Best 9 Youth-in-Care Universities in Manitoba with Tuition waivers Program

In this article; Universities in Manitoba with Tuition waivers, we will cover:

This tuition waivers program were established in the year 2012 and has nine Universities in participation.

The participating Universities in Manitoba with Tuition waivers has each open accounts to support former and present Youth in care.

The main purpose for this is to provide opportunities for former and present youth in Child service care in Manitoba to enable them to take advantage of post-secondary education.

Besides that, there are Living supports as well but they come through skills and partnerships which are available to former youth in care or Tuition waiver students who are on Agreement with Young Adults(AYAs).

These supports can cover as much as costs for books and supplies and a biweekly living allowance but mainly through employment partnerships.

What is youth-in-Care Canada?

Before reading further to the list of Universities in Manitoba with Tuition waivers, what is youth-in-Care?

This was originally known as National Youth in Care Network. It is a non-profit and non-charitable organization.

Youth-in-care Canada is staffed by young adults and alumni from the Child welfare system in Canada.

This Organization was established in order to represent the needs, concerns and opinions of the youths through public engagements and research publications.

This organization was equally established to provide necessary supports for the youths and also for child welfare care, advocating for the improvement of services and guidance on the development of the youth care networks.

How to become a member of the Youth-in-care Canada

Interested individuals and Organizations can choose to be members of the youth in Care.

Those between the ages of 14 and 29 are the only ones with voting privileges.

Click here to become a member by filling out the application form.

Universities in Manitoba with Tuition waivers for youth in Care requires that you become a member before you can be able to apply.

How do you become eligible for this program ?

To be eligible for this, you must be:

A current or former Youth-in-care in Manitoba and there are no age requirements for it.

You must meet the regular program admission requirements.

You must have applied directly to the University or College.

You must be applying as a full-time student.

Some universities such as the University of Manitoba, University de Saint-Boniface University of Winnipeg, and Booth University college require their students to demonstrate some level of financial need.

Once you are qualified, to renew subsequently you must:

Maintain a 2.0 GPA(C)

You must maintain your status as a full-time student.

You must continue to demonstrate financial need if you are at the University of Manitoba, the University of Winnipeg, University de Saint-Boniface and Booth University college

List of Universities in Manitoba with Tuition waivers

Here are 9 Universities in Manitoba with Tuition waivers for the youth in Care program.

  1. Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology
  2. The University of Winnipeg
  3. Brandon University
  4. Red River College
  5. University of Manitoba
  6. Booth University College
  7. University College of the North
  8. Assiniboine Community College
  9. University de Saint Boniface

How do I apply for the tuition waivers in these Universities in Manitoba with Tuition waivers?

Here are the very few steps towards applying for the tuition waivers in the Universities in Manitoba with Tuition waivers.

  1. Make your research on the post secondary programs available.

    Review your program.
    Attend information sessions if necessary.
    Review the requirements for admission.
    What are the prerequisites?
    What are the important deadlines?
  2. Then pick any of the Universities in Manitoba with Tuition waivers and apply directly.

    Submit your application fee.
    Submit the necessary documents.
    Pay the deposit if applicable.
  3. Finally apply for the Tuition waiver before the deadline which is March 31.
    Here are the application forms.

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Frequently asked questions on Universities in Manitoba with Tuition waivers

How do I apply for the tuition waivers?

I have given a guide on how to apply for this program. But you must have in mind that the deadline is March 31 every year.

It is certain to get the fee waiver?

The answer is no. This is because it is all up to the school. Each institution has set a number of applicants to be accepted each year.

However, there are other sponsorships, bursaries, grants and scholarships to consider.

Does the tuition waiver cover for books and living expenses?

Depending on the school you receive the funds from, it might be able to cover some student’s fees. But in most cases, they do not cover some student’s fees.

What if I don’t have the admission application fee?

There are funds for you when needed, that’s if you are no longer in the CFS program.

What if I’m over 28 years?

There are no age restrictions towards receiving the tuition waiver.

At what time in particular during my application do I apply for the tutition waiver?

You have to apply to the institution directly, then after you have applied, you can then apply for the tuition waiver. Ensure to beat the deadline.

Can I transfer my tuition waiver to any of the participating institution?

No, you can’t. They are simply non-transferable.

Do I have to reapply each year at the institution?

No, you do not, once you meet their requirements to renew it, then it is automatic.

Are there programs that do not qualify?

Most undergraduate full-time programs are eligible for tuition waivers. But graduate and post-graduate studies are not eligible, together with continuing education.

Do I have to pay anything back later after graduation or even during application?

You will need to pay the application fees.

You might need to pay the tuition deposit to hold a seat.

Of course, you know that the tuition waivers do not cover the application fee.


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