10 Best Rugby schools in South Africa

Rugby was one of the most significant sports in the promotion of English and, later, British imperial manliness.

It was more than just a game and due to this, you can find best rugby schools in South Africa.

It is a game that turns boys into men, through their physical training, and through the values, it inculcated into the players.

It taught the players how to be fearless, unselfishness, teamwork and above all self-control.

Since its creation, rugby has rapidly spread from elites and into the lives of players and fans all around the world. Here is our guide on the best rugby schools in South Africa:

Some facts about rugby

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  • Rugby isn’t always a safe sports

Rugby received bad publicity after a Richmond player was killed in a practice match in the year 1871.

  • What is rugby, anyway?

Rugby is played with an oval ball by tho different teams comprising of 15 players or 13 players.

  • How rugby started

It started through rule-breaking, a pupil of rugby school defied the rule of football. He picked up the ball and ran with it, creating the distance handling game of rugby.

  • What is rugby named after?

It’s named after an English school. Though the story of William Webb Ellis, a pupil at Rugby School is questioned, it is undisputed that the pupils of that rugby school shaped the game that we all know and love.

  • when did the first rugby cup emerge?

The first rugby cup emerged in the late 19th century. The oldest International Rugby Trophy is the Calcutta Cup.

That game took place on Christmas day 1872, a game of rugby between 20 players representing England on one side and 20 representing Scotland on the other. The game was played in Calcutta, India.

  • Why do rugby players tape their ears?

Many Rigby players always tape their ears to prevent ‘cauliflower ear’ – which is a painful condition where the ear folds in after trauma.


List of rugby schools in South Africa with their average bonus points

The list below comprises the top 10 best rugby schools in South Africa as of May 2021.

This was determined by checking the school’s average bonus points earned per game followed by the number of games which they played each season.

Some of these schools are among best rugby school in the world and others rank high in high school rugby rankings.

  1. Paarl Gimnasium: 10.460 (5)
  2. Grey College: 9.050 (4)
  3. Oakdale: 8.933 (3)
  4. Glenwood: 8.400 (2)
  5. Outeniqua: 8.033 (3)
  6. Durbanville: 7.777 (3)
  7. Bishops: 7.467 (3)
  8. Paarl Boys High: 7.240 (5)
  9. Hilton College: 7.200 (2)
  10. St Andrews College: 6.333 (3)

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Paarl Gimnasium

Paarl Gimnasium is one of the best rugby schools in south Africa in the town Pearl, western cape.

It is a school that has numerous significant sports achievements and has produced some of the top rugby players in South Africa.

As a matter of fact, they are the king it the most popular and top-achieving in the high school rugby rankings.

Grey College

This is a bilingual all-boys high school that is located in Bloemfontein in the Free state.

This school was nominated by an education research institute as the best in the country in all-around education while equally being among the best Rugby schools in South Africa. They are considered as the best rugby school in the world.


Oakdale is a boarding school that is situated in the Western Cape along the Garden Route.

It is one of the best Rugby schools in South Africa that was founded in 1928.

Oakdale boasts that 70% of their learners are involved in 16 rugby teams run by the school.

Most of the alumni such as Johan Muller, Pedrie Wannenburg and Meyer Bosman went on from here to become Springboks. Due to some of these reasons, they are considered to be one of the best rugby schools in south Africa.


Rugby at Glenwood is the major sporting code. They are one of the best rugby schools in south Africa.

It is a sport that instills values such as integrity, sportsmanship, loyalty, discipline and hard work in students.

Glenwood’s policy of participation in extra mural activities as well as the passion shown by the boys enables almost five hundred youngsters the opportunity of experiencing the ultimate team sport.

Glenwood fields thirty teams on a regular basis.

This makes it possible for boys from all levels and ability to be part of this wonderful game.

The sports department endeavors to provide games for all teams, this has allowed Glenwood to embark on tours out the province to play fixtures against some major rugby playing schools in South Africa such as Affies from Pretoria and Grey College from Bloemfontein.

The player base at other schools is diminishing at an alarming rate.

Schools, educators and parents owe it to our children to provide them with an environment that will foster a healthy life style and the opportunity to experience a real childhood. You can definitely see why they are one of the best rugby schools in south Africa.

Perhaps instead of instilling a win at all cost attitude we should rather emphasize the fun part of playing rugby.

The School represented South Africa at the Sanix Youth tournament in Japan in 2008 and won top honours by winning the finals. Remarkable right?


This co-ed boarding school is situated in George in the Western Cape and is equally among the best rugby schools in South Africa. A learner from the school said:

I am a grade 10 learner at Hoërskool Outeniqua. I’ve decided to follow my parents’ footsteps by attending this school.

We are a big school and we are approximately 1800 children – which means I meet new faces every day! I love sport and lucky for me Hoërskool Outeniqua gives their learners a good balance between school work and sport and culture. We have a variety of sport to choose from as well as a lot of kulture activities to join.

Hoërskool Outeniqua is one of the only schools in SA that has 24 subjects to choose from – that’s a lot! My school is a school for every learner.

Like for example we have a club for almost everything you can think of. I love my school – there is nothing better than to walk through the hall ways in the mornings with teachers greeting you friendly.

Most school will make children feel like they are “held captive”, well Outeniqua put in a lot of work to plant trees and flowers to create a beautiful atmosphere where our children can feel safe.

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At Durbanville, there are dedicated and enthusiastic teachers as well as assistants who are ready to create an environment that is enticing and inviting.

They offer outstanding and play-based curriculum with a loose parts focus that allow learners entice their imagination and work as a team.

They were founded in the year 1827 which makes them the second oldest school in the history of South Africa.

They are not just one of the oldest, but equally one of the best rugby schools in south Africa.

This Afrikaans public school is situated in the Western Cape and at this time assist around 940 learners with their academic, sport and cultural development.


At Bishops’ school, it is very academically challenging with a lot to learn and opportunities to make life long friends.

Teachers are very supportive as are other students, and there is a lot of healthy competition among students.

Paarl Boys High

It is one of the oldest schools in the country that was founded in the year 1868. Their latest U19 match against their rivals from Paarl Gimnasium had over 2000 spectators in the stands. The Western Cape sure takes their high school rugby seriously.

There are fun & games times and then there are serious down to business times, but that’s just like life isn’t it?

Hilton College

Hilton College developed their students by enculcating the ability and desire to think critically, flexibly and creatively.

They have a team of passionate and engaged teachers who make meaningful use of technologies to enhance teaching and learning.

Hilton College has a full-time academic support specialist and a director of academic support , all designed for the development of learners.

In terms of rugby, they love the the pure, visceral fun of playing the game which makes them rank as one of the best rugby schools in south Africa.

St Andrews College

Reverend John Armstrong founded this Anglican all-boys school in the year 1855.

It is located in Makhanda, Eastern Cape and also provides boarding facilities.

Rugby is the most popular sport played by the St Andrews boys and are ranked in the list of the best rugby schools in south Africa.

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In conclusion

Many opportunities are granted to young aspiring professional athletes in a country so passionate about its Springboks and provincial team matches.

Many South Africans claim that their “blood is green” and wish to grant their children the best rugby training our country offers.

Therefore consider these best rugby schools in south Africa and ensure to choose the one that suits you most. Best regards.

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