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On Football academy in UK for international students, we will cover the following:

What are football academies?

A football academy can be said to be a facility that is set up to develop young footballers. It is more like a training school that is established to teach young players how football is played and be able to meet the specific standards by clubs.

The number of academy players moving abroad has increased over the years and companies are springing up to cater for their demands.

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List of the best Football academy in UK for international students

The two below were chosen based on their affordability.

  • Manchester International Football Academy
  • FCV International Football Academy

Manchester International Football Academy

Location: Salford Sports Village, Littleton Rd, Salford M7 3NQ, UK

Manchester International Football Academy is considered one of the best Football Academy in UK for international students because it comes with a pricey academy fee.

Nonetheless, it has continued to wax strong over the years and therefore is one of the best places for you. What do you stand to gain at Manchester International Football Academy?

Play football 5 days a week.
Improve your technical abilities.
Learn advanced tactics and gameplay.
Increase your fitness level.

The duration of the programs may run for about 36 weeks up to two years. You have to be between the ages of 16 to 24 to be able to apply.

You must equally have excellent football skills. The best players get the chance to enter the Manchester International Football academy.

FCV International Football Academy

Location: The Garden House, High St, St Martins, Stamford PE9 2LP, UK

FCV International Football Academy is one of the best Football Academy in UK for international students. They have full-time football coaching as well as a wide range of educational courses.

You have the chance to graduate with degrees such as:

BA(Hons)Sports Management or BSc sports coaching degree.
BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in sports(performance and excellence )

They cater for three meals a day and seven days a week. They equally provide overseas opportunities for very talented players.

They have several football camps which students are opportune to visit from time to time. They have camps in India, the USA, Zimbabwe and Bahrain.

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List of Best football academies in England

  1. Southampton FC Academy
  2. Arsenal FC Academy Productivity
  3. Everton FC Academy Productivity
  4. Tottenham Hotspurs FC Academy Productivity
  5. Liverpool FC Academy Productivity
  6. Chelsea FC Academy Productivity
  7. West Bromwich Albion Academy
  8. Sunderland FC Academy Productivity
  9. West Ham United Academy Productivity
  10. Middlesbrough FC Academy Productivity
  11. Leicester City Academy Productivity
  12. Manchester City Academy Productivity
  13. Crystal Palace Academy Productivity
  14. Burnley FC Academy Productivity
  15. Swansea City Academy Productivity
  16. Hull Tigers Academy Productivity
  17. AFC Bournemouth Academy Productivity

Southampton FC Academy

Southampton FC Academy has the basic goal of producing world-class players when it comes to technical ability on the field and off the field while competing on the European stage.

They are recognized as the leading football academies in the country and holds category one status in the premier league’s Elite player performance plan.

Their players are at the Centre of all they do while helping them reach their desired potential.

Another Football academy to consider

Here is another football academy to consider having looked at the Football academy in UK for international students.

Pepsi Football Academy

Pepsi Football Academy was established in the year 1992 with 14 centres across the country.

In the year 2006, the academy set up a UK scholarship scheme which has so far awarded scholarships to 13 of their players.

Lagos Training Centre, Kano Training Centre, Jos Training Centre , Kaduna Training Centre , Abuja Training Centre, Benin Training Centre, Owerri Training Centre, Enugu Training Centre, Aba Training Centre, Ilorin Training Centre, Ibadan Training Centre, Sagamu Training Centre, and Orile-Imo Training Centre .

Football Academy in UK for international students FAQs

Joining football academies in the United Kingdom is not as hard as you think it is.

Recently, the number of individuals who are interested in joining the best football academy in UK for international students is on the rise.

It is necessary to ensure you are making the right decisions while choosing which academy to go to. Here are some frequently asked questions.

What are the key benefits of joining a football academy in the UK?

Here are some of the key benefits of choosing any of the Best Football Academy in UK for international students.

  1. Football academies in the United Kingdom, especially in England has the competitive edge.
  2. Joining these Football academies means higher chances of being signed. As long as you are able to deliver on the field of play, there is every chance that you will be signed.
  3. You have the opportunity to learn new skills and the pattern of football in the United Kingdom.

    This is because, they take their time to teach you all you need to know in order to grow and succeed. Ranging from:

    Modern football skills
    Accurate pass techniques
    Good decision making during games.
    General character building.

What are the requirements to join football academies in England?

Joining any of the Football Academy in the UK for international students will require some qualifications.

  1. IELTS: This is often times mandatory for international students. This test is normal for non-English students who are about to enter the country.
  2. Student visa: As an international student, you will need to obtain the international student’s visa. The visa can be obtained at the embassy in your home country.

How do I apply to any of the Football academies in England, UK?

There are so many ways to apply:

For instance, you can apply through a mailbox postcard that consists of your vital information.

You can apply through their online platform or online website.

You can apply directly through the club’s youth development and then be invited for a trial.

What is an open day trial?

An open day trial is a short term exercise that is designed to allow players from different categories to showcase their talents and abilities.

The open day trial gives upcoming footballers the opportunity to be considered for selection without having to go through the rigorous application process.

Important things to do before setting out

Train consistently
Eat right
Devote yourself to football
Focus on your goals
Choose a particular role
Improve on yourself daily

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Conclusion on football Academy in UK for international students.

As an international student who wants to be at the football Academy in UK for international students, you must try your best to have the requirements.

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