30 Top Autism Schools in California[Special Needs Schools]

If your child has been diagnosed with ASD, you’re perhaps wondering how to discover the best autism schools in California for that child.

Let us guide you to finding the best autism schools in California for your child.

What Is An Autism School?

Autism, also called autism spectrum disorder (ASD), is a complex condition that comprises problems with communication and behavior.

It can include a wide range of side effects and abilities. ASD can be a minor problem or a disability that needs full-time care in a special facility. 

Autism schools are special schools and facilities for children diagnosed with autism disorders. They educate and train these special individuals with therapies and a wide range of special curricula and extracurricular activities.

Who Is A Neurotypical Child?

Neurotypical kids are the kids who don’t fall flawlessly into the ASD range and might be challenging to analyze in certain students.

The key is figuring out how to distinguish neurotypical children and help to cultivate learning methods that promote positive social communication between teachers, students, and their peers.

What To Look Out For Before Picking An Autism School In California.

Below are some of the things to look out for in Autism schools in California before making a life-changing choice.

Staff Quality Is Critical

The nature of the staff at autism schools in California ought to be entirely reviewed.

Each staff member should have the ability to recognize a child’s learning style, sensory snags and some other relevant characteristics. 

This will influence how students learn and assimilate information presented to them in the classroom.

Student To Teacher Ratio

With regards to schools for autism In California, one of the most important factors is the student-to-teacher ratio.

For autistic children to succeed, they need individualized attention from their instructors.

This is with regards to interpreting nonverbal communication and learning suiting social ways of behaving.

One-on-one time with the teacher is critical for children who have learning disabilities and spectrum disorders.

Services And Therapy Options

Extraordinary treatments and administrations that are presented by schools for mental imbalance in Tennessee can decisively further develop an ASD kid’s capacity to learn and progress in a school setting. 

A couple of the most gainful beneficial services and therapies to search for include:

  • Physical therapy

  • Language training /Speech therapy

  • Special education

  • Versatile  physical Education 

These administrations direct and get ready ASD kids for communication with others both through the school environment.

The more administrations presented by autism schools the more balanced and complete the learning program.

The List of Top Autism Schools In California

If your child has been diagnosed with ASD, you’re perhaps wondering how to discover the best autism schools in California. Consider the following schools:

Academy For Advancement of Children with Autism-West Hills

The Academy for Advancement of Children with Autism is a non-public school in California, committed to helping children reach their highest potential.

The Curriculum of the Academy For Advancement of Children with Autism-West Hills includes basic core requirements such as; Reading, Writing, Language Arts, Social studies, Science and Math.

The Academy for Advancement of Children with Autism offers the most cutting-edge, research-based treatment modalities available to date. These treatment modalities include: 

  • Applied Behavior Analysis

  • DIR/Floortime Therapy

  • Adaptive Physical Education

  • Speech and Language Therapy

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Social Skills

  • Functional Life Skills

  • Community-Based Instruction

  • Career Guidance

  • Work Experience

  • Physical Therapy

At the Academy for the Advancement of Children with Autism, they offer adaptive physical education for children in need of these services. 

Location: West Hills, CA, United States

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A Better Chance School(ABC)

ABC School is a non-public school that serves children and young adults from ages 6 to 22 that have autism and other developmental disabilities In California.

The ABC School specializes in behavior management and offers a positive behavior support approach to challenging maladaptive behaviors.

ABC School integrates the following into their curriculum 

  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

  • TEACCH structured teaching methodologies,

  • Pivotal Response Training

  • Community-Based Instruction (CBI)

Location: San Pablo, CA, United States

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Morgan Autism Center

Morgan Autism Center (MAC) is a non-profit school, certified by the California Department of Education, they help children & adults with autism and other developmental disabilities.

Morgan Autism Center was founded in 1969. They provide an individualized school program that is focused on positive interactions and teaching methods that maximize the potential of the students.

Location: Jose, CA, United States.

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The Bay School

The Bay School is an autism school in California founded in 1999. The school employs the latest applied behavior analysis treatment and research findings.

This is to produce measurable and lasting improvements in the lives of children with autism.

At The Bay School, students build essential communication, social, behavioral, vocational, and academic skills. 

Location: Santa Cruz, CA, United States

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OASIS(Outdoor Autism & Special Issues School)

OASIS is a school for teens and young adults with autism. Their program combines frequent outdoor exercise with community interaction.

They offer a functional curriculum with the primary goal to achieve maximum engagement and develop real-world skills for the road ahead.

At Oasis students are engaged in Individualized academics that line up with each student’s abilities. They connect with the many teachers in our world to expose students to a variety of roles. Students develop skills that lead to independence and work opportunities.

Location: Freedom, CA, United States.

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Village Glen School

Village Glen School is an innovative, multidisciplinary, college preparatory day school specifically designed for students with challenges.

This includes the areas of socialization, communication and pragmatic language development, and peer relations, including:

  • Autism
  • Anxiety-related Disorders and
  • Non-verbal learning disabilities.

Village Glen School is certified by the California Department of Education (CDE) and accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). 

Their academic program features; Small class sizes, Daily emphasis on social development through the curriculum and extracurricular activities, Speech and language therapy, counseling as per the students’ IEPs, PBIS ( Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports) Program – Nationally recognized.

Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States

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ACE Contra Costa (The Anova Center for Education)

ANOVA is a non-profit agency in California that provides educational, behavioral, and therapy services for children and adults with autism.

ANOVA was founded in 2000 and is dedicated to providing the highest quality education and comprehensive treatment program. 

Their curriculum includes Reading/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, History/Social Science, Health, Visual and Performing Arts, Physical Education, and Transition Planning Program.

Location: Concord, CA, United States.

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Spectrum Center School – Camden Campus

Spectrum Centre School is a special school in California, their programs are designed for students ages five to 22. 

They offer a wide array of special needs, including autism, emotional disturbance, physical challenges, Behavior Support Services, and Transition Services

Location: Oakland, CA, United States

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AchieveKids is a  non-public school in California established in August 1960.

They serve over 115 elementary and secondary education students from four Bay Area counties between the ages of 5 and 22.

They use a multi-disciplinary approach and blend best practices from the fields of Special Education, Mental Health, Behavior Analysis, Speech and Language, and Vocational Education to develop highly individualized curricula and teaching approaches. 

Each program is individualized to each student and the approaches are focused on positive practices, communication, community integration and interaction, and are data-driven.

Location: San Jose, CA, United States.

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New Bridge School

NewBridge School is a private school located in POWAY, CA. for individuals with language-based learning differences including autism. It was founded in 1996.

The school is renowned and has a student-teacher ratio of 6:1 and an average class size of 8 students.

Location: Poway, CA, United States

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Valley Achievement Center

Valley Achievement Center is a leading non-profit organization started in 1998. They serve individuals affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disabilities in California. 

Its mission is to empower individuals on the autism spectrum, or with other developmental disabilities, to achieve the highest quality of life. 

Their programs feature Basic Education Program (Kindergarten through Age 22), Independent Living Skills (ILS), Supported Living Services (SLS), Professional, Vocational Social Adjustment (PVSA), Individual Supported Employment (SEP), Group Supported Employment, Behavioral Management Programs and more.

These programs are offered to both children and adults with these disorders.

Location: Bakersfield, CA, United States

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Other Autism Schools in California[Special Needs Schools]  

Quality Behavior SolutionsLocation:Van Nuys, CA, United StatesVisit The Website.
Stein Education CenterLocation: San Diego, CA, United StatesVisit The Website
ACES – San Diego AcademyLocation:San Diego, CA, United StatesVisit The Website
The Winston School of San DiegoLocation: Del Mar, CA, United StatesVisit The Website.
Westmark SchoolLocation: Encino, CA, United StatesVisit The Website.
College Internship Program (CIP) Long BeachLocation: Long Beach, CA, United StatesVisit The Website
Spectrum Center-SchoolsLocation: Pittsburg, CA, United StatesVisit The Website
Mardan SchoolLocation: Irvine, CA, United StatesVisit The Website.
The Prentice SchoolLocation: Santa Ana, CA, United StatesVisit The Website
Institute for the Redesign of LearningLocation: South Pasadena, CA, United StatesVisit The Website
Behaviour FrontiersLocation:Palmdale, CA, United StatesVisit The Website

Pine Hill South – Second Start
Location:Marina, CA, United StatesVisit the Website

Sand Hill School
Location:Palo Alto, CA, United StatesVisit The Website. 

School of Imagination
Location: Dublin, CA, United States.Visit The Website
Aseltine SchoolLocation: San Diego, CA, United StatesVisit the Website
Triton AcademyLocation: Camarillo, CA, United StatesVisit The Website
Beacon SchoolLocation: San Jose, CA, United States.Visit The Website
Autism Behavior Services Inc.Location: Modesto, CA, United StatesVisit The Website.
TERI Campus of LifeLocation: San Marcos, CA, United StatesVisit The Website


Are you in search of an autism school for your child or loved one in California? This article summarises the top 30 autism schools in California, what they offer, and links to their various websites for more detailed information. Read on to find out about these and much more.

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