6 Basic Nail technician courses Auckland

A nail technician is a beauty specialist who is basically responsible for the grooming and the general appearance of a customer’s fingernails as well as toenails.

he or she is in charge of providing manicures and pedicures, nail shaping, cuticle grooming, synthetic nail treatments and general application of nail treatments. In this article, we will talk about the nail technician course Auckland.

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Who is a Nail Technician?

A nail technician is trained as aforementioned, in the various techniques of cleaning, filing, grooming fingernails as well as toenails.

It includes the following operations performed on the nail:

Trimming and removal of the cuticle.
Moisturizing of the hand and feet.
Removal of dead skin in both areas.
Light massage to improve circulation and relaxation.

Nail professionals treat natural nails and equally add on acrylic nails. They add gel coverings or silk strengtheners. After the treatment by a nail technician, the nails can have a simple polish.

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Where can a nail technician work?

Nail technicians usually work at a nail salon where there are several other nail technicians.
There are equally pedicure and manicure stations and most times nail technicians usually rent out a station of their own.

Nail technicians can equally work in a spa atmosphere, in a hairdressing salon or from home.

In addition, the atmosphere of a nail salon, whether it is a proper shop or at home, should always be clean and must look professional.

Usually, technicians are meant to wear white lab coats in order to promote professionalism. There are equally local health codes and regulations that they must abide by.

It is also very important that they give customers some level of relaxation and pampering.

This is because most customers go to nail salons both for relaxation and to equally break from their hectic lives.

Nail Technician Salaries by Seniority

Nail techniciansEarning per hour Earning per year
Top-level nail technician $18.14$37,734
Senior-level nail technician $16.18$33,646
Mid-level nail technician$14.24$29,622
Junior-level nail technician $12.54$26,079
Starting level nail technician $11.18$23,254
Nail Technician Salaries by Seniority by careereplorer.com

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List of Nail technician courses Auckland


This flagship nail course is very intense and offers hands-on and concise training. This course allows you to grow your skills and in the end, begin an exciting new career.

It equally Offers you the in-depth nail training you require to be fully qualified and become a professional nail technician.


​The Ultimate Gel Extension course is carved out for anyone who wants to master the art of nail extensions while they take their skill set to the next level.

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The pedicure course teaches almost everything you need to know about nails. From head to toe. You will learn the techniques of a luxury pedicure as well as correct nail care, such as filing, shaping, cuticle work and polish.


This course teaches you how to enhance your knowledge of acrylic extensions. You get to have a good idea of the acrylic system. You learn how to use equipment while you learn timing and pricing.


This course teaches you how to sculpt over a natural nail or a nail form. They teach the perfect way to enhance the nails of your clients without glue or extensions.


In Manicure, you equally learn the basics of nail care, about nail disorders, nail diseases and as well as skin disorders and diseases.

They go as far as teaching you the structure of the nail, skin types and skin structure and general nail and skin healthcare.

In conclusion

Nail treatments are becoming popular, there will always be a high demand for nail technicians and specialists.

Upon completion of these Nail technician courses Auckland you will be eligible to apply for professional insurance and that means you can begin to offer services professionally.

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