20 Best sports secondary schools in London,UK

In the United Kingdom, everyone has to do some sort of sport until the age of 16. Unlike before now, it is not just about football and netball.

Apart from the best sports secondary schools in London, I shall be talking about other good sporting schools in the United Kingdom.

Therefore here are the things to look out for on the topic: the best sports secondary schools in London.

Sports in Secondary schools

Everyone is required to do Physical education at school until they are 16. The sports which you are able to do depends on the school as there are different activities unique to each school.

The most popular sport found in schools is Football. Football is played by both girls and boys. However, pupils play other traditional games such as rugby, hockey, rounders, netball or other physical activities such as athletics or gymnastics.

Nowadays schools have added more modern-day sports such as fitness, dodge ball or ultimate Frisbee.

The traditional and new school sports

Before we look at the best sports secondary schools in London, below are some traditional and new team sports played at schools that you might not know of.

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee:

This game is played by two teams comprising of 7 players on the field.

You score goals by throwing the Frisbee which is a plastic disc into the end zone.


In this sport, players throw the ball at the players on the other team as they try to hit them with the ball.

In the process, if the ball hits you, you are out. The balls are soft and many of them are used at the same time.


Rounders are similar to baseball, or softball. How is it played? One team hits the ball with a bat and then runs around four posts or bases as the case may be in the field.

The other team throws the ball and tries to catch it or touch the post with the ball.


Netball is a comprehensive sport which is played by two teams. Usually, there are seven players on each of the teams and you score goals by throwing the ball into the net.

It is considered similar to basketball, but then you can’t run with the ball. This sport is most common among girls in UK schools.

List of 20 Best sports secondary schools in London

Here is a list of the best sports secondary schools in London and other parts of the UK.

  • Millfield
  • Hampton
  • Eton
  • Shrewsbury
  • Lady Eleanor Holles
  • Loretto School
  • Wellington
  • Harrow
  • Whitgift
  • Tonbridge
  • Brighton
  • Bromgrove
  • Sedbergh
  • Warwick school
  • Reed’s School
  • Cobham
  • St George’s college
  • Weybridge
  • Queenswood School
  • Hertfordshire


Pre-prep school- £3,010
Prep School-£3,825
Senior School-£9,055

Millfield is an academically selective school with the selection based on academic merit which is often assessed through entry tests, interviews and references from the candidate’s current school.

Millfield is the largest co-ed boarding and day school in the United Kingdom with over 1250 students, 950 of which are full boarders. They have small class sizes with an average of 11 students in each class.

Sports offered at Millfield

Clay Shooting
Cross Country
Trampolining etc.


Fees: GBP 21,900( for all grades)

Hampton is an all-boys school found in Middlesex. The school has plenty of achievements to be proud of as one of the top rowing schools in the country.

It is equally a high performing school for both GCSEs and A-Levels.

Hampton is one of the best sports secondary schools in London that was established in 1557 as a grammar school and changed into an independent school in 1975. It is a mid-sized school with around 1,300 boys.

Hampton is one of the top schools in the country for football, rugby and rowing.

They have a millennium Boat House which is home to two of the most successful school rowing clubs in the country.

There is a wide choice of sports offered alongside traditional, fencing, golf and skiing.

Hampton competes in over 1000 fixtures across 18 different sports every year.

Beyond sports, Hampton offers an array of clubs, from beekeeping to chess.


Fees: GBP 42,501( for each grade)

Eton College is known informally as Eton is one of the world’s best-known schools that offer all-male, all boarding education. There are over 1315 students between the ages o 13 and 18 in Eton.

It is a private secondary school and equally one of the five single-sex boys’ public schools in the UK. So far the school have educated about 19 prime ministers and above all has historic associations with Britain social and political elites.

Eton is in the top 3 independent feeder schools to Oxbridge. They have a diverse sports provision but is focused more on football, rugby and rowing.


Fees: £12,520 (boarding) and £8,590 (day) in the lower school and £12,980 and £9,055 (day) for sixth form.

Shrewsbury brings all the rigour of British public school education to the banks of the River Severn in the United Kingdom while they try to balance it with a well-rounded education in sports.

Shrewsbury is for those seeking a top-tier English boarding school education which is located in the countryside.

Beyond the classrooms, Shrewsbury has an abundance of extra-curricular opportunities with a choice of 100 clubs; beekeeping, model railway, electric car racing, as well as technical theatre. It is, therefore, one of the Best sports secondary schools in London.

Lady Eleanor Holles


Senior School: £7,246 per term

Junior School: £5,999 per term

Lady Eleanor Holles seeks to develop bright, happy and confident girls. They have very large classrooms and the junior girls make full use of the school’s magnificent sports facilities.

There is a wide range of lunchtime and after school clubs and activities which includes:


Lady Eleanor Holles is a remarkable school where girls combine intellectual endeavour with engagements beyond academia. The girl’s exam results and their sporting achievements are among the best in the country.

Loretto School

Loretto School is Scotland’s first boarding school and is just six miles from Edinburgh and its international airport.

It enjoys all the advantages of its rural setting while being globally connected.

It is one of the leading independent schools in the UK and has been purposely kept small with about 600 pupils enrolled.

Loretto is known for its outstanding results at GSCE and A-Level and 9 out of 10 pupils gain admission into the chosen university.

Loretto has a broad range of sporting activities and is regularly selected for regional and national teams in many sports. Their reputation for sportsmanship is enviable.

The school equally has excellent sports facilities including extensive outdoor pitches. They are good at tennis, football, golf and other sports.


Wellington is located in Crowthorne, Berkshire. In the UK public school player, it is a heavyweight player.

It is equally one of the top five English co-educational day and boarding schools for the popular international baccalaureate.

Wellington is also international in outlook, drawing about 15% of students from overseas. It has two partner schools in China and is a member of the G20 international schools’ group.

Wellington College was rated Excellent in the most recently available ISI Educational Quality report for the year 2014.

Wellington considers the importance of sports and therefore has provided a range of different sports and physical activities. They have a good approach to competitive sports and every child is encouraged to take part and of course, there are opportunities for all.

There are weekly march reports and all levels of sporting success at wellington are celebrated.


Fees: GBP 14,200

Harrow caters for over 8oo students who are between the ages of 13 to 18. It is one of the five remaining single-sex boys’ public schools in the United Kingdom. Harrow is equally the only all-boarding school in London.

Sports provision at Harrow is extremely diverse with about 29 sports offered. They equally have outstanding athletics facilities including Olympic- standard running track. The school equally has a 25 metres swimming pool.

Not only are they one of the best sports secondary schools in London, they equally have an extensive scholarship program.


Fees: GBP 20,641 ( for all grades)

Whitgift is one of the best sports secondary schools in London that is highly selective.

It has about 1,500 students and is one of the top-ranking schools in the United Kingdom.

It is a highly selective day and boarding all-boys school that runs through a wide range of scholarships and bursaries.

In terms of sports, the school boasts of many boys taking part in lead roles in television, film, and west end productions.

The school has a great reputation for sports and has won over 300 national titles across a wide range of sporting activities.

Their sports facilities include an indoor sports and conference centre with a 25 metre, swimming pool, sports halls, a fitness suite etc.


Fees:GBP 14,035

Tonbridge is one of the top 10 all-boy public schools in the UK that is offering a mix of day and boarding schools.

In terms of sports, they are one of the best sports secondary schools. Tonbridge was recognised as an official training centre for the 2012 Olympics because of its great sports facilities.

The £11M facilities include a 6 lane, 25-meter swimming pool etc. The school is equally international in outlook with around 80 students drawn from overseas.


Term Fees: £3,520 in Reception to £8,590 in Upper Sixth

Brighton is known for its academic strengths and is known all over the UK for its innovative initiatives such as creating a gender-neutral school uniform, having mixed boarding houses and becoming a plastic-free campus.

Brighton has more than 100 different clubs and a year-round programme of service and school-related international trips.

In terms of sports, they have a mix of large sports facilities including a double-height sports hall, a rooftop running track, a 25m swimming pool and standard laboratories.


Fees: Terms fees are £5,865 (day), £8,695 (weekly boarding) and £13,120 (full boarding)

Bromsgrove is located in the Midlands, this day and boarding school delivers a broad education that is built on growing investment in sports and the arts.

In Bromsgrove sports and Bromsgrove is taken seriously, even less able students get the chance to participate.

Although not a sports academy, it has a newly built sports arena houses; a swimming pool, climbing walls, squash courts, tennis and netball courts, and a 400m running track. This school was ranked fourth in the UK in School Sports magazine.


Fees: GBP 25,662

Sedbergh is a small and friendly full boarding school with outdoorsy and sporty students.

It is a happy school known for its pastoral care and sporting excellence.

Located between the Lake District National Park and the Yorkshire Dales.

It is such a school with an impressive extra-curricular programme crammed with various outdoor pursuits which include sailing, climbing, fell walking, horse riding and ghyll scrambling.

Its sporting prowess is considered remarkable and is known to be one of the strongest rugby schools in England. They are equally one of the tops in hockey.

While considering the best sports secondary schools in London, you should think about Sedbergh. The school’s rugby club is among the strongest in the country and has consistently produced England international players.

They are equally strong in cricket, tennis, football, netball etc.

Warwick school

Fees: GBP 11,925

Warwick School is the oldest all-boys independent school in the world. It is primarily a day school with students drawn exclusively from Hon Kong and China.

They have a good reputation academically and excel more in a range of sporting activities.

An award of up to 20% is most widely available for students who are gifted.

Main sports at Warwick school are rugby, hockey, cross-country and swimming, whilst cricket, athletics and tennis are in focus.

Reed’s School

Fees: £ 19,494 (GBP) to  £ 21,332 (GBP)

Reed’s School was founded in the year 1813. It is a co-ed private church of England college preparatory boarding school that is located in Cobham, Surrey Cobham United Kingdom.

They enrol boarding and day students. They are equally one of the small numbers of schools that has achieved the prestigious ranking of “Excellent” in all ramifications. The outstanding extra-curricular provision is an expression of the school.

Other Schools among the best sports secondary schools in London or somewhere in UK :

The following are among the best sports secondary schools in London:

  • Cobham
  • St George’s college
  • Weybridge
  • Queenswood School
  • Hertfordshire

In Conclusion

The benefits of attending these best sports secondary schools in London is invaluable. Even the least sporty pupils get a chance to try the different types of sports there is.

You could be the next to win an academic scholarship, above all you are able to boost your confidence and have good job prospects.


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