8 Top Autism Schools in New Jersey &What They Offer

Whether you have a child with autism or are considering a child with autism, New Jersey is the perfect place to get everything you need for your child.

 There are many great schools in New Jersey that offer all kinds of services and support and we have listed some of the top autism schools in New Jersey for you to consider.

New Jersey has a very good reputation for autism schools. In fact, it’s one of the best places to live if you have children with autism or other disabilities. 

There are many great schools here that provide excellent care for kids with special needs.

New Jersey is home to some of the best colleges and universities in America, including Princeton University and Rutgers University—the state’s flagship public university system.

How To Select A Good One

To select the right autism schools in New Jersey for your child, you should ask around and get recommendations.

 You can also look at the school’s website and see what they have to offer. If you’re interested in enrolling your child in an autism educational program, check with the state department of education to see if there are any special requirements or regulations that apply only to certain locations.

When selecting a school, consider looking at its accreditation status as well as its curriculum and teacher-to-student ratio (TPR). 

A high TPR means that there will be less pressure on teachers and students alike because everyone has plenty of time for each other during class hours—the perfect environment for learning new skills.

 Also, take note whether or not this institution has an academic dean who oversees all aspects related directly/indirectly pertaining towards academics.”

How Much Help Can the School Really Offer?

The goals of the school should be discussed with your child’s teacher, and then decided upon together. This could include things like:

1. The student’s current level of functioning (e.g., “We want him/her to be able to sit still for an hour without getting up”).

2. How much help does she/he need from others at school? Does he/she have a lot of work that has been delegated out because she doesn’t understand it well enough or because some other people do not want to help her anymore?

3. How much support can they provide in terms of examples from their own experience as well as through resources within the school community (such as peer mentors)?

What Should The School Be Able To Provide?

The school should be able to provide:

  • Social skills, such as how to interact with other people and how to relate to them.
  • Communication skills, like how to read body language and understand the tone of voice.
  • Behavior management, which means teaching the student how they can communicate better with others in their life (such as teachers or parents), as well as what they can do if they feel uncomfortable around certain people.
  • Academic support services which include providing accommodations where needed and helping students catch up on missed work due to illness or family commitments back home during vacation periods

Group Homes vs Boarding Schools

Group homes and boarding schools are two different types of educational settings for autistic students. 

Group homes offer a more traditional education, with a structured schedule and an emphasis on socialization. 

Boarding schools focus on independence, allowing students to make their own decisions about what they want to learn in class or how much time they spend working on homework assignments.

Both options have benefits: boarders can practice daily routines at home while they’re away from the family; group-home residents might be able to earn money by performing chores around the house (such as cooking meals).

The List of Top Autism Schools in New Jersey

The following are top autism schools for your child in New Jersey:

  • The Deron School of New Jersey

  • Spectrum 360

  • Garden Academy

  • Y. A. L. E. School 

  • Alpine Learning Group

  • Alpha School LLC 

  • The Gramon Family of Schools 

  • Kingsway Learning Center 

The Deron School of New Jersey

The Deron School of New Jersey was founded in 1967 and has 2 locations where it provides the following special education programs.

Both offer services to students aged 3 to 21 who have learning impairments and autism spectrum disorders.

Students with multiple disabilities (MD), physical impairments, intellectual disabilities, autism, and down syndrome have had access to a state-approved private education program at The Deron School since 1967.

Deron’s programs, which are offered as a New Jersey Special Education School, cater to the ages and developmental needs of the children and support their academic, social, and emotional development at both the elementary and secondary high school levels.

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Spectrum 360

Autism and other similar impairments are the focus of the nonprofit organization Spectrum 360, which focuses on special education and development for those with these conditions.

Through inventive special education, job support, and community-building, Spectrum 360 challenges expectations for kids, teens, and adults with impairments connected to autism or other conditions throughout the broad spectrum. 

They stretch the limits of conventional programs and services by employing evidence-based methodologies, assisting each individual they assist in discovering their special gifts, growing in self-worth, and maximizing chances for independence, self-direction, citizenship, and community inclusion.

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Garden Academy

Due to a lack of excellent educational programs for people with autism spectrum disorder, Garden Academy was established in 2005.

Four children were enrolled at Garden Academy when it originally started, and the school was located in a church basement. Since then, it has expanded to accommodate over 35 students from all around the state of New Jersey.

Private school Garden Academy is situated in West Orange, New Jersey. 25.0% of the school’s students are from minority groups, and there are 5 students for every teacher.

A 501(c)(3) corporation, Garden Academy is a non-profit institution. Garden Academy accepts pupils to all benefits, programs, and activities offered to students at the school without regard to their race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, or ethnic origin.

When it comes to the implementation of its educational principles or any program run by the school, Garden Academy does not discriminate on the grounds of race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin.

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Y.A.L.E School

When the school was established, the founders named it “Y.A.L.E.” which stands for “Young Adolescents Learning Experience” however the school is now always referred to simply as “Y.A.L.E. School”.

The Y.A.L.E. Schools are private special needs schools that have received governmental approval. Students in elementary, middle, and high school receive specialized, highly tailored training from these institutions (3 to 21 years old).

For students with Asperger’s syndrome, autism, emotional and/or behavioral problems, multiple disabilities, other health or communication impairments, and specific learning challenges, Y.A.L.E. Schools provide a variety of programs.

We assist students in developing significant academic progress as well as preparing them to contribute positively to their communities.

In order to do this, Y.A.L.E.

• Has small student-teacher ratios in her classrooms.

• Offers teaching that is highly customized.

• Pays close attention to each student’s development.

• Offers a variety of student and teacher support services.

• Offers guidance on life skills.

• Offers school-to-work programs.

• Offers teachers and staff the resources, instruction, coaching, and consultation necessary to satisfy the educational needs of each student.

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Alpine Learning Group

American private special education school Alpine Learning Group is recognized by the state of New Jersey and is located in Paramus.

Alpine Learning Group provides people of all ages with a comprehensive array of diagnostic, educational, and clinical services based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

They combine compassion and research to open up new opportunities for people with autism and to offer you and your family full-service assistance.

Over the years, they have collaborated with families and professionals to fulfill the needs of the larger autistic community in addition to developing and improving their own programs to meet the requirements of learners.

In Bergen County and elsewhere, Alpine has been instrumental in the development of other private and public special education programs for kids with autism.

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Alpha School LLC

A special needs school in New Jersey offers educational, therapeutic, and support services to children with exceptional needs in Ocean, Monmouth, Burlington, Mercer, and other nearby counties, ranging in age from 5 to 21.

The Alpha School in Jackson, New Jersey offers pupils a secure and supportive learning environment. They are a special needs institution in Ocean County, New Jersey, committed to assisting adolescents with behavioral, social, and linguistic difficulties.

Their variety of programs caters to requirements in the areas of autism, behavior, speech, life skills, and transition.

At Alpha School, students also get academic instruction in functional and daily living skills that will enable them to perform successfully in the community, at work, and at home.

These adapted life skills courses cover a wide range of topics, including self-care, daily living skills, pre-vocational skills, work and community-based learning, and functional reading and numeracy.

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The Gramon Family of Schools

The Gramon Family of Schools offers special education programs to kids in preschool through grade twelve who have unique educational requirements, such as those brought on by autism, emotional and behavioral disorders, and specific neurological and learning disabilities. 

The North Jersey Outreach for Therapeutic and Training Services additionally offers specially designed services to families, professionals who work with special needs children, and children with special needs. 

The New Jersey Department of Education has approved all of the schools and the agency, and they are all closely monitored for legal compliance and standard-setting.

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Kingsway Learning Center

The needs of people who have a variety of learning and developmental issues are the focus of the nonprofit Kingsway Learning Center.

From birth until age three, children are served through the Early Intervention Program. For children with multiple disabilities, ages 3 to 14, the Kingsway Learning Center elementary school program is offered at our Haddonfield location.

A highly collaborative team of specialists provides services in an integrated format while jointly developing goals and objectives with families.

The educational team is made up of special education teachers, counselors, assistive technology specialists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, physical therapists, behavior analysts, and nursing staff. They all collaborate to help each student achieve their unique goals and objectives.

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1. What is the best way to educate an autistic child?

The best way to educate autistic people is to enroll them in a good autism school or program.

2. What are the best schools for autism in New Jersey?

i. The Deron School of New Jersey

ii. The spectrum360

iii. The Gramon Family of Schools

iv. Alpha Schools LLC

v. Y.A.L.E School Southeast at Marlton 

vi. Campus

3. What state has the best education for autism?

  • New Jersey
  • Colorado
  • Massachusetts 
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania 
  • Connecticut

4. What is the most common type of autism?

Asperger’s Syndrome is the most common type of autism.

5. Does autism go away?

Autism is a lifelong diagnosis, and there is no known cure. As a spectrum disorder, there are varying degrees of autism and levels of disability.

Some children with milder symptoms can learn how to manage the disorder more effectively than others.

6. Which state has the most persons with autism?

The latest report found that autism rates varied greatly throughout the United States.

California had the highest incidence rate, with 1 in 26 8-year-olds receiving a diagnosis.

7. Can someone with autism have a normal life?

The simple answer to this question is yes, a person with autism spectrum disorder can live independently as an adult and have a normal life

8. Is autism curable?

No cure exists for autism spectrum disorder, and there is no one-size-fits-all treatment. The goal of treatment is to maximize your child’s ability to function by reducing autism spectrum disorder symptoms and supporting development and learning.

9. Can someone with autism go to college?

Although some individuals with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) have cognitive impairments that would preclude college attendance, many students with high-functioning Autism (HFA) do well in an academic environment, particularly if they have the opportunity to focus on areas of personal interest.

10. Which state has the best Autism School?

New York

11. Why does New Jersey have a high autism rate?

New Jersey is known for excellent clinical and educational services for ASD, so the state’s higher rates are likely due to more accurate or complete reporting based on education and health care records, the researchers said.

12. Is autism genetic?

Genetic factors are estimated to contribute 40 to 80 percent of ASD risk. The risk from gene variants combined with environmental risk factors, such as parental age, birth complications, and others that have not been identified, determine an individual’s risk of developing this complex condition.

13. How common is autism?

It is estimated that worldwide about one in 100 children has autism(1). This estimate represents an average figure, and reported prevalence varies substantially across studies.

14. What school is best for a child with autism?

  • Haugland Learning Center, Columbus.
  • The Autism Academy of Learning, Toledo.
  • Camphill Special School, Glenmoore.
  • Pace School, Pittsburgh.
  • Spectrum Charter School, Inc Monroeville.
  • Groden Center, Providence.
  • Monarch School, Houston.
  • Virginia Institute of Autism (VIA), Charlottesville.


Autism schools are a great option for those with autism and their families. 

They offer all kinds of services, including educational programs, therapy, and respite care. 

Most importantly, they are not just places where children with autism go to learn; they’re also places where teachers can learn how to work with kids who have special needs in order to help them reach their full potential.

New Jersey has a great autism school system. There are many options to choose from, but all have different levels of support and learning environments.

 You should research the schools to find the one that is right for you. What are your suggestions about these autism schools in New Jersey? Please leave a comment below.

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