22 Best Technical colleges in Georgia|Tuition and Location

You must have been considering what career to pursue and considering what degrees to acquire. Technical colleges are one of the options to consider.

Technical colleges are known for offering various training in numerous fields. For students who are considering working in industries that require hands-on training, then Technical colleges are what you need.

On Technical Colleges in Georgia, we will cover the following :

What are technical Colleges?

Technical colleges are referred to as colleges where you can study arts and other technical subjects.

Taking these arts and technical subjects often times are training and qualifications required for a particular job.

Technical colleges are established in order to produce graduates with skills that match the labour market.

Technical colleges in Georgia offer advanced apprenticeship programs that tend to merge academics with technical training.

Most times they offer two-year diploma programs with their students graduating with a technical diploma.

What are Technical Diplomas?

Technical diplomas are known as programs that focus on hands-on training on skills that are vital to and desired by employers.

Technical diplomas take anywhere from one semester to two years before completion.

Other times technical diplomas are embedded technical diplomas. This simply means credits earned during your program are transferable towards obtaining other associate degree and diploma program options thereby giving you a chance to advance your education and increase your career options.

What are the diploma courses to study in Georgia?

As you have read in the introduction, Technical colleges prepare students for a particular trade or career. Some of the fields where you can study in Technical colleges include; Culinary Arts, Fashion, Cosmetology, Computer technology, Automotive technology, Business administration etc.

List of 60 diploma courses to study in the Technical Colleges in Georgia USA

Human Resource Management

Accounting assistant

Advanced EMT

Industrial Environmental Engineering Technician

Industrial Manufacturing Engineering Technician

Industrial Safety Engineering Technician

Applied Mechanical CAD Technician

Architectural Design Software

Automotive Maintenance

Light repair Technician

Basic Machining

Business operations

Construction technologies


Criminal Justice

Crop Scout

Culinary assistant

Dental assistant

Fire science

Flux Cored Arc Welding

Diesel equipment mechanic

Early childhood teacher

Gas Metal Arc Welding

Gas Utility Construction & service

Electrical Power distribution

Emergency Medical Technician

Healthcare Receptionist

Hospitality specialist

Human services assistant

Industrial Automation

Industrial Electronics and Maintenance Technician

IT Computer Support Technician

IT Help Desk Support specialist

IT-Junior Developer

IT-Network Technician

IT-Web Design Specialist

Machine tool Operation

Machine tool Techniques

Manufacturing basics

Medical Office specialist

Nursing assistant

Office assistant

Manufacturing technician

Digital Internet Marketing

Digital Marketing promotions

Social Media Marketing

Medical assistant

Medical Coding Specialist

Welding Robotic Operations

Wood Technology


Truck driving

Surgical specialist

Supply chain assistant

Shielded Metal Arc Welding

Quality Manufacturing


Duration and degrees obtained at Technical Colleges

Technical Colleges have programs that cannot be obtained in less than two years. It is usually from two years up to four years.

You are awarded a certificate, a diploma or an associate degree.

Some associate degrees that can be obtained are:

Associate of Arts
Associate of Science
Associate of Applied science

Difference between Technical and Vocational Schools

Oftentimes people mistake Technical schools for Vocational schools.

Attending Technical schools results in students obtaining:

An associate degree

A pre-bachelor’s technical degree or

A certificate

On the other hand, attending Vocational schools results in students obtaining simply a Certificate of completion of whatever program they took. However, they take a more hands-on approach to teach those skills that seem a bit hard, though necessary for any job.

Reasons why you should attend a Technical College

Most times high school graduates in Georgia think the only option after graduation is the traditional college education with good knowledge of how much they can gain from Technical Schools in Georgia.

But truth be told, it all depends on your goals and aspirations. It equally depends on the financial situations around you and not to forget, your dream career.

Here are some of the reasons to choose Technical schools in Georgia:


The cost involved in attending any of the community colleges or Universities is extremely high compared to Technical colleges in Georgia.

This is because obtaining a diploma in a Technical college is so less time-intensive, compared to programs in four-year colleges.

You can easily build the cost of books into your tuition this makes Technical Colleges in Georgia very cost-effective.


Technical Colleges are known for their ability to specifically prepare students in a chosen career unlike in Universities which are based more on general education.

Other times when general education is involved in these community colleges, they are aimed at educating you in your chosen field/industry.

However, changing career paths is possible is very flexible in Technical colleges in Georgia.

Intensive Practical

Technical colleges are known for helping students have a good idea of what their future workplace is like through their practical approaches in the learning process.

In line with that, they equally offer students internships that are aimed at introducing students to their chosen field in order to gain valuable on-the-job training.

Flexible and Convenient

Just as Universities require their students to take classes, the same way, Technical colleges in Georgia require their students to attend classes.

However, there are so many other options available. In these Technical Colleges in Georgia, there are weekend classes, online classes and weeknight classes which are ideal for work-study options.

Of course, taking night classes and weekend classes might be very much more convenient. You are therefore able to go through the program at your own pace.

Requirements for admission

As obvious as it may seem, getting into colleges can be very competitive. A lot of test scores and GPA evaluations are involved and at times can be discouraging.

However, to get admitted into any of the Technical schools in Georgia is much less stressful.

Requirements in Technical colleges in USA are generally less stressful and more convenient for applicants.

Job placement at graduation

Technical schools give students the best when it comes to career development through important seminars that tend to focus on how to find and easily get a job.

Other subjects in Technical colleges include, effective resume writing, job hunting tips, and effective communication skills to use with your potential employers.

Industry professional tutors

Most instructors at Technical colleges in Georgia are professionals in their fields. These professionals are capable of tending useful pieces of advice to students and equally have good connections in the industry.

Students are put in contact with their potential employers either through job fairs or school-sponsored internships.

Good employment rate

Since the programs taught in Technical colleges in Georgia are all industry-relevant programs, they, therefore, all point towards occupations and industries that are presumed to be in very high demand all over the country.

So the likelihood of not finding a job upon graduation is very little.

Smaller classes and specific studying

In Technical colleges is Georgia, students are not required to take courses that are outside their scope/field of study unlike in Universities.

Students attend Technical colleges to take courses related only to their field of study.

In Technical colleges there are equally smaller class sizes and learning in consequently effective.

What jobs are available upon graduation from Technical colleges in Georgia

Since Technical colleges are known for their emphasis on student’s career development, upon graduation from any of the Technical colleges in Georgia here are some positions that require technical education and the possible amount they earn.


Electricians are known for their ability to install and maintain electrical systems at home, in industries and in the country at large.

They troubleshoot electrical issues, repair, and replace old and worn out electrical systems. The average National salary of Electricians is $25.36 per hour.

Respiratory Therapist

These are therapists who are known for accessing and detecting lung problems and dysfunctions.

They perform various respiratory treatments and they check patient’s respiratory needs.

Finally, they conduct tests using respiratory equipment such as ventilators.

The national average salary of a Respiratory therapist is $32.67 per hour.

Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienists are known for their ability to assess and provide dental care to patients. They provide preventive care to the teeth by cleaning and polishing the teeth.

They equally X-ray and diagnose as well as updated medical records of patients. They equally educate patients on proper oral hygiene. The average national salary of a dental hygienist is $8.28 per hour.

Ultra sonographer

Ultra sonographers and diagnostic medical sonographers are known for their ability to use the ultrasound transducer to perform some testing on the body called diagnostic-image-testing.

The ultrasonographers work closely with doctors at the hospitals by processing images of the body and reviewing the abnormalities.

They take images of the heart, blood vessels, muscles, and women’s reproductive systems. The average national salary of Ultra Sonographers is about $1,400 per week.

Licensed Practical Nurses

Licensed Nurses work under the supervision of doctors and other registered Nurses in monitoring patients’ vital signs. They equally administer medications and take care of patients generally.

They work in several environments such as Nursing homes, Clinics, hospitals and private homes.

HVAC Technician

The primary duties of HVAC technicians are installing, repairing, and maintaining heating.

They are equally in charge when it comes to ventilation, refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. They change old filters and perform general routine maintenance.

Other career options

Other career options for you after attending the Technical colleges in Georgia, USA includes plumbing, Boilermakers, Home inspectors, etc.

List of Technical Colleges in Georgia, USA

Just last year alone, about 37,000 students graduated from 22 colleges located in Georgia. These colleges are very much ready to launch students into the future.

Statistics has it that 99% of graduates from these technical colleges are gainfully employed.

Here is a list of the Technical Colleges in Georgia as well as Online Technical Colleges in Georgia.

  • Albany Technical College——————- Albany
  • Central Georgia Technical College———- Macon
  • Atlanta Technical College——————–Atlanta
  • Athens Technical College——————-Athens
  • Augusta Technical College—————–Augusta
  • Columbus Technical College————–Columbus
  • Chattahoochee Technical College——–Marietta
  • Coastal Pines Technical College———- Waycross
  • Gwinnett Technical College————- Lawrenceville
  • Georgia Northwestern Technical College–Rome
  • Georgia Piedmont Technical College—-Clarkston
  • Oconee Fall Line Technical College—- Sandersville
  • Lanier Technical College————– Oakwood
  • North Georgia Technical College——Clarkesville
  • South Georgia Technical College—— Americus
  • Ogeechee Technical College———- Statesboro
  • Savannah Technical College———– Savannah
  • Southern Regional Technical College—-Thomasville
  • Southeastern Technical College——— Vidalia
  • Southern Crescent Technical College—-Griffin
  • Wiregrass Georgia Technical College—- Valdosta
  • West Georgia Technical College——— Waco

Atlanta Technical College is one of the Technical Colleges in Atlanta Georgia.

List of Technical Colleges with dorms in the United states ( Campus housing)

This is a list of technical colleges in the USA with dorms/housing

Northwest Technical College———–Minnesota

Hocking Technical College————-Ohio

Pittsburgh Technical Institute———-Pennsylvania

Denmark Technical College————South Carolina

Southeast Technical Institute———–South Dakota

Western Technical College————-Wisconsin

Technical Colleges in Georgia Frequently Asked Questions

Students like attending Technical colleges in Georgia because their course work can be completed in a very short amount of time without having to spend so many years in school. Here are some questions people ask as regards Technical colleges in Georgia.

What is the Technical College System of Georgia(TCSG) all about?

The Technical College System of Georgia is a body that ensures companies have enough skilled workers that they need to have an advantage over their competitors.

There are 22 Technical colleges in Georgia belonging to the Technical College System of Georgia and every one of them offers affordable education to their students.

There are over 600 certificates, diplomas, and associate degree programs.

The Technical college system is committed to offering world-class programs that are all in one way or the other related to the six essential industries in Georgia. Especially in Healthcare and Technologies.

Can I transfer my Credits from a Technical college into a University?

Many Universities In the United States and beyond accept credits from Technical Colleges in Georgia and any Technical college at all.

These credits serve as a very vital requirement towards obtaining a degree. Credits are accepted based on the number of courses that students have completed.

How is this done? The University to which you are transferring puts you through credit evaluation. They review your courses and decide if they are transferable or not.

Some other Technical Colleges in Georgia especially some technical colleges in Georgia for Nursing already have agreements with some four-year colleges within the state and equally outside the country which enables students to transfer directly to the University.

what are some Certifications you can obtain from Technical Colleges?

They include:

Microsoft Windows Server

Certified Incident Handler

Access Data Mobile Examiner

Project Management Professional etc


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