12 Top Photography schools in London For everyone

Can you think of a world without photographs?

The world wants a new generation of photographers who understands how photography shapes the world. Before we talk about photography schools in London, what is photography?

The word photography literally means “drawing with light “. Photography can be defined as the process of recording an image; a photograph on a light sensitive film or through a digital electronic memory or magnetic memory.

The photograph is evident in every aspect of our lives in this modern life. It is evident as a form of communication, as a form of documentation. Photographs are present in Newspapers, magazines, newspapers, television etc.

Talking about photography schools in London, the invention of photography itself is a contested subject. It is in fact an outcome of many technological developments. On this subject: Photography schools in London, we shall discuss the following :

Reasons why photography is important

Photography is known for capturing memories and subsequently leads you to the present. Here are some reasons why photography is considered very vital.

Photos represent what’s important

Often times we tend to take and keep pictures of things that are important to us. Photography captures moments that you will get to appreciate with time. If you look at the pictures people save, oftentimes they are important pictures; pictures of family, pictures of pets, pictures of important places and items.

History through images

Pictures help you understand and teach history. In other words, pictures show how life was before the present time.

Pictures help you have a good knowledge of how things used to look before now; what people wore, the kind of house people lived in, animals and so many other things.

You can agree with me that people tend to learn about history more through images than they do with texts.

Photos tell stories

Behind every image, there is a story. By just looking at pictures, there is a lot to be told. Through pictures you can tell what; people like, where they are, how old they are and even how they are feeling. Going through your gallery, you are often reminded of some specific and important moments.

Photos evoke emotions

Emotions are expressed in photos. By just looking at pictures from the past, you are likely to feel the same emotions as you felt when that picture was taken.

Photos allow you express yourself

Photos tend to be the best way to express yourself; how you feel, what you believe, think and love.

In pictures, you tend to do whatever you like regardless of the rules and techniques. There are no boundaries in photography, therefore you are able to express yourself without any restrictions.

Photography builds connections

By attending any of the photography schools in London, you are able to build relationships that you previously wouldn’t have had.

Other reasons

Other things which you might not be taught in the photography schools in London is that photography doesn’t judge and photography inspires. Irrespective of your age, gender or race, you can take pictures and capture as many memories as you want.

Evolution of photography

Photography was invented in the early 19th century. When photography was invented, people were left in awe and as such tried to understand what it’s purpose was and how photographs should look.

This led to so many experimentations with different kind of photos, tones, details and textures. Through these experimentations and improvements in technology, Kodak came into existence. The Kodak is just a small, handheld camera. Kodak made camera something any one can have instead of being something that is made for the upper class alone.

So over the years, photography continued to change and become accessible to all. Photography has gotten to be less expensive compared to the early times.

Photography has therefore given us the opportunity to see things around the world that we have not been opportune to see with our own very eyes.

Modern Photojournalism

Modern photojournalism is likely to be a part of the curriculum in photography schools in London. Modern photojournalism was born into existence in the year 1925 in Germany.

As at that time, there was a bit of unrest in Germany as people were persecuted. People ran away from the country and into the United States. Most of the photos were taken from World war 11 and was used in magazines and newspapers.

The 35mm camera was well in use at that time and could take photos as quickly as possible. Though not all photographers were able to use the 35mm camera, some of them resolved to the 120-format camera.

Digital Cameras

Then in 1975, the very first digital cameras came into existence. Manufacturers started working on digital cameras; companies like Canon, Nikon, Pentax and others.

At the end of the 20th-century newspapers and magazines have started using digital cameras. Now manufacturers are working on mirrorless cameras which is now very popular among photographers.

Aside from the digital cameras which are now invoked, smartphones have become very popular for photos. Phone cameras can now capture incredible images and being in-built in phones, people, therefore, do not see any need for separate cameras.

How much does photography schools in London cost?

You will be wondering how much photography schools in London cost. It varies from institution to institution. But some 2 to 6 months courses are likely to cost about £3495.00 in some of the photography schools in London listed below.

Some major universities in London such as the university of East London offering photography courses sometimes charge above £9,000 as tuition for photography programs.

This is however not a standard price as it can vary. Choose a school today, contact them and know how much they cost.

List of photography schools in London

The list of the top photography schools in London was compiled based on star ratings and students’ experience. The list equally includes online photography schools as well.

  • London Institute of Photography
  • London School of Photography
  • British Academy of Photography
  • London Academy of Media, Film & TV
  • The Photo Academy London
  • Exposureworks
  • Photoion Photography School
  • Going Digital Limited
  • Photography Courses London
  • London Photo Tours & Workshops
  • Matthew Williams-Ellis Photography
  • Picturebox Schools Ltd

London Institute of Photography

London Institute of Photography is one of the photography schools in London where you will be given the opportunity to learn how to make stunning photographs and build your portfolio gradually through a series of mentoring sessions. London Institute of Photography offers photography classes in London to suit all levels; from professional photographers down to beginners.

London Institute of Photography offers full photography workshops in a group of a maximum of eight students. You at given the chance to choose from the full-time or flexi-time options.

They equally offer a range of live online courses where you are able to join the regular classes happening in the studio.

Their courses run from their Central London studio and are known for providing skills and practical experiences to their students. Some of their many photography courses include:

Fashion photography
Still Life Photography
Portrait photography
Lightroom & Photoshop

The Institute of Photography

The Institute of Photography can be considered as one of the online photography schools in London because their operations run over the whole of the UK. They are the number one when it comes to online photography courses in the UK. They offer real course experiences with feedback.

They are experts in photography and have all it takes to groom you in all types of photography. They offer the best unique online course-Professional Diploma in Photography. All their courses are CPD accredited; CPD is an independent accrediting body.

Their courses are designed and written by industry experts and you have the benefits of lifetime membership and access to all their course materials. Above all, you can take the courses at your own pace.

British Academy of Photography

British Academy of Photography is one of the fashion schools in London that helps students gain relevant skills to succeed in the fashion industry. Their courses are developed by industry experts, therefore you are certain to learn from professionals.

Therefore if you are looking to upskill in an existing role or you are looking to pursue a career in photography, then the British Academy of Photography has the right course for you.

Apart from London, they have offices in Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh.

There are home-study courses and Classroom courses. Each of them offers a Diploma, Postgraduate Diploma, Higher National Certificate, Higher National Diploma, BA Honors degree.

London Academy of Media, Film & TV

London Academy of Media, Film & TV is centred on media, film and TV training and therefore can be considered as one of the photography schools in London. They don’t just teach you photography, they have an acting school, a TV presenter school, a voice school, all of which provides professional courses for beginners and for the experienced as well.

Over the years, since 1996, the London Academy of Media, Film & TV has continued to help over 1000 people improve their career prospects in the photography industry.

London Academy of Media, Film & TV also runs a cultural exchange program which often lasts for 6 weeks from the start date.

The Photo Academy London

The Photo Academy London is considered the world’s largest and the most popular online photography platform and as such one of the top photography schools in London.

They provide photography courses for beginners and have a few of the best photography courses in the UK.

They provide live and online photography courses which are delivered by experienced photographers, not just in the English language but also in many other languages.

You gain a lot from their correct camera setting and tend to be more artistic in the end. You equally become a professional in editing your own photos through your broadened photography skills.


Exposure works are one of those photography schools in London that is meant for students who desire a personalized experience in improving their photography and video skills.

Exposureworks has a number of video production courses, photography courses as well as photo and video editing software courses.

Their video production, photography and image editing courses are taken in small classes; oftentimes a maximum of 3.

For their regular video courses, either regular or online, the price for a full day course is £294.

Photography courses cost £234 for a full day and finally, their software courses cost £234 for a full day.

25% discount for students who bring a friend or a partner child.

Photoion Photography School

Photoion Photography School is one of the photography schools in London where you fine-tune your photography skills.

There is a range of courses at all levels. Students at the end are able to take quality photographs. there are different photography workshops in order to ensure that students learn different styles of photography.

In summary, Photoion photography school has small group sizes, is located in central London and offers great discounts for its students. Some of the course in this photography school includes:

Beginner’s photography course
Advanced photography course
Long term photography course
Business in photography course
Photojournalism course
Wedding photography course etc.

Going Digital Limited

Going Digital Limited was established in the year 2005. This is one of the photography schools in London with a wide range of workshops to ensure you are at your best.

There is a maximum of 10 students in each of their classes.

Their tutors are enthusiastic, professional and experienced.

There is a mixture of assignments, detailed handouts and hands-on photography to help students be at their best.

There are group photography courses for students as well as private one-to-one courses to enable students to learn good photography courses at their own pace.

The one-on-one courses are tailored to student’s requirements, so most basic aspects of photography are certain to be covered.

Photography Courses London

Photography Courses London is one of the photography schools in London based in the heart of Shoreditch.

This photography school offers one of the widest ranges of photographic courses that is available in London.

They have a close-knit team of well-to-do tutors and has over the years been teaching hobbyists, amateurs as well as professional photographers.

They teach from beginners DSLR courses to advanced retouching for students who are already experienced.

Some of their courses include:


Photoshop & Lightroom

Studio lighting

DSLR Video etc.

Small classes are guaranteed for the effective learning experience.

London Photo Tours & Workshops

London Photo Tours & Workshops is one of the photography schools in London where you have access to the following:

You have access to all types of digital cameras.
You learn at your own pace and the camera’s setting.
You have access to completely practical classes.
You have access to experienced tutors.
You have access to white balance and so much more.

In summary, you are taught the required technical skills and made to understand the composition to effectively use your camera with a final goal of a creative workflow that is unique to you with a perfect understanding of photography.

Matthew Williams-Ellis Photography

Matthew Williams-Ellis Photography is some ways is considered one of the photography schools in London because of regular photography workshops in London.

Matthew Williams-Ellis himself is a London-based travel and documentary photographer.

They offer 1-to-1 tuition to individuals, private groups and organizations. This means that Matthew Williams-Ellis Photography helps individuals take photography to the next level.

Matthew Williams-Ellis Photography offers the following:

Helps you master specific techniques in photography.

They offer mentorship and advice you need to become a professional photographer.

They teach you how to make money from your photos.

They offer lightroom post-processing tutorials and guidance on school photography projects.

Picturebox Schools Ltd

Picturebox Schools Ltd can be considered as one of the photography schools in London because it is such a firm that provides high-quality creative services for companies, individuals and other schools.

Their services are top-notch and sometimes you might find free photography courses in London.

Next to look out for is ” Photography courses in London for international students”.

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In Conclusion

Pursuing a career in Photography after attending any of the photography schools in London is worth it, why? Photographers have a wide range of opportunities.

From working in a studio to working in medical and scientific environments, recording images of reports and studies.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of how much value attending any of those photography schools in London can add to you.

One of the things photography schools in London can do to you is the support it gives students towards gaining advanced skills while they develop a sophisticated knowledge and understanding of the contemporary uses of photography.

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