10 Best Military Schools In The UK-Funding & FAQs

In the list of places that instill a sense of decorum, discipline, and resourcefulness into the subconscious mind of students, military schools have been able to create a niche for themselves.

In regular school environments, there are almost an unending number of distractions that might end up not allowing young men and women to achieve what they want to in their lives, both academically and otherwise, but when compared to military schools, the case is different. 

Military schools in the UK operate excellent academic curriculum and at the same time, teaches their students the rudimentary aspects of military life. This will in turn prepare the students for potential life as a serviceman.

Studies have shown that military schools are one of the most disciplined schools in the world. They have more leadership training and academic excellence than regular schools.

They also provide an environment that is supportive in the journey of a student’s goals. Students get to receive masterpiece educational interaction and at the same time, get trained in the culture of the military.

On this note, we will be looking at some of the top military schools in the U.K. 

There are students who for them, school is about learning history, engineering, or mathematics. There are others who see school as more than that.

They see it as a chance to learn skills that will end up serving them wherever they find themselves working; be it in intelligence, military technology, or on the front lines of battle. 

Although attending a military academy might not be the ideal school for every student, if you want to chase a career in the armed forces, it can help in giving you great training and preparation resources.

It can also teach you how to prepare both your body and mind for active service. Previously, we have written about the 8 best military schools In New York and their tuition, the 5 best military schools In Florida, and the 5 best military boarding schools in California. However, let’s dive into the military schools in the UK.

The List of Top Military Schools In The UK

There are several military schools out there in the world including in the UK. Some of these schools are the best, most rigorous, and most prestigious schools in the country.

You should remember that not all schools are created equal, so before doing anything concrete, try to make research about the school yourself, this way you have a better understanding of the school and what they have to offer.

Royal Air Force College, Cranwell:

Royal Air Force College was established originally as a naval aviation training center during World War I, it reached official status as the world’s first air academy in 1919. The school stopped exclusively training officers during World War II, it began working to train as many recruits to fly in the British Air Force.

Today, the college can boast of some big names for alumni such as Prince William; Prince Charles; Frank Whittle; and Douglas Bader. You should know if you do not that Frank Whittle was a founding father of jet propulsion, while Douglas Bader was a famous flying ace during World War II.

Up until 1915, the U.K.’s Air Force operated from the Royal Navy air training center when the Royal Naval Service was separated from the Royal Flying Corps. After the Royal Air Force was formed in 1918, Cranwell became a Royal Air Force institution for the remainder of World War I.

RAF College Cranwell is the right place to provide basic flying training, and intellectual education and to purposefully shape future leaders. The college was the world’s first air academy when it opened in 1919.

The education and training provided by the school to its students are top-notch. Also, the college is responsible for all RAF recruitment activities.

Most RAF officers have to complete a 32-week course in transforming leadership, and air power studies, including ethics.

The Duke Of York’s Royal Military School:

The Duke of York’s Royal Military School was founded in 1803 and currently, the school has an acceptance rate of 80%.

The Duke of York’s Royal Military School is located in the United Kingdom, they are currently enrolling students between ages 11 to 18 of both genders. The military school was founded by His Royal Highness Frederick Duke of York.

The school is a co-educational academy that is commonly called the Duke of York’s, and it has gone on to become the first full state boarding school. This happened in 2010.

The school is now sponsored by the Ministry of Defence, and it accepts applications from any student wishing to come on board.

Before 2010, the school was open to only the students whose parents were serving or had served in the armed forces.

More about the school is that it is aimed at providing academic success for its students. The school is actively involved in extensive co-curricular activities that provide a wide range of opportunities that helps expose students to new possibilities.

You can get details about the fees of this school over here.

Royal Hospital School:

Royal Hospital School made it to our list of top military schools in the U.K. It was founded in 1712 and the school now has an acceptance rate of 60%.

It is a co-educational independent day and boarding school with naval traditions. The school is seen as an excellent area of experience and concentration and has the historical nickname “The Cradle of the Navy.” 

The school offers admission to students between the ages of 11 to 18 (years 7 to 13) through Common Entrance or its examination.

It is regulated by Acts of Parliament and it occupies 200 acres at Suffolk Countryside looking over the Stour Estuary but then was relocated to the present location at Holbrook.

Take a look at the Royal Hospital School’s fees, deposits, and charges here.

Britannia Royal Naval College:

Britannia Royal Naval College was established in 1864 and is the initial officer training establishment of the British Royal Navy.

The school has been at the forefront of the education and development of world-class Naval Officers in Dartmouth. It delivers an education that is inspiring, challenging, and relevant to meet the Fleet’s operational capability. 

The contribution of the college to the defense in the U.K. is as important as ever, through Initial Officer Training, enduring leadership training, and support to Defence Diplomacy outputs through the training of International officers.

All the aspects of training at Britannia Royal Naval College are aimed at delivering leaders that are courageous and have the spirit to fight and win.

The school is the naval academy of the U.K., the buildings of the current campus were completed in 1905 and since 1998, it has been the sole center for Royal Naval officer training. 

If you are interested in becoming a student of this military school in the U.K., there are some minimum academic requirements protective cadets entrants must meet.

After meeting these requirements, they then move to the Admiralty Interview Board. Over here, they are tested mentally and physically.

They are made to go through a number of mental aptitude tests, alongside a basic physical fitness test and a medical examination. 

Officer cadets can join the college if they are between the ages of 18 and 39. Although most cadets join immediately after they finish university, some can join directly from secondary school.

The duration of the commissioning course is 30 weeks, but Warfare Officers and Aircrew would have to spend a further 19 weeks studying academics at the college. Also, The Royal Fleet Auxiliary sends its officer cadets to BRNC for an initial officer training course before they begin at a maritime college. The duration of this training course is 10 weeks.

Here is a guide to funding and scholarships offered by the school.

Commando Training Centre Royal Marines (CTCRM):

Commando Training Centre Royal Marines is known as the principal military training center for the Royal Marines of the British Armed Forces.

The school was established in 1940. It is under the full command of the Fleet Commander and is responsible for the provision of commando-trained officers and other ranks for the front line. 

CTCRM is structured with three training wings: Command Wing, Commando Training Wing, and Specialist Wing. Each wing has its commanding officer and the entire school is overseen by the Commandant CTCRM, a colonel, Royal Marines.

Students who would like to become Other Ranks would have to pass Recruit Orientation Phase (ROP) for four weeks before they begin the mainstream 32 weeks of training that is held at CTCRM.

All this is in addition to undergoing academic, medical, and interview assessments to become candidates for the British armed forces.

The school delivers new entry training to an average of 1,300 recruits each year. The school also sees 2,000 potential recruits and 400 potential officers attend acquaint courses.

The training is split into five different phases. They are all designed to develop all their students into soldiers with the skills they need to command their troops.

You will be equipped with the necessary skills that will allow you to operate in the most difficult of environments as a Royal Marine.

Defense Academy Of The United Kingdom:

Defense Academy of The United Kingdom was founded in 2002 to provide higher education for people in the British Armed Forces, Civil Service, other government departments, and service personnel from other nations.

It offers education and training on this site and a number of others. The most popular of all the training is postgraduate with several courses being accredited for the award of civilian qualifications. 

The formation of this Defense Academy combined both the education and training that would have been done by a number of different established into one single organizational and budgetary structure.

All this is just to improve the efficiency, reduce the duplication of effort and also align the delivery to defense requirements. 

The Defense Academy also happens to be responsible for maintaining relationships with the U.K. academic establishment and with military and naval service educational institutions worldwide.

Defense College of Communications and Information Systems (DSCIS):

Defense College of Communications and Information Systems is part of the Defence College of Technical Training.

The school is responsible for delivering technical training to Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, and Officers from all three services.

It has a mission to train and educate information and communications engineers, technicians, and operators in order to meet the requirements of Defence and also to meet the needs of trainees now and in the future.

The school was formed in 2004 as the Defence College of Communications and Informations Systems to deliver coherent and cost-effective training across the defense.

As of 2012, the school joined three other technical training colleges under a combined organization.

The Royal Military Academy (RMA Woolwich):

The Royal Military Academy, Woolwich was a British Army military academy. It was for the training of commissioned officers of the Royal Artillery, Royal Engineers and Royal Corps of Signals, and other technical corps.

The school was commonly called “The Shop,” this was because the first building the school was located in was a converted workshop of the Woolwich Arsenal.

RMA Woolwich was established in 1741 and most of the historical buildings were in full occupation until 1939. This was when the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich was closed and Sandhurst opened as a combination of both institutions.

Even though the Chapel has been in use until quite recently, the years of it not being in use have seen the other parts of the buildings depreciate.

This is despite the regular maintenance of the external fabric, which was done to prevent further deterioration.

The Royal Military Academy has a collection of Grade II listed buildings and is a local landmark for Woolwich. The site has been purchased from Defence Estates proposals and there are plans to refurbish the buildings and convert them into residential units.

Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst:

Royal Military Academy is another wonderful option for students in Britain who do not want to go into the Air Force.

The academy is commonly known as Sandhurst, it trains officers for both the military in Britain and the military in other parts of the world.

Sandhurst is not a university and graduates of the academy do not earn a bachelor’s degree. Rather, they go on a rigorous training program that prepared the student for leadership as an officer. 

In 1947, the Royal Military College was merged with the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, to put together the present-day all-purpose Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst happens to be one of several military academies of the U.K. and is the British Army’s initial officer training center. The academy’s aim is to be “the national center of excellence for leadership”. 

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Why Should I Send My Child To A Military Boarding School?

Most military boarding schools tend to focus on developing a sense of humor, and leadership skills, as well as embedding discipline in their students.

In military schools, your child will get a high standard of educational experience and he/she will engage in extracurricular activities.

Your child will be prepared for further education and other life opportunities and also, to become a global citizen.

What Is The Difference Between A Military School And A Normal School?

In military schools, there is usually a low student-to-lecturer ratio, this makes it easier for each student to be accessed and get maximum attention from their teachers than in a normal school.

Are There Low-cost Military Boarding?

The simple answer to this question is yes.

There are quite a number of low-cost military boarding schools for low-income families who would want to send their children to a military boarding school.

Why Do People Go to Military Schools?

People attend military schools for different reasons. While some people attend them for the sole aim of preparing for military service, others attend these schools for the free tuition that might be offered and there are the ones that attend them without any military aspirations, these ones just want to enjoy the facilities, programs and leadership training offered by the schools.

What Age Do You Go To Military School U.K.?

In the U.K., the minimum age for enlisting in the armed forces is 16 years.

The U.K. is the only country in Europe that allows for the recruitment of people under 18 years.

Can You Go To College And Be In The Military?

Some students attend college while they are in the military. Moreover, people in the military can receive an education whenever they like.

They can pursue college before entering the military, or while in active-duty service.

Even individuals deployed in the armed forces can take online courses and retired service members can pursue degrees.

Should I Finish College Before Joining the Military?

Students can decide to finish college before entering the military.

Although, you should know that the military offers plenty of options for education during and after service.

People in the military can finish college before, during, or after they join the military. 

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