30 Autism Schools in New York: How to Choose

Autism schools in New York are designed to give children with autism the very best education possible. 

The state has a variety of excellent non-autism special schools, which may be able to give your child what they need but also serve as an option for other children who aren’t diagnosed. 

Schools vary by grade level and will often have either a board-certified speech therapist or psychologist on staff who is dedicated to helping autistic children develop socially and emotionally.

What Is An Autism School

A school for autistic children is known as an autism school. 

Autism schools frequently provide specialized training, smaller class sizes, and a more structured environment that supports kids’ success. 

Due to their unique demands, which may include communication difficulties, hyperactivity, and/or sensory concerns, children with autism may struggle in a regular school environment.

Making sense of the world can be challenging for kids with autism. 

That makes it challenging to comprehend the teacher’s directions, follow along with what other pupils are doing, or even establish friends.

How to Choose a School for Your Child With Autism on Your Own

Choosing the right top autism schools in New York isn’t simple, here’s how to sort through the different types of top autism schools. 

  • List the elements that are most crucial to your child’s success, ranking them from most to least crucial. Make several searches based on the list’s factors. Combine different elements.

  • When you have located a number of viable choices, you can evaluate them against one another on the chart.

  • Reduce your options. When you have a few good options, you should get in touch with each one to arrange a visit, a tour, and a faculty meet-and-greet.

  • What objectives do you have for your child? Does his or her IEP account for these? How will the school accomplish these objectives?

  • Do the teachers at this school comprehend autism and the difficulties it presents? Have they ever worked with kids similar to yours?

  • Is the school willing to provide your child with reasonable accommodations, such as sensory breaks, specialized learning materials, and, if required, the assistance of a paraprofessional?

  • Will this school provide your child with adequate one-on-one time to succeed?

  • In what ways does the school deal with bullying? Do they adhere to their anti-bullying policy in addition to having one?

  • You should keep a close eye on your child’s interactions with the staff during the meet and greets since any interactions that go wrong should be immediately suspected.

  • Discuss the decision with your child after combining all the available data.

The List of Top Autism Schools In Newyork 

  • Rainbow School
  • Quality Service for The Autism Community 
  • New York Center for Autism
  • Center for Discovery 
  • Manhattan Star Academy 
  • Rebecca School
  • Atlas Foundation For Autism 
  • Gersh Academy 
  • Manhattan Children Center 
  • Imagine Academy 

# Rainbow School  

One of New York’s finest autistic schools is Rainbow. The school adapts its curricula to the individual requirements of each student.

Although the school offers a range of activities for kids with autism, it places a specific emphasis on the special requirements of kids with sensory processing disorder (SPD).

Students at Rainbow can enroll either full- or part-time. An organized or unorganized program is available to parents. All kids, including those with special needs, can benefit from the organized program’s curriculum, which is created to match their needs.

Children aged 3 to 21 with developmental challenges, such as Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and other intellectual and behavioral deficiencies, attend our day school.

The program places a strong emphasis on building self-esteem within a peaceful culture and has a modest staff-to-student ratio (1:1 to 1:3). Each student who attends has a tailored program that is guided by their IEP.

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# Quality Service for the Autism Community

One of the top institutions for your autistic child’s education is QSAC. Quality Service for the Autism Community founded the school back in 1997.

The school’s mission is to support families living in New York City and Long Island who have autistic children and adults.

Excellent Autism Services Community runs two-day schools, two preschools (Bronze and Douglaston), and a child care center (Whitestone and the Bronx).

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# New York Center for Autism

The New York City Charter School is one of the top autistic schools in the state. One of the city’s most easily accessible schools for children with autism is open to all students.

According to reports, the New York Center for Autism is the first public charter school in New York State dedicated solely to educating children with autism. The school’s goal is to help kids with autism spectrum disorder by offering them tailored, scientifically based educational programs (ASD).

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# Center for Discovery

A learning facility for kids with autism is called the Center for Discovery.

Along with other developmental abnormalities and learning disabilities, the school offers education to kids with autism.

A range of programs are available at the Center for Discovery. Full-time programs, part-time programs, special education programs, and summer programs are among them.

Over 1,200 children, adults, and families are served by the school’s residential, medical, clinical, and special education programs each year.

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# Manhattan Star Academy

It is one of the best autistic schools in New York and offers top-notch instruction to students who have autism and other disorders.

The encouragement, support, tools, and opportunities offered by Manhattan Star Academy help children with a wide range of challenges and learning preferences advance academically and socially.

For kids and adults in New York, California, and New Jersey, Manhattan Star Academy offers more than 300 activities and services.

The school offers a variety of programs, such as summer camp, crisis intervention, occupational and physical treatments, and everything in between.

Manhattan Star Academy has different grades or levels for children with autism.

They have preschools for children from the age of 3-5 years. Lower school for children from the age of 5-12 years and finally upper school for children from the age of 12-21 years.

These different grades promote elementary education, promote independence, life skills, and the real world. 

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# Rebecca School

The Rebecca School is an independent, private day school in New York City that focuses on teaching children with a variety of neurodevelopmental impairments, such as autism spectrum disorder, and serves students aged 4-21.

Rebecca School creates a program that meets students’ unique needs, celebrates their strengths and embraces their passions using developmental and interdisciplinary approaches.

Rebecca’s school admissions process begins with an invitation of parents to your school. The child will also be invited to the school for an evaluation by the clinical team. 

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# Atlas Foundation for Autism

The Atlas Foundation For Autism provides support to families and children of all ages who have been identified as having an autism spectrum disorder or another developmental disability.

A school, a vocational program, after-school programs, educational enrichment programs, and clinical services are all included in the foundation.

Children and young people with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other developmental abnormalities are served at the non-profit school in New York City.

The Atlas Foundation For Autism is the finest location for you if you need assistance and you have a child who has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, another learning disability, or both.

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# Gersh Academy

Gersh Academy is a Special Education School for children and young adults on the Autism Spectrum.

The goal of the school management organization Gersh Academy is to improve the lives of kids with autism.

Every Gersh program complies with State learning requirements and provides supplemental opportunities that take into account the learning styles and pace of each individual child.

They adapt their methods and the curriculum to each student’s unique social, emotional, physical, and intellectual requirements.

They also work to create an individualized education plan in collaboration with the student’s home school district and, if necessary, that district’s committee on special education.

It is a place where people with autism spectrum disorders are given the tools they need to thrive. The Gersh Academy prepares and directs pupils to reach their unique potential and areas of particular interest.

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# Manhattan Children Center

The school, which opened its doors in 2007, has provided students with autism and other related problems with teaching that is unmatched.

The Manhattan Children Center wants to help youngsters learn and get ready for success in their families, schools, and communities.

Social programs, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, the cross-bridge program, social programs, and family programs are among the services provided by Manhattan Children Center.

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# Imagine Academy

Imagine Academy is a reputable institution that offers individualized instruction in a multidisciplinary manner to autistic children ages 3-21.

Using the two most popular models together, Imagine Academy is a special program. In order to assess and create tailored programming for kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and other developmental issues, Imagine Academy is a unique curriculum that combines the two most important models, DIR/ Floortime and ABA.

The goal of Imagine Academy is to support every child with an autistic spectrum disease in achieving their full academic, social, and emotional potential.

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Other Autism Schools In New York

1. Gillen Brewer School – Special Education

2. Learning Spring School

3. Shema Kolainu – Hear Our Voices

4. Parkside SchoolEden ll School – Autistic Children

5. New York Families For Autistic Children

6. Hawthorne Country Day School

7. The Child School

8. Kennedy Children Center

9. Aaron School Elementary and Middle School

10. Brooklyn Autism Center

11. Howard Haber Early Learning Center

12. Hebrew Academy For Special Children

13. The Churchill School and Center

14. Easter Seals

15. West End Day School

16. League School

17. Esther Ashkenas Central Park Early Learning Center

19. The Mickey Mantle School

20. Millies World Inc. Early Intervention Center 


1. What is the best autism school in the United States?

  • Haugland Learning Center, Columbus.

  • The Autism Academy of Learning, Toledo.

  • Camphill Special School, Glenmoore.

  • Pace School, Pittsburgh.

  • Spectrum Charter School, Inc., Monroeville.

  • Groden Center, Providence.

  • Monarch School, Houston.

  • Virginia Institute of Autism (VIA), Charlottesville.

2. What type of school is best for high-functioning autism?

Private schools

Private schools are typically chosen by families with high-functioning autistic students.

They want the child to have a tailored education, and special-ed classes in public schools don’t seem effective. Parents who can’t cover the high fees may not feel ready to take advantage of the benefits.

3. What state has the best programs for autism?

Colorado ranks as the most supportive state for raising a child with autism, according to Autism Parenting Magazine, a U.K.-based magazine written by professionals and parents of autistic children.

The authors analyzed which states were best for diagnosis, therapy, health, education, recreation and support.

4. What is the best place for autism services?

The 8 most supportive states for raising a child with autism:

  • New Jersey

  • Connecticut

  • Maryland

  • New York

  • Pennsylvania

  • Wisconsin.

  • Rhode Island 

  • Montana

5. Why is autism more common in the USA?

The prevalence of autism in the United States has risen steadily since researchers first began tracking it in 2000.

The rise in the rate has sparked fears of an autism epidemic. ‘ But experts say the bulk of the increase stems from a growing awareness of autism and changes to the condition’s diagnostic criteria.

6. What state has the most autism cases?

The latest report found that autism rates varied greatly throughout the United States. California had the highest incidence rate, with 1 in 26 8-year-olds receiving a diagnosis.

7. What state has the lowest rate of autism?

About 4 times as many boys are diagnosed with autism as girls. The rate of autism in the U.S. went from 1 in 150 in 2000 to 1 in 100 in 2022.

The state with the highest rate of diagnosed autism is Florida. The state with the lowest rate of diagnosed autism is Texas.

8. What is causing autism to rise?

ASD includes a broad spectrum of disorders that affects social skills, speech, movement, learning, cognition, mood and behavior.

Rates of autism are increasing dramatically because of increased awareness and screening, better access to healthcare and broadened diagnostic criteria.

9. What is the best treatment for autism?

The most common developmental therapy for people with ASD is Speech and Language Therapy.

Speech and Language Therapy helps to improve the person’s understanding and use of speech and language. Some people with ASD communicate verbally.

10. What is the future of autistic children?

Just like neurotypical individuals, the future of people with ASD depends on their strengths, passions and skill sets.

It is important to understand that a diagnosis of ASD does not mean that your child cannot make friends, date, go to college, get married, become a parent, and/or have a satisfying lucrative career.


There are many good schools available for autistic children nowadays. If you have found a school that suits you, then go ahead and contact them.

Make sure the school is right for your child and see if they have space for him or her. Be sure you can afford the tuition at that time.

Find out if your local school board will help you in paying some of the tuition fees.

If it is possible, talk with previous parents who have children already attending the school to get their point of view on it and express your concerns.

Feel free to ask as many questions as possible so that you will be sure about your choice and there won’t be any unpleasant surprises later on down the road. Do you have suggestions about autism schools in New York? Please comment below.

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