21Ways:How to Earn Money Online Without Investment in Mobile

Are you looking for ways on how to earn money online without investment in mobile? You are on the right page.

Many people, including students, stay-at-home spouses, homemakers, retirees, and even businesspeople with extra time on their hands, are looking for ways to earn money online without investing in mobile.

You may make money online without risking any of your own money in a variety of different ways. In this manner, you can put your money at risk without worrying about the potential repercussions.

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment in mobile

The following details how to earn money online without investment in mobile.

1. Become a Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant is a fantastic option for those with exceptional organizational and planning skills who are looking to supplement their income.

A virtual assistant’s duties might range from handling a company’s social media accounts and email inbox to fielding customer calls.

Demand for virtual assistants has skyrocketed as the number of sole proprietors has grown.

Starting out, you can look for work on websites like Upwork, Indeed, and Virtual Assistant Jobs. Indeed.com reports that the average hourly wage for a virtual assistant is $19.36.

To add to that, some VAs have found success by developing their own brands and marketing them to startups and entrepreneurs.

You can do the same by making a Facebook Business page and populating it with information that promotes your service. (It doesn’t cost anything to make one, and you can distribute it anyplace online.)

2. Do Research Online

How proficient are you at using Google to research specific topics? If so, you can make money without investing any of your own money into the online economy.

Web researchers are employed by a wide variety of businesses across a variety of sectors to scour the Internet for the best possible informational resources.

In turn, they provide their customers with this data so that they may make smarter commercial choices. To be considered for these jobs, all you need is access to the internet and a computer.

3. Transcribe Audio and Video Files

Speech-to-text transcription is becoming increasingly possible with the help of artificial intelligence, although it is still not ideal. Therefore, many businesses employ the services of transcriptionists to convert audio from video and spoken recordings into text.

You can either commit to a part-time position with an organization like Rev, or you can take on freelance work for a number of different organizations, each for a unique purpose.

In most organizations, you get to pick your own hours and decide what kinds of tasks you’d like to complete. The best aspect is that it requires zero initial investment; all you need are the computer’s built-in speakers.

Improving your typing speed and accuracy will help you in your career as a transcriber. Your work must be free of mistakes and simple for your audience to understand. Get some experience with transcription by transcribing brief audio files before applying to transcription companies.

4. Set up a Patreon

Patreon is an online community that facilitates patronage for creatives and helps them monetize their work.

Subscriptions to projects can be purchased by fans using this service.

Sign up for Patreon if you routinely produce videos, podcasts, or music and have a fan base to allow your most devoted followers to financially support your work in exchange for exclusive content.

In order to gain a substantial following on Patreon, you must provide your patrons with content they find interesting.

To do this, you could, for example, invite them to participate in the creative process or provide them with access to exclusive, personalized information. Read on for some suggestions for incentives you can offer on the site to retain and attract followers.

Creating a Patreon account won’t cost you a cent. Once you begin making money, the corporation keeps only a little portion.

5. Review Websites and Apps

Website reviews are another option earn money online without investment in mobile.

Many businesses incentivize positive reviews by paying or providing freebies to the reviewers. Some companies even employ employees to test out how well and how efficiently their site functions.

Common criteria for evaluating a website include how well it functions and how quickly it loads. How much money you make will depend on the markets you enter and the types of tests you conduct.

It’s likely that you’ll make more money if you’re open to conducting video conferenced testing sessions with clients.

6. Join an Affiliate Program

Think you’ve got what it takes to successfully sell products and services? Sign up for an affiliate program and start making money by advertising products and services. After being accepted, you’ll be given a special link to promote.

A referral fee and credit for the sale will be yours when a customer uses your link. Basic things on the Amazon marketplace won’t pay you much, but marketing digital services like site hosting can earn you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, in commission.

It’s a common misconception that blogs must be promoted in order for affiliate marketing to be successful. You may make money by promoting businesses on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

7. Launch a YouTube Channel

Can you imagine yourself as a YouTube personality? Unboxing videos, how-to guides, and comedic sketches can all be shot with just a smartphone today.

Creating a channel on YouTube is also free of charge. Using your Google account, you may sign into YouTube and start a new channel under your name or a name of your choosing.

There are several ways for you to monetize your YouTube channel. Earning money from advertising on your channel is possible if you get 1,000 subscribers.

One of the many ways to make money off of a YouTube channel is to enter into partnerships with brands to create sponsored content, sell your own stuff, or join an affiliate program.

Success on YouTube can be attained by narrowing one’s focus to a specific topic. Whatever you believe would attract more views, do it: beauty tutorials, tech product reviews, a daily summary of bitcoin values.

8. Participate in Focus Groups

Do you take pleasure in letting others know what you think? Participate in market research for $50 an hour or more. In order to gauge consumer opinion on a certain product, brand, or concept, focus groups are commonly employed.

The views of participants about rival brands or services may also be sought.

In-person or online, participants in focus groups are typically compensated well for their time and input. Some potential resources for finding such groups are:

  • User Interviews

  • Respondent

  • L&E Research

  • 20 | 20 panel

  • Take Part in Research 

In most cases, one person will act as the moderator of the group and oversee the taking of notes, recording of the session, and facilitation of conversation.

If you sign up for an online focus group, you should be able to take part in the conversations using the video program on your mobile device.

9. Become an Online Travel Agent 

Where can I get the most affordable vacation packages and airline tickets? Think about becoming a “virtual” travel agent and working from home.

Helping their clients arrange trips for pleasure is what makes travel agencies profitable. Because of the complexity of planning a vacation (booking connecting flights, lodging, tours, etc.), many people turn to travel agents for assistance.

In order to work as an internet travel agent, you don’t need to have any sort of formal training or experience.

In order to create a relaxing trip for your clients within their specified budget, you need strong research and organizational skills.

With the use of partnerships with other businesses, you can provide your customers with discounts.

10. Sell Photos Online

You can make money by selling your photos to stock agencies if you take them frequently or have a large number of them stored on your computer. If your photo is downloaded, the stock image website will pay you a fee, either a flat rate or a percentage of the sale price.

Sites where you may make the most money selling your photographs online:

  • Burst
  • Shutterstock
  • Alamy
  • iStock

If you put together a valuable collection based on a niche market, you can make a lot of money. The best aspect is that you can make money off of every single photo you post, however some sites may insist on having exclusive rights to your images.

11. Offer social media consultancy

Are you familiar with the methods for gaining popularity on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest? Offering your services as a social media consultant is a great way to make money using your expertise.

Companies will get in touch with you to help them come up with new marketing strategies, commission videos, and more.

It’s a fantastic chance for people to put their social media profiles to good use and make some extra cash by offering their services to businesses. Introduce your work samples to online marketing communities. Also, remember to add a link in the body of your agency outreach emails.

12. Become an Insurance POSP

Becoming a paid online survey provider (POSP) is one of the best ways to earn money online with no startup costs, flexible hours, and no commute (Point of Salesperson).

In the insurance industry, a Preferred Online Sales Professional (POSP) acts as a liaison between policyholders and insurance providers. In your role as a POSP Agent, you’ll be able to advise clients on which insurance plan will best meet their requirements.

  • Is there a prerequisite or something? Insurance agents should only be 18 or older and have finished at least Class 10 to join the industry.

    The final step in obtaining your General/Life Insurance license is to attend and successfully complete the IRDAI’s 15-hour mandatory training.

  • What is your potential salary? There’s a lot of room to maneuver in the insurance policy sales industry, and your income would be very variable depending on how many policies you managed to sell.

    Selling additional insurance policies increases your earnings potential.

Thus, anyone with a knack for sales and a smartphone and internet connection can become a POSP Agent.

13. Through Freelancing

One of the best things about freelancing is that you may get started right away without having to put down any money.

Finding a handful of important portals and signing up as a freelancer is all that’s required. The next step is to promote your services by showcasing some of your previous work to prospective clients.

  • Is there a prerequisite or something? Freelancing is a great way to make money online if you have a marketable ability, such as writing, programming, editing, or creating. There has been a recent trend toward outsourcing clerical work to freelancers.

  • What is your potential salary? Freelancing can be a lucrative career option depending on the type of job you do.

These are some of the best legitimate freelance sites:

14. Selling Homemade Items

This is yet another opportunity to earn money with little effort and no outlay of cash. The components in a dish or the materials for a craft are all that is required to create a finished result. Baked goods, nutritious snacks, aromatic candles, wall hangings, placemats, and decorative things are all examples.

  • Is there a prerequisite or something? It’s not hard to make money online if you have any kind of creative or culinary talent.
  • What is your potential salary? Product pricing flexibility is also influenced by your marketing prowess and the selling partner site you choose.

After deciding what it is you want to produce and sell, you need only sign up as a vendor on sites such as:

By utilizing these platforms, you may promote your products and guarantee they reach your target audience. On the other side, you could bypass the middleman and conduct business directly with customers via Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp, then use a different company to handle shipping and delivery.

15. Opt for Data Entry Jobs

If you’re seeking a low-cost way to work from home, data entry is another option to consider.

This can be a fantastic choice for those who prefer to work independently or who are students searching for a part-time position with adaptable hours.

  • Is there a prerequisite or something? You only need a computer, proficiency in Excel and other Microsoft products, an eye for detail, and the ability to meet tight deadlines for these types of projects.

  • What is your potential salary? Quick and simple data entry jobs can pay anything from $30.00 to $15.00 per hour.

Signing up for one reliable website will allow you to take data entry tasks from businesses all over the world (just be sure to check their legitimacy before transferring your account details). You will then receive further instructions through email or a link to the data source.

If you’re interested in data entry work, consider the following reliable resources:

16. CoinTiply (Earn in Bitcoin)

Cointiply is a micro-tasking platform that compensates users for performing relatively simple tasks. Any of the following could fall within this category:

  • Engage in Recreation
  • Put in Programs
  • Doing Surveys
  • Check out the commercials
  • Gain financial independence by simply watching videos

17. Offer Article Writing Service

There is a constant demand for fresh, original content from bloggers and webmasters. Good writing skills and the ability to scour the internet for relevant material are all you need to get started as an article writer. There aren’t many methods to generate money online without spending any, but this is one of them.

18. Start a Profitable Blog

Blogging is a terrific outlet for people who love to write and want to communicate their feelings and knowledge with others. You don’t have to be a computer expert or techie to get started on your online adventure.

19. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the most effective method for newcomers to the world wide web to begin earning money. This takes no initial financial outlay on your part, and you can market and earn money using either your blog or even a social media platform such as Twitter or Facebook.

20. Online Paid Surveys

This is the standard way that people make some fast cash. Let me now describe the operation of these online polls.

Users of the internet are often compensated for providing feedback on popular products and services by survey businesses. They reward people who try out their items by sending them free stuff.

If you’re looking for a fun way to make money online, consider signing up with a reputable survey organization.

The following are some legitimate resources to find paid survey opportunities:

However, before signing up for any online survey program, be sure to read their terms of service, as many programs will only allow participants from certain countries, such as the United States or Canada.

Due to the difficulty in locating a legitimate survey site and the prevalence of survey scammers, I would advise saving this option for last.

21. Become A Broker For Webmasters And Website Owners

Obtain clients who are willing to pay for advertising in exchange for a commission. Join online communities dedicated to webmasters and make contact with it traders if you’re looking for work in this field. To keep yourself fed and sheltered while you strive to make your blog successful, you can do any of these things (at no cost). Only items 1, 2, and 4 have my personal endorsement.

One common method is to broker the sale of a website or domain for a fee. Each sale has the potential to earn you anywhere from $20 to $20,000.


Online alternatives to make money with little to no start-up costs are multiplying rapidly; for example, you may now make money as an affiliate, launch a YouTube channel, provide social media consulting, or sell your photographs online.

The rewards of your labor will become apparent with just a little time and effort. Do you have suggestions on how to earn money online without investment in mobile? Please comment below.

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