10 Top Beauty & Cosmetology schools in UK (Fees and courses)

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Cosmetology is a career that is growing in which those involved help beautify the hair, skin, nails, etc of their clients.

But in order to be certified and licensed by your state’s certifying board, then you must undergo extensive study and training. In my previous articles, I have written on the 10 best fashion schools in France. You can equally check out the List of Top photography schools in London.

You might be wondering, what is cosmetology?

What is cosmetology?

Wikipedia defined Cosmetology as the study and application of beauty treatment. Cosmetology can also be said to be the art and science of beautifying the hair, nails and skin.

They are experts when it comes to applying cosmetics procedures, therapies, and treatments in order to beautify one’s outer appearance through their application of cosmetics treatments to people’s hair, skin and nails.

Specific disciplines in hairstyling which you can consider include but are not limited to:

Makeup application
nail care( manicures and pedicures)

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What are tasks for cosmetologists ?

Cosmetologists may do several different types of jobs. Here are some of the most common things which you will be doing as a cosmetologist.

Hair Styling

As a hairstylist, here are some of the things you will be doing:

Washing of hair.
Shampooing of hair.
Shaping, cutting, texturing, straightening, styling and curling hair.
Coloring, tinting, and lightening hair.
Braiding hair and installing hair extensions.


Hairstyling can be referred to as serving women, men, as well as children. Barbering has traditionally focused on male customers though occasionally ladies get involved.

Some of the skills and duties of a barber include:

  • Cutting
  • trimming
  • shampooing
  • styling hair
  • Shaving facial hair
  • Fitting hairpieces
  • Coloring
  • perming hair
  • Performing facial treatments


What do estheticians focus on in the field of skincare? Below are some of the common treatments a which a skincare specialist is likely to be involved:

  • Facials
  • tweezing
  • eye brow threading
  • hair removal
  • Exfoliation
  • Skin conditioning
  • wrinkle reduction
  • Anti-aging treatments

Makeup Artist

The makeup artist can decide to work in places like:

professional photography studios,


special effects,

fashion shows,


special events etc

These specialized cosmetologists are well informed when it comes to how different cosmetics interact with skin, and how they can achieve certain looks and effects by the use of makeup.

Nail Technician

The nail technician primarily is specialized in fingernails and toenails and does the following:



Nail artistry and nail jewellery

Gel nails, silk nails, and acrylic nails


The electrologist is good at using special equipment to facilitate permanent hair removal.

In the process, electricity is applied to damaged hair follicles, so that the hair does not grow back.

Additional certification is oftentimes required in this field, due to the nature of the procedure.

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Other Career Prospects For Cosmetologist in the UK

Being a Cosmetologist in the UK is lucrative. As a matter of fact, it might take you just 6 months upon graduation to get a job. Below are the Careers in cosmetology :

  • Skincare specialist

This is that field that focuses on skin treatment, skin beauty, skin toning, and every other aspect that relates to the skin which you can think of.

A skincare specialist earns an average of £100,000 per year. That’s marvelling, right?

  • Beauty copywriter

A beauty copywriter is a person who writes blogs and articles about beauty, trends, and fashion.

An example of the product of beauty copywriting is a fashion magazine.

A beauty copywriter earns an average of £40,000 per year. 

  •   Beauty trainer

Beauty trainers are also called corporate trainers and there are specialized fields.

They train people on how to become a cosmetologist in their field.

Interestingly a beauty trainer earns an average of £25,000 annually.

  • Fashion show stylist

Fashion show stylists specialize in the making of clothes for fashion and beauty events.

The clothes they make are mostly made for models that will showcase the products being advertised.

A fashion show stylist earns an average of £25,000 annually.

  • Makeup artist 

Makeup artists are not only limited to beautifying the face as most people think.

They can also work in the movie industry to make an actor or actress up to fit into a character.

A makeup artist earns an average of £35,000 annually.

Other careers in cosmetology include:

Bellow are other self-explanatory careers in cosmetology which you should definitely consider after attending any of the cosmetology schools in UK.

Nail technician (£40,000/year)

Beauty business consultant (£30,000/year)

Hairdresser (£25,000/year)

Spa manager (£30,000/year)

Beautician (£30,000/year)

Salon manager (£30,000/year)

Wedding and event stylist (£22,000/year)

Job outlook of cosmetologists

It is projected that the employment of barbers, hairstylists, as well as cosmetologists, will decline by 1 per cent from 2019 to 2029.

The need for barbers will be primarily from the increasing population, This will lead to greater demand for basic hair care services.

Moreover, demand for hair colouring, straightening of hair, and other advanced hair treatments has risen to an extent in recent years, this is a trend that is expected to continue over the coming decade.

There will be a decrease in the employment of hairdressers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists, more especially in the personal care services industry.

This can be attributed to specialization. consumers tend to choose manicurists and pedicurists and skincare specialists over hairdressers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists for them.

In spite of all these, Overall job opportunities are expected to be good.

A large number of job openings will stem from the need to replace workers who transfer to other occupations, retire, or leave the occupation for other reasons.

However, there is a need for workers to expect too strong competition for jobs because of the large pool of experienced hairstylists and cosmetologists. Read on, to see the list of top cosmetology schools in UK.

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How do I succeed as a cosmetologist?

Attending Cosmetology schools in UK is not enough reason that you will succeed.

After graduating from these Cosmetology schools in UK, you must realize and have in mind that Cosmetology is a profession that is built on human interaction.

Firstly, you must have intentions to build a which oftentimes will not depend only on the skill of the cosmetologist, but also the trust and rapport they build with their clients.

Customers put their faith in the expertise and professionalism of their cosmetologists.

If are able to make your customers feel great about themselves when they leave your salon chair, you can have a successful career in cosmetology.

This is also a job that requires physical stamina, as you’ll spend a lot of time while on your feet.

10 Universities in the UK that offer cosmetology

Below are Universities in the UK where you will find hair and beauty university courses. The list also includes some beauty schools in uk for international students.

  • Bradford University
  • Birmingham City University
  • Cardiff Metropolitan University
  • De-Montfort University
  • Loughborough University
  • Nottingham Trent University
  • Plymouth University
  • Bolton College
  • University of Dundee
  • Lincoln College

In order to write on cosmetology schools in the UK that focus more on cosmetology, I will only write a review on four of these universities.

Bradford University

Bradford university can be considered as one of the cosmetology schools in UK that offers a course on skin sciences.

They help students and researchers understand skin and hair biology better.

They also help students understand the different types of skin diseases and how they can be treated.

Birmingham City University

Birmingham city university is among the cosmetology schools in UK that offers a full-time course on cosmetic branding and promotion.

They help students learn about how to brand new products and how to promote the products to a reasonable standard. 

Cardiff Metropolitan University

Cardiff metropolitan university is equally one of the good cosmetology schools in UK that offers a master’s degree for a one-year course on dermatology which is specifically for students who have at least a year of general medical experience.  

De-Montfort University

De-Montfort university is one of the cosmetology schools in UK that offers a course on pharmaceutical and cosmetic Science.

Students benefit from advanced and specialized knowledge of the principles of pharmaceutical and cosmetic theory. 

Other Universities to consider includes

Loughborough University

Nottingham Trent University

Plymouth University

Bolton College

University of Dundee

Lincoln College

What skills are required in order to become a cosmetologist in the United Kingdom?

These skills are as important as attending the cosmetology schools in UK in becoming a professional in the industry.

Cosmetology Degree 

This is is the major thing you get after attending any of the cosmetology schools in UK.

Though this degree does not necessarily have to be obtained from the four walls of a university. There are training Centres where you can obtain this degree.

The certificate issued at the end of the training is a license needed to become a cosmetologist.


Creativity is the use of imagination to create something.

Cosmetology is such art that requires creativity, therefore, a cosmetologist should be able to bring ideas into life and always while they work to improve on their skills.

Time Management

Time is very essential to a cosmetologist. To be effective and efficient, a cosmetologist is required to manage time effectively. How will this help?

Time management will help a cosmetologist to serve more customers daily.

Good Customer Service

Cosmetologists must be able to provide good customer service.

A cosmetologist must be polite and attend to customers’ needs within the scheduled time for proper customer satisfaction.

Physically Fit

Being physically fit is equally an important skill required for a cosmetologist. 

long hours of standing and attending to customers is a regular experience for cosmetologists.

Trend Awareness and Interpersonal Skill

Nowadays, cosmetology is one of the fastest-growing industries which requires trends to change almost every season.

Also Relating with customers is a way of building and maintaining a relationship with the customer.

A cosmetologist should be aware of the changes in trends and also be good at maintaining relationships with his customers.

What are the Popular Courses in Cosmetology to Study in the UK?

There are a lot of courses associated with Cosmetology. While most of them are cosmetology courses online, others are medical cosmetology courses in UK. But below are just the most common courses to easily find in the beauty schools in UK for international students and in Cosmetology schools in UK in general.

Beauty Therapy and Make-Up

Business of Beauty Course

Hair Dressing

Make-Up Artist Course

Spa Beauty and Body Therapy

Saloon Management

List of 10 Cosmetology Schools in UK

Below is the list of some cosmetology schools in UK.

  1. UK Beauty Schools (Kent, Essex, Surrey and London)
  2. London School of Beauty & Makeup
  3. Manchester Beauty School
  4. Oxford International College Of Beauty
  5. Ray Cochrane Beauty School
  6. Bristol Beauty School
  7. Cambridge School of Beauty Therapy
  8. Champneys Beauty College
  9. Academy Of Beauty Training
  10. The Carlton Institute – Chichester

UK Beauty Schools (Kent, Essex, Surrey and London)

This is one of the cosmetology schools in UK that offer a wide range of courses which are run on either a full time or part-time basis. Their courses are available to both beginners and the experienced.

The whole ethos of their training is to offer courses that suit your needs. There is a 24/7 online training portal, full support and advice during and after the training, full accredited courses and a price match guarantee.

Below are some of their online Courses:

Live Online Acrylic Nail Enhancements Diploma

Qualification: Diploma
Price (excl. VAT): £199.00

Live Online Eyelash Extensions Diploma

Price (excl. VAT): £199.00

Live Online Gel Nail Extensions Diploma

Qualification: Diploma
Price (excl. VAT): £199.00

Live Online Indian Head Diploma

Qualification: Diploma
Price (excl. VAT): £199.00

Live Online Lash and Brow Diploma

Qualification: Diploma
Price (excl. VAT): £199.00

Live Online Luxury Manicure Diploma
Live Online UV Gel Polish Diploma
Live Online Volume Lashes Diploma

All three of them cost £199.00
cosmetology schools in UK courses and fees for UK Beauty Schools

Here are some distance learning courses and they include:

Acrylic Nail Course (Distance)-£238
Bridal Makeup (Distance)–£238
Builder (Hard) Gel (Distance)-£188
Complete Nail Technician (Distance)-£488
Gel Polish Nail Art (Distance)—–£125
Manicure and Gel Polish (Distance)-£238
Manicure and Pedicure (Distance)–£238
Pedicure (Distance)————–£188
cosmetology schools in UK hair and beauty courses and fees for UK Beauty Schools

Acrylic Nail Course (Distance)-£238
Bridal Makeup (Distance)–£238
Builder (Hard) Gel (Distance)-£188
Complete Nail Technician (Distance)-£488
Gel Polish Nail Art (Distance)—–£125
Manicure and Gel Polish (Distance)-£238
Manicure and Pedicure (Distance)–£238
Pedicure (Distance)————–£188

However, there are main beauty courses which are offered inside the school. Also, check out their Aesthetics courses.

London School of Beauty & Makeup

London School of Beauty & Makeup is one of the internationally recognised cosmetology schools in UK. They are considered one of the good beauty schools in uk for international students. Here are some of the popular degrees they offer and the course price:


OUR NEW MASA DIPLOMA – The Complete Makeup Artistry Course-£5,495


VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology–£375

CIDESCO Beauty Therapy Post Graduate Programme–£2,500

CIBTAC Beauty Therapy Diploma–£7,800

Manchester Beauty School

Manchester Beauty School is one of the cosmetology schools in UK that has diploma and qualification courses within nails, beauty, holistic and makeup. Here are some courses offered at Manchester Beauty School.

Beautician’s Certificate

Online Advanced Nail Technician–£159.00

Mobile Beauty Therapist–£899.00

Beautician’s Certificate Training package–£459.00

Advanced Lash & Brow Technician Training package–£449.00

Online Advanced Nail Technician Training Package-£239.00

To find out more about their over 20 courses and training fee click here.

Oxford International College Of Beauty

This is one of the cosmetology schools in UK that was established in the year 1990, they are one of the most prestigious specialist beauty training institutions in the UK.

Here are some courses offered at Oxford international College of beauty:

NVQ Level 2 Beauty Therapy-12 months
NVQ Level 3 Beauty Therapy-12 months
NVQ Level 2 & NVQ Level 3 Beauty Therapy Apprenticeships–1 Year
CIDESCO, CIBTAC and OICB Beauty & Body Therapy–10 Months
CIBTAC Short Courses for International Beauty Therapy Students–3 to 6 Months

A UK student who is planning to attend Oxford International College Of Beauty will have to meet the following criteria.

  • 5 GCSE’s grades A to C or equivalent.
  • Interview with School Director (fee applies).
  • Last school report if school leaver.
  • Names & addresses of 2 referees.
  • Photo identification (i.e. passport or driving licence).

While an international student who plans to apply must meet the following criteria.

  • IELTS level 5.5 (if English is not your 1st language).
  • Interview with College Principal (telephone interview is acceptable)
  • 5 GCSE’s or equivalent with original copies..
  • Educational Report if school leaver.
  • Two references.
  • Photo identification: passport.
  • Full funds available to pay for course fees & accommodation in advance, to apply for a ‘Student Visitors Visa”.

Ray Cochrane Beauty School

This is one of the cosmetology schools in Uk where you can develop your beauty therapy skills. This school was established in the year 1954.

They are intentionally small and selective while they offer a level of support and tuition aid which most larger institutions might not give you. Here are some of the courses offered at this institution and the total course fee:

VTCT Level 2 Beauty Therapy Course–£1,995
VTCT Level 3 Beauty Therapy Course–£2550
CIBTAC Professional Beauty Therapy Diploma–£6,995
CIDESCO International Beauty Diploma Course–£8,995
VTCT Level 2 Facial and Skin Care Course–£795
VTCT Level 3 Facial Electrotherapy Course—£1275
Online VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Anatomy & Physiology Course–£375
VTCT (ITEC) Level 2 Award in Infection Prevention (COVID-19) for Beauty Therapy and Nail Services–£109
cosmetology schools in UK fees for Ray Cochrane Beauty School

Check out their courses on beauty therapy, laser and skin as well as Nail and Brow.

Bristol Beauty School

Bristol Beauty School was founded in the year 2006. They are one of the cosmetology schools in UK that offers professional and supportive training courses for most adults in a training environment.

They have very small class sizes and they have extremely high standards in training. They offer the following courses:

Beauty Training Course–£550
Makeup course –£130 to £195
Facial and skincare courses—£470
Nail courses —£170 to £190
Body treatment courses —£170 to £320
Lash and Brow courses –£99 to £250
Waxing courses —- £99 to£160
cosmetology schools in UK fees for Bristol Beauty School

Cambridge School of Beauty Therapy

This is one of the cosmetology schools in UK that is well known in the industry for providing students with first-class training.

At this school, they offer a wide range of beauty and therapy courses with the most popular of them being the fast-track CIDESCO & CIBTAC beauty therapy diploma.

Here are some of their degree:

CIBTAC & CIDESCO Beauty Therapy Diploma– £7,000 payable in 5 instalments.
CIBTAC Beauty Therapy Diploma–£5,500 in 5 instalments.
Postgraduate CIDESCO Programme– £1,000
CIBTAC Aesthetics Diploma– £3,000 (inclusive of Beauty Kit)
Level 4 Aesthetics core–£1,300 

Champneys Beauty College

This is one of the cosmetology schools in UK that is leading in terms of beauty therapy training institutions in the UK. Founded in the year 1976 and has built a name as one of the best training colleges in the UK. They have:

Full-time beauty courses which last for 10 months. It is a course that is meant for school leavers who want an intense grounding in beauty therapy.

There are part-time beauty courses as well which is designed to fit around students’ lifestyle.

There are professional development courses as well such as diplomas, certificates and the postgraduate CIDESCO diploma.

Check out how-to-apply and their scholarships.

Academy Of Beauty Training

Academy Of Beauty Training has been in existence for over 8 years. They offer a full range of 34 courses with the latest state-of-the-art technological advancements which include non-invasive Anti-aging face and body treatments. They have accommodation for their students as well.

There are:
Beauty Therapy & Advanced Fast Track Courses
Advanced Beauty courses
Laser & IPL Courses

There is a deposit of £100 per course. Full payment for your course must be received at least 12 days before the start of your course

The Carlton Institute – Chichester

Founded in 1992, it is a pioneer and still leading the field, providing an unrivalled range of beauty courses and training.

With the wide range of accredited beauty, nail, massage & holistic courses and training locations across the UK, the Carlton Institute is recognised as being one of the cosmetology schools in UK.

Location: The Carlton Institute, 10 Eastgate Square, West Sussex, Chichester, PO191JH

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In conclusion

You must have seen the list of cosmetology schools in UK and equally known that cosmetology schools can vary.

However, these programs provide hands-on training. Most of their curriculum includes education about hair, skin, and nails. Once done with cosmetology schools in UK, get licensed and launch your career.

What to look out for in subsequent articles:

How to become a cosmetologist in UK and cosmetology courses online.

Leave a comment below if you need any form of assistance in getting into any of these cosmetology schools in UK.


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