7 Best Military Schools in Texas-Tuition & Requirements

Military schools are also known as service academies. They are educational institutions that prepare their students for officer corps duty.

They mostly provide education in military settings that vary from one nation to another.

Through physical training and rigorous academics, military schools can impart values like discipline, respect, accountability, and leadership to their students.

Also, by going through very rigorous training sessions, students who are enrolled in military schools can learn to be more responsible members of society. 

Parents have a plethora of reasons they would consider sending their children to a military school. One of them is that studies have shown repeatedly that military schools are one of the most disciplined schools in the world.

They provide an environment that is not only supportive in the journey of a student’s goals, but also, gives their students an educational interaction that is topnotch while they get trained in the culture of the military.

It is no lie that military schools have been able to carve a niche for themselves in the list of places that instill a sense of decorum, discipline, and resourcefulness In the minds of their students.

On this note, we will be talking about military schools in Texas. These schools are run as private college preparatory secondary schools with an emphasis on military training.

Keep reading to find out more about the military schools in Texas 

Best Military Schools In Texas

Let us take a look at the military schools in Texas both for boys and co-ed:

Marine Military Academy (MMA):

Marine Military Academy is a private boarding military college prep school for boys grades seven to twelve.

They have a campus in Harlingen, Texas that used to be an Air Force base for a decade or two. The Academy also offers an optional one-year post-graduate year. 

MMA was founded in 1965 and the school provides a well-structured, distraction-free setting that allows students to focus on their educational and personal development. 

MMA offers small class sizes, which means individual attention for each student.

There are several extra-curricular activities that help students develop disciplined, morally strong young men who are ready for college and prepared for responsible leadership.

The Academy was established on traditional United States Marine ethics and ideals but it has no official affiliation with the Marine Corps directly except through the JROTC program.

MMA utilizes a secondary education sequence that is traditional and it offers its students dual credit opportunities for college credit while they are in high school.

The school has no affiliations with religion and has a campus that is over 140 acres in size.

Also, cadets are expected to participate in one of the afternoon extracurricular activities. You can take a look at the school’s tuition and fees here.

San Marcos Baptist Academy (SMBA):

San Marcos Baptist Academy is known by many names, some of which include San Marcos Baptist Academy, San Marcos Academy, SMBA, and SMA. For the sake of this article, we will refer to the school as SMBA. 

SMBA is a fully accredited coeducational Christian school that was founded in 1907. It is one of the oldest boarding schools in Texas and has a campus size of about 220 acres.

The school offers grades six through twelve. About three-quarters of the students enrolled are boarders with the day students in PreK-12th grade.

The college preparatory curriculum of the school is meant to engage, inspire and prepare students for success both in college and in life.

This military school in Texas has a diverse population of students from all over the world. The school gets its military roots beginning at the start of World War I, the federal government granted the academy a junior unit of the Reserve Officer Training Corps.

The cadets get to compete in about a dozen sports as the Bears or for the sports for girls, Lady Bears.

The colors of the school are Laurel Purple and Forest Green. You can check out the cost of the program over here.

St. Mary’s University:

St. Mary’s University is a private Catholic university that is located in San Antonio, Texas.

The school was founded in 1852 by the Society of Mary (Marianists), it also happens to be the oldest Catholic university in Texas and the American Southwest.

After St. Mary’s University spent over a century as an all-male institution, it opened its doors to female students in 1963, making it a coeducational university.

The University has an Army Reserve Officer Training Corps Program. The ROTC program at the school prepares cadets for military challenges after they graduate.

These students can work hard to get to leadership positions within their chain of command. This military structure can help in the area of fostering an environment that is full of discipline and accountability.

Also, cadets may get opportunities to attend Army specialized schools like Airborne and Air Assault.

The training for the Ranger Challenge competition is a good way for cadets to improve their morale.

Also, students’ participation in weekly leadership laboratories encourages good troop leading skills in them.

In the university, cadets are expected to engage in the physical fitness program and work hard to achieve their ultimate goal of becoming commissioned as second lieutenants. You can take a look at the university’s tuition and fees here.

The Texas A&M University Corps of Cadets:

The Texas A&M University Corps of Cadets is often called The Corps of Cadets, or simply the Corps, but for the sake of this article, we will refer to the university as the Corps. 

The Corps is a student-led, military-style organization that was established in 1876. It is the oldest student organization on campus.

The students who are elected to join the school must take part in the mandatory Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) courses and training for the first three semesters. 

Also, all cadets are expected to attend the leadership classes in the School of Military Science that are coordinated by the Commandant’s Office.

Under federal law, this university is one of six U.S. colleges that are classified as senior military colleges. It is also the largest.

The Corps is a large and visible part of the university and it continues to play an important part in the traditions and history of Texas A&M.

The men and women who are cadets in the Corps live disciplined lifestyles as they gain practical experience in both leadership and organizational management.

There are so many programs offered by the Corps, these programs are designed specifically to get cadets ready for leadership roles in the U.S military, corporate America, government service, and also the private sector.

You can view the tuition, fees, and other financial information here.

The Texas Maritime Academy (TMA):

Texas A&M University is located in Galveston and was founded in 1962 as a marine laboratory is the home of the Texas Maritime Academy, which is now known as Texas A&M Maritime Academy.

The school is one of the only seven maritime academies in the United States that train U.S. Merchant Marine officers, and also the only one located on the Gulf of Mexico.

The programs offered here provide cadets with an opportunity to learn how to maintain and operate unlimited-tonnage ocean-going vessels.

The students in the school get to sail aboard the TMA training ship and commercial ships during three summer cruises. 

All these are in a bid to allow cadets to gain practical experience in navigation, seamanship, and engineering operations.

Cadets also receive classroom instruction and hands-on training during the regular school semester.

The training facilities in the school include the training ship, simulators, diesel and steam labs, various small boats, and other hands-on resources.

TMA’s mission is to provide the maritime industries of the State of Texas and the United States with professional U.S. Coast Guard licensed Merchant Officers (deck/engine) to serve on ocean-going and inland waterways vessels. 

Although this school is a military-style organization, there is no requirement for students to enter the military after graduation. This option is available to students if they want to.

The Academy also provides the lowest tuition fees when compared to other state maritime academies.

The average annual tuition is approximately $7,500 plus additional fees. You can take a look at the school expenses here.

Texas Military Institute (TMI):

Texas Military Institute is a selective coeducational Episcopal college preparatory school with a military tradition in San Antonio, Texas. It is also known as The Episcopal School of Texas.

The school was founded in 1893 by James Steptoe Johnston, the school has about 400 students enrolled and 45 faculty that have both boarders and day students.

TMI also holds the title of one of the oldest episcopal schools in the southwest and the oldest independent schools in Texas. The school was founded originally as a school for boys and later changed into the West Texas Military Academy.

Approximately one-third of the students at TMI are members of the corps of cadets. The average class size is about 12 cadets.

TMI cadets can apply for places at United States Service academies without the usually required congressional recommendation.

TMI costs about $19,000 for day students and about $37,000 for boarders. Here is an outline of the full cost.

The University of Houston (UH):

The University of Houston is a public research university and is located in Houston, Texas. The school was founded in 1927 and is the third-largest university in Texas with over 47,000 students

In this school, there is an Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps program. The Air Force ROTC program has three and four-year options for students who are interested in commissioning after they graduate. The school has scholarships available for students that are qualified. 

Students are expected to participate in weekly leadership classes and physical fitness is a top priority. There are several educational opportunities outside of the classroom also. Cadets also learn about Air Force customs and traditions.

The Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps program at the University of Houston prepares cadets for military leadership positions. You can take a look at the estimated cost of attendance here.

Military Schools in Texas For Girls

On another hand, the military schools for girls are also very prestigious. They offer academics that are first-class level along with military training. There are several excellent choices for military schools in Texas for girls. 

Many of them offer day school, summer camps, and college prep and some have colleges also.

These military schools for girls teach them leadership, self-confidence, discipline, and responsibility.

The regimented structure offered by military schools for girls helps to fight the problem of “the need for an image” that occurs in the culture of today among girls. 

However, if you are hoping for a girls-only military school in Texas, as at the time of this publication, there are none.

All such military schools for girls are all co-ed, in that they accept both boys and girls.

Cost Of Military Schools In Texas

In the U.S., there are approximately 66 military schools located there and they all have different tuition fees. These fees at military schools can range from about $25,000 to $50,000 per year. Although, when these fees are compared to traditional boarding schools, They would most likely be more expensive.

But you should know that tuition is only the sticker price.

Now, what most people might not realize is that the real cost that is paid by most families for military school is often significantly less than the tuition price.

Here, we will take a look at the actual costs of a student attending a military school in the U.S., Texas included. Then, we would exine just how affordable military school can be.

A part of a school’s tuition price that is important is what is included and what is not. Some schools might charge additional fees for some required items and services.

Most military schools can have the cost of uniforms and other program fees which can potentially add up to $1,000 to $5,000 or more on top of the cost of tuition, room, and board.

Some of the potential costs you need to know are:

Tuition, which includes Room and Board:

To attend and receive instruction from a military school, you would need to pay the basic price called tuition.

This price, at most military schools, might include room and board. What this means is that housing and meals are included in the tuition price.

Some schools might charge different tuition prices for different types of students:

  • Day Students vs. Boarding Students – Some schools give admission to local students who live at home and commute to the school each day as day students.

    The tuition for day students will typically be lower than the tuition for boarding students. This is because the tuition for day students will not include housing and provides fewer meals.

  • 7-Day Boarding vs. 5-Day Boarding – Some schools may offer a 5-Day Boarding program, which means students get to spend the weekends at home.

    The tuition for the 5-Day Boarding is a bit lower than that for 7-Day Boarding because it does not cover the transport to and back to school.

  • Upper School vs. Middle School – Some schools charge differently for students in Middle School (or junior high school) than they would charge for students in the Upper School (or high school) grade levels.

  • Domestic U.S. Students vs. International Students – Some schools may charge a higher tuition fee for international students.

    This is because it can help to cover the greater costs of managing visas, passports, more complex travel arrangements, and additional mentoring needed by international students.

    Also, International students may have additional costs for medical insurance coverage while they are in school.

Uniform Costs:

A military school has specific uniforms that its students must wear. These uniforms can include different sets for special occasions, normal daily wear, and athletic uniforms. 

Also, there are required uniform accessories such as hats, belts, rank and other insignia, ribbons and medals, and even sabers or swords. 

All of these can add up to between $1,000 and $4,000 for the required uniforms, except if the school decides to add the price of uniforms to the overall tuition price.

Special Programs:

Schools might also charge additional fees for special programs.

These programs can include academic tutoring, English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, SAT/ACT preparation courses, or dual enrollment classes that can provide both high school and college credits.

Other Fees and Incidental Costs:

Students may be charged additional fees for textbooks, required school supplies, laundry services, technology fees, and other incidental costs that might not be included in their tuition price. All these depend on the policies of the school.

Most parents are concerned about affordability and the tuition and fees for a military school can look like an imposing number to most families.

The good news is that most military schools offer financial aid that can help families with these concerns.

Some schools that have lower tuition prices might end up costing a family more than a school with a higher tuition price. This is because the more expensive school can offer more financial aid to the family.

These financial aid packages can vary greatly from school to school, all this depends on the school’s endowment, aid philosophy, and tuition costs.

There are two types of financial aid offered by most schools:

Merit-Based Scholarships:

These are aid grants that are based on the academic abilities, athletic abilities, or other special talents of the students, rather than on demonstrated financial need.

Most schools want to enroll students who are outstanding and can help make their school and student body better. Merit-based scholarships are used by schools to help accomplish this goal.

Need-Based Financial Aid:

These are grants that are based on demonstrated financial need. Some schools use this need-based financial aid to help enroll students who would otherwise not be able to afford to attend the school.

For you to be eligible, you would need to complete a financial aid application that takes into account your family’s income, assets, and financial status.

There is a large percentage of families that receive financial aid awards that help them offset the costs of attending boarding school.

These families have a national average of as many as 36% or more according to the statistics compiled by the National Association of Independent Schools.


What Is The Youngest Age For Military School?

The youngest age one can be to attend a military school is seven.

What Is The Point Of Military School?

The point of attending a military school is to develop students to become self-confident leaders, and ethically responsible citizens, who are devoted to continuous self-improvement, not just as an individual, but also as part of a team.

Why Should I Go To Military School?

Military schools can help in building some important qualities in their students. Qualities such as honesty, self-discipline, motivation, initiative, courage, and self-confidence.

Can Girls Go To A Military School?

Yes, they can. They also go through the same academic activities and physical trials as the males.

They are expected to meet the same standards as the boys. Sadly, there are currently no girls-only military schools, all military schools are either coed or boys-only.

What Is The Difference Between Military School And Boarding School?

Both schools are common alternatives for parents and teens who desire a different learning environment.

A military school will offer a mix of discipline and educational curriculum that helps to prepare students for a career in the military.

On the other hand, a boarding school is a therapeutic residential environment that provides academics, responsibility development, and counseling support for students.

What Is The Texas ChalleNGe Academy?

Texas ChalleNGe Academy is a 5 ½ monthly residential military academy that is sponsored by the Texas National Guard.

It is a tuition-free education program for teenagers between the ages of sixteen to eighteen years old who are disengaged from school.

The school offers academic instruction and provides structure, and discipline to help cadets develop personal accountability and become successful adults.

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