20 Top Autism Schools in Arizona-Programs & Location

Every child deserves to be seen for their talents, rather than being defined by their diagnosis. Autism Schools in Arizona see to it that special needs children get access to good education.

Special needs children have the right to free and appropriate education. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (which was first enacted in 1975 and revised in 2004), orders that each state offers all qualified children a public education that fulfills their specific requirements.

It also states that children with Intellectual disabilities, including autism, are entitled to timely intervention services and special education.

This article contains a list of the top 30 Autism Schools in Arizona and what they offer. Carefully go through. 

The List of Autism Schools in Arizona

Schools for autism and ASD children in Arizona can be categorized into two. 

The first type of school centers around the needs of children who are completely verbal and can converse through speech. 

The other type of school works with children who are nonverbal and have fewer relational abilities. 

The two kinds of schools address the necessities of the student and calibrate the educational experience so that both can learn effectively. These school types also have different class ratios (student-to-teacher ratio) for more effective learning.

Here is a list of some of the top Autism Schools in Arizona:

Ps Academy

PS Academy is a private K-12 school for students with autism and other exceptionalities. They offer customized programs, many clubs and electives, and ability-based learning with a focus on social skills improvement.

PS Academy handles students in Elementary School  Programs (K-6), Middle and High School Programs and Transition Programs: This is specifically for students with autism & other exceptionalities up to 22 years old, helping them discover their passions and interests to find a path for life beyond high school.

PS Academy offers educational programs for:  

  • Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

  • Students who struggle in a typical school

  • Students with other learning difficulties that may not have an ASD

  • Students with ADD and/or ADHD

  • Students with speech or language impairment

  • Students whose primary support needs are not emotional or behavioral, or those who do not require a 1:1 aide 

  • Students who do not have aggressive behaviors or emotional disturbances (ED)

  • Students between the ages of 5 and 22 years old. 

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AZ Aspire Academy

AZ Aspire Academy is a special education school in Tempe, Arizona. AZ Aspire Academy provides one-to-one academic instruction as well as small group learning environments

They offer a unique academic program suited for students with various learning challenges, programs are also individualized per student and are based on academic and behavioral needs. 

These programs are for students with:

  • ADHD [Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder m]
  • Autism
  • Spectrum Disorders
  • Asperger’s
  • Anxiety
  • Dyslexia
  • Giftedness
  • MedicalFragility

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Chrysalis Academy

Chrysalis Academy is a private, ABA school for preschool, school-aged children (K-12) and young adults with an autism spectrum disorder. 

It is an Arizona Department of Education-approved private day school for individuals, grades preschool through high school, on the autism spectrum. The school effectively supports students with learning differences

Academic programs features; Vocational Training Program, Integrated Preschool Program, and Individualized Behavior Plans for children with ASD[Autism spectrum disorder] and related disorders. 

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New Way Academy 

New Way Academy is a secular day school in Phoenix, Arizona for children with learning differences in grades K-12.

Since 1968, the school has effectively supported students with learning differences.

They offer academic programs for lower school, junior high, and high school with individualized instruction and a whole-school experience.

New Way Academy is Arizona’s premier K-12 independent day school catering to children with learning differences such as:

  • Dyslexia, 
  • ADHD [Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder]
  • Executive functioning difficulties.

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Pinnacle Autism Therapy

Pinnacle Autism Therapy is a premier provider of early intervention services for children ages 18 months to 18 years living with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

They help children with Autism lead fulfilling lives, through personalized therapy solutions. 

Pinnacle Autism Therapy services are varied and the behavior analysts are fully equipped to create an atmosphere and plan that engages and encourages every child according to their special needs.

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Gateway Academy

Gateway Academy is a private school in Scottsdale, Arizona established in 2005. 

The school specializes in the education of students with autism spectrum disorders and other pervasive developmental disorders. 

Gateway offers; Equine Therapy, Dog Therapy, Counseling, Sensory integration, and Music Therapy.

Gateway Academy is one of the only schools in the State of Arizona that supports a pure population of students with High Functioning Autism.

They focus on students diagnosed with High Functioning Autism and use an educational approach that’s backed by 35 years of research tailored to the unique needs of students.

They deliver the highest level of education and care according to student individual needs to offer complete integration of education, socialization, and therapy. 

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The Abbie School

The Abbie School was founded in 2014 and is known for its innovative, “whole child approach” to educating children in Arizona with special needs.

The Abbie School is fully accredited by The Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ACS, WASC), a world-renowned accrediting association and one of the six regional accrediting agencies in the United States.

Abbie School Autism School’s teaching methodology is based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). They incorporate ABA practices and a Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support System (PBIS) into their entire curriculum.

Students are taught the core subjects, participate in physical education, and have their choice of a variety of electives, including art, coding, piano lab, orchestra, student council, home economics, gardening Etc.

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Life Development Institute (LDI)

Life Development Institute (LDI) is a non-profit organization established in 1982. Life Development Institute has been an AdvancED accredited school since 2006.

They offer NCA & CASI accredited programs that have been helping young people between the ages of 17 and 30 addressing a variety of learning, behavioral and psychological issues.

They offer programs for Day High School, Residential High School, and also Summer Academy.

LDI handles Students  with;

  • LD
  • ADHD
  • High-functioning Autism and related conditions.

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Autism Academy For Education & Development 

Autism Academy for Education & Development is a private school located in Chandler, Arizona.

The Autism Academy for Education and Development offers individualized educational programs exclusively for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

They offer students a k-12 program and their curriculum is research & standards based on middle school programs and high school Programs.

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Hope Academy For Autism

Hope Academy for Autism is a private school that provides education for children on the spectrum from Kindergarten to 12th grade.

Hope Academy For Autism offers a variety of options for children of various ages. Both residential and day students use a program that is geared toward their special needs and challenges. 

Hope Academy offers; Animal, Yoga and Music Therapies, Adaptive P.E, Speech and Occupational Therapy Cooking, and Art.

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The Autism Center For Exceptional Students (ACES)

The ACES is a state-certified special education school in Arizona for kindergarten through twelfth grade (K-12) special needs students ranging in age from 5-22.

The ACES was developed to meet the academic and behavioral needs of students who require more intensive special education services.

The ACES mainly accepts children with learning difficulties, emotional disabilities, ADHD, autism, and other forms of disorders. And programs are offered in pre-vocational activities, therapies, and more.

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Other Autism Schools Their Location & Website
Lexington life Academy Location: 9132 E Southern Ave, Mesa, AZ 85209, United States. Visit The  Website 

Sierra Academy of Scottsdale
Location: 9128 E San Salvador Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85258, United StatesVisit The Website.
Sierra School of PeoriaLocation: 8155 W Thunderbird Rd, Peoria, AZ 85381, United StatesVisit The Website.
Desert Choice Schools
Location: 4525 S College Ave, Tempe, AZ 85282, United StatesVisit The Website 
Intermountain AcademyLocation: 401 N Bonita Ave, Tucson, AZ 85709, United StatesVisit The Website.
Arizona Autism CharterLocation: 85016, 1445 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85014, United StatesVisit The   Website 

Victory Autism Academy
Location: 1781 N Central Ave, Goodyear, AZ 85338, United States. Visit The Website 
Beyond AutismLocation: Glenwood Estates, 555 W Glendale Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85021, United StatesVisit The Website


Knowing your child and their individual needs will guide you in settling on an educated decision about schools for autism in Arizona. 

Learn all you can before making the final decision that will deliver your child the most ideal educational experience.

Do your research and realize what each school has to offer. Take your child and allow them to explore new surroundings and educational opportunities.

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