12 Top Catering schools in Kumasi

Catering schools in Kumasi

Kumasi is one of the commercial, Industrial and cultural centers in Ghana. It is generally known as the Garden city by Ghanaians because of the many species of plants and flowers littered here and there in Kumasi.

Kumasi is also the second largest city in Ghana . Ghanaians in general are known for their love for food. The health and nutritional benefits of the meals in Ghana cannot be over emphasized.

The basic diet in Kumasi is found to consist more of starchy staples which often times are eaten with either stew or soup. An average man in Kumasi raises chickens and goats specially for occasions. An occasion is incomplete If there are no foods and dinks.

These reasons explain why catering schools in Kumasi together with caterers in Ghana at large do so well. If you are considering attending the Catering schools in Kumasi, then you are at the right place. Read on with me as I list the top catering schools in Kumasi towards the end of the article.

Food and the Daily life of the people of Kumasi

You might be wondering why you need to know about the Food and daily life of the People in Kumasi, as someone who has intentions of becoming a caterer , Knowledge of the food customs and diets in Kumasi should be an added advantage especially when you want to prepare your food menu.

In Kumasi, you find forest crops like plantains, cassava, cocoyam, yams etc. Corn is popular and Ghana as a whole while Rice is almost an everyday thing.

However, Fufu is their main dish which is actually pounded plantains together with cassava.

Their soups has a lot of vegetables together with a lot of animal proteins too. Most of their meals have hot peppers and fish in it.

Palm nut an peanut soups are their favorite and their cooking oils most times is the red palm oil.

Having said that, restaurants and chop bars are common and therefore offer a range of these dishes.

As an intending caterer, once you graduate from the catering schools in Kumasi or other catering schools in Ghana, I’m sure you must have had an Idea of what people from Kumasi and Ghanaians in general like.

List of Catering schools in Kumasi and their contact address

  1. Kumasi Vocational Training Institute
    Address: Suame – Kronom Road Kumasi
    Phone: +233 24 315 0643
  2. Jofel Catering services
    Address: Kumasi airport road
    Phone: +233 55 421 4987
  3. National Vocational training Institute
    Address: Kumasi
    Phone: +233 36 768 6460
  4. The Baking Bee Culinary Instiitute
    Address: 20 Maxwell Rd, Kumasi
    Phone: +233 54 381 8998
  5. Methodist Women’s training Institute
    Address: Kumasi
  6. Gloryland Decor and Catering Services
    Address: Sepe Tinpom, Kumasi
    Phone: +233 32 207 0057
  7. Opoku Ware Girls Vocational Institute
    Address: Kumasi
    Phone: +233 50 691 4328
  8. Mashak Plus catering Service
    Address: 20 Opoku Adjei Ave, Kumasi
    Phone: +233 24 321 47 55
  9. Royal Schools of food, Decoration and skills development
    Address: Kumasi
    Phone: +233 24 577 9990
  10. Kumasi Technical Institute:
    Address: Kumasi
    Phone: +233 322 0222277
  11. St Mary’s Vocational school
    Address: Kumasi
  12. Kumasi Catering Rest House
    Address: fuller Road, Kumasi
    Phone: +233 32 202 6506

Catering schools in Kumasi FAQs

What are the basic catering equipment for a caterer?

Once you have gotten your training on catering what’s next? The next thing to do is to get established.

You cannot be fully established if you haven’t acquired your own catering equipment. If not you will continue to higher equipment until you run broke.

Below are some of the basic catering equipment you would get if really you want to be a professional in the field.

Pots and pans: A caterer has to make arrangements for pots and pans either for use in your restaurant or for use when you have an event to cover.

Range: The range has features like griddle, it is a stove with an oven which often has a source which can be either gas or fuel.

A Refrigerator: A caterer needs a refrigerator for preservation. This makes sure your food is always fresh and safe as possible.

Dishwasher: Once you are done for the day, you will need to wash all those dishes and utensils you used. This is where the dish washer becomes very necessary. Washing everything manually can be a bit much to handle most times.

Grill: If you plan to serve your clients grilled food, then I recommend you get a Grill for yourself. Consider getting a salamander grill which allows your meat retain it’s moisture . It also doesn’t take up much cooking space.

Microwave: A commercial grade micro wave allows you to easily heat and reheat your food even in large quantities.

What food Hygiene Certificate do I need to sell food?

No you don’t need a food hygiene certificate to sell food. But just have in mind that you need some level of hygiene training to be able to prepare food for your customers. Just do your personal research and invest in the right training then you are good to go. This is necessary to protect the wellbeing of those who buy food from you.

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