16 Pastry & Baking schools in London

Baking is a new world on its own that incorporated a set of new principles, strategies, and techniques. However, figuring out how to bake can take some time.

Baking schools in London teaches the art of baking which is an interesting part of the culinary business. It is so wide that it can be done as a specialization.

Read on to see the list of baking schools in London. The schools that made it to that list are either baking schools in London or culinary schools in London that have baking courses that they offer.

Complete Baking Principles

In this section, I have categorized the complete principles of baking. They are just some of the basic principles of baking. Of course, there is a large list of principles, however, we shall consider just a few of them. For basic home baking, those listed below will do the job for you.


Ingredients are known to have an enormous impact on the desert and can on every level change the desert. There are different kinds of flours, fluids, fats and sugars that all work in different ways.

Different desserts have a particular temperature they work well with ingredients. Bread, cake, as well as flour, are not the same nor will butter and shortening be the same.

However, when you substitute one of those elements with another, the outcome will be totally different. Therefore you can agree with me that choosing ingredients should be specified according to the recipe you are following.

Flour Types

Just like are different types of ingredients, there are different types of flour for baking as well. In baking, wheat flour is the most common. The wheat for is known to easily generate gluten. What is gluten?

Gluten is a rubbery, tough substance that is made when wheat flour is blended in water. What does it do?

It gives structure, appearance and equally contains gases in the dough. If there was no glutton, raising bread would have been quite difficult.

Leavening Agents

Leavening agents are known for the magic they do in baking. They play important roles in the procedure that generates air that offers an ascend to a heated dessert. Looking at a bread closely you might notice a number of air pores inside.

Those air pores are made by leavening agents and are essential in providing light as well as fluffy desserts.

Methods of mixing

There are different mixing strategies that are utilized to deliver various doughs and batters. These mixing techniques are very important and each of them has differences between them.

However, the basic methods you should know include;

  • Blending
  • Beating
  • Cutting
  • Creaming
  • Folding
  • Stirring
  • Kneading
  • Sifting
  • Whipping


Preheating is very essential in providing an underlying push of warmth. Most doughs and batters which are made often from years, baking powders as well as baking soda require a decent push of warmth required for texture and browning. It is advised, you preheat the oven before you prepare the batter.

List of Baking schools in London

  • The London Cake Academy
  • National Bakery School – London South Bank University
  • Cookery School at Little Portland Street
  • Le Cordon Bleu London
  • The Avenue Cookery School
  • Royal Academy of Culinary Arts
  • Food at 52 Cookery School
  • Chef Academy London
  • Bread Angels – bread and micro bakery courses around the UK
  • Waitrose Cookery School
  • Greenwich Pantry
  • Leiths School of Food and Wine
  • Sauce by The Langham
  • London Vegetarian Cooking School
  • Bake With Maria
  • Harrington’s Kitchen

The London Cake Academy

Location: 140 Carlton Vale, London NW6 5HE, United Kingdom

The London Cake Academy is one of the baking schools in London that brings loads of fun during their classes, as they provide a step by step instructions on how to make the best of the cakes.

They provide all the tools that are required during the training sections. There are equally kids cooking and cupcake activities.

They have beginner classes, intermediate classes as well as advanced classes. They have a vast selection of classes compared to other baking schools in London.

This is one of the baking schools in London that offers a wide range of training classes such as:

Baking class: Lemon Cake: £150.00

Baking Class: Red Velvet Cake: £150.00

Baking Class: Vanilla Sponge Cake: £150.00

Beginners Baking Course: £600.00

Beginners Baking Course payment plan Option 1: £100.00

Beginners Baking Course payment plan Option 2: £250.00

TLC Academy gift voucher: £150.00

National Bakery School – London South Bank University

Location:  K2, Keyworth St, London SE1 6NJ, United Kingdom

National Bakery School is one of the baking schools in London that was founded in the year 1894. As a matter of fact, they are considered the oldest bakery schools in the world.

It is a dynamic and influential school with an international reputation for industry-informed courses. They have very well placed students who benefit both from their extensive industrial networks and their sophisticated facilities.

They equally cover all aspects of food and, ranging from nutrition to new product development, from legislation to quality hygiene.

They also have developed partnerships with major institutions in the field, such as  Worshipful Company of Bakers – the City of London’s second oldest recorded guild, dating back to 1155.

Their undergraduate programs include:

Their postgraduate programs include:

They have accommodations too. Once we have made you an offer, you can apply for accommodation. You can rent from LSBU and you’ll deal directly with the university, not third party providers.

That means we can guarantee you options to suit all budgets, with clear tenancy agreements and all-inclusive rents that include insurance for your personal belongings, internet access in each bedroom and on-site laundry facilities.

Cookery School London (at Little Portland Street)

Location: 15b Little Portland St, London W1W 8BW, United Kingdom

Cookery School London can be considered not just as a culinary school, but as one of the baking schools in London because of their ultimate baking course.

It is one of the baking schools in London where you will enter as a beginner and leave as a professional, with a high level of competence and confidence.

Their course takes you through the key principles and techniques of cakes, pastry, bread, macarons and meringue making, and cake decorating.

Along the line, you are sure to pick up a lot of tips and tricks that will assist you in your cooking adventures.

The tuition for this Course is £880.

Le Cordon Bleu London

Location: 15 Bloomsbury Square, London WC1A 2LS, United Kingdom

The Le Cordon Bleu London is not just one of the baking schools in London, they equally offer culinary art courses, as well as management and hospitality programmers.

They have recognized qualifications and certifications. Their bakery courses uncover the secretes of artisan bread making and traditional boulangerie. From their boulangerie diploma to other bakery short courses, are based on mastering bread and dough techniques.

The Boulangerie Diploma is a 7-month programme that aims to teach students a variety of techniques like basic bread doughs, viennoiserie, and sourdoughs as well as the essential knowledge required for running a small bakery business. Other courses which you might like to include:

  • Diplome De Boulangerie
  • Diplomes De Patisserie an Boulangerie
  • Boulangerie Module
  • Artisan Italian Bread
  • Breakfast Baking

The Avenue Cookery School

Location: 3 Enterprise Way, London SW18 1FZ, United Kingdom

The Avenue Cookery School is one of the baking schools in London that teaches people of all ages and abilities an understanding of food and the principles of baking. They have so many courses, over 85 categories. Below is a list of a few of their courses:

Bread Class: £17.00 – £85.00
Ready Steady Bake: £15.00 – £75.00
Live Online Private Sous Vide Class: £45.00 – £175.00
French Cookery Class:£18.00 – £170.00
Bake Off Class for Kids: £12.00 – £60.00

Their classes and courses are so many. Here is a complete list of their courses and programs.

Royal Academy of Culinary Arts

Location: 53 Cavendish Rd, London SW12 0BL, United Kingdom

The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts is Britain’s leading professional membership association of head chefs, head pastry chefs, restaurant managers and suppliers (associates) providing education, career opportunities and the recognition of talent and skills of current and future hospitality professionals. They offer baking courses as well. It is therefore one of the schools in London where you can master the art of baking.

They have unrivalled programmes and apprenticeships through their extensive network of contacts and members while raising the standards and awareness of food, food provenance and sustainability, cooking and service. Established in 1980, the Academy was granted the Royal prerogative by Her Majesty The Queen in May 2013

Food at 52 Cookery School

Location: 96 Central St, London EC1V 8AJ, United Kingdom

Food at 52 Cookery School is considered one of the baking schools in London because of their wide range of courses relating to the art of baking. They provide unique, fun and relaxing cooking classes in London.

There are private classes for students as well where students not only learn baking but equally learn how to make different cousins from different parts of the world.

They are located at


96 Central Street


Chef Academy London

Location: 17 Hanover Square, London W1S 1BN, United Kingdom

The Chef Academy London is one of the institutions which you must consider when thinking about the baking courses.

Their courses are practical and effective. They not only teach the techniques but equally talk about the meaning and what it feels like working as a chef.

Most of their students are ready to start working once they complete their programs. They are prestigious and internationally recognized.

Bread Angels

Bread Angels are known to be one of the largest winning bakers in the world. They are dedicated to helping people bake and effect positive social change.

They have several years of experience and continually take courses that help their instructors improve their skills. Their classes are small and hands-on.

Upon completion of your program, you are sure to fulfil your dreams of running your own bakery. They are specialized in bread baking. However, you will find a few other baking courses.

Bake With Maria

Location: 26 Crewys Rd, London NW2 2AA, United Kingdom

If you are looking to expand your baking repertoire or master moist cakes, flaky pastry and wholesome bread, then Bake with Maria is one of the baking schools in London which you must consider.

They have different varieties of baking classes and the goal is to help you make some delicious baked goods in the end. For over 10 years, thousands of students have attended Bake with Maria.

Other Baking and pastry schools in London to consider

The schools that made it to the list below might not specialize in baking alone, they in one way or the other have baking courses that you will like to consider.

  • Waitrose Cookery School
  • Greenwich Pantry
  • Leiths School of Food and Wine
  • Sauce by The Langham
  • London Vegetarian Cooking School
  • Bake With Maria
  • Harrington’s Kitchen

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth it going to a baking school?

When it comes to baking schools, you are definitely going to have a lot of mixed options. Sometimes you might feel like it’s not worth it but I’m pretty sure it can help pave way for success.

So, before jumping into the baking schools in London, you must consider your career goals and your plans in general. If you love to bake or would like to own or work in a restaurant, then the baking schools in London are for you.

Do bakers earn good money?

If you are living in big cities, where there are a lot of people who need to snack from time to time, then you are sure to make a lot of sales and earn good money. There will be roles for you in the big hotels and restaurants that pay higher. You can be expecting an average wage of £24,810 annually or more, depending on your level of experience.

In Conclusion:

Choosing to attend baking schools in London comes with a lot of advantages. Apart from the fact that you get to build your resume, you will be able to network with industry experts. These networks will be essential when you finally searching for jobs or need a hand in setting up your bakery.

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