5 Best Military Schools In Florida-Tuition & Requirements

The top military schools in Florida offer students the chance to get a first-rate education while expanding their knowledge of the United States military history.

Florida’s military academies typically require their students to live on campus (boarding school) while attending classes and participating in extracurricular activities like drills and training.

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The List of Military Schools In Florida

By reading on, read more about the best Florida military schools in terms of their reputation, academics, student-teacher ratio, and other essential factors.

Gateway Academy for Boys

Gateway Academy is a top Florida military school. The institution has changed from a military school to one for problematic boys. Gateway Academy for Boys has less than 100 pupils, allowing for ample student-teacher interaction.

The residential school teaches 6-12-year-old boys discipline, respect, and leadership abilities.

Gateway Academy for Boys, a Christian military school, observes religion.

Academic and lifestyle routines can rectify poor behaviors and restore pupils’ identity and purpose.

Gateway Academy accepts guys who have been expelled or gotten in difficulty with the law. The whole school takes few pupils but can change their lives.

Gateway Academy’s revamped approach integrates character-building with academics and careers.

Many Gateway Academy for Boys’ new initiatives is more effective than useless drills and confrontational drill sergeants at teaching character and discipline.

Average Tuition / Boarding

Gateway Academy isn’t a military school. Modern methods replace drills and combative teachers with occupational and character training.

Gateway Academy boys have usually been expelled or arrested. Gateway Academy teaches students life skills and corrects terrible attitudes.

Gateway Academy boys can attend college and participate in campus activities.

The institution helps 11-17-year-old boys grow in faith and education.

A committed staff mentors students. Problematic boys must call Gateway Academy to enroll. Case-by-case, free admission to Gateway Academy. (850) 547-9011 is Gateway Academy’s admissions number.

Sarasota Military Academy

Sarasota Military Academy (SMA) opened at the turn of the century.

It’s been one of Florida’s top military schools for 20 years for numerous reasons.

Sarasota Military Academy’s middle school (6-8) and high school (9-12) curriculums are demanding.

The military school splits its site between two institutions. Sarasota Academy prioritizes academics, friendship, leadership, integrity, compassion, poise, respect, and honor.

The prep school’s mission statement matches JROTC’s ideals and principles.

SMA Cadets get a top-notch education while in JROTC or the drum-line squad. Students are encouraged to prepare for college or a profession regardless of extracurricular.

Top Florida military schools emphasize leadership and citizenship. Sarasota Military Academy thinks the best cadets honor, respect, and integrity.

SMA focuses on imparting these values and preparing students for life beyond high school.

Average Tuition / Boarding

SMA prepares students for college, careers, and citizenship. The nonprofit offers tuition-free studies to accepted students.

The public charter school provides free tuition, unlike other military institutions.

Middle and high school campuses have limited spots, so apply early. New students and parents should attend an Admission Information Event.

Lakeland Girls Academy

  • Location: 6754 S Carter Rd, Lakeland, FL 33813
  • Founded: 1990
  • Grades: 8-12
  • # of Students: 20
  • Student / Teacher Ratio: 6:1
  • Official Website: https://www.schoolforgirls.org/

Lakeland Girls Academy is for 8-12 grade girls. Year-round military school is like Gateway Academy for Boys.

The military academy helps troubled young women. The program has turned around the lives of many troubled youths.

Unlike Lakeland Girls Academy, most female military prep schools haven’t been there for more than 60 years.

Teen Challenge at Lakeland has helped many troublesome kids and mended damaged relationships after graduation.

Female cadets are taught the basics of Christianity at Gateway. Female cadets reside and eat on campus while attending classes and activities.

In addition to the dining hall and dorms, the 10,000-square-foot campus hosts events and activities.

Students with low self-esteem, depression, and self-harm enjoy a fresh start academically and with peers and staff.

Lakeland Girls Academy accepts rebellious, low-achieving, angry/defiant, and promiscuous girls. Lakeland Girls Academy’s small team helps children feel comfortable and trusting.

Average Tuition / Boarding

Lakeland Girls Academy in Florida has helped problematic teen girls. The military school offers year-round housing for kids who need a fresh start and a first-class education.

Lakeland Girls Academy’s female counselors and instructors prepare pupils for the future.

Teen Challenge at Lakeland Academy has helped problematic teens and their families.

Christian-based education encourages teamwork, patience, determination, and diligence.

Individual and group counseling, plus peer mentoring, are offered.

These programmers improve self-awareness, empathy, and self-regulation. Lakeland Girls Academy is a FLACCA member (FACCCA).

Before calling, new candidates should obtain information on the Website.

After the phone interview, suitable candidates will be urged to apply.

You can ask about tuition during the phone consultation. Lakeland Girls Academy is an affordable boarding school offering tuition help.

Summerlin Academy

Summerlin Academy is another excellent academic and character-building prep school.

It’s among Florida’s best military schools for academics, extracurricular, and college placement.

Summerlin Academy has a strong tradition among residential institutions.

The school emphasizes academic rigor in a military setting.

Cadets must perform academically and demonstrate unusual behavior and conduct. Summerlin Academy needs foreign language mastery.

Summerlin Academy emphasizes studying, leading, and serving together with physical conditioning.

Students who learn Spanish or French before college have an advantage over those who wait.

Students also learn Russian and Japanese. Cadets receive a comprehensive education that includes equestrian, archery, scuba, and rifle team.

Those interested in the military may like drill teams or color guards.

Average Tuition / Boarding

Summerlin Military Academy wants to make students better Americans. Cadets learn and practice leadership skills for school, work, family, and community. AP and honors classes are popular at Summerlin Academy.

Dual enrollment allows students to earn college credit and a high school diploma, a popular feature of military boarding schools.

Summerlin Academy’s Capstone Project challenges students to solve real-world problems. Summerlin Diploma and Medallion recipients stand out when applying to top universities like the Ivy League.

Summerlin Academy is a Florida magnet or choice program. Students who live near Summerlin Academy can attend military school.

Call Summerlin Academy at (863) 534-0500 for application and tuition information.

Admiral Farragut Academy

  • Location: 501 Park St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33710
  • Founded: 1933
  • Grades: K-12
  • # of Students: 500
  • Student / Teacher Ratio: 17:1
  • Official Website: https://farragut.org/

Admiral Farragut Academy is a top-ranked Florida military academy.

The private college prep school serves K-5 and grades 9-12. Since the 1930s, the school has educated future generations.

Admiral Farragut Academy is near Pasadena, Treasure Island, Gulfport, and Seminole in St. Petersburg, Florida.

In St. Petersburg since the 1940s is Admiral Farragut Academy.

The academy serves St. Petersburg and North Pinellas (Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Clearwater, etc.).

Many of the institution’s traditions remain unchanged, even though it now accepts female students and has an elementary school.

The first campus was on the Toms River in New Jersey.

Average Tuition / Boarding

Students can live on campus or save money by commuting. Admiral Farragut Academy accepts commuting students.

The military college takes kindergarteners and examines high school seniors. However, cadets can’t live on campus until 8th grade.

The military school has 500 students and smaller-than-average class sizes. Over half of Admiral Farragut Academy’s pupils reside on campus, with a 3:1 male-to-female ratio.

Admiral Farragut Academy has Florida and national accreditation. If you can afford the fees, it’s worth trying to get into the institution.

Admiral Farragut Academy’s tuition and fees vary by grade and student type (day vs. 5-day vs. 7-day boarding).

For commuter students, tuition starts at $14,400 a year. Payment options are usually available.

Living on campus at the boarding school costs $42,600 per year and above $50,000 for full-time boarders (grades 8-12).

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