6 Top Culinary schools in Sweden you must know

“Doing culinary education correctly is an expensive proposition, and we believe you have to put in significant time. You can’t shorten the cycle,” Koetke says. “

Some culinary schools in Sweden have classes that purposefully put the student under a fair amount of stress and comprehensive exams that are very serious but are worthwhile in the end.

If anyone has a misconception about Culinary schools in Sweden—because what you see on TV is not necessarily representative of the industry—we tell them when they get into Culinary schools in Sweden, that there are three words they need:

  • passion;
  • discipline;
  • and intensity.

Nobody finishes Culinary schools in Sweden and doesn’t understand what the industry is about.

At the same time, the employment prospects are incredible. The food service business is expanding, and more and more jobs are needed. Therefore choosing to attend any of the culinary schools in Sweden is not a bad idea. With that being said, here are the things we will cover in the culinary schools in Sweden:

List of Culinary schools in Sweden

  • Vegchef – Scandinavian Plant-Based Culinary School
  • Edinburgh Cookery School
  • Edinburgh School of Food & Wine 
  • Aveqia Cooking School
  • Orebro Culinary school

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Edinburgh Cookery School

The school – which offers professional cookery training, leisure courses and group hospitality experiences – has introduced a vegan cookery course alongside its popular vegetarian one, to help those looking to make long-term dietary changes in 2019.

ENTCS is a professional cookery school based in Edinburgh’s New Town. The school was founded by Fiona Burrell, formerly Principal of Leith’s School of Food and Wine.

She began her career in Edinburgh and has been teaching professional cookery courses for thirty years. With courses on offer from one day tasters for amateurs, to six-month professional courses, many graduates have gone on to work in some of the UK’s top kitchens.

The school – which offers professional cookery training, leisure courses and group hospitality experiences – has introduced a vegan cookery course alongside its popular vegetarian one, to help those looking to make long-term dietary changes in 2019.

Attendees will learn a selection of recipes and techniques to prevent the diet from becoming boring, including how to make tofu, mocha brownies and classic, egg-free mayonnaise.

Their vegetarian course is aimed at people who are new to the diet, those who have been following it for a while but who would like new ideas, or those who are cooking for vegetarians and in need of inspiration.

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Edinburgh School of Food & Wine

Edinburgh School of Food & Wine
The Coach House
Newliston Estate
EH29 9EB
info@esfw.com | +44 (0) 131 333 5001

Since their establishment in 1986, the Edinburgh School of Food & Wine is one of the best culinary schools in Sweden that has a habit of exceeding expectations at every level.

Not only are we the oldest cookery school in Scotland, but we are regularly voted as the best.

Operating from our home on the Newliston Estate, close to Edinburgh and easily accessible from all major Scottish cities, They cover all aspects of culinary education, as well as providing regular outside catering services for weddings and other large events.

The team at ESFW work tirelessly to ensure that every student leaves both confident and inspired, with a passion for the food and drink that they love, whether you are with us for one day or six months.

For their culinary courses, they have created a modular programme designed to give students the flexibility to get exactly what they need out of the courses dependent on skill level, area of interest and budget.

These courses are broken down into 6-week modules and allow students to join us for anywhere from 6 weeks to 9 months.

Their courses are open to all ages, abilities and nationalities and we pride ourselves on our inclusive attitude to food and education. There are equally cookery classes and Kid master classes.

Aveqia Cooking School

  • Tulegatan 11, 113 53 Stockholm, Sweden
  • Phone: +46 8 522 703 70

AVEQIA is one of the culinary schools in Sweden that allows groups to cook together with Michelin-starred chefs and bond through a shared gastronomic journey.

The AVEQIA brand first opened in Stockholm and now have their eyes on the London market through their new company, AVEQIA Farringdon Ltd with their first restaurant currently located by St Paul’s Cathedral.

The Swedish proof of concept has welcomed corporate guests from Goldman Sachs, Deloitte and J.P. Morgan amongst many more.

Aveqia Cooking School is one of the top cooking schools in Sweden, where the attendees cook a taster menu together with star chefs, Corporate groups from 8-80, team building and client entertainment.

Open for the public at weekends, they equally offer culinary meetings in a fun and sociable environment, providing guests with the opportunity to cook together with Michelin star restaurant experienced chefs in state of the art kitchens.

From the amateur to the expert, corporate and private groups, as well as individuals, are encouraged to enjoy a relaxed and social evening of cooking with esteemed chefs from prestigious restaurants worldwide.

Located in the City of London, AVEQIA St. Pauls is the first of the group to be located outside Sweden where sites have already been established in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

With a capacity of up to 75 guests per session, AVEQIA houses a luxurious bar, lounge and five modern kitchens each with its own dining room. Interior designer and architect Jenny Andersson has decked the kitchens out in the top of the range equipment from Gaggeneau and Siemens creating a space that is a combination of both Michelin starred restaurant luxury and comfortable home environment.

AVEQIA provides a range of experiences for both corporate and private groups where the emphasis is placed on building relationships and connections amongst individuals through cooking.

An evening at the venue includes a glass of Champagne on arrival, a tasting menu with chefs leading the cooking process, and a chance to enjoy the food created with complementing wines chosen by the house sommelier.

With a focus on Swedish cuisine, every dish will use the highest quality seasonal ingredients taking inspiration from the Swedish forests and waters as well as the top Swedish and Scandinavian restaurants where AVEQIA chefs have trained.

Inspirational cooking sessions also take place on selected dates, where individual guests have the opportunity to join a small group and take part in a hands-on cooking session, learning new cooking skills whilst meeting and interacting with other guests.

Orebro Culinary school

Address: Fakultetsgatan 1, 702 81 Örebro, Sweden
Founded: 1967
Phone: +46 19 30 30 00

Orebro Culinary school is one of the culinary schools in Sweden that lays a great emphasis on practical skills, aiming to combine these with science as well as with working methods with aesthetics and creativity in focus.

Students get to study the meal/hospitality from a five aspect viewpoint with the following main five aspects: the room, the meeting, the product, the control management system and the atmosphere.

If you want to work in skilled and managerial positions within the restaurant business, this is the programme for you.

Possible occupations are for example cook, chef, restaurant manager, food & beverage manager, developer of your own small-scale products, product developer in the food industry, self-employed or event coordinator.

This programme is given in Swedish only.

Culinary Arts and Meal Science were established as a subject of post-graduate studies at the Department of Restaurant and Culinary Arts at Örebro University 2002

Vegchef – Scandinavian Plant-Based Culinary School

#Vegchef is located at Ekebyholm Castle,
50 min driving distance from Stockholm Central,
30 min from Arlanda International Airport.

Vegchef is one of the culinary schools in Sweden. It is a 12 week (plus eight-week internship) plant-based chef school developed in order to meet the growing demand for skilled plant-based chefs who want to impact their community, families and friends with the power of the healthiest and most delicious food on the planet.

During the months at Vegchef in Sweden, you will not only study essential nutrition science and small business management but also gain practical culinary skills and experience that will prepare you for the eight-week internship placement at a leading plant-based restaurant.

Their program is ideally suited for a career in plant-based cookery, as a professional chef (USA) or commi chef (rest of the world), but will also appeal to those who want to complement their skills as a nutritionist, home cook or medical missionary. 

They have partnered with leading vegetarian restaurants around the world (from Bali, England, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Austria and Sweden to mention a few) to make sure our students get proper exposure in the field. 

During the 8-weeks of internship, you will receive training in meal prep, managing different stations, plating and working with a set menu.

You will be under supervision by the partnering restaurant to maximize your learning outcome so that when you finish you will be able to enter the industry with confidence.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of studying Culinary in Sweden?

Studying Culinary Arts in Sweden costs between €5000 to €10,000. For instance, the Vegchef culinary school‘s programme on culinary arts costs €5000.

Most times, this will cover tuition, ingredients needed for the course, as well as equipment. It can also include accommodation if the programme is only for a short period of time.

How to become a chef in Sweden

  • Attend any of the culinary schools in Sweden. However, it is not a must. You can become a chef without attending any of the culinary schools in Sweden. Read the story of Raja Makendran who became a head chef in Sweden, from just being a dishwasher. All you need is practice and there are a lot of resources out there in the internet and YouTube.
  • Get a job in a restaurant.
  • Hone your skills, learn culinary art forms, and gain the goodwill of your customers.
  • Establish your own restaurant or continue working with your current firm.

How long do culinary programmes take?

Culinary schools can take anywhere from a few months, to four years, professionally. For instance, in culinary schools in Sweden, you can get daily courses, weekly courses, monthly courses and even yearly courses, so it is all dependent on the program you chose and the institution.

If you’re an independent individual who values flexibility, culinary arts is full of potential. Restaurants are always seeking skilled cooks and chefs, so career opportunities abound when you’re ready to learn new techniques, move to a different location, or simply find a change of pace. Explore these culinary schools in Sweden and ensure you make the right choice. Leave your questions in the comment section. All the best!!

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