20 Beauty and Cosmetology schools in Nigeria{ Address & Contacts}

On the topic; Cosmetology schools in Nigeria, we will be covering the following:

cosmetology in simple terms can be defined as an art that is known for helping people look their best. It can equally be referred to as a science, a skill, a trade and a career.

In simple terms it can be referred to as the study and application of beauty treatment. It is that art and science that focuses on making people look good. It comprises many branches which includes:

Beauty therapy
Face treatment
health care
body and hair care
Hair styling
Permanent hair removal
Electrology and intense pulsed light.
Chemical hair removal
Comprehensive Aesthetics
Massage Therapy and Aesthetics

Where can a cosmetologist work?

Have you been wondering what will be next after attending any of the Cosmetology schools in Nigeria? Then you should know that trained cosmetologists have their earnings increasing basically with their level of experience and reputation. They find well paid jobs in places like:

Beauty parlors
High end salons
Luxurious hotels and resort
Image consultancy firms

Does Cosmetology require Science?

A large part of cosmetology requires science and formulas. Because to even do a color on someone’s head takes a lot of analyzing; you have to consider things like the texture of the hair, the ending color of your dye, the starting color, the health of the hair , waxing, body waves and relaxers. So all these considerably involve science .

On the other hand, a thorough scientific variables have to be considered in diagnosing and treating/creating control measures in illusion, alignment , expression and healing.

How to choose Cosmetology schools in Nigeria, PH

Without much ado, the best way to choose a cosmetology school is to try and make a long list of comprehensive questions which you will give a concise answer to.
You can agree with me that there are different strokes for different folks, therefore different people are looking for different things in a cosmetology school.

  1. Is there an In-student saloon to get a hands-on practice or are you going to be practicing on mannequin?
  2. Are there financial aids and scholarships for their students?
  3. Are there payment plans for students?
  4. Do they have a flexible class schedule?
  5. Do they operate with a part time or full time schooling?
  6. Which off the cosmetology schools produce excellent graduates that are good at what they are doing?
  7. How much does that cosmetology school cost?
  8. How long does it take to complete a program?
  9. what’s is the student-to-teacher ratio?

These few questions will help you in making the right choice on the cosmetology schools in Nigeria to study in.

Can I visit a cosmetology school before choosing?

For me, I think it is essential that you visit the cosmetology schools in Nigeria of your choice before choosing.

This is mainly to enable you get accurate feels of how the system is functioning.

take a look at the cosmetology teachers and students if they are a good match for you.

You should also be able to ask yourself questions like; are they good at the particular program you are interested in?

How much does Cosmetology schools in Nigeria cost in Port Harcourt

The amount you get to pay at any of the cosmetology schools in Nigeria is dependent on their terms and services. It generally differs from school to school.

However most Cosmetology schools in Port Harcourt can cost between N50, 000 to N250,000.

Moreover those prices are not fixed, shorter courses take smaller amount of money while longer courses consequently cost more.

Advantages of becoming a cosmetologist

In Nigeria as a whole, so many people especially our ladies are employed as hairdressers, hair stylists, and as cosmetologists in general. However if you are still wondering if attending a Cosmetology school is best for you, then you have to consider the following advantages.

Cosmetology is in high demand

According to statistics, cosmetologists are in high demand. On a daily basis women are working on their hair or skin and the rest of the men are getting one hair cut or the other. It has however been projected that the number of employed hair stylist, barbers and cosmetologists will likely grow.

Cosmetology increases your creativity skills

For instance, Practicing your art as a cosmetologist helps you get very creative because you get the opportunity to think and figure out new techniques to getting new designs, trying out new hairstyles, new lipstick shades, and make up application techniques in general.

Entrepreneurship skill development and job Flexibility

Most cosmetologists end up running their own businesses, especially saloons and spas. This gives them flexibility of schedule and enables them work at their own pace without being employed.

Cosmetology schools are cheaper than the regular University programs

Cosmetology schools in Nigeria are known to be cheaper than most universities and colleges.

Interaction with people

It gives you the opportunity to improve your social life through interactions with both your fellow students and coworkers.

You get the opportunity to meet lots of new friends and build long-lasting friendships.

List of the top Beauty and Cosmetology schools in Nigeria

  • Spectrum Beauty Academy-Ilepeju, Lagos
  • House of Tara Makeup School-Lagos
  • Lannik Beauty Institute -Lagos/Abuja
  • Zaron Make-up School-Ikoyi, Lagos
  • Natures Gentle Touch Hair Institute
  • Flair Hair Academy
  • Sisi Valisimo Make up School-Ikeja, Lagos

List of Beauty and Cosmetology schools in Port Harcourt

Below is a list of some cosmetology schools in Nigeria as well as other beauty centers where you can be equipped when it comes to cosmetology.

Jojo’s Touch 15 Ebony Hospital Road,
Orazi, Port Harcourt
080 391 68 903
080 9797 3886
Ibiso Skin Glow  Elebir street,
Oroworokwo, Port Harcourt
080 249 517 76
Hair Haven Salon37 Onne Rd,
GRA Phase 2, Port Harcourt
Port Harcourt
beauty school
15B, Road 2,
Federal Housing Estate
Rumueme Agip Mile 4,
Port Harcourt
081 51 54 0512
Estil Mega TouchRumuekpolu,
Off Eliozu Road,
Eneka Link Rd, Port Harcourt
De MinnahzPlot 240,
Agip estate Road 24,
Rumueme, Port Harcourt
080 60 94 9849
Beauty World
Igwuruta ,Oppsite Trinitate
School Junction,
Eneka Road, Port Harcourt
0814 098 0842
Glow Touch
68 Ada George Road,
Rumueme Port Harcourt
080 6454 5422
House Of Tara95 Tombia Extension
GRA Phase 3,
Port Harcourt,
080 24 78 7720
De Chic
Home Nig Ltd
No 12A eligbam Road,
Rumuola, Port Harcourt
080 590 43 216
081029 77 938
Cosmetology schools in Nigeria

Touch of Excellence 103 Mgbuoba location road,
port Harcourt
080 345 682 54
Junie Beauty Hub 49 Old Aba Road,
Makeup Schools
& Studios
10 George Sekibo Road,
Off Peter Odili Rd,
Port Harcourt
070 622 596 94
Hairgicians Hub 1 Emmanuel School Junction
Okuru Road
off Peter Odili Road
Port Harcourt
0809 481 9111
Beauty Center
16 Old Aba Road,
Rumuomasi, Rumuola,
Port Harcourt

Vintage Beauty Empire No 4 Okujagu Street
off Peter Odili Road
Port Harcourt
090 931 702 15
Center for creative arts 2A, Ndabros Close
Trans Amadi,
Port Harcourt
080 364 514 88
Co-Operative PH
19 Elelenwo
Road Off Oil Mill Junction,
Elelenwo, Port Harcourt.
080 6361 4545
Darlings Skincare
108 rumuokuta /rumuola road,
opposite ebony junction
Ikwere lga Port Harcourt
070 6700 2604
House of Sapphire  15 Chinda St,
Rumuola, Port Harcourt
070 881 64519
Cosmetology schools in Nigeria, PH

Cosmetology schools in Nigeria, PH FAQ’s

Cosmetology schools in port Harcourt is a place to learn different kinds of things . Here are a few common questions people ask.

What do they teach in a cosmetology school?

Sometimes Cosmetologists and aestheticians are words used interchangeably but they are not the same. Cosmetologists sometimes learn what the Aesthetician does but an aesthetician does not learn hair skills and stuff like that.

In a cosmetology school, you will learn things like:

hair cutting
hair coloring
make up application
and so much more.

An Aesthetician will learn things like:

Skin treatment
Makeup application
Hair removal
Skin conditioning
Wrinkle reduction
Eye brow threading
Anti-aging treatments

What tasks does cosmetologists do?

Some of the most common cosmetology disciplines include:

Hair Styling:
Nail Technician
Makeup Artist

How do I succeed as a cosmetologist?

Cosmetology is a verse profession that is based on human interaction. To be able to build a large customer base you have to improve on your skills.

Also the trust you build with your client and how you rapport with them matters a lot.

If you can make your customers feel great about themselves when they leave your saloon, then trust me you can have a successful career in cosmetology.

Finally, it is a job that requires stamina as you will be doing a lot of standing.

Conclusion on Cosmetology schools in Nigeria, PH:

Going to a cosmetology school gives you the basics, the required skills and above all the duration of your study will likely take less than a year. The combination of trainings and interaction with fellow students builds you for a strong future in the cosmetology industry. Considering the cosmetology schools in port Harcourt is therefore inarguably a good option.


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