6 Top Military Schools in Canada-Cost & FAQs

In search of the top military schools in Canada? Don’t look elsewhere! We’ve got you covered.

We were able to compile a list of the best military schools in Canada, so you can be able to go through them and also know about their cost, activities, and student experience to assist you in making the best decision for you. Please note that the military schools in Canada on our list were not arranged in a hierarchy or in order of the best. They are simply top schools you can enroll in.

What is a Military school?

A military school or service academy is an educational institution that prepares candidates for service in the officer corps.

It’s also a school that trains people for military careers as army officers, usually as part of a college education

So many people decide to attend military schools for different reasons, some of which include:

1. Military schools develop confident leaders and well-mannered responsible citizens, devoted to continuous self-improvement not just individually, but as part of a group

2. The primary educational purpose of military academies is to provide a high-quality education that possesses significant coursework and training in the fields of military tactics and military strategy.

3. Technology is one of the distractions in a teen’s life, technology is prohibited in military schools, they engage students in more important skills of concentration.

4. All students have the opportunity to be a leader, you can’t get such privileges in a public school because their leadership role is given to the elected ones

Requirements to enroll in a military school in Canada

Enrolling in a military school is a great idea. The general requirements needed for you to be able to enroll in a military school in Canada include:

1. You have to be a Canadian citizen

2. You have to get the established minimum medical standard for enrollment in CAF (Canadian Armed Forces)

3. You must have passed the pre-enrollment test

4. You have to be at least 16 years of age at the time of nomination with the consent of a single parent who has parental authority

5. You must have obtained the required education certificates

6. You must have a minimum of 70% in the academic required courses.

All the requirements listed above are important to enable you to enroll in a military school in Canada.

The List of top military schools in Canada

It’s an exciting time when you are deciding to join the military. We’ve compiled a list of top military schools in Canada that will ensure you have a wonderful experience while training to become a cadet, as they are often called.

Before choosing the military school you think is best for you, you should have it in mind that not all military schools are created equal.

Selecting which military school you want to attend depends on what you want out of your education as well as how much it will cost you overall. Do well to visit the links of the various schools, look out for customers review, and ask questions.

When you are satisfied with the information you have so far about a military school, go ahead to check the school’s requirements, if you meet all the requirements, then apply ASAP!

The top military schools in Canada include:

  • Canadian Army Command and Staff College Kingston Ontario
  • Canadian Forces College Toronto, Ontario
  • Royal Military College of Canada Kingston, Ontario
  • Robert Land Academy West Lincoln, Ontario
  • Royal Military College Saint-Jean Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec
  • Royal Naval College of Canada Kingston, Ontario

Canadian Army Command and Staff College

The Canadian Army Command and Staff College (CACSC) is formerly the Canadian Land Force Command and Staff College, is a school for officers of the Canadian Forces, specializing in staff and army operations courses.

It is located at Fort Frontenac, in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Established in 1943

The CACSC specializes in military strategy and personnel management, charged with developing army officers to perform command and staff functions.

They offer a variety of courses, including the Junior Officer Staff Qualification, Army Operations Course, and Command Team Course.

They take courses like these to be trained in their future leadership responsibilities and to be prepared for future promotions.

In order to facilitate training, idea creation, and experimentation for Land operations, CACS offers capabilities for a synthetic environment.

The following courses are offered at CACSC:

  • Information Management Officer (IMO) Course
  • Army Operations Course (AOC)
  • Primary Reserve Army Operations Course (P Res AOC)
  • Collateral Damage Estimation Course (CDEC)
  • Treaty Organization (NATO)
  • Command Team Course (CTC)
  • Primary Reserve Command Team Course (P Res CTC)
  • Joint Tactical Targeting Course (JTCC)
  • Military Training and Cooperation Program (MTCP)

Canadian Forces College

Canadian Forces College (CFC) is one of the military colleges in Canada that is located in North York, Ontario. Founded in 1943

They offer programs to senior and general officers of the Canadian Forces.

The military college provides graduate-level military education courses to help officers lead effectively within the Canadian Forces.

The military college has collaborations with the Royal Military College of Canada, Defence Research and Development Canada, and the Canada Centre for Global Security Studies.

To equip top military and civilian leaders to handle the complex security problems of the future is the stated objective of the Canadian Forces College (CFC).

The following courses are offered at CFC ;

  • Joint Command and Staff Programme (JCSP)
  • National Security Programme (NSP)
  • Joint Command and Staff Programme Distance Learning (JCSP    DL)
  • Joint Staff Operations Programme (JSOP)
  • Canadian Security Studies Programme (CSSP)
  • Executive Leaders’ Programme (ELP)

Royal Military College of Canada

Royal Military College of Canada also known as RMC (English) or CMR (French) is one of the best military colleges in Canada.

The Royal Military College of Canada (RMCC) is the only federal institution in Canada that can grant degrees.

Therefore, the Royal Military College of Canada (RMCC) is a military college of the Canadian Armed Forces, and a degree-granting university.

Programs are offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels, both on campus as well as through the college’s distance learning program via the Division of Continuing Studies.

RMC officer recruits are trained in what is known as the “four pillars”: academics, officership, athletics, and bilingualism.

The Royal Military College of Canada gets willing officers recruited for a career in the profession of arms and continues the development of other Canadian Armed Forces members and civilians with an interest in defense issues.

RMC gives programs and courses of higher education and professional development to meet the needs of the Canadian Armed Forces and the Department of National Defence.

Robert Land Academy

Robert Land Academy is one of the military academies in Canada that is highly regarded

This institution is located in the township of West Lincoln on the north shores of the Welland River five kilometers west of the hamlet of Wellandport.

Robert Land Academy is Canada’s only non-university-level private military academy

The barrack dorms are named after famous military figures in pre-Confederation Canadian history, such as Major-General Isaac Brock (leader of British forces at the Battle of Queenston Heights during the War of 1812), Major John Butler (leader of the irregular militia regiment named after him, Butler’s Rangers, formed for service in the American Revolutionary War), and Joseph Brant(1743–1807) who was a Mohawk military and political leader who was closely associated with Great Britain during and after the American Revolution.

All students enrolled at the Academy live in military-style dormitories located on-campus throughout the school year.

The Academy asserts that 100% of its graduating class who apply to university or college are accepted each year.

95% of all students experience a dramatic improvement in their academic performance and success within their first semester of enrollment.

Royal Military College Saint-Jean

Royal Military College Saint-Jean is one of the top military colleges in Canada located in Quebec, Montreal. Established In 1952

This college is an arm of the Canadian Military College system with the duty of training recruits from Quebec high schools to universities by providing special pre-university two-year programs.

The two-year programs offered here are also in line with that offered at the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC).

Students in this school are taught the following core values which include Academics, Leadership, Athletics and Bilingualism.

RMC Saint-Jean offers a low teacher-student ratio, physical fitness programs, teaching, an intramural sports program, social clubs, recreational facilities, and leadership activities.

RMC Saint-Jean teaches their recruit to surpass their limits and build resilience. The College provides all the necessary tools to ensure our academic excellence.

Royal Naval College of Canada (RCN)

After the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) was founded in 1910, the Department of the Naval Service established the Royal Naval College of Canada (RNCC).

The Director of the Naval Service, Rear-Admiral Charles Kingsmill, was given control of the institution and placed it under the direction of the Minister of Naval Service, Minister of Marine and Minister of Fisheries.

To provide a comprehensive education in naval science, the Royal Naval College of Canada was founded. Candidates were British citizens between the ages of 14 and 16.

Except for the initial two-year program, which was followed by a training year aboard an H.M. cruiser, which was two years instead of three, the terms and curriculum were similar to those of Naval Colleges in Britain. A career in the Navy was initially required.

The course gives students a foundation in applied science, engineering, math, navigation, history, and modern languages, and it was recognized as meeting the requirements for admittance as second-year students in Canadian institutions.

The program aims to develop physical and mental abilities, including discipline, the ability to obey and take charge, and honor.


How much does military school cost in Canada?

There are various military schools in Canada, therefore, the tuition cost varies between military schools.

While the tuition cost is different in the various military schools, the tuition cost of these military schools usually falls in the range of about $25,000 to $50,000 per year.

If you are thinking of getting an opportunity to study in a military school for free, the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) can help you get there with one of their paid education programs.

If you qualify, the CAF will pay 100% of your school fees, including your tuition, books, and academic equipment. All you have to do is make sure you qualify for one of the paid education programs.

What do they teach in military school?

Students are taught essential core values at military schools, including respect, discipline, accountability, solidarity, and leadership.

These are all characteristics of citizens with great character.

Plus, they come with soft skills, such as time management and teamwork, that aid the development of any young person.

What is the difference between a non-military school and a military school?

Military schools provide several benefits not offered by other non-military schools.

The ratio of students to teachers in military schools is much lower than the ratios found in overcrowded non-military schools.

Military schools also build physical fitness into their academics in a much more complete fashion than other non-military schools.

What is the punishment for disobedience in military schools?

It has been established by most military schools that once a recruit has violated the code of conduct the most influential consequence that can be charged is a restriction on one’s time.

Military schools offer a regimented daily schedule to help recruits to focus by limiting distractions and free time.

Are students maltreated in military schools?

The senior military instructors cannot slap, hit, kick, punch or call privates names anymore.

They cannot deny their soldiers meals or water as punishment, make them roll in the mud, or assume the infamous roach position, in which private lies on his back and shakes his legs and arms in the air like a dying cockroach. That would be humiliating.


There are so many reasons why you may choose to attend a military school.

Some of the advantages of attending a military school in Canada include standing a chance to receive a world-class education, being given the opportunity to be able to serve your country, getting to develop leadership skills, gaining discipline, and learning how to become a good team player, and lots more.

Choosing the best military school for you can be a bit difficult as most of these schools offer top-notch military training and in-class education.

Do well to visit the school’s website, visit the school to make inquiries, and ask around.

I hope this article puts you on the right track to starting your dream of being in the military.

Best of luck!

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