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About Fashion

”Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life”-Bill Cunningham.

You can as well agree with me that fashion is part of the daily air and is such that changes all the time.

Fashion is that discipline that holds in such a high regard every person and every style. Fashion through fabrics and colour is capable of capturing whatever mood or feeling.

Its long history makes it vital in our lives and for you to succeed in the fashion industry, you must have an eye for beauty and harmony.

Fashion in Paris

Paris is regarded as the fashion capital of the world and fashion schools in France are inarguably one of the best fashion schools in the world.

There are a lot of fashion boutiques littered almost everywhere in the city. Paris equally houses the headquarters of the major Fashion brands you know about; Louis Vuitton, Dior, Lacroix and Chanel.

Similar to other top schools such as Tokyo, New York etc host a fashion week twice a year. France and style, therefore, are known to go hand in hand.

The everyday people of Paris mode of dressing is so fascinating and is greatly admired around the globe. Here are 10 reasons why Paris is still the fashion capital of the world.

Why is Paris Considered the fashion Capital of the world ?

Considering the fashion schools in Paris is a Good Idea, but before that, look at these reasons why Paris is considered the fashion capital of the world.

The Paris Fashion Week

The country coordinates and enhances Paris fashion week which offshoots each year.

They Liaise with other fashion capitals around the globe such as London, New York, and Milan in order to ensure that there is an international coherence and to effectively serve brands.

Guest members and brands are provided with the logistical support needed and financial support in order to help them in effective participation.

The whole fashion industry gets involved when it is the Paris fashion week.

The best designers are found in Paris

Paris being the most known city when it comes to fashion equally is a home for the best fashion designers.

The best fashion designers such as Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton and Jean-Paul Gautier are the biggest names in the fashion industry.

Haute Couture

Haute Couture is talking about high sewing, high dressmaking or high fashion that is inherent in the country.

Haute Couture is therefore a high-end fashion that is usually constructed by hand right from start till finish.

Often times materials used for the Haute Couture are of high-quality, expensive, and often unusual fabric.

The People

Paris is known to have the most stylish people in terms of fashion.

Popular stylish people include Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve, Anne Parillaud, and Jeanne Moreau.

Major Fashion Trade Unions

Paris is known for its powerful fashion trade union which was created in the year 1973.

The Fashion trade union was established to protect French fashion. There are three entities that make up this trade union and they are:

The trade union of high fashion
The trade union of Men’s Fashion
The trade union of Women’s fashion.

The best Fashion Schools

Fashion schools in Paris are said to have a list of the foremost and best fashion schools in the world.

Read on to find the list of the best fashion schools in Paris.

The Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle is a shopping district in Paris that is dedicated to high fashion clothes and accessories.

This district is found between the Champs-Elysees, the Avenue Montaigne and Avenue Marceau. Such big brands such as Vuitton, Givenchy, Rochas, Dior, Celine, Chanel, Donna karan take this district as their homes.

How to learn Fashion in the fashion design schools in Paris

Most Courses in the Fashions schools in Paris are taught in English with very classical teaching classes. In the learning process, students have the opportunity to do the following:

Make contributions.
Attend workshops with industry professionals.
Watch fashion shows often held right at the university.
Partake in internships with top fashion companies.
Assist top fashion designers in the industry.

Furthermore, as a fashion student in any of the fashion schools in Paris, your introduction will be on the history of arts, as well as the theories of arts.

From there, you learn about fabrics and textiles, of which at the end, you should be able to start creating your fashion collections.

You equally learn fashion sketching and be able to draw sketches of models.

The internship opportunities help students to network and in the end, be able to establish very useful contacts for themselves.

Fashion schools in Paris have renowned teaching staff and instructors. Students get the opportunity to work with leading designers, photographers, and editors.

These fashion schools have instructors and professors who have worked with brands like Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, and Karl Lagerfeld.

Fashion design careers to venture into in Paris

Upon completion from any of the fashion schools in Paris, you can decide to focus more on the business side o fashion or you can decide to choose specializations such as:

  • Modern Couture
  • Costume design
  • Fashion Accessories

Interestingly, fashion designers can earn up to $63,000 a year, depending on the employer and the skills of the employee.

What do I stand to gain from attending fashion schools in Paris?

Becoming a professional fashion designer comes with a lot of benefits. Below are a few of the things you stand to gain from becoming a fashion designer.

  • A feeling of fulfillment

  • Designing involves a lot of fun and creativity

  • Financial security; a source of daily income

What is the fashion Design Course Curriculum?

Irrespective of the aspect of fashion you have chosen to undertake or study in fashion schools, your technical abilities, and knowledge of the industry will be sharpened.

Below are some of the courses in fashion and design which you will likely come across.

Fashion design Curriculum

  • Fashion history

  • Collection and concept development

  • Digital color

  • Design theory

  • Computer-aided fashion design

  • Fashion illustration

  • Costume design

  • Draping

  • Merchandising in Fashion

  • Fashion sketching

  • Fashion management

  • Patternmaking

  • Computer pattern making

  • Portfolio preparation

  • Principles of design

  • Professional practices

  • sewing

  • Garment construction

  • Studio practices

  • Textiles and fabrics

List of Fashion Schools in Paris

Here is a list of the top fashion schools in Paris. Some of them are public fashion schools while others are private.

  • Paris College of Art

  • SKEMA Business School

  • L’institut Marangoni

  • IFA Paris – International Fashion Academy

  • Institut Français de la Mode

  • Atelier Chardon Savard

  • Mod’spe Paris

  • Paris American Academy

  • Paris Fashion institute

  • Paris Fashion School by PSL-Ecole Nationale de Mode et Matière

Paris College of Art

The Paris College of Arts is one of the fashion schools in Paris that has students who combine curiosity and experimentation as well as enthusiasm towards gaining professional experience in the fashion industry.

SKEMA Business School

SKEMA Business School has the Luxury and fashion management course to be international in its orientation. It therefore can be regarded as one of the fashion schools in Paris that gives students access to becoming experienced fashion and luxury specialists who have academic and in-company experience.

L’institut Marangoni

L’institut Marangoni is one of the fashion schools in Paris that has rigorously oriented study methods towards professionalism, demands in the industry, and a fine balance of design functionality and aesthetics.

IFA Paris – International Fashion Academy

The IFA Paris – International Fashion Academy is an international fashion school in Paris that offers students all over the world a vast range of unique and tailored courses. Students get the opportunity to study in two of the most influential fashion capitals.

Institut Français de la Mode

Institut Français de la Mode is one of the institutions of higher education that offers a broad range of fashion design and luxury programs.

Being one of the top fashion schools in Paris, France, students study design, Management as well as craftsmanship.

Atelier Chardon Savard

Atelier Chardon Savard is a fashion design school in Paris, France that trains students towards developing their personalities in order to increase their vital knowledge to succeed in the fashion industry.

Mod’spe Paris

Mod’spe Paris is one of the fashion schools in France that is known for offering a unique combination of fashion approaches and business.

Paris American Academy

Paris American Academy builds their students in a solid foundation of design skills ranging from understanding drawing, color, textiles, hand & machine sewing, tailoring, etc. It is one of the fashion schools in Paris that teach in English.

Paris Fashion institute

Paris Fashion institute was established in the year 1976 and is known for providing the best environment for students to learn design, marketing, fashion, and merchandising.

Just to mention but a few. It is, therefore, one of the affordable fashion marketing schools in Paris, France

Paris Fashion School by PSL-Ecole Nationale de Mode et Matière

Paris Fashion School by PSL-Ecole Nationale de Mode et Matière is one of the fashion schools in Paris that was jointly established by three institutions and students are opportune to learn fashion, clothing, computer-assisted production, accessories, trends, design project development and so much more.

Fashion schools in Paris FAQs

The fashion industry is growing in Paris and internationally. The growth of fashion jobs is expected to be on the increase by 3% by 2026.

A lot of questions have been asked by individuals interested in the fashion industry. here are a few frequently asked questions.

What aspects of fashion can I study online?

Here are a few courses under fashion marketing and Management which you can study online:

  • Consumer behavior and Persuasive Sales Techniques

  • Brand Strategy

  • Textile fundamentals

  • Early-Modern History of fashion

  • 3D Visual Merchandising

How much do those in the fashion industry earn?

How much you are able to earn in the fashion design industry is dependent on a lot of factors. Your brand name and most essentially your level of experience.

The area you work in equally plays a major role, the number of years you have worked matters too especially if you are working with an employer.

Here is the annual average salary of workers in the fashion industry.

Fashion designer —–$86,110

Merchandise Displayer—–$32,940

The amount listed above is based on average. However, actual salaries may greatly vary based on specializations in the fashion industry, the location, and a host of other factors.

Are there jobs out there for you?

You might be wondering if there are jobs for you after attending the fashion schools in Paris. The truth is the fashion industry is such that is constantly growing.

So there are multiple opportunities for fashion designers, whatever you’re putting on now was designed by someone.

As a fashion designer, your job descriptions might be either of the following:

Organizing, or attending fashion and trade shows.

Putting together a cohesive collection theme.

Researching fashion trends.

Creating sketches as well as samples.

Using computer-aided design programs.

Pricing and Marketing products.

Setting up cheap fashion schools in Paris.

Performing fashion industry business administrative tasks. etc.

What are some essential skills for the fashion designer job?

The fashion industry is in a state of metamorphosis, therefore designers need to draw inspiration from past trends and see the possibility of new designs. that is where creativity and style come in.

Fashion designers need to be a step ahead, though attending the fashion schools in Paris is part of being a step ahead by having a good knowledge of the fashion industry.

Knowing the in and out of the industry is relevant as well. Having a good knowledge of the basic principles of marketing and business can be helpful equally.

Below is a summary of some qualities to must possess to do well in the industry as explained above.

  • Creativity and Style.

  • Good knowledge of the fashion industry.

  • Business Know-how.

  • Ability to work under pressure.

Conclusion on Fashion Schools in Paris

The Fashion design Career is not just for the faint-hearted. If you must attend the fashion schools in Paris and subsequently enter the industry, you must be willing to work.

You must be able to handle a lot of criticism because it can be brutal at times. To be successful, you need to get used to learning from critics.

Here are some articles I feel will be equally relevant, having read about fashion schools in Paris.

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