catering schools in Accra and their Contact address

Below is a list of the top catering schools in Accra. These schools either gets you trained or offer catering services to Interested individuals.

School Of Catering
Address: Accra Ghana
Phone: +233 57 574 9469

Jenny’s Catering School
Address: Accra
Phone: +233 243 782 561

Dainess Chef School
address: Asafoatse Otufio Avenue, Accra
Phone: +233 30 290 8687

Vinesthy Catering Institute
Address: Greater Accra Region, Ghana
Phone: +233 20 813 3848

EKGS Culinary Institute Dansom
Address: 5th CI Accra, Ghana
Phone: +233 30 230 7293

The School of Culinary arts
Address: 24 Peter Ala Adjetey Ace, Accra
Phone: +233 54 316 1287

Khameen Professional Institute
Address: Behind Sakumono community Hospital
Phone: +233 30 340 2152

HOTCATT Hospitality school
Address: Accra
Phone: +233 30 290 6081

Cake Tekniks International, Laterbiokorshie Campus
Address: Near Bishop Bower’s Laterbiokorshie, Accra
phone: +233 24 467 4545

Naa Suma School
Address: Nungua, Buade Road, Accra
Phone: +233 24 344 9046

Lin Cakes and Catering school
Address: 2012 Gbobilor St, Accra
Phone: +233 24 646 9574

List of Catering schools in Tema and their Contact address

Tema is also one of the popular populous cities in Ghana that houses most the top catering schools in the country. Below is a list of Top catering schools in Tema and their contact addresses.

  • Global training institute
    Address: Tema
    Phone: +233 24 224 2465
  • KAF’S Catering and Training Center
    Address: No 1 captain Ofori Avenue, Tema
    Phone: +233 24 469 5540
  • Abest Catering Institute
    Address: Tema
    Phone: +233 24 685 3041
  • Tema Industrial Mission Vocational Training Institute
    Address: Okomfo Anokye St, Tema
    Phone: +233 26 645 3804
  • Matma Catering Center
    Address: Community 9, Opposite Ghana Telecom Tema
    Phone: +233 24 313 9761
  • Michelle Catering Center
    Phone: +233 24 020 4419
    Address: Tema

Catering schools in Lapaz

Having listed the top Catering schools in Accra and and Tema, However at the time this post was published, we couldn’t lay our hand on much information about Catering schools in Lapaz. Below is the catering school we were able to discover in Lapaz.

  • Ace school of Languages and business
    Address: Nii Okaiman W Rd, Lapaz, Ghana
    Phone: +233 30 702 0302

Frequently asked Questions FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about Top Catering schools in Accra and other cities close by.

Is being a Caterer in Ghana a good Career?

I would say yes, because being a professional chef is not so easy like it often seem. But I strongly advice Catering for those who love to cook because the most interesting about catering is the fun and the Joy you gain from doing the Job and the potential money you will likely make as a professional.

What are the disadvantages of being a caterer?

There are just a few disadvantages in becoming a caterer.

You need to involve 80 % of your time in the job

To earn high, you have to be a professional, work for a big firm or open your own restaurant. otherwise if you are average, you will likely not make so much.

There might be a lot of stress involved, although worth it if you are getting jobs and steady contracts.

Conclusion on Top Catering schools in Accra:

I am pretty sure that while you were going through this article, you must have realized that any career is good, and you must have started considering attending any of those top catering schools in Accra. The truth is any one who is passionate about catering should go for it. But have it in mind that to become successful you have to be skilful and you make money in terms of experience.

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